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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Katie walks into the bar to get a bottle of champagne for Mike and finds herself in tears when she finds Simon playing an old love song on the guitar. Simon tries to soften Katie up by apologizing and telling her that he never got over her. When Katie returns to Mike with the champagne, the two of them decide that Simon is after Vienna's diamonds. They have a hard time deciding whether it is more important to warn Vienna or to get off the ship as soon as they can to get away from Simon.

Maddie is so startled by bumping in to the new policeman outside Casey's door that she can't concentrate on their "first time" lovemaking. In fact, such terrifying memories haunt her that she doesn't feel safe and rushes downstairs. However, her purse frightens her so badly that she can't pick it up and leave.

Barbara comes to see Will and Gwen, but she is so horrified to find Jade there that she turns around and leaves immediately. Will gets up in the night and finds Jade up as well, but Jade promises that she doesn't want to hurt Gwen or Will. Jade goes to bed and Gwen and Will share a tender moment.

Jennifer collapses at the hospital and finds that she has viral pneumonia. They announce that Johnny can come home the next day, and Jennifer insists that she must go home with Johnny. Irrationally, she has no concern whatsoever that she might make her son, who has just undergone a serious experimental procedure, ill, reasoning that he might feel unloved if she is not there. Dusty decides to lie to Jen to alleviate stress on her, and tell her that he is considering letting Emily off. Dusty tells Paul of this decision so that Paul will quit badgering Jen to keep Emily locked up.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lucy tells Jennifer she can't release her but then slips and reveals that Jennifer can sign out of the hospital "Against Medical Advice." Jen leaps on the opening and orders Lucy not to tell Dusty that Jennifer went AMA. Lucy goes along, then admits to Lucinda she thinks she's made a terrible mistake. Jen and Dusty celebrate Johnny's homecoming, but an exhausted Jennifer collapses, barely able to breathe. As Casey laments to Gwen about how Maddie just took off the other night, Maddie is denying Henry's attempts to prod into her life. She and Casey reunite and Maddie swears she does want to be with him, claiming she just wasn't comfortable making love in Tom and Margo's house. Later, Dallas is intrigued to hear that Henry is Maddie's brother. Simon tells Katie not to run away from her feelings for him, but Katie isn't buying. Mike explains to Katie that they can't get off the ship yet like they planned. Later, Katie tells Vienna that Simon is a con man after her diamonds, but Vienna counters that Simon has plenty of money of his own!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Meg reads Jennifer's chart and tells Paul his sister should never have been released from the hospital. Meanwhile, at home, Jennifer hides how sick she is from Dusty. Emily calls and Jen promises to try to convince Dusty to drop the charges against her. Dusty, however, doesn't want to hear about it. Paul and Meg arrive and Meg tells Dusty how sick Jen is. They find her passed out on the floor. Maddie insists to Casey that she wants to be with him. She arrives at the house to pick up Casey for their night out, and comes face to face with Margo...and Dallas. Maddie knows his name – but screams that no, she doesn't know him at all. To Casey's surprise, Maddie takes off. Holden wants Jack to help him prove that Damian was behind Luke's attempted reprogramming. Meanwhile, Damian manipulates Luke to keep him away from Holden by convincing Luke that Holden blames him for Lily's accident. Later, Ross calls Damian with a threat. And Holden stops by to talk about his son.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Damian tells Holden that Luke doesn't want to see him. Holden accuses Damian of putting those thoughts into Luke's head. Meanwhile, Luke runs into Jade and admits that she was right – he should have kept his mouth shut about being gay. Jade urges him to find Holden and talk it out. Ross, however, finds Holden first, and assures him that Damian had nothing to do with Luke's summer program. At the same time, Damian is telling Luke that Holden would rather Luke stayed with Damian. Meg and Paul promise to watch Johnny as Dusty rushes Jen to the hospital. Later, they leave the baby with Gwen. At the hospital, Dusty is shocked to hear that it was Lucy who let Jen leave. Dusty blasts Lucy. Bob explains that Jennifer has a very serious infection – her body is shutting down from the shock. And the condition is irreversible. Dusty lies to Jen that she's going to be just fine. Maddie and Casey take another crack at making love, but flashbacks once again cause Maddie to freak out. She tells Casey that it's over between them.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Carly arrives back from Montana with the kids and stops by Emma's farm, hoping for news of Lily after having found out through her messages that Lily is in a coma. Instead of finding Emma, she finds Jack, who says he's watching Faith and Natalie while Emma visits Lily at the hospital. As Carly and Jack catch up, Parker, JJ, and Sage come running in, claiming they needed to use the bathroom. They all hug Jack, who then offers to grill hot dogs for dinner for them. Carly tells Jack she needs to get back home but the kids can stay, but when Faith comes downstairs, Jack starts to realize he might have a problem controlling the 5 cousins. He goes upstairs to check on Natalie, and Faith takes that moment to ask Carly if she knows why her mom is sleeping for so long and when she's going to wake up. Carly tells her she doesn't have any answers and says she realizes it's scary when the grownups don't know the answers, but the doctors will do whatever they need to do to get Lily to wake up again. Then she asks Faith if she'd like to have a girls' day out the next day, saying she'll take her out for a manicure, and Faith happily agrees. Jack overhears most of this, and after Faith goes out to play with her cousins, he compliments Carly on her way with the kids. He asks her to please stay for dinner to help him out, and she ultimately agrees. As they walk outside to the grill, hot dog buns come flying through the air at them, thrown by the boys, who claim they're all broken. Carly pitches one back at them, and Jack grabs the mustard and squirts Carly's shirt --- a massive food fight ensues. Carly ends up going to the kitchen to try to get the mustard off her blouse, but she can't manage with a dishrag, so she takes off her blouse to try to clean it; Jack walks in and stares at her.

