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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, September 29, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

JACK is back at the station. MOLLY comes in and apologizes for the way she talked to Jack at the hospital. She says she needs a friend and that Lily is no good for Holden. CARLY walks in and surprises them. She says she is moving to Oakdale. Carly and Molly leave together and go to a motel room. Molly tells her that Holden knows the truth about their plot concerning Montana and that he won't have anything to do with her now. Carly says that it sounds like if Lily were out of the picture, things would be great. They both say they are broke. Carly wants to stay with Molly but Molly tells her she is homeless and she still owes Jack the $1000. Carly says they are going to need all the cash they can get their hands on. She says she has enough money for two nights at the motel and Molly can sleep on the floor. Carly leaves to get some air. Molly dreams about unplugging Lily's respirator, then awakens with a plotting look on her face.

HOLDEN is sitting in Lily's room when CAL comes in and tells him he should go home and rest but Holden won't leave. So Cal tells him to go in and tell Lily how he feels about her; she needs a reason to live. Holden goes in and tells Lily this is his fault and he is going to make it up to her. He talks to her about Luke.

CAMILLE and BEN are kissing as a brick is thrown through the window. It has a note attached which says "Make your boyfriend drop the case or next time it's your pretty face." Ben tells her to call 911 as he races out the door. The police arrive and talk to Camille. When Ben comes back in, Officer Tate realizes that he is the one who is suing the department. Tate and Ben argue. MARGO arrives and tells the other officers to go downstairs and see what they can find. Camille tells Margo that this isn't the first note she has received. She shows them the note she found in her purse. Margo invites Carly to stay with her and Tom. Ben says that they need to stop seeing each other until the trial is over.

DAVID has taken LUCINDA to get something to eat. She asks him to tell her about his parents. He says they were killed instantly in an accident involving a drunk driver. He tells her that the government is taking all of James' assets including Fairwinds. Lucinda invites him to stay with her. After she leaves David gets a phone call and talks about European markets. Carly overhears him and appears interested.

NIKKI and TERRY ring the doorbell at David's aunt's house. They say their car broke down. Nikki pretends to call her dad and ask him to pick them up. While Mrs. Thompkins is gone to make tea, Nikki searches for some info on David. She finds a picture of him. When Mrs. T. comes back with the tea, Nikki picks up the picture and asks her about him. She tells them the he is now a hot-shot entrepreneur. She says that his parents died when he was a teenager. When Nikki asks how they died, she says that there was a terrible fire and doesn't like to talk about it. When she falls asleep on the couch, Nikki searches again and finds a family scrapbook containing an article about the Allens' house burning down and killing Mr. and Mrs. Allen. David was able to escape unharmed. Arson is suspected.

When HAL finds Jack asleep at his desk, he asks him why he isn't off on vacation. Hal tells him he needs to get a life -- get out and meet some women. They are interrupted by a 911 call from Samantha--a possible break-in at the Walsh residence. Jack goes to investigate.

Back at the hospital, Holden leaves Lily's room and tells Cal that he thinks he knows something that might help Lily pull through. As he leaves, Molly peeks around the corner near Lily's room. Cal walks down the hall and Molly goes into Lily's room. The last scene shows her reaching for the respirator plug.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

CARLY asks DAVID if she can sit down at his table (at the coffee shop). They introduce themselves and she asks a few questions (which makes him uncomfortable) so he says he needs to go to the newsstand. She says she thinks she recognizes him. He tells her she might have seen him on TV because he used to be the district attorney. She finds out that he is not married and as he leaves, she congratulates herself on meeting one of Oakdale's most eligible bachelors.

SAMANTHA shows JACK where someone tried to break in. He looks out the window and sees that someone had a ladder outside. He goes out when he thinks he sees someone in the bushes. He brings him inside and Sam sees that it is KIRK. He says he wanted to surprise her. Kirk thinks Sam won't press charges but she tells Jack to book him. Kirk talks her out of it. She apologizes to Jack and tells him he can go. Kirk tells her that he came there with champagne and flowers and her wedding ring. He wants to call off the divorce. Sam finally says she can't live without him.

