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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, August 31, 1998

Margo tells Tom that she is going away for awhile. Her mother has called and she needs help getting Katie set up at college. She is going to go help and that will get her out of town so everything can cool off. Tom tells her that he loves her and he will miss her. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves to go to the TV station. Adam comes in and Margo tells him what she is going to do and she ask if he will help out with Casey. He says he will and leaves to go get his stuff at Hal's place.

Georgia is talking to a guy in her room. Eddie comes in and Georgia calls him sweet buns. He can't figure her out. Then she introduces the guy as a reporter. Eddie is going to throw him out of her room. Georgia stops him and says that she has been telling Bert, the reporter, all about them. Eddie is confused. She tells Eddie, "you know, you were practicing on Margo to ask me to marry you?" Eddie catches on, "oh, yes, that is right." Then Georgia tells the reporter that maybe he should try to write about the truth. And he decides to write an article about how Georgia is standing by her man.

At the TV station, Emily is on the phone talking with Susan. She sees Tom and gets rid of her Mother. Emily tells Tom that she has good news for him. Kim has looked at his audition tape and approved him working there and all they have to do is get Lily to look at the tape for final approval. Tom is happy about this. He apologizes to Emily for leaving her at the restaurant the other day and she says that was no problem. She tells him that she wishes that she had someone to stick up for her the way Tom always does for Margo. She tells Tom that Margo is a lucky woman. Tom tells Emily that Margo is going away for awhile. He tells her how the reporters will not leave them alone and this will give Margo a little reprieve and hopefully when she returns everything will be quiet again. Emily says that she is glad that he and Margo are weathering the storm, but she isn't. Emily leaves and goes to the hospital. She sees Eddie coming out of Georgia's room. She berates him for having Margo leave. Eddie doesn't know what she is talking about. She tells him that because of him Margo has to go away for awhile and be away from her family. Eddie walks away, of course he is headed for the Hughes'. Emily has that evil smile again.

David walks into the farmhouse just in time to catch Carly and Julia trying to escape. David tells them that he warned them about trying to escape and Carly says that it was all Julia's idea. They ask him where he was and he says that he was at his memorial service. He was muttering about all the people who weren't there and Carly whispers to Julia to follow her lead. Carly interrupts David and tells him that she is not feeling well. He says that she already tried that and she says that she is serious this time. She thinks it is because she hasn't had anything to eat. David ask her if she can cook and Carly says, "who? Me?" She tells David that she can cook and Julia says that she can cook, too. As they start to prepare the food, Julia ask Carly what she has planned and Carly tells her that this is going to be his last meal. As they are cooking the food, Carly is making small talk with David and she ask him if he wants something to drink. He says that he could use some liquor. Carly says that she know right where Emma keeps the booze. She looks under the sink where all the cleaning products are and comes out with rat poison. They sneak it into the stew. Julia is making Emma's banana bread and she sneaks a note into it that says HOSTAGE on it. Carly ask her how she thinks she is going to get that out of there and she shrugs her shoulders. David barks at them and ask them what they are talking about. "Me?" he asks. In unison they say "no!" David wants to know what Julia has behind her back and Carly takes the note and sticks it in the bread. David wants to know when they are going to eat and Carly tells him that it is ready. They sit down at the table and David starts to eat the stew. Then he looks at Carly and then at Julia and puts the spoon in Julia's face and tells her to taste it first. She makes up an excuse that she can't because she is allergic to tomatoes. David says that he is allergic too and Carly will have to eat the stew.

Jack and Holden come up to James and confront him about the cigar band that was found in front of Lily's place in Chicago. Holden told him that he knows that James followed Lucinda there. James says to Holden, "Lily is in Chicago?" Holden tells James that she is not anymore. He moved her to a different place. And then he tells James that if he is thinking about carrying out David's plans....James interrupts Holden and says that he is not interested in Lily. Jack and Holden give James some threats and that they are going to be watching him and then they leave. When they are gone James mutters to himself, "you are clever son, if only they knew how clever."

Jack and Holden go back to Holden's house. Jack tells Holden that he did not cancel his weekend with Julia because of work. He had to cancel because Julia did not want to go. Carly had gotten to her and said that she was going to leave Hal and when she was free that he would come running back to her. Holden offers to go out and talk to Julia at the farmhouse. At first Jack says no, but Holden convinces him to let him talk to her.

