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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 30, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, November 30, 2009

At the Slater residence, Zach was in the process of packing all of Kendall's belongings when Jesse and D.A. Willis arrived to talk to Kendall. They explained that they wanted to drop all of the charges against her. Zach informed them that she wasn't there; he claimed that Kendall had taken up with Aidan. Jesse was stunned by the announcement. After Willis left, Jesse tried to talk to Zach about what had happened.

Zach refused to elaborate about Kendall's affair with Aidan. Jesse insisted that Kendall loved Zach, so it didn't make sense to him that Kendall would become involved with Aidan. Zach insisted that his marriage was over, but Jesse refused to let the matter drop. Jesse wanted to know if Zach loved Kendall. Instead of answering the question, Zach offered Jesse a drink. Jesse accepted the drink from Zach and then continued to push for an answer.

Zach admitted that he loved Kendall; however, he was determined to move forward with his life. Jesse urged Zach to reconsider ending his marriage. Jesse couldn't believe that Zach and Kendall had fought so hard to be together only to throw it away over a misunderstanding. Moments later, Rachel entered the living room with Ian in her arms. Rachel explained that Ian had refused to go to sleep, so Zach took his son from the nanny.

Jesse quietly excused himself. After Rachel left, Zach settled on the sofa to read Ian a story. Zach explained to his son that Kendall would no longer be reading to Ian. After the story, Zach put Ian down for the night and then he resumed packing Kendall's things. While he worked, someone knocked on the door. It was Kat.

Kat explained that she owned a boarding house in Ohio and that a couple had recently left her establishment. Kat claimed that she had figured out who the woman was when she had seen the news. Zach demanded to know what Kat wanted. Kat held out an envelope as she explained that Kendall had left something behind at the boarding house. Kat thought that Zach would want it. Zach informed Kat that she had thought wrong and then he slammed the door in her face.

Later, as Zach carried Kendall's belongings out of the house, he found the envelope that Kat had left behind. When Zach opened it, he discovered that Kendall's wedding and engagement rings were inside the envelope.

At Jake's house, Amanda confessed to Jake that she had slept with David. At first, Jake was certain that David had raped Amanda. Amanda tearfully admitted that the sex had been consensual. Jake's pain quickly turned to fury as he realized that Amanda had played into David's hand. Amanda felt awful for hurting Jake and she hated that she had allowed fear to guide her decision.

Jake felt betrayed by what Amanda had done. He told Amanda that he couldn't stand to look at her after her infidelity. After Jake stormed out of the house, Amanda wept inconsolably. Later, she decided to take a home pregnancy test.

At the apartment, Liza prepared to dash out to attend to some legal business. Bailey was on hand to watch Stuart. As Liza gathered her things, Bailey received a text message from Damon that read, "Let me know when the dragon lady is gone." Shortly after Liza left, Bailey called Damon. She was curious about his message and wondered if he had been spying on her. While Bailey talked to Damon, someone knocked on her door. It was Damon.

Damon explained that he had received her message from the night before requesting to see him. He had stopped by just as Liza had arrived home. Damon claimed that he had stuck around hoping that Liza would leave; he smiled as he pointed out that his wish had been granted. Bailey offered to let Damon spend some time with Stuart. As they stood over Stuart's playpen, Damon admitted that he had missed Bailey and Stuart. Bailey beamed with joy as Damon confided that he was trying to figure things out.

At the hospital, David received the news that he had dreaded. Dr. Hines confirmed that the DNA tests excluded David as Trevor's biological father. She offered to run further DNA tests, but David declined. He revealed that he had a good idea who Trevor's father was.

Shortly after David entered Wildwind, Liza stopped by to question David about the drugs that Adam had been taking at the time of Stuart's murder. Liza also wanted to know what had become of Nurse Gayle. David was too preoccupied with thoughts of Trevor to pay close attention to what Liza was saying. Liza sensed his distraction immediately and questioned him about it.

David began talking about children and the effect that they had on the lives of those around them. David was amazed by how quickly things could be snatched away. Liza was concerned that something might have happened to Trevor. David clarified that he had been referring to Stuart, not Trevor. He demanded to know what Liza was doing at Wildwind in the middle of the night when she could be at home with her son.

David wanted to know if Liza had foolishly left Stuart with his birth mother. He warned Liza that Bailey would take off with Stuart if Liza wasn't careful. David cruelly added that it would be exactly what Liza would deserve for trusting the teenager. Liza appeared shaken by David's comments. Shortly after Liza left, the nanny checked on David. David assured the woman that he was fine.

Later, David held Trevor on his lap while he showed the baby how to play the piano. David confided that he had always believed that Trevor was his son. He confessed that he had difficulty believing otherwise, even though paternity tests had ruled David out as Trevor's father. David wondered if Trevor would end up hating him if he kept the secret about Trevor's paternity.