MOLLY reaches for the respirator plug in Lily's room but at the last minute pulls her hand back. Then HOLDEN charges in and asks why she is standing by Lily's bed. She says Lily was her friend and she wanted to see how she was (as he drags her out of the room). He tells her that night in the motel was a mistake and that she lied to get him to go to Montana so that he would be separated from Lily. Then Molly says that Lily got sick on purpose, maybe subconsciously. She leaves and Holden sits by the bed talking to Lily telling her how much he needs her. Even though she is not awake, he shows her the cat he carved for her long ago when Lucinda wouldn't let her have a real cat. He places her hand on top of the cat. As he continues to talk to her asking her to come back to him, she sees him in her mind and tells him she is afraid, then turns to go but turns back around and reaches out to take his hand. (This all takes place in a very bright light.) He sees her fingers move and her eyes flutter.

David arrives at EMILY'S at 6 a.m. bringing muffins. He tells her that he spent the night at the hospital with Lucinda. He says that even though he isn't really her son, he wants to be there for her. He feels like scum for deceiving her. His true identity is a complete lie and there is nobody who really knows what he is inside except Emily. When David tells her that Lucinda has offered him his own wing in her mansion, Emily gets all upset because she says Lucinda will never let her near him. He insists that it is never going to happen. He wants to be there only long enough to cement their relationship. He falls asleep with his head in her lap as she is telling him that a Rachel Adams from a Chicago newspaper looks like a good candidate for a position as columnist on her paper.

Molly is in the motel room working on her romance novel which is a story similar to her relationship with Holden. Carly comes in and tells Molly that she is leaving because Molly is a drag--always whining about Holden!!! She says that Molly is driving her crazy with this stupid victim scene. "If you want Holden, DO something to get him." Then Molly tells Carly that she almost killed Lily. She says that if Holden hadn't come, she doesn't know what she would have done. Carly then starts unpacking and says she will stay. When Carly goes in the bathroom, Molly picks up the letter Carly has been carrying around and reads it until Carly grabs it ouf of her hand. Molly wants to know what it is all about. Carly reluctantly tells her about the arrangement Rosanna made. She says she is going to find a single guy, get a ring on her finger and get "knocked up" as soon as she can. She tells Molly that she (Molly) is a fighter but the trick is also to be a winner. They decide to stick together, get jobs and a place of their own. Carly will help Molly get Holden and Molly can help her get--whoever.

Back in the hospital room, Lily is unhooked from the respirator but still asleep. BOB tells Holden that the diagnosis is pericarditis, not cardiomyopathy and the prognosis is very good. After Bob leaves the room, Lily opens her eyes and Holden tells her he is going to take care of her if she will let him.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

JOHN carries BARBARA downstairs. He brings in her kids and Bob, Lisa, Hal, etc., etc. for an engagement celebration. Margo leaves to go to work. John makes a toast to Barbara and their baby. Nancy warns John about how hard their lives are going to be with a new baby and two small children, but he says he has not been in on his other kids' early lives. Barbara tells Hal that they told the kids together about the wedding and the baby but she told them that Hal was their daddy and always will be. Hal says he just wants it to work out and will do anything to help. He takes the kids outside to play. John tells Barbara that the baby is the best thing that ever happened to him.

CARLY is telling MOLLY about Rosanna and how rich she is. Molly tells Carly she really needs to think about having a baby because of how miserable she was when she was pregnant, but then when they took Abigail away from her it was like they ripped her heart out. Carly gets upset because of what she went through losing her own baby (which Molly knows nothing about). Carly tells her about the baby she lost and how much she really loved Mike, but never again. She says that she has to be really careful about who she chooses (to be the father). Carly asks Molly if she knows anything about David Allen. Molly says he is not somebody Carly wants to hook up with. Carly says she has a plan for Molly to get Holden. They go to the hospital. Later Carly tells Molly "Doug" is going to meet her in the waiting room shortly and Molly needs to leave. Doug comes in and Carly comes on to him. She tells him she wants to get to know him. He says, "About this favor. What is it about?" "It's complicated." "The patient's name is Lily Grimaldi?" Carly--"Go for it!"

