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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, March 16, 1998

Carly and Hal make love for the first time. Hal leaves the room to make Carly something to eat, returns to ask a question, and finds Carly checking the calendar. He is suspicious she has made a mistake on whether or not she could get pregnant at this time. Will Hal be in for a surprise? Hal shares with Carly a dream of having a chess set his father once owned (or one like it) if they had the money to get it. Carly insures they will have the money someday. She is convinced that she is pregnant.

David tries to anger Lucinda at the Mona Lisa by sitting with Molly. Molly is there to see Emily though and has to leave David to eat with Emily. Molly then pitches her novel to Emily. Emily tries to convince Molly to give up Holden completely as well as the novel she wrote. Lucinda overhears a conversation between Molly and Lisa and destroys Molly's copy of the manuscript.

Ben finds Jack at work and is upset that Jack left the hospital. Ben asks Margo to look after Jack.

Nikki was going to drop her photography class because Andy was right about Matt but she is having second thoughts. Andy is being very understanding towards Nikki.

John is having problems dealing with Barbara being gone. He visits the nursery and remembers Johnny.

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Barbara asks Lisa if she and her children can move in with Lisa. Barbara states her fears to Lisa about John. Lisa does not agree Barbara should move in with her. Barbara then goes to visit Johnny's grave. She decides to quit running away from her problems and John. She returns to Lisa and finds John there too. Barbara tells John she is not going to run form him anymore.

John asks Lucinda if she will help John get a child so he and Barbara can have a baby. Lucinda does not agree a baby is the answer to their problems. Since Lucinda wouldn't accept John's idea, he goes to Lisa.

Molly tries to get Emma to send her book to Emma's publisher. Emma won't do it. Molly is caught on Emma's porch later on while writing her ideas down to rewrite parts of her book. Molly gets thrown out. Holden, Lily, Luke, Emma, and Lucinda sit down to have breakfast when there is a knock at the door. Everyone assumes it is Molly but it is someone serving Lily with a subpoena from David Allen for breech of contract. What will Lily and Lucinda do now?

Tom returns from vacation to find Margo has been involved in yet another dangerous police operation. He is unhappy about this but Margo justifies it by telling him she had lot of help and it was Hal's sting. Tom tries to convince Margo to leave work for awhile to eat with him. She says she has too much work to do. Tom goes out with Emily instead.

Wednesday, December 18, 1998

Barbara wants a legal separation. John talks her out of doing anything just yet. John goes to the hospital to work and finds that Ben and Camille have admitted a patient who is in labor and wants to give the child up for adoption. John approaches her and mentions he and Barbara are interested in adopting.

Lucida wants David to drop the lawsuit. David refuses to do anything about the lawsuit. Lucida then sees Tom and tries to get help from him. Tom keeps saying he is on vacation and does not want to discuss business at this time.

Jack is back at work. He blows up at Margo for not putting him on a case. Margo does not back down. Hal walks in just as Jack starts telling Margo what happened in Teague's cabin. Jack explains to Hal how one-sided the feelings were. Carly comes to the police station to get Hal and has to go on a call. Carly is left behind and runs into Jack.

Hal and Carly are caught by Nikki. Carly wants to "get to know" Nikki. Nikki has no time for Carly and doesn't care to make time for her. Carly knows Nikki does not want to be in the same house as her and figures it is a matter of time before Nikki moves out so Carly and Hal can have the place to themselves (and the new little one).

Thursday, March 19, 1998

Lily and Holden meet with Jessica to discuss David's lawsuit. Jessica informs them that David has a solid case and they should consider settling out of court. Holden thinks it's a good idea, but Lily refuses. Later, Tom stops by the office and tells a stunned Jessica he doesn't feel like playing lawyer anymore and to give his cases and fees to the junior partner because he is taking an extended vacation. 

Andy and Nikki meet up at Yo's. Nikki discusses her dislike for Carly, but Andy seems to think they are really happy and in love.

Molly returns to the Mona Lisa and seats herself at David's table. Impressed by his knowledge of the business world, Molly pitches the idea of David buying a publishing company as a way to get back at Lucinda. She informs him she has written a book that will trash Lily and Lucinda. Holden and Lily arrive at the Mona Lisa for dinner and are surprised to see David and Molly together. At another table, Lisa and Emily are discussing what a wonderful job Emily is doing as editor of the Argus. Molly gets cozy with David in hopes of making Holden jealous. However, while the tactic doesn't work on Holden it does affect Emily, who abruptly leaves the restaurant.

Carly is beside herself with worry over Hal. Jack tells Carly she's just worried about losing her "meal ticket." Carly tells Jack he just can't stand it that she's so happy. Meanwhile, seeing Carly so upset over Hal, Nikki begins to think that Carly may really love her father. Carly is thrilled when Hal returns to the police station in one piece. Hal wants the three of them to have a family dinner and Nikki agrees. However, Nikki overhears Carly telling Lisa that right before the wedding she almost dumped Hal for Jack. Infuriated, Nikki goes in search of her father with the intention of informing him about what she just learned.

Friday, March 20, 1998

While peering through the nursery window at the newborn baby girl, John daydreams of Barbara holding the baby and finally feeling happy again. Elated and believing adopting the baby will save their marriage, he hurries off in search of Barbara to tell her of his plan. 

When Margo arrives at the law office looking of Tom, she is caught off guard when an annoyed Jessica informs her of Tom's career decision.

While sitting at the bar at Yo's, Emily mistakes a comment made by a guy sitting next to her as a come on and throws a drink in his face. Tom, standing nearby, comes to her rescue and demands that the guy apologize for his remark. When he refuses, Tom punches him. After a brief altercation, the guy calls the police to report an assault. Responding to the call, Margo is not too happy to find out the "perp" is her husband.

Jack wants to make amends to Carly for what he said earlier. He also tells her about the conversation he had earlier with Hal, explaining that the attraction between the two of them was one-sided on his part. Carly thanks him. Nikki tries to get her busy father alone for a moment, but has to stand in line. Finding Andy in the darkroom, she tells him about what she overheard. Andy tells her that maybe she shouldn't say anything to her father, but Nikki is adamant. Barbara arrives at the police station in hopes of getting advice from Hal about John. Lisa meets Barbara at the door and advises her that Hal is on his honeymoon and if she needs to talk to someone, she should talk to her current husband. Barbara apologizes to Hal for not bringing the children to the wedding. She tells him about her problems with John. Hal advises her that it's obvious John loves her and that maybe she should stop leaning on him and turn to John. Barbara is upset when John tracks her down at the police station. John begs Barbara to go with him. Barbara is reluctant, but John convinces her it is something special, something that words can't explain. Barbara finally agrees and is hurt and confused when John takes her to see the babies at the hospital nursery.

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