After David carried Trevor to bed, he returned to the living room. Amanda was waiting for David. She congratulated David as angry tears streamed down her face. Amanda revealed that her marriage to Jake was over, just as David had hoped. Amanda admitted that she had told Jake that she'd had sex with David. Amanda then announced that it had all been for nothing, because the pregnancy test that she had taken had been negative. David wasn't surprised, but Amanda didn't appear to notice.

David wanted to know what Amanda expected him to do. Amanda insisted that David had to make things right. Surprisingly, David admitted that perhaps there was a way for him to help Amanda.

At the Martin residence, Tad and Krystal collapsed on the floor after stuffing themselves with a Thanksgiving feast. Tad admitted that Krystal's culinary skills had impressed him. Krystal smiled as she confessed that she had appreciated the effort that Tad had made to get home in time to enjoy the holiday with his family. As the two stared deeply in to each other's eyes, Tad leaned forward to kiss Krystal.

After the kiss, Krystal asked Tad about his trip. Tad confided that he was tired of dealing with other people's dirty laundry. He missed the lighter side of life. Tad admitted that he wanted to be happy and have fun, so he decided it was time to find a new business vocation. Krystal took the opportunity to fetch some building plans to show to Tad.

Krystal had decided to sell the property instead of rebuilding the Comeback. With the money from the sale, Krystal planned to buy some new property, so that she could build a new business. Krystal wanted it to be an old-fashioned place where people could get coffee and candy in decorative jars, and could enjoy live musical entertainment. Tad loved Krystal's idea. When Krystal wondered what to call her new place, Tad joked that perhaps she should name it, "The Coma," since she planned to serve plenty of caffeine and sugar to her patrons.

Their talk ended abruptly when Jake entered the house. Krystal and Tad immediately sensed that something was wrong. Jake confirmed their suspicions when he revealed that Amanda had confessed that she had willingly slept with David. Krystal wasn't surprised; she had warned Jake and Amanda not to trust David. After Krystal went to check on Jenny, Tad offered his brother some advice.

Tad urged Jake to fight for his marriage. Jake wondered how to forgive, much less forget, Amanda's betrayal. Jake pointed out that no matter what happened, David would always be a part of their lives because he was Trevor's father and the father of the baby that Amanda might be carrying.

Liza arrived home to discover Damon sitting on her sofa. After Liza ordered Damon to leave, she demanded to know why Bailey had invited Damon into the apartment. Bailey defended Damon, prompting Liza to reveal that Damon had tried to extort money from her. Bailey refused to believe Liza's claims that Damon was willing to walk away from Bailey and Stuart for a price.

Bailey accused Liza of using her as a glorified babysitter. Before Bailey stormed out of the apartment, she warned Liza that she was tired of Liza's attitude. A short while later, Liza rocked Stuart to sleep and then put him to bed. When Bailey returned home, Liza was relieved. She confessed that she had been worried about Bailey.

Bailey remained sullen as she reminded Liza that Liza wasn't her mother. Liza apologized and then offered to talk things through. Bailey announced that she needed time to figure things out, so she had decided to take Stuart and move out.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Outside Zach's house, Kat watched Zach open an envelope containing Kendall's wedding band. He went into the house, and Kat crept to the window for a closer look. When she didn't see him inside, she turned, and bumped right into him. "What are you up to?" Zach asked.

Zach wrangled Kat into the house, and she swore that she wasn't spying on him. She explained that she'd gotten to know Kendall, and had become concerned when Kendall and Aidan had disappeared, leaving the ring behind. Kat had thought that Zach might want it, and said that, for what it was worth, Kendall was probably sorry for hurting him.

Zach seemed suspicious, so Kat elaborated that Aidan and Kendall had arrived at the boardinghouse, claiming to be lovers; however, it hadn't seemed real. Kat lied that in time, the cover story had become true. Kendall had confided that her marriage was over, and she'd hurt Zach for the last time. Kat urged Zach to find Kendall, but he tossed Kat out of the house.

Alone, Zach painfully recalled what he'd seen at the boardinghouse. He imagined a naked Kendall grinning at him as Aidan ravaged her. Zach smashed a glass against a wall.

Outside, Kat met Aidan at the car, and said that the look in Zach's eyes indicated that he'd never let Kendall hurt him again. Aidan stated that he'd had to unexpectedly chloroform Kendall. Kat asked how things would end. Aidan answered that Zach would lose, and Kendall would fall for Aidan. Kat expressed doubt, hinting, "Once you chloroform a girl..." Kat wondered if he'd kill Kendall if she wouldn't give in. Aidan left without answering.

When Bailey returned to Liza's house, Liza wanted to talk things out; however, Bailey said that she needed time alone with Stuart to determine if she could handle being her mother. Liza asked her not to act rashly, but Bailey claimed that she'd been considering it for a while. Liza's treatment of Damon had showed Bailey that it was time to act. To give Bailey and Stuart a safe place to stay, Liza volunteered to move out of her own house with Colby.