LILY wakes up in the morning and finds HOLDEN has been there all night. She says that she needs him to tell her about him and Molly. Holden tells her the whole Montana story. But he tells her that if they are going to get past what happened, he has to be honest--Molly is not the only one to blame. He says he let it happen because they have a child together and he thought it was the responsible thing for him to do to help find her. What Lily saw in the motel room--he is sorry. EMMA comes in and tells Lily that Luke is fine and they are all happy about her improvement. Holden leaves and Emma stays. She tells Lily that Holden was whispering in her ear telling her how much he loves her. She calls Bob in to Lily's room to hear in person that Lily is going to be better. When Emma and Bob leave, Holden sits down by Lily's bed and Molly peeks through the window seeing him. She tells Carly, "OK, do it." Lily tells Holden that something happened last night. She tells him about her "dream" and that at first she didn't want to come back but then she did want to after hearing his words.

PETER and DAVID are talking about Nikki and Terri. David thinks they have been scared off. EMILY comes in and says she doesn't think so. She tells him about Nikki showing her where the date book was when he left it at the club.

NIKKI and TERRI are at the police station in Hal's office trying to dig up some dirt on David--something about the fire. Margo comes in and finds them and is suspicious when they tell her they are working on a report. She asks if there is one particular case they are looking at. They are looking into general investigative procedures. Emily comes in. She and Margo go out into the hallway. Emily says that she doesn't think she needs the therapy at the Rape Crisis Center because she has David to talk to now. Margo says she is making a big mistake. She warns Emily that she hasn't known him that long and she shouldn't quit group therapy. Emily goes back to see David and asks him if everything is out in the open between the two of them. Of course he says yes. His Aunt Kathleen (Mrs. Tompkins) calls on the phone and says she has been thinking about him because of the two college girls who came to her house last night after their car broke down. They saw his picture and asked questions about him. She says one of the girls was Asian. She says all she told them was how proud she was of him. He tells her to call him if anybody else comes asking anything about him. Emily leaves saying she knows how to handle two nosy little teenagers.

Thursday, October 2, 1997
by Sage Scrogham

At the Clinic, SUSAN asks BEN where Camille is. She continues that she thinks that he and Camille make a great couple. Ben tells her that they are no longer seeing each other. Susan is sorry she said anything. CAMILLE comes in and Ben ignores her. Ben comes back around and continues his charade. When the coast is clear, he apologizes. Camille tells him that she doesn't like doing this. He starts to kiss her and they hear a loud crash. Ben runs to the front doors to see what happened. It was just the fellow who fills the magazine rack, he accidentally knocked it over. Ben is relieved. He tells her that he doesn't like putting on this act, but he has to so she can be safer. "Don't go giving away my chair," Ben smiles. LEW over hears them talking about their little plan to see each other on the sly while pretending to be broke up. Ben leaves and Lew walks up to Camille. He wants to know how she's been. He takes her hand and tells her that he's been worried about her, that he heard about the brick. He tells her that it's only going to get uglier before it gets better. Lew tells Camille that she needs to get away from Ben Harris. Lew tells Camille that if Ben cared for her, that he'd have her away someplace safe. Camille tells Lew about her and Ben's plan. Lew tells her that that is good and starts to asks her other questions. Camille lets him know that it is none of his business. Lew tells her that if she needs him....Camille says she won't and walks away. Lew calls his wife, PAMELA, she wants to know when her wonderful, handsome husband is going to be home. They talk awhile and Lew tells her that he can't be home this weekend, but soon. They tell each other, "I love you" and hang up. Ben comes out of an examining room and Lew tells Ben that he could get Camille a job in another area if it would help. Ben looks at him funny. Lew explains that Camille told him about their game plan.