On the cruise, Katie tells Mike she feels pretty woozy, and he suggests she go upstairs and get some fresh air while he cleans up some glass that has broken during their bumpy ride. At the same time, Vienna sends Simon off to look for more motion sickness drugs for her. Simon runs into Katie on the deck; they are tossed around together a bit, and he tells Katie that he thinks she doesn't like seeing him with someone else. Katie says it's definitely not that, she just doesn't want even someone like Vienna to get robbed by Simon. Katie goes to the deck rail, and Simon asks her to please come away from there, but she refuses to budge until he leaves, and then suddenly, the ship rolls and Katie falls overboard. Simon yells for help, then he tosses in a life preserver and jumps overboard to try to save Katie. Meanwhile, Vienna comes out in the hallway and runs into Mike, who realizes she's seasick, too. She stumbles into Mike's cabin and has to go in the bathroom to get sick. While she babbles about the Titanic, Mike goes to the door and finds that it has somehow become jammed: he can't get it to open.

Maddie meets Henry at Java for coffee and tells him that she has broken up with Casey, but she refuses to tell him why. When she says she wasn't old enough for a boyfriend, he laughs and says she seemed to think she was a woman of the world; Maddie immediately jumps on him, angrily asking him if he's trying to say she's some kind of tramp. He tells her that that's not what he meant at all. Maddie begs Henry to go with her somewhere far away, like Paris, but Henry says that's not going to happen and suggests perhaps she go back home for the rest of the summer. Maddie says that's definitely not a good idea. Later, Maddie goes up to the rooftop, where she is sitting thinking when Dallas Griffin walks up behind her and scares her when he puts his hand on her shoulder. She jumps up, and Dallas tells her this has to stop happening; he tells her they need to talk about what happened.

At the hospital, Paul, Meg, Barbara, Will, and Kim are all gathered outside Jennifer's "room." Bob tells Dusty that Jennifer can go home, because there's nothing more they can do for her at the hospital that they can't do at home. Dusty tells Bob not to give up on Jennifer and not to let her hear him talking like that; Bob tells Dusty he's not giving up, but he says that Jennifer has a right to know how bad her condition has become. Before he can go talk to her, however, he gets a page and has to leave. Jennifer, who overheard Dusty telling Bob he doesn't want her to go home yet, wants to know why Dusty doesn't think she should go home; he tells her he wants her to stay until she's better, and he tells her he's going to find a specialist to help her get better. He tells her to rest, then he goes outside and speaks to Barbara, telling her he'll find a specialist. She tells him to call Lucinda, because she can make things happen fast. Barbara composes herself and goes in to see Jenn; Jenn wakes up and asks what's wrong with her. Barbara tells her for one thing, she's run down, so everyone wants her to rest. Paul and Meg come in, and Jennifer says she wants to talk to them, so Barbara leaves. Jennifer looks at them and asks, "What is it that nobody wants to tell me?"

Hal arrives at the hospital and asks how Jennifer is. Barbara tells him she's going to be fine, but Will tells him that it's actually pretty bad. Hal emotionally asks Barbara how this could happen to their little girl, and they embrace. Barbara convinces Hal to go with her to get some coffee and compose himself before he goes to see Jennifer. Will tells Kim he has to go let Gwen know how bad things are, and she tells him to go ahead, she'll let his mom and dad know where he went.

At Jenn's apartment at the Lakeview, Gwen goes out in the hallway with Johnny and sees Casey, who is there looking for Maddie. He tells Gwen that Maddie has broken up with him and that he has no idea why. Gwen invites him into Jennifer's place, telling him what's going on with her, and they discuss Maddie some more. Gwen tells Casey she'll talk to Maddie about it, because Maddie might tell her what she's afraid to tell Casey. She asks Casey to hold Johnny for her while she gets a bottle for him, and when she returns, Casey asks if he can feed him. Gwen says yes, and as she watches Casey with Johnny, she tells him, "This could have been us, you know." Just then, Will arrives, looking chagrined to see Casey, Johnny, and Gwen together like that.

Jennifer gets Meg to bring her her medical chart, and she looks at it but says she doesn't understand what it means. She asks Meg to explain it to her, in English. Meg tells her that the pneumonia developed into a virus that has caused her heart to enlarge, which is what is called cardiomyopathy, and that her enlarged heart has stopped being able to conduct electrical signals, leading to heart failure. The heart failure has caused her body to start shutting down. Jennifer asks what the treatment is for this, and Meg tells her there's not a treatment for the heart failure itself, only for things like trying to prevent a secondary infection from occurring. Jennifer says Bob wouldn't have said she could go home if she wasn't going to get better, and then she realizes that that's exactly why Bob did say she could go home: she's not going to get better. She thanks Meg for telling her the truth, and Paul tells Jennifer not to give up, because they're not giving up. Dusty returns, and he angrily tells Paul and Meg to get out, but Jennifer says she wanted them there; he tells them they can go now. Jennifer then tells Dusty there's one thing she wants: she wants to be married. She asks Dusty, "Will you marry me?"


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