Colby balked at the idea of giving up their home to an ungrateful Bailey. Liza asked to speak to Colby alone, and Bailey left the room. Colby worried that Bailey would take Stuart from them, but Liza reasoned that she had no choice, because Bailey could halt the adoption at any time. Liza decided that they'd stay at Jake's house, where they'd be close enough to monitor Bailey. Liza felt it was the only chance for Bailey to see that she couldn't handle motherhood.

Later, Colby went to pack, guessing she'd stay at Corrina's until Liza okayed things with Jake. Liza bid Stuart a poignant goodbye, and Zach called, asking Liza to meet him at his house. Liza told Bailey that Liza would gather her things later, and Bailey looked nervous as Liza left.

When Liza arrived at Zach's, she noted that Zach was bumbling drunk. He poured himself another drink, and told her that he had an easy job for her: handling his divorce. Liza said that Zach should sleep on it, and see if he still wanted a divorce in the morning. She stated that he hadn't even talked to Kendall about it. Zach claimed that he didn't need to consult Kendall. He held up Kendall's ring, designating it as proof of his wife's intentions.

Liza asked how Zach had gotten the ring, but he said it didn't matter. She told him to put his drink down because he'd had enough. Zach replied that he wanted more than enough, and he pulled Liza into a passionate kiss.

At Wildwind, Amanda ranted that David needed to fix the mess that they'd created. David said that he might be able to make it better with some information he'd just learned. Before he could continue, Trevor cried, and Amanda left to check on him. David wrestled with his thoughts until Amanda rushed back downstairs, carrying a feverous Trevor. David checked Trevor out, and feared that the boy had meningitis.

While venting to Tad at the Martin's, a livid Jake screamed, "She had sex with him! She had sex with him!" Jake said that he kept sinking deeper into the situation, but had nothing to show for it. He didn't believe that Trevor needed two fathers, but Tad reasoned that JR had two of them. "Look how he turned out," Jake retorted. JR entered the house in time to overhear Tad say that JR was a great man because of what he'd endured with Adam. Tad urged Jake to stand in the gap for Trevor, as Tad had done for JR.

Jake said that Hayward had decimated Tad and Krystal, but Tad countered that his and Krystal's love for Jennifer had been their unbreakable bond. Tad asserted that Amanda and Jake's love for Trevor would be the same for them. Jake quipped that Trevor wasn't his child; however, Tad passionately replied that Jake couldn't deny how deeply he loved Trevor or Amanda. Just then, Amanda called Jake, asking him to meet her at the hospital.

When Jake arrived at the hospital, he saw Amanda fretting as she hovered over Trevor's bed. Jake said he'd be there as long as necessary. David strode up in time to see the couple hug. The doctor arrived, sending the parents into the corridor while he checked Trevor.

Aside with Jake, David said that he understood how Jake felt about Trevor, and stated that there was something that Jake should know. Jake cut in, belittling David's feelings for Trevor, saying that the child was merely David's tool to break up Jake's marriage. Jake continued that David didn't love, or deserve, Trevor. An enraged David shoved Jake into a wall.

Amanda slipped between the fathers, but they bickered with each other despite her protests. David told Jake that Trevor wasn't Jake's son, and he never would be. Jake stormed off, and David apologized to Amanda for losing his temper with Jake. The doctor diagnosed Trevor with an ear infection. As David stayed with Trevor, Amanda found Jake to share the diagnosis. Jake asked her not to call him again, if there was a problem.

Jake said that he'd been tearing his heart out over a child that didn't belong to him. He realized that he'd gone through it with Colby, and he couldn't do it again. Jake conveyed that he loved Amanda, but he couldn't raise "that man's" children.

Back at the Martin's house, JR presented Tad with a basket of goodies, and thanked Tad for what he'd said to Jake. Tad said he was proud of JR for walking away from Adam. JR and Tad realized that Christmas wouldn't be the same without Stuart, and JR wondered who'd pick out their trees. Marissa entered with Little Adam, and Tad called Krystal and Opal downstairs. He proposed that they all go pick out a Christmas tree as a family.

When the family returned home with a tree later, JR seemed to have developed a cough. As the family decorated, Marissa wondered if JR missed Adam. JR said that he missed what could have been. After the family crowned the tree, JR left the room, coughing uncontrollably. He coughed into a tissue, and looked down to see it splattered with blood.

Adam and Scott donned orange jumpsuits, and shared a jail cell. They discussed the odds of winning their cases, and Scott said that if he were freed, he'd go to Chicago to start his life anew. Adam said that the family needed Scott, and apologized for assuming the worst about Scott and Annie. Scott replied that he wasn't fishing for an apology. Adam assumed that Scott wanted to leave because he had feelings for Annie.

Scott stammered for an answer, and Adam stated that he couldn't blame Scott because Adam had practically thrown Scott and Annie together. Adam implored Scott to stay, and help reunite the family. Scott agreed to stay a while, but insisted upon living in the guesthouse.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

After they found out that Trevor was okay, Jake told Amanda that she shouldn't call him anymore. Amanda thought that Jake was trying to punish her. Jake told her that despite being in love with her, he couldn't raise David's children. Amanda said that she understood Jake's feelings, but couldn't believe that Jake never wanted to see Trevor again. She insisted that he was more of a father than David ever could be.