At the Snyder Farm, JACK tells EMMA that it's time for him to move out and be on his own. If he doesn't get the ball rolling he'll never go. Emma wants to know if she's done anything wrong. Jack assures her that she's been nothing but wonderful and she's the hardest thing to leave. He tells her that he just feels like a kid there. Emma wants to know if he's having trouble with Holden and if that trouble is Molly. Jack tells her that he feels like a idiot, because he suffered from a leftover teenage crush he'd had on Molly. Emma tells him that Molly does have some good qualities. Jack asks her not to go there. "We are all better off to have Molly out of our lives," Jack says. Emma lets him know that her kitchen door will always be open to him. She tries to comfort him. "Someone will come along for you," Emma smiles. Later, Jack is on the phone calling around about housing. The person he's on the phone with tells him about a place over in Milltown, the Kasnoff place. Jack tells them that he can meet them there now.

At the hospital lounge area, CARLY sweet talks the LAB TECH into doing her a favor. She'd really like to see him again, she schmoozes and give him a phone number. "Call me when you get finished with the favor", she says. He'll go do it now and call her tonight, he tells her. Off he hurries and MOLLY steps out of the shadows and grins a Carly. Carly tells Molly that she shouldn't be there. CAL walks up and seconds that statement. Cal all of a sudden realizes that it's Carly standing there. "I thought you left for good along time ago," Cal states. Carly lets him know that she's back and she's gonna be around for a while. Cal tells her that she doesn't have any family left here and if she's lookin' for Mike, he's long gone. Carly tells him that she does have family still here and tells him about Molly being her cousin. "Well that explains quite a lot." Cal says with a tinge of disgust and finishes telling Carly that breaking up relationships must run in the family. Cal tells them both that they'd be better of somewhere else and leaves. Molly tells Carly that she has a plan on how to get them back on their feet financially. Carly wants to know what it is, but Molly just grins and leaves. Carly sees a couple and their new baby across the room and is caught up in the moment. SUSAN walks up and says, "Carly, is that you?" Carly is glad to see a friendly face. They talk about the past for a while. Carly tells her that she got over the loss of the baby and Mike. She'd just rather not discuss the past anymore. She thanks Susan for all of the help she gave her back then. Susan tells Carly to stay in touch. Carly runs over to Mike's old house. She opens the gate, that is sporting a "For Rent" sign. Her mind flashes back to a scene between her and Mike while she was in the hospital, right after she'd lost their baby. She stays with her memories for a while. "Don't do this, Carly." She tells herself, "Don't let this break you." She just starts to get up and Jack walks up.

At the City Times, EMILY tells JIMMY that she needs to see the head reporter right now. Jimmy asks if she's forgotten about lunch. She tells him that she'll just skip it. He reminds her that she has a one o'clock meeting with a certain person about some news things. She totally forgot and sends Jimmy off to the Falcon Club to meet with this person to tell her to come by the office at her next convenience. Jimmy leaves. MOLLY strolls in. Emily wants to know what she's doing there. Molly tells her that she came about getting a job as staff writer. Emily tells her that she's too busy to listen to her. Molly insists that she take five minutes to listen to her. Molly says that she'd make an excellent advice columnist. Emily laughs at her and reminds her that her last job was as a bartender. Molly tells her, exactly...and that's why she'd make it good at that job. Emily tells her that she doesn't care to because she's already having a hard enough time with Lucinda with out hiring the person who almost killed her daughter. Molly asks Emily if she believes everything she hears, because that wasn't how it was. All she did was love a man that Lily was stupid enough to throw away. "Do you know what it's like to have the Walsh's against you in this town?" Molly asks. Molly asks her to just give her a chance to prove herself. She'd even use a pen name. Emily agrees to look at her manuscript to see what talent she's got.