When Holden gets to the farmhouse, David grabs Carly and heads for the Pantry. He tells Julia to get rid of Holden. Holden comes in and Julia tells him that it is not a good time. She tells him that she will think about calling Jack. As he is leaving, she gives him the banana bread with the note in it and she says to give Jack this message, "I can't go to Chicago with him because he will want to take me to the race track and I will bet on the prince and he will lose.

After Holden leaves, James comes in and tells David that he does not need theses two anymore. As David is yelling at his father, Carly interrupts and says that she has to go to the bathroom. David walks out of the room with her and tells Julia not to try anything. James tells Julia that David is coming unglued. Julia tells him that he shot at Carly and missed her only by inches.

Back at Holden's, he tells Jack what Julia had said about the race track and Jack is confused he decides to go out to the farmhouse to see her. When he leaves Holden starts to pick at the banana bread. The phone rings and Holden picks it up and it is Lily. He tells her it won't be much longer that they will be apart and Lily says "you are right." And pops in the front door. She says, "I'm home."

Emily walks into the office and Tom is standing in front of the TV monitor and is watching himself defend Margo at the restaurant. He tells Emily how much he likes the piece and is going to take it home for Margo to see before she leaves. Emily tells Tom that she is having a problem, but she can take care of it. Tom says that he will take care of it before he leaves. When he leaves the office, Emily picks up the phone and calls a tabloid reporter and tells them that Eddie Silva has been spotted at the Hughes' residence. She hangs up and gets that evil smile again.

At the Hughes', Margo is waiting outside for Tom. Eddie comes running up and he is telling her that she doesn't have to go. He will leave. She is confused. Then the reporters come running in.

Tom comes back into Emily's office and says that he has fixed the problem with the copy he had written. Emily says that she has awful news to tell Tom. She says that some reporters just called and spotted Margo and Eddie leaving town together.

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

It was total chaos outside of the Hughes' home today. Reporters were surrounding Margo and Eddie. They were bombarding them with questions about them leaving town together. Margo and Eddie had no idea what they were talking about. A reporter came up to Margo and ask how "was" Eddie and Eddie slugged him and then was on top of the guy beating him up. Margo was trying to stop him. Tom arrives and grabs Eddie and pulls him off the reporter. Tom and Eddie are looking at each other and Hal arrives on the scene. Hal tells all the reporters that they have two minutes to leave the property. The reporter that Eddie hit comes up to Hal and tells him that he wants Eddie arrested. Hal takes Eddie in to the station. Margo and Tom and the reporter follow. As Hal is starting to book Eddie, Emily walks in. Eddie starts accusing her of setting the whole thing up. She is looking innocent, of course. Eddie is out of control, so some officers take Eddie out of the room. Emily tells Tom that she is there because she got a call that one of the WOAK reporters was hurt. She goes over to the reporter and ask him why he was at the Hughes' and he says that he wasn't going to let a hot tip like that go. Emily orders him to drop all the charges and never go near Margo and Tom again. Margo thanks Emily and then goes to make sure the charges are being dropped against Eddie. Hal walks up behind Margo and tells her that she is not on the case. She turns to try to explain and Hal tells her that the commissioner called and she is suspended.

Nikki and Adam are at a restaurant and Nikki is trying to make Adam feel better about what had happened at his house. Adam asks her if she knows how it feels to see your mother involved with a younger guy? Nikki snickers and asks Adam if he has seen her fathers wife lately. Adam smiles. Emily comes in and sees Adam and Nikki and walks over to them. Emily ask Adam if he had been at his house earlier and Adam tells her he had. Emily says that she is sorry that he had to see that. Adam says to Emily that he is so confused about Eddie and asks her if all the stuff about her and Eddie was true. Emily tells him to talk to his father about it. She says that whatever Tom tells him he should believe and she leaves. Nikki asks Adam if he is going to take her advice.

Margo and Tom are back at home and Margo is talking to Katie on the phone. She is telling her that she won't be able to come until tomorrow and she will call their mother and explain things to her. When she hangs up she tells Tom that she can't believe that she got suspended and she is going to try to get things straightened out tomorrow. She tells Tom that she is so grateful that Emily helped Eddie out. Tom says that this was not the first time Emily helped get Eddie's butt out of a sling. When he turns around, he is holding a pillow and blanket and Margo asks him what he is going to do. He says goodnight to Margo and leaves the bedroom. He goes down stairs and throws the pillow and blanket down and goes outside. He takes his coat off and starts whipping his coat against the car. Then he kneels down with his head in his hands. Emily is in the bushes watching.