Jake told Amanda that he needed to walk away, because all he had left was a broken heart that hurt every time he tried to be a father to Trevor. Amanda insisted that Jake needed to stay with her because that was where he belonged. Jake told her that he'd been fighting for their relationship since the beginning, and it felt like Amanda was getting farther away. Jake questioned whether Amanda really belonged with him, or if she would be better off with David. Amanda refused to believe that her destiny was a life with David, and begged Jake to stay.

Jake extracted himself from Amanda's grasp and approached Angie. He told Angie that he planned on quitting his post at the hospital. Angie was concerned about Jake's rash decision and questioned the move. Jake insisted that his departure was because he never stuck with anything for long, but Angie knew the real reason. Jake walked away and Amanda lamented over the loss. Angie told Amanda not to give up, and promised to try to talk sense into Jake.

Dr. Hines saw David with Trevor and asked if David was having another DNA test run. David told her about the infection, but said the boy would be fine. David referred to Trevor as his son, and Dr. Hines needlessly reminded David about the accuracy of DNA tests. David said that he didn't care, and vowed that Trevor would always be his son.

Dr. Hines was horrified that David would keep someone else's son. David told her that he'd gone to hell and back to get custody of Trevor and he had no plans to give the boy up. David then reminded Dr. Hines that she'd already taken a bribe, and had a new job in California to show for it. He instructed her to burn whatever evidence she had regarding Trevor's paternity, and wished the doctor well on her new career path.

JR was alarmed when he coughed up blood into a tissue. When Marissa checked on him, JR covered by saying that he'd cut his hand in the ornament box.

Tad overheard Opal place an urgent call to Erica, and told his mother that Erica was in Los Angeles. Opal was surprised, and Tad told her that Erica was looking for Kendall. Opal wondered why Kendall would be in L.A., and Tad filled Opal in on what he knew about Kendall's escape plan. When he got to the part where Kendall kept running after finding out that she had been cleared, the story got confusing.

Opal told Tad that she'd been having bad dreams, but that she couldn't remember what they were about. Opal told Tad that she knew Adam's confession was not the end of things. Kathy interrupted and asked for Tad to turn the Christmas tree lights on. JR returned and said he could flip the switch. He did so successfully, but everyone's joy was short-lived when the power went out. Opal saw that as a sign.

Tad found a tripped circuit breaker and everyone but Opal was happy again. JR then said that it was time to leave, but Little Adam begged for a sleepover. JR checked to make sure it was okay and then granted his son's request. Shortly after JR and Marissa left, Amanda called Tad. Amanda begged for Tad's help with Jake. She filled him in on what had happened, and said that Angie planned to try to talk Jake out of leaving. Tad said that he would do the same. They ended the call, and as Amanda walked away, David peered around the corner, having heard everything.

Liza broke away from Zach's kiss and asked what he was doing. Zach unabashedly said that he was doing exactly what he wanted. Enraged, Liza called Zach out on his nefarious plans of revenge against Kendall. She told him that she would not be used as a pawn in his game. Zach wanted to know if Liza would still help him with the divorce proceedings, but Liza was furious that Zach could act as if nothing had happened.

Liza told him that if he wanted to legally end his marriage, he could do that on his own time. Zach said he only needed to prove that he could move on with his life and his son. Liza saw right through Zach, and realized that Zach wanted full custody of Ian. Liza said that she had custody issues of her own, and that Zach needed to stop being a coward. Zach rejected the label and said that he was making the best choice for his family, given Kendall's actions.

Krystal and Opal asked the kids if they wanted milk and cookies before bed, and were met with thunderous cheering. They walked through the foyer to lead the kids into the kitchen. As they did, Opal saw Kendall's freedom proclaimed on the cover of the paper.

Angie found Jake and demanded that he not walk away from his life. Jake was bemused that Angie had encouraged Jake to be supportive of Amanda when Angie knew what had happened between Amanda and David. Angie told Jake that marriage was not about standing by your spouse only when times were good. Jake was unwilling to reconsider his decision. He gave her his hospital badge and walked away.

Tad showed up at Jake's place and found Liza banging on the door. Tad had a spare key and said that they could wait inside for Jake to get home. Liza started to babble about the possibility of staying with Jake. Confused, Tad asked her what was wrong, but all Liza could do was hug him. After a moment, Tad let Liza go so that he could get her a glass of water.

When Tad returned, Liza admitted that she'd recently left Zach's house. She talked about how messed up Zach was, and how intent Zach was on messing up the people around him. Tad knew that there was more to Liza's charged demeanor, and continued to ask probing questions. Liza finally confessed to her fear that she might lose her son to his biological mother.