In Lily's hospital room, HOLDEN promises LILY that he'll never do anything to hurt her like that, again. Lily tells him about her vision she had while she was unconscious. Holden was calling to her and holding out his hand to her. She resisted at first and then took his hand. He tells her that he loves her so much and wants her to forgive him. She tells him that she wants to, but it just hurts so much. He tells her that he wants to help make the hurting stop. If he could take it back he would. Lily tells him that he can't take back what she saw. Holden tells her that he has the same problem, only its him visualizing her watching him from the doorway at the motel. He knows what she felt, he's always known what she feels and it's killing him knowing that he's the one that caused her so much pain. "I will change it for you", Holden says. He tells her that he wouldn't be there with here right now if he didn't think they could make it. Lily tells him that she'd like to believe that. Holden tells her that when he first went out to Montana, he thought they might be better off apart, because they just kept hurting each other. But as soon as she got the call from his mama, he knew. It was the first time he thought he'd ever truly lose her. "Here's the one person I love more than anyone in the world and I could lose her. What they have is worth it. It's worth the extra try. Lily needs her medication. Holden tells her that he'll go. Lily asks him to stay. Lily tells him that she packed up and got rid of everything that reminded her of him, but she was still hiding from something. It was how much she cared about him. When she was sick, she wanted him there to tell her it would be all right. "Everything will be all right. I promise. It has to be," Holden softly tells her. "The thought of my life, Luke's life... without you in it, seems wrong," Lily says. She tells him that what happened with he and Molly nearly killed her, literally. "But, I love you as much as ever," Lily says quietly. They kiss. Cal walks in and apologizes for interrupting. Holden tells him that he'll leave them to talk for a few. When Holden walks out the door his mom, Emma, is there. He picks her up, swings her around, tells her that she was right and wants to know if she knows how much he loves her. Emma wants to know just what she was right about. Holden tells her that Lily is going to give their relationship another chance and they are going to take it slow. "I'm actually feeling a bit hungry," He tells her. Emma takes Holden off to grab a bite to eat. Inside the room, Cal tells Lily not to waist her time taking it slow. He knows, he's been there. That taking it slow was just a way to punish the person who'd hurt you, when they were already beating themselves up enough and just needed love instead. He's talking about what happened between he and Connor. He tells her that by the time he'd figured that out, she'd slipped away. Lily understands his message and sends him to go get Holden for her. As soon as Cal was gone, the LAB TECH that Carly seduced comes walking into Lily's room telling her that he only needs a moment of her time. He tells her that they have some lab test results for someone, but the last known address was her home. Lily is worried and wants to know if it's Damian, is something wrong with him. He tells her that no it's good news. It's for a Molly Conlin, the results of her pregnancy test are in.

Friday, October 3, 1997
font face="arial" color="804080" size="3">by Sage Scrogham

BEN is paged to a clinic room, STAT! He hurries in there just to find CAMILLE waiting with take out dinner for two. Ben tells her that they can't be doing things like this, because it's not safe. "No ones here, it's after hours. Everyone has gone home," she says. Ben still gets onto her for not taking this serious enough. She finally gets him to relax a bit and NANCY pops in. Ben shoots Camille a look. "I thought everyone was gone," she says. Nancy reminds her that she told her that she was staying late to finish some filing, but that she was a bit preoccupied with something when she told her. Nancy has a package in her hands. She tells Ben that it was delivered right as they closed the clinic for the day. "It's probably that micro scope I ordered," Ben says. He thanks Nancy and she leaves. Camille tells Ben to sit down and eat before it gets cold. She tells him that she'll unwrap the package for him. Camille screams and throws the package containing a DEAD RAT to the floor. Ben calls Hal at the police department and puts the box in another room away from them. He tells her that Hal is sending some people over to try to get some prints or something. Ben tells her that they'll have to quit seeing each other until the trial is over. Camille insist that they just need to be more careful. "They could be waiting outside for us!" Ben stresses to her. He hands her a pink slip of paper. "Your firing me!?!?!" She says looking at the paper, then him. "Not firing, just temporarily transferring you to a different area of the hospital," he explains. She tells him that she doesn't want to go to the other job. "I already told them you'd take it," he says looking at the floor. "You traded me?!?!" she cries. She doesn't think that was right to do such a thing without her consent. He tells her that he's sorry, but didn't see any other way to keep her safe. He was afraid for her. "I want to protect you," he says softly to Camille. "You want to protect yourself," she spats back. Camille is upset and tells him that he's just using this as an excuse to push her away. She begs him not to do this to her, not to push her out of his life, she needs him. He tells her that he's sorry, but he has to. Camille goes out and puts her work things in a box and tries to hand her Clinic badge to him. He won't take it, telling her that she'll be back soon, this job is only temporary. He tells her that the police are taking her home in a squad car and they are going to check every inch of her apartment before they leave her alone there. She agrees. He tells her to report to the fifth floor in the morning, as she turns and starts to leave. "Camille!" he yells and runs over and kisses her good-bye. They both tell each other to be careful. Camille, with tears in her eyes and a half-hearted smile, turns and leaves.