Out at the farmhouse, Jack is coming up the drive. David grabs Carly and they disappear. James stays with Julia and tells her that she better be good and get rid of Jack ASAP. When Jack comes in, he sees James there a goes ballistic. He tells James that he warned him to stay away from Julia and orders him to leave. James says that he was invited to the farmhouse and tells Julia to tell Jack the truth. Jack goes to pick up the phone and says that he is calling the police. Julia tells him not to and tells Jack that she did invite James to the farmhouse. They lead Jack to believe that they knew each other before. Jack is not buying. Julia tells him it was about five years ago in Italy and she was an art student at the Galleria Del Acadamia. They met in front of the "that" statue. David and Carly are outside listening. David says that he is tired of all this drivel and reaches for the door. Carly tries to stop him and then she bites his hand. He yells ouch and she takes off. That gets Jack's attention inside. He says what was that and runs outside. He can't see anything. He tells James and Julia that the wind must have knock over a planter. Julia convinces Jack to leave and they will talk about everything tomorrow. Jack is very confused, but he leaves.

David has Carly cornered in the barn, he thinks. He tells her to come out and he is only giving her to the count of ten. After he counts down, everything is quiet and for some reason, Carly has to gasp for air. David hears her and tells her to come out and he is very mad. She tells him to remember his plan and she is reaching for a pitchfork behind her. She swings the pitchfork at him and knocks the gun out of his hand. She has the pitchfork pointed at his chest. He is trying to make her uneasy. He ask her if she thinks she can pick up the gun. Then he tells her that if Julia gets killed in this whole mess, then she can have Jack all to herself. "In fact, there is Jack now." She falls for it and looks and he pushes the pitchfork away and gets the gun. They head back for the farmhouse.

Now, Holden and Lily are at their house. They are talking about missing Luke and Holden is not happy that Lily wants to stay there and not back in her hiding place. The whole time they are whittling away at that banana bread with the note in it that says HOSTAGE. Jack comes in and he is so confused at the way Julia was acting. The three of them try to figure everything out and Jack finally says that something is not right, but he will figure it out. Lily ask him if he would like some banana bread.

Back at the farmhouse, David brings Carly back in and pushes her toward Julia. David tells Julia that Carly tried to bail on her. David and James go to the side to talk. Julia tells Carly about giving Jack the clue. She tells Carly about telling Jack about the Galleria and the statue. Carly doesn't get it. Julia says the statue of David at the Galleria Del Acadamia in Florence, Italy. Carly can't believe that Julia thinks that is much of a clue. She tells Julia that not everyone has traveled the world like Julia has.

James is telling David that he has to go to the Island, tonight. David says that he is not going anywhere until he gets Lily and then Holden and Lucinda will see what it is like to lose everything that they love.

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Margo tries to tiptoe around the subject of Tom's sleeping on the couch. She soon drops the pretense and asks him if he believes her about Eddie. Does it matter? Tom rejoins. Jack and Holden discuss the James/Julia situation and Jack's suspicions of it. Julia and Carly awaken to the Stenbecks in deep conversation, noting that David hasn't slept in days. James agrees to help David in his vendetta-he doesn't want to lose his son. "I'm the captain of this voyage," David proclaims. James promises to find out where Lily is hiding-but he has to take Julia with him. David learns of James and Julia's "affair" to remember and agrees to loan her out, but only for a few hours.

Tom agrees that Margo is being hurt, but not enough to make her stop what she is doing. He doesn't know who this other Margo is, he exclaims. Margo defends herself-as a child she would lie because she felt cornered. But she can't defend herself anymore, she cries. She walks out to find out about her job.

Eddie has to explain his brawling with the reporter to Bob, Kim, and Nancy. He denies that Margo was leaving town with him. Georgia is gone from her hospital room when he enters. Lucinda arrives home to an empty mansion, with Matthew nowhere within earshot. Georgia comes knocking on her door.