Marissa and JR returned to their room at the Yacht Club and Marissa gushed about having her first tree decorating experience at the Martin house. She explained that although she'd celebrated Christmas when she was younger, the tree decorating had always been done by her parents while she slept. JR noted that he wanted to start making those kinds of traditions for Little Adam, and decided to start right away. Marissa offered to accompany JR to find a tree, but he told her that he could tackle the purchase if she could focus on procuring the decorations. Marissa seemed a little uneasy, but agreed to the plan.

Opal took out her tarot cards and started to lay them out. Krystal walked in, but was unsure if she should ask for specifics. Opal confessed that she was concerned about Kendall. Opal then asked if Krystal could smell something medicine-like, but Krystal was at a loss. Opal realized that the smell had to do with Kendall. Opal wrapped up her cards and said that she needed to find Zach, in case Kendall was in the hospital somewhere.

At the casino, Zach stood at the bar and downed several drinks in succession. His main assistant exited the elevator and caught the eye of the bartender, who was clearly concerned about how much Zach had imbibed. She walked up to Zach and suggested that he call it a night. Zach told her that he knew what he was doing, and told her to be an employee, not a friend.

Opal showed up at the casino a short time later and was relieved to see Zach. She tried to tell him about the bad feelings she'd experienced, and her belief that it had something to do with Kendall. Zach was irate at the mention of Kendall's name and insisted that Kendall had abandoned her entire family. Opal tried to apologize, but Zach simply got louder and more belligerent. Jake witnessed the tail end of the encounter and defended Opal.

Zach tried to back off to avoid a fight, but Jake was intent on having his say. He told Zach that he shouldn't take his problems out on people that didn't deserve it. Jake also insinuated that Zach was the reason that Kendall left. Zach tried to maintain his temper but when Jake continued to talk, Zach threw Jake into a wall. Zach instantly regretted it, as the action knocked Myrtle's picture to the floor and caused it to shatter.

As Zach gingerly removed the pieces of broken glass from the frame, Opal urged Jake to leave. Once Jake was gone, Opal knelt beside Zach and noted that Zach had been living with a void in his life since Myrtle passed away. Opal said that while there wasn't anyone that could fill Myrtle's role in Zach's life, Zach needed to find someone to talk to. Opal then suggested that instead of crawling into a hole of despair, Zach needed to focus on being a good father to his kids.

Angie tracked Amanda down and revealed that she hadn't been able to convince Jake to change his mind. Amanda wasn't surprised, and told Angie she wasn't holding out hope that Tad would be successful, either. Angie insisted that Amanda not give up, but Amanda's tone made it evident that she felt defeated. David rounded the corner just as Angie told Amanda that David couldn't be allowed to win. He tried to inject himself into the conversation, but Angie refused to let it happen.

Amanda decided that the easiest thing to do would be to talk to David, so Angie walked away. David told Amanda that Trevor needed to stay at the hospital overnight for observation. Noting the exhaustion on her face, David suggested that Amanda go home and rest while David stayed at the hospital. Unwilling to lose anything else, Amanda refused and returned to her son's room.

JR went to Pine Valley hospital and found Angie. He told her about the blood he'd coughed up, and Angie urged him not to assume it was related to his cancer. JR asked how soon he could find out what was wrong. Angie said that she could take his blood and put a rush on it so they could have some answers the next day. JR questioned the confidentiality of the tests, and Angie said that JR would have to decide who found out. David looked curious as he watched JR and Angie leave together.

David showed up at Trevor's room with coffee as a way to help Amanda make it through the night. Amanda maintained a wall of silence, but got angrier as David continued to share small talk. When she'd finally had enough, she demanded that they move to the hallway so that they could have a conversation out of Trevor's earshot.

Amanda demanded that David go home, but David said that he wanted to stay with his son. Amanda told David that he wasn't needed, especially because all he wanted to do was parade around like he won something. Amanda pointed out that David had actually lost, because Amanda would never have any love or respect for David. David tried to empathize with Amanda's feelings, but furious, Amanda slapped him across the face. She then strongly suggested that David leave before she started to scream.

Liza filled Tad in on how life had been with Bailey, and said that she didn't think that she had been pressuring Bailey to make a decision. Worried about where Bailey and Stuart would end up, Liza confessed that she had given up her apartment to them. Tad agreed that she had made a good move, and understood why Liza was such a wreck.

Jake arrived home moments later and sharply asked what they wanted from him. Liza nervously stated that she needed a place to stay. Jake agreed immediately, and then told Liza and Tad that he was moving out. Tad watched, bewildered, as Jake started to gather his things. Jake ignored Tad and asked Liza when she needed to move in. Liza said that she needed the space immediately, so Jake handed over his keys and Liza left.

Tad tried to convince his brother to stay, but Jake knew that Tad was doing Amanda's bidding. Tad told his little brother that running away wasn't the answer. Jake pointed out that he was simply starting his life over away from Pine Valley. Tad continued to sputter, but Jake made it clear that even Tad couldn't change his mind.

As Amanda looked over her sleeping son, her husband packed his things across town. At the same moment, Marissa awoke to find that JR had returned with a tree and had started to decorate. Meanwhile, Zach finally returned home and decided to read a book to his son.