In front of the Kasnoff place, CARLY tells Jack, "You just can't get enough of me, can you?" JACK wants to know what she means. She tells Jack that she knows that he must have followed her here. Jack lets her know that he certainly did not follow her. He tells her that he came to see the place because he might rent it. "No! You can't!" Carly yells. Jack wants to know why. She lies and tells him that she already rented the place that morning. He wants her to show him the lease, because he just talked to a realtor and it was still on the market. Carly tries to talk her way out of it, but Jack tells her to give it up. Carly decides to tell him the truth. She tells him a little about her and Mike Kasnoff. That they used to live there, that she never would have left for Hong Kong if things for them had worked out, but they didn't. She tells him that it was the only place that ever felt like home to her when she was in Oakdale. "It can be a pretty cold place when they decide to freeze you out," Carly says. Jack tells her that it sounds like she still has it bad for her old boyfriend. She says she used to, there's just a lot of memories here for her. Jack tells her to take the advice she gave him. "Quit living in the past," he says. She tells him that now, even her old friends like Lisa Grimaldi won't have anything to do with her. "Is there a reason for that?" Jack quips. "No," she says, "At least no good one." She asks him if he still has a thing for Molly. He tells her, adamantly, that he doesn't. "I understand, I do," she says sympathetically with a kind smile. Looking at the house, she tells him that she hopes he's not to disappointed about not getting this house, thinking that she's talked him out of taking the house. "You'll find what you need someday," Carly says nicely as she leaves. "I think I already have," he says to himself, with a smile, and turns to look at the house. Jack smiles and finishes up talking to the Realtor. They are going to finish up the details in the morning. The realtor leaves as Jack takes the "For Rent" sign down from off of the fence. "Sorry Carly," he mumbles to himself. He takes out his cell phone and makes a call to Lisa Grimaldi. "I need to talk to you Mrs. Grimaldi. It's about Carly Tenney. A bit later, Carly gets on a pay phone and calls to see about renting the Kasnoff place. "It's already rented? I was just there! ... Who did you rent it to? ... A cop?!?!" Carly hangs up mad as hell.

In her hospital room LILY demands to know the results of Molly's pregnancy test. The LAB TECH tells her that he's not allowed to give out confidential information like that. Lily jerks out her tubes and wires, jumps out of bed and rips the folder out of his hands and reads it. "Oh my god," Lily laughs a nervous laugh, "it's positive." The Lab tech tells her that she had no right to do that. She screams at him to get out. He realizes that she's getting a bit out of control and wants to call the nurse for her. "No, get out! Get out, now!" she screams. He leaves tucking the folder under his arm. Lily starts breathing funny, clutching at her chest and collapses to the floor. EMMA and CAL are walking up tickled that Lily and Holden are getting back together. Emma walks into Lily's room first and frantically yells for Cal to get the doctors.