Hal reminds the cousins Snyder about James' ability to seduce the women of Oakdale-Barbara, Emily, Margo, Lucinda, etc. Jack still can't believe that Julia would fall under the Stenbeck spell. Margo turns in her badge and gun to Hal as she prepares to answer questions from the committee investigating her actions.

Tom listens to a supportive message from his dad and then leaves his house. Eddie alerts Bob to the fact that Georgia is gone and worries about her health. Dr. Hughes wants to find her as soon as possible. Georgia informs La Walsh that she's there to see Sam.

Lucinda in turn informs her of the criminal charges against her sister, though she calls her teen visitor "Virginia". Lucinda is incredulous when she learns that her sister had agreed to pay for Georgia's heart surgery-she can't believe Georgia would pay for somebody who was only a waitress to her, and thinks she's just being conned yet again. Georgia is furious at the thought of accepting anything from La Walsh and storms out.

Matthew finally greets his employer and Lucinda is distressed that Lily hasn't called her back. She connects James to this fact. James brings Julia to Fairwinds and declares that he was only pretending to go along with David's plan. David nods off while guarding Carly. Though bound, Carly still manages to grab the phone and call Jack at the station. She asks him to help her, before David hangs up the phone.

James wants Julia to help him take David, so he can get care for him. If they call the police in to do it David won't let himself-or Carly-be taken alive, James warns.

Georgia returns to the hospital. Kim goes in to offer her some support, and surprises her by telling of her own cardiac surgery. Georgia cuddles against Kim to hear the ticking of Kim's heart valve.

Tom tries to focus solely on work but Emily sees through his attempt and begs him to talk to her about it. He reveals to her that he almost wishes that Margo and Eddie had slept together, because it would be easier to get past it. Instead, he can't get Margo's words out of his head-the fact that Eddie makes her feel alive and he doesn't. Emily tearfully champions Tom over Eddie-Margo's a fool if she can't see that, Emily says.

During a break in the grilling, Margo thanks Hal for his support-she needs somebody in her corner. Jack informs Holden of Carly's phone call, and concludes that she just won't give up. He decides to check out the story of Julia's Italian sojourn. Julia, meanwhile, is uneasy about James' plan to drug David.

Eddie and Georgia compare notes on Kim. Georgia tells Eddie of her unsuccessful trip to the Walsh mansion. He'll never be far from her side, Eddie promises as they take her away for her heart procedure.

Carly terms David paranoid and assures David that Molly did love him. She had to love him-why else would she be having his baby?

Jack discovers that Julia's passport was expired, so she could've have been in Italy when she said she met James. Julia agrees to James' plan, but only if he promises to turn David in. James hears Lucinda and grabs Julia in a fierce embrace as La Walsh walks in.

Thursday, September 3, 1998

As David continues to spiral out of control, Carly tries to manipulate him by telling him Molly is pregnant. Stunned at first, David quickly accuses Carly of lying. When she insists she is telling the truth, David weakens at the thought of becoming a father. He begins to weep when Carly informs him that the baby is a boy. Carly encourages David to call Molly. David lays his gun down while on the phone and Carly tries to get it, but David stops her.

Molly is reprimanded by the waitress at Al's for using the diner's bathroom as her shower because she is homeless. At first, Andy, who is sitting at the counter, refuses to loan Molly money for food. But after Molly thinks she has just hallucinated a call from David, Andy takes pity on her and orders her some food. Nikki is jealous to see Andy with Molly. Later, Nikki tells Andy she has been accepted toYale but she won't be going. Andy tells her she is crazy and thatYale is a chance of a lifetime and she shouldn't pass it up.

While Camille is waiting for her first chemotherapy treatment, Ben surprises her with a diamond engagement ring. Later, Ben is ecstatic to learn that he will be working at the hospital again.

When Jack runs a background check on Julia's passport, he finds out that she could not have possibly been in Europe at the time she says she was. Lucinda arrives at Fairwinds to search for Lily and Sam and is shocked to find James kissing Julia. When she verbally attacks Julia, accusing her of working for James the entire time, James accuses Lucinda of being jealous. Lucinda calls Jack to come to Fairwinds and help her search for Sam and Lily. James threatens to call the Commissioner to report Lucinda and Jack for illegally searching his home, Jack convinces Lucinda to leave with him. Later, James and Julia return