Liza packed the rest of her things and, pained, left her son with Bailey. At the hospital, David kept his distance, but watched Amanda and Trevor through the glass doors. At the same time, Jake zipped up the last of his suitcases.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

At Wildwind, David pulled medications and a file out of a secret compartment in the living room bureau just before Amanda arrived home with Trevor. He noted that she was still angry, and as he apologized for the mess with Jake, Amanda answered the front door. Tad entered, saying that they had bigger things to worry about than David's fake apology.

Tad implored Amanda to convince Jake to remain in town, but Amanda felt that his departure was her fault. Tad blamed it on David, and David and Tad bickered about David's baby-making scheme. Tad asked Amanda to turn things around with Jake, and left.

A fed up Amanda gathered Trevor's toys, announcing that she was done with David. She planned to leave with Trevor, and she welcomed a court battle, if David insisted upon challenging her. David thought that she ought to be thanking him for keeping Jake and her out of jail, but Amanda refused to feel grateful for David's house imprisonment. As Amanda marched toward the front door, David announced that he had only six months to live.

"That's a load of crap!" Amanda retorted. David explained that he'd only just found out about his condition; however, he still wanted to have a baby to leave a legacy and a sibling for Trevor. David claimed that he had malignant erythrocytosis, a rare blood disease. He handed her the file from the bureau, saying that he'd be gone in six months.

David showed Amanda the medications, and she asked if they could cure him. He replied that they'd only maximize the time he had left. He pleaded with her to give him those last months with Trevor. Amanda suddenly decided that the news could change everything with Jake. David said he didn't want it made public, but Amanda rushed out anyway. Once she left, David told Trevor that he wasn't really going anywhere, and neither was Amanda.

Damon visited Bailey at Liza's, and learned that Liza had moved out to give Bailey time to decide if she wanted to keep Stuart. Damon thought that raising Stuart would be a big deal for Bailey and him. "Us?" Bailey asked. Damon replied, "Three people cost more than two." An offended Bailey retorted that she wouldn't hit Liza up for money. Damon claimed that he hadn't meant that, but Bailey angrily left with Stuart, saying she'd call Damon once she'd decided.

Jake went to the hospital to tell his father that he'd quit his job, and he planned to leave Pine Valley that day. Joe seemed sad about the news, because he'd been very proud of the way Jake had fought for his family. Jake cited that Trevor wasn't his son; however, Joe replied that Trevor was indeed Jake's son in every way that counted.

Before Jake left, Joe announced that Ruth and he were leaving Pine Valley upon Joe's upcoming retirement. Jake was shocked, wondering what would become of the hospital. Joe sadly replied that he'd expected Jake to follow in his father's footsteps.

Later, while Jake packed at home, Tad let himself in, announcing that he'd informed Amanda and David of Jake's impending departure. Jake guessed that David would pounce on Amanda, and Tad challenged Jake to stay, since he seemed to worry. When Jake claimed that he didn't worry about Amanda, the infidel, Tad brought up Trevor, saying that Jake would lose everything. Jake replied that Trevor wasn't his son, so Jake couldn't lose what he never had.

As Jake exited his building with his bags later, he encountered Bailey and Stuart on a bench. Bailey said Liza had given Bailey time to figure out what she wanted. Bailey confided that she liked Stuart's father, Damon, but he wasn't ready to be a father. Bailey didn't think it could be that hard, because with one look at Stuart, she knew that she loved him. She asked Jake what time his train left. Jake looked at Stuart, and said he didn't know about the train.

Jake lugged his suitcases back to his apartment, and complained upon finding Tad still inside, eating all of the food. Jake said that he'd practiced his goodbyes, but it was too hard to turn his back on Trevor. Jake figured that he'd stick around to see how things worked out. Amanda entered, saying that Jake didn't know how happy his choice had made her.

Tad left the couple alone, and Jake said he'd wanted to stay for Trevor. Amanda stated that soon, David wouldn't be able to hurt them anymore, because he was dying.

At the police station, Colby arrived with suits for Scott and Adam. Colby relayed that Liza and she had moved out, and Liza could lose the baby. Colby didn't want Adam to go to jail on top of that, no matter who he'd married. Adam assured her that things would work out.

Adam asked Colby to help him make a phone call to Liza. After Colby went into the hallway to distract the guards, Adam used Colby's phone to call Annie. Adam promised to be at Annie's hospital bedside after he made bail. Annie declined his visit, saying they both knew that things would go badly for her. Adam asked if she trusted him, and she affirmed that she did. "Well, don't stop now," he replied.

Liza met Annie in her hospital room to say that Judge Whitman had agreed to hold Annie's arraignment there. Liza felt that Adam's chances would increase once Annie pleaded guilty. Ryan arrived, and Liza joined him in the corridor, where he asked her if she'd lost her mind. Liza explained that Annie intended to plead guilty to save Adam, and with a taped confession in evidence, there was no way Annie could get off.