MOLLY goes to the nurses station and asks what Lily's condition is. EMILY, while looking for David sees Molly and goes to talk to her about her manuscript. Emily tells her that she's impressed with her writing ability, but where ever did she come up with the story for the characters of Miranda, Hogart and the evil Lizbeth. "Lucky for Miranda that Lizbeth died of an incurable disease at the end of your book. How would Miranda have ever gotten Hogart away from her other wise?" Emily says with a knowing grin on her face. Molly squirms. "I just wouldn't let Lucinda read your novel if I were you, she already blames you for Lily's condition," Emily finishes. Molly changes the subject. "So, do I get the job?" she wants to know. "I'm still thinking about it. I'll get back to you," Emily says. Spying DAVID, Emily rushes over to him. "It looks like Lily's on her way to a full recovery," he tells Emily. Molly overhears and doesn't look a bit pleased by it and leaves. Emily talks to David about how he's playing a dangerous game with Lucinda. That Lucinda is so controlling, and then... If she should find out that he's been playing her all this time, she can get real nasty. They won't find out unless certain people keep investigating him. He tells her that he's doing well playing the devoted big brother. Just then they hear an emergency code "STAT to room 8." "That's Lily's room!" David rushes off. Emily goes to take care of some business on David's behalf. Emily goes to see HAL at the Police Department. She tells him that she's not there for City Times business. She's on an errand for David Allen. She tells Hal that David doesn't want things to get out of hand, but he can't have Nikki and her friend interfering in his life and some of it was illegal. "He knows that they are just kids, so he decided to let you handle it," Emily says. She tells Hal about the Internet hacking, and about the visit they paid to David's aunt, using false names. She tells Hal that if they continue he might have to take legal action against Nikki and possibly the department, but David really doesn't want it to go there. She tells him that David understands that it's just a couple of curious kids, but he does want it to end. Hal totally understands and calls Nikki to his office. Emily says good-bye, asking him not to be to hard on her and passes Nikki in the doorway on her way out. "What was she doing here?" Nikki asks. "You tell me," Hal says smugly. "I don't know what she told you, but Terri and I didn't steal David Allen's date book," Nikki says defensively. "Date book?" Hal says, "Tell me more about this 'date book'." Nikki realizes that she just stuck her foot, as far as she possibly could have, into her mouth. He tells her how her Nancy Drew antics could have gotten her and the department sued. Tells her if she does anything like that again, she's out of her job at the department. "She's just trying to stop me!" Nikki exclaims about Emily. "He's just plain bad news." She says about David. She tells him that she's discussed general investigative procedures with Margo, but Hal, her dad, cuts her off. "Listen and listen good!" he rants. He goes on to tell her that if she continues not only does she risk getting herself sued, but the department also. "Under no circumstances is she to interfere with David Allen's life." he says sternly. "Got it," she sighs. She goes on telling him that she just wanted to prove to him that she could be a good detective and just wanted to make him proud. That she wanted to prove herself to him. He tells her that he is proud of her and one day she will make a good detective, if that's still what she decides to do.

HOLDEN walks up to Lily's room with a bunch of flowers and a big grin on his face. EMMA stops him outside the door, telling him that he can't go in. "Lily's taken a turn for the worst," she says. Holden tells her that he has to be with Lily and tries to push past his mother. "Lily doesn't want to see you!" Emma finally tells him. Just then DAVID comes rushing out of the room saying something about having to get Lucinda. "What is HE doing in there?!?!" Holden demands to know and tries to get around to go see Lily again. Emma tells him that Lily can't be upset, that she is in a very fragile state again. "She specifically asked that you and Molly not be allowed in to see her," Emma finishes. "Molly?" Holden says, "She did something after I'd gone!" Holden storms out of the hospital. "Holden! Where are you going?" Emma cries. MOLLY is at the motel, where she a Carly have been staying, writing in her note book. "I hope Carly's plan works," she writes, "I wish I really was pregnant, but I'm not. Another beautiful child like Abigail would be wonderful." There's a frantic knock at the door. "Who is it?" she asks. It's Holden and she lets him in. He demands to know what she's done to Lily. Molly denies doing anything. "Do you really hate her that much?" he fumes pushing her around the room with his finger poking in her chest. She keeps denying any involvement. "I'll find out and when I do, you'll have to answer for it!" He glares. Holden leaves and Molly just sits on the bed stunned by the scene that just played it's self out.

EMILY goes back to the hospital to find DAVID. She tells him that she's taken care of Nikki and Terri for him. She had a talk with Nikki's dad, Hal, and made it seem like she was just worried about the girls investigating him and doing illegal things. "You know, things a dad wants to know. I told him not to be to hard on the kids," Emily grins. She tells him that the only person he has to worry about is Lily. "Actually, I don't think I'm gonna to have to worry about her anymore either." David sneers.

HOLDEN rushes back to the hospital and into Lily's room. Her bed is empty and made. No one is around. Holden fears the worst and starts to panic...

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