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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, March 9, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kristen Keller

The gas is finally noticed as Margo frantically tries to get everyone out of the Mona Lisa. Carly goes to the hospital after fainting from the gas. She is muttering about the baby and the money. Molly comes into the room and reminds Carly that she was getting married when she fainted and has not had the baby yet. Carly remembers and wants to get married right away. Carly begs to marry Hal right away. Hal finds out Nikki was assaulted when she is brought to the hospital. He also finds out who assaulted her and is very angry with James. Carly falls into Jack's arms. Tension builds and Jack and Carly almost kiss. Molly is upset with Jack for tricking her into telling him about the plans Carly has for Hal.

Lisa walks in and tells Carly maybe it was a sign from God that Carly and Hal did not get married right away. Lisa also tells Carly that Jack is still in love with her. Carly knows she is still in love with Jack. Lisa tries to convince Carly to call off the wedding to Hal but Hal walks in and says the wedding will be in the hospital chapel as Carly wants.

James is trying to get David to go away with him while Lucinda tries to convince David to shoot James. David threatens to shoot Lucinda instead of James. David lets both James and Lucinda go. Lucinda turns the gun on David. Emily goes to Lily's to cover the Stenbeck case and finds only Lucinda and David.

Jack, Kirk, and Margo find Nikki and Matt laying on the floor in Matt's room. Jack finds out where Holden and Sam are. Nikki comes around and lets Andy know who hit her. Holden wants to have Lily and the baby checked to make sure the gas didn't affect them.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kristen Keller

Holden and Lily finally can spend some time together. Lily gives him the wedding ring. Holden tells the baby how he feels about it and feels the baby kick for the first time.

David and Emily talk superficially about what happened with James. The interview turns into an argument and Emily leaves with her broken heart. David is then questioned again by another officer.

Ben and Jack talk about Carly getting married. Ben tries to get Jack to make his move on Carly. Instead he tells Carly he is happy for her and kisses her goodbye. Later, Jack is at his home. Ben stops by and tells him he should be where other people are so he has help if he needs it. They argue about Jack's treatment and the wedding. Jack finally has time to himself. A flood of memories return and a broken heart is evident. He slams the door shut and is overcome with physical pain.

Carly tells Lisa she has to marry Hal now that Jack has let her go. Carly almost faints again but she goes to marry Hal anyway. As soon as the ceremony is over, Carly is faint again and Susan insists she stay the night at the hospital.

Wednesday, December 11, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Kristen Keller

Lisa calls Barbara to tell her John is coming to see her. Barbara leaves a note for John implying she has left and he should not come looking for her. John goes to Lisa and blames her for Barbara's disappearance again. He comes to find out Lisa was really trying to help him.

Andy does not like the fact that Molly is staying at his mother's home. Molly feels she should have gotten some recognition for freeing Holden. Andy disagrees. Andy finds Molly's romance novel and reads some of it while she is present. He decides to make a deal with her. Will Molly stay or will Andy eat his words?

David finds out Lily is not going to pay him for the scheme against James. He gets a package with a note and lots of money from his father instead. David flashes the money around almost as soon as he gets it.

Jack ends up in the hospital again on orders from Ben.

Carly gets discharged from the hospital. Hal and Carly go home to celebrate their marriage but Hal wants to wait to have children. Carly does not. She seemingly succeeds in convincing Hal children would not be bad at this point in their relationship.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Due to coverage of the NCAA Basketball tournament, As the World Turns will not be shown.

Friday, March 13, 1998

Due to coverage of the NCAA Basketball tournament, As the World Turns will not be shown.

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