JR met Marissa in the courtroom, where she announced that Liza had assigned Marissa to Adam's case. JR seemed conflicted about it, but she assured him that she was doing it for their family. Marissa convinced JR to attend the hearing for Stuart. "For Uncle Stuart, and for us," JR said.

Later, everyone gathered in the courtroom, and the judge convened the hearing. Scott pleaded not guilty to his charges. The D.A. asked the judge to deny bail, but the judge granted it. In Adam's case, Adam also pleaded not guilty, and the D.A. labeled him a danger to the community and a flight risk.

The judge allowed Adam to speak, and Adam said that upon finally realizing his role in Stuart's death, Adam hadn't been able to forgive himself. However, he'd began to understand that Stuart embodied love and forgiveness. Adam claimed that he didn't seek the court's forgiveness; instead, he sought justice for Stuart.

Liza explained that Adam had surrendered his travel documents and frozen his assets. The judge didn't consider Adam a flight risk, and granted bail. After court, Colby congratulated Liza, and Adam hoped that Liza would do just as well for Annie.

As Adam and Scott posted bail, Adam was anxious to get to the hospital. He asked Colby to drive Scott home. Scott implored Adam to be realistic about Annie's chances, but Adam replied that things had a way of working out.

Back at the hospital, Ryan awakened Annie, who grimaced at the sight of him. Ryan remarked that self-sacrifice wasn't Annie's style. Annie asked Ryan to look at things objectively, and then tell her what she'd done that was so wrong. "You covered up a murder, Annie!" he retorted, adding that she'd thrown Emma under the bus to do it. Annie claimed that she'd do anything for Emma. Ryan told Annie to prove it by letting Emma go.

Ryan asked Annie to drop the custody suit, because she couldn't protect Emma from behind bars. Annie gave her word that if she went to jail, she'd leave Emma alone. Ryan repeated the word "if," and Annie corrected herself, saying, "When."

Liza entered the room, and Annie said that Ryan and she were more than done talking. Liza explained that Scott and Adam had made bail, and then Marissa entered with the judge and D.A. Willis. Ryan listened outside the room as the judge read off a litany of charges against Annie. The judge asked how Annie pleaded. Liza started to speak, but Annie interrupted, saying, "Not guilty, your honor."

The D.A. called Annie a flight risk, and the judge agreed. He decreed that guards would watch Annie in the hospital; once she checked out, she'd go to jail pending trial. After the judge left, Liza spoke to Annie alone, saying that they'd had a deal. Annie had decided that the deal wasn't in her or Emma's best interests. Liza had thought Annie wanted to throw herself on the mercy of the court to save Adam. "Now you're going to save me, too," Annie replied with a grin.

Ryan barged into the room, spouting that Annie had lied again. "I'm gonna beat this, Ryan," Annie cooed. Adam entered, saying that Chandlers never gave up.

JR had told Marissa that he'd visit a friend in the hospital while she was at Annie's hearing, but instead, he went to see a doctor to get his blood test results. The doctor said that the cancer had returned. "I knew it," JR replied, grimacing. A devastated JR meandered out of the office, saying he'd call to set up his next appointment.

Later, JR coughed as he met Marissa back at the courthouse. She said that she'd witnessed a dramatic courtroom moment at the hospital. She thanked JR for being okay with her job, and he said that her happiness was all that mattered.

Friday, December 4, 2009

"It's back," JR murmured the moment Tad sat down with him at ConFusion. Tad said that Marissa would help JR battle the cancer, but JR replied that he wouldn't tell her, because he didn't want to her to put her life on hold for him again. Tad wondered how JR would hide his chemotherapy symptoms, and JR said he wouldn't start therapy until after the trial.

Liza showed up at her house with holiday decorations, saying that she'd known that she was supposed to stay away, but she figured that Bailey would want to decorate for the holidays. Bailey took the decorations, but wouldn't let Liza in because Stuart was sleeping. When Liza turned to leave, she saw Damon exit the elevator, announcing that he was there to see his son.

Liza said that Damon wasn't good for Bailey, especially after he'd offered to take money to make Bailey go away. Damon claimed that he'd just been freaked out about being a father. He said that Liza might be a fancy lawyer, but she couldn't take his parental rights away.

When Bailey let Damon inside, he announced that he'd gotten a casino job good enough to support the three of them, and he'd checked into apartments for them. Bailey said that Damon liked partying. Damon claimed that he'd changed, and Stuart ranked first. He proudly spouted off things that he'd learned about educating babies, and wondered if she'd let him into Stuart's life. Bailey said Damon had burned her before, and she couldn't let him do it again.

Bailey tended to Stuart in his room, and returned to see that Damon had put up Christmas decorations. Damon held Stuart, and showed the baby a toy Santa Claus. Damon assured Bailey that they could make it work, if she wanted it. He felt that even if she turned him down, Stuart belonged with her, not Liza.

