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Why waste our time with this story that makes no sense? Is it because they are planning to ramp up the story for the last two weeks with viewer-pleasing story? Considering how much lead time was given, TPTB had an opportunity to write some great story with the right amount of drama to end things. However, they ruined the show by writing stories like Barbara's kidnapping -- this has been really idiotic on some levels.

Barbara's Kidnapping
I understand finding a way to get Barbara and Henry together for her happiness at the end. Why make the kidnapper be Iris? It could have been more plausible if it had been Emily or Vienna -- or even James. Why didn't they reveal the kidnapper as James reciting the famous line: "Hello Barbara"? What a way to please viewers with history and a character that the audience has been wanting to see return in the flesh.

Watching Colleen Zenk create her Emmy reel for next year was a real joy. However, bringing back Iris to get Barbara's money made this story become cartoonish. The other thing that bothers me is having Iris drag her victim around town without being seen. I don't understand this at all. Then you have Henry staking out Barbara's hotel room in a dress and leaving for a minute so Iris can go in and out of the room without being seen. These are the reasons that this great show is about to end. There is a lack of originality in the storytelling with no regard to the viewers who are trying to mourn the loss of the program. I am having a hard time watching most of this unfold -- though not the part when Barbara socked Iris in the mouth.

Holden and Molly
I was surprised that this wedding did not happen. How stupid of Holden to get on a plane to rescue Lily the day before his wedding to Molly. The plan is obviously to get Holden and Lily back together at the end. It would have been great for Holden to start a new life with Molly.

It was great to see Abigail and too sad to hear that she had been involved with a married man- - had she not learned anything from her mother's bad moves?

It looks like Lucinda is pulling the strings to get exactly what she has always wanted: Lily and Holden back together. I don't dislike Noelle Beck as Lily, however the reunion would work better with Martha Byrne as Lily in the end.

Chris and Katie
Chris is sick -- how can this be resolved in six weeks if it's something serious? Katie was just about to give in to her feelings for him, so how will she react to him being sick? I can see Katie running away to avoid dealing with another loss of someone she loves.

Lucinda Walsh
There is no secret that Lucinda is one my favorites. I love that she is so involved with a few stories right now: destroying Craig financially, keeping Dusty occupied by getting Lucy back to Oakdale, and reuniting Holden and Lily. Lucinda has always been her best when she was in control. I love every minute of her manipulations and schemes to make things right for her.

Let's see what some readers have to say:

  • The inevitable conclusion of our beloved As The World Turns draws closer and closer with each new episode. As much as I enjoy seeing some familiar faces and enduring new twists and turns, I like others still wonder when oh when will we see progress in our favorite storylines? Some of this stuff ain't rocket science. Luke belongs with Reid, Barbara and Henry are made for each other, Holden will never marry Molly and so on and so on. And I'll take Craig with his shenanigans over Janet Ciccione any day of the week. Like Reid to Luke, "I wish I didn't care so much." This show has been a part of my life and many fans lives for decades. And although I'm looking forward to the return of Dr. John Dixon, he better be packing something fierce, because this show is too iconic to go out with endless cameos and whimpering storylines. -- Tyler

  • I love your final wishes for ATWT. I sure wish it would be true; it all sounds good to me. I have always liked the introduction of new characters; but, really, why waste our time with new ones now. All of us only want to see the longtime actors and characters until the end. I'll keep Janet . . . but send Liberty and Gabriel out of town now!! It's all going to end too soon . . . and I'll be truly sad . . . but, probably, ticked off too. It's a shame. Nothing will take the place of ATWT for me. -- Kathie

  • I completely disagree about Janet and Liberty taking up too much time. They are two of my favorites! I couldn't care less about Carly and Jack, haven't liked these two selfish hypocrites in ages. Dusty is boring, let Janet be with Anthony. I love Molly and Holden together, Molly has always been one of my favorite characters. Lily is a whining spoiled brat and has been for a long time. If Craig can get away with all he's done, then Molly should get away with killing that scumbag. "Bad, evil, horrible" Craig has always been fun to watch. But Craig with Lily? Ewww. Put him with someone outside the Walsh family for a change (besides Sierra, there's been Lucinda and Lucinda's sister Samantha---and don't forget his mid-1980's romance with Lily's bio mom, Iva, or Iva's sister Ellie)! Lily and Craig is serious yuck material. -- Annie

  • How could you leave Paul and Emily out of your wishes for the end of the show? For me, these two really deserve happiness after the beating they've taken at the hands of the writers over the past years. My wish for them? They learn that there's a treatment that has the real possibility of giving them the baby they both want - but it's only available in Europe. Realizing that the good citizens of Oakdale (sarcasm intended) will never really forgive them their past, they decide to move to Europe permanently, giving their family a chance to start over. Before leaving, Paul sells Fairwinds to a developer who wants to put a theme park on the site and thinks the place would make a perfect haunted house - after all, it already has tunnels and a rumor of a ghost haunting the rose garden. Paul buys a villa in Tuscany, where friends and family are always welcomed with love and open arms. -- Carol

    Finally, congratulations to Maura West on her new role as Diane Jenkins on The Young and the Restless. I can't wait to see her in scenes with Michelle Stafford. She is going to be a wonderful addition to that show. I just hope they use her to the fullest potential and don't relegate her to the background. I can't wait to see where other former ATWT actors end up too.

    That's all I have for now.
    Reggie Jackson

  • Reggie Jackson
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