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Col. Winston Mayer
Who's Who in Oakdale: Winston Mayer | As The World Turns on Soap Central
Actor History
Daniel Hugh Kelly


Presumably drowned after jumping into the Hudson River [summer 2008 to summer 2009]


Former Army officer



Marital Status

At time of death, Single/Divorced (Charlene Wilson)

Past Marriages

Charlene Wilson (divorced; deceased)




Noah Mayer (son with Charlene)

Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

Murdered Charlene Wilson, a.k.a Cheri Love [Sep 2007]

Attempted to murder Dusty Donovan [Sep 2007]

Attepmpted to murder Luke Snyder during a hunting expedition [early Oct 2007]

Attempted to murder Luke Snyder again [Oct 2007]

Escaped from prison [May 2008]

Kidnapped Ameera Ali Aziz and planned to turn her over to Iraqi nationals [mid May 2008]

Brief Character History

Col. Winston Mayer, an officer in the U.S. Army, visited Oakdale to inform his son, Noah that he would no longer be paying for his schooling at Northwestern University. Instead, the Colonel wanted Noah to enlist in the Army to toughen him up since he was convinced that his son was soft. Though Noah asked his father to reconsider, the Colonel was adamant. Instead of buckling down to his father's demands, Noah enrolled at Oakdale University. Though the Colonel, attempted to bribe Noah with cash to get him to enlist in the Army, Noah refused. Meanwhile, the Colonel was very pleased to know that Noah was dating a girl, and was even more pleased when they moved in together. Later, the Colonel's bubble burst when Noah confessed to his father that he gay. As Noah expected, the news did not go well. The Colonel accused him of lying and then angrily disowned him. However, he quickly did a 180 and told Noah that he would not lose him. However, the Colonels words were just a ruse to stay close to Noah and get revenge on his "friend", Luke Snyder. During a hunting expedition with Noah and the Snyders, the Colonel caught Luke alone and trained his rifle on the young man, blaming him for corrupting his son. Noah came to the scene just in time to see his father violently shove Luke while Luke's father was able to wrestle the Colonel to the ground. The Colonel ran off and, Noah defended his father to the police insisting that something must be wrong with him. Noah then got a shock--Noah's mother was a woman named Charlene Wilson a.k.a Cheri Love. Not only that, Colonel Mayer recently murdered her. This was startling news to Noah since he was always told that his mother had died. Meanwhile, after failing to kill Luke at the hospital, the Colonel was apprehended by the police. When confronted by Noah, the Colonel admitted to murdering his mother since her profession, that of a high price madam, disgusted him. The Colonel defiantly insisted that his actions were in Noah's best interests.

Months later, a woman named Ameera Ali Aziz entered Noah's life. According to Ameera, the colonel befriended her family during his tour in Iraq (probably during Operation Desert Storm) and kept in contact with the family over the years, often sending money. Fearing she'd be killed if she returned to Iraq, Ameera wanted the colonel's help in letting her stay in the United States. Hearing Ameera speak of his father's generosity confused Noah since it completely contradicted the man that he knew. Wanting to know more, Noah quickly befriended Ameera. When she failed to obtain a student visa, Noah decided that the only way to keep her from being deported was to marry her. Later, the Colonel heard about Ameera's situation and summoned her to a meeting at the prison. However, Noah went instead and told his father that he and Ameera were married. The colonel warned Noah not to mess things up for him but refused to elaborate about why he wanted to speak with Ameera. .Unbeknownst to anyone, the Colonel had a secret arrangement with Agent Coyle from the State Department to turn over Ameera. With Coyle's help, the Colonel escaped from prison and was able to whisk Ameera away to New York. Realizing what happened, Noah went to New York to locate the pair while Luke followed. In the end, Noah caught up with his father, who informed Noah that he was taking Ameera back to Iraq since a political group was very interested in his return. As Noah tried to reason with his father, Luke, along with the authorities, managed to stop the colonel's boat before he could get away. Believing that Noah betrayed him, Colonel Mayer jumped overboard to evade capture and was later declared dead.

A very much alive Winston came back to Oakdale in the early summer of 2009 and kidnapped Noah. Noah was rescued and though he nearly let his father go free, he decided to turn him in. Winston is now residing in Prison, presumably Statesville.

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Who's Who in Oakdale

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