Scott arrived at Jake's house, looking for Liza. He told Marissa that he was furious at Liza for concocting a deal with the D.A. to get Scott off if he testified against Annie. Just then, Liza walked in, telling him to take the deal. Liza resented the D.A. approaching Scott, and insisted that she hadn't colluded with him. Even so, she felt that it was still a good deal. Scott refused to turn against Annie. Liza stated that Annie had manipulated a grieving Scott. Scott said that Annie hadn't forced him into anything, and he stormed out, saying that he needed to think.

Tad and JR entered, and JR took Marissa to lunch. Tad asked Liza about the situation with Bailey. Liza said that Bailey hadn't wanted Liza to wake up Stuart, but Bailey hadn't had a problem letting Damon in. Liza worried that Damon would sell Bailey on having a happy family with him. Liza was anguished because she knew that she'd lose a court battle. Liza said that Bailey was a good person, who loved Stuart, too, and Liza had always known that she could lose Stuart.

Later, Liza met Bailey and Stuart at ConFusion. Bailey said she hadn't wanted to talk at Liza's house. Liza tensed, and Bailey announced that she wanted to keep her son.

JR and Marissa went home for lunch, and Marissa readily noticed that he was overly charming and deflective, which usually meant he was avoiding talking about something. JR blamed his attitude on his frustration that Adam and Scott would defend Annie to their detriment. JR then distracted Marissa by seducing her on the sofa.

Later, Marissa hurried to redress for work, and Dr. Kahn called JR to say that he needed to schedule his treatment right away. JR replied that he understood, but he had to call her back.

As David slept in bed holding Trevor, Amanda looked down at them, recalling David's statement that he had six months to live. Amanda walked out, and David peeked open his eyes. He told Trevor that Amanda would take special care of David because she thought that he was dying. He said that once he "survived" for her and their family, she'd fall in love with him.

Downstairs, Jake looted medication from David's bureau. Amanda entered, wondering why Jake was there. Jake said he was looking for evidence of David's disease. Jake remarked that if it were real, David had six months to live; however, Jake thought that it was classic David to make up something like that. Amanda stated that she'd seen David take medication, but Jake replied that he could be faking it.

Amanda imagined that when David died, she'd finally be free to be with Jake, if he still wanted her. She said their future had never been so close, and she hoped that every horrible memory of David would die with him. They heard David stirring in the house, and Jake avoided a confrontation by leaving before David arrived downstairs.

David heard a car pull away, and Amanda said that Jake had left. David wondered if Jake had been there to gloat. Amanda avoided the question, and went to make breakfast. Once alone, David glanced into the bureau, and grinned.

Amanda returned with breakfast, and tried to be nice to David. He said he didn't want her coddling him, because she didn't really care if he died. David gave her a sob story about his father dying when he was young. David had wanted to give his own son a loving father, but it seemed that Trevor would also lose his father at a young age. Amanda assured him that Trevor would grow up in a loving home. "You and Jake. I guess this means you win. Looks like it's time for me to give up the fight." David bleakly concluded.

Later, a disoriented David slammed the breakfast tray on the counter as he regained his balance. He claimed to a worrying Amanda that it was just a side effect of his new medication. She asked what his symptoms would be, but he didn't want to think about them.

Amanda showed David a video of Trevor at the petting zoo, and David sullenly said he wouldn't be around as Trevor grew up. David wanted to tell Trevor how much his father loved him, and wanted to fight for him. Amanda suggested that David make Trevor a video, and David asked Amanda to stay while he did it.

Amanda watched as David made a video for Trevor, in which David mostly expressed how he'd hurt Amanda. He said that Trevor had helped him find his heart, and he'd love Trevor beyond his dying breath. David grew emotional, and asked Amanda to shut off the camera.

Amanda noticed that David was burning up. David said he could handle whatever the disease threw at him, but he couldn't handle knowing that no matter how hard he fought, he'd still leave Trevor behind. Amanda sighed sadly, and hugged David.

Jake went to the hospital to grovel for his job; however, Angie said he shouldn't bother because she'd never filed his resignation. He showed David's medication and test results to Angie; the results stated that David had six months to live. Angie immediately concluded that David was faking it, and guessed that Jake wanted her to run tests on the drug to prove it.

Tad met Jake at the hospital, and Jake explained that he'd had Angie check into David's sudden, deathly illness. Tad guessed that Jake wanted to believe it, even though David was probably faking. Jake said he'd go to hell for hoping it was real, and figured that he should just accept Amanda's situation. Tad urged Jake to hold onto Amanda whether David lived, or died.

Later, a hematologist told Angie that the vial contained an experimental drug. He stated that whoever was taking it should be warned of the drug's serious side effects. Angie called Jake with the results, concluding that David really was terminally ill.

When she ended the call, Tad stood beside her, theorizing that David had seen Marissa stand by JR, and David probably hoped for the same results with Amanda. Angie considered that David could possibly be ill, but Tad remarked that the "son of a bitch" wouldn't go that easily.

Jake left Amanda a message saying that they'd deal with whatever happened with David. Jake decided that he wanted his life with Amanda, and he invited her to meet him at the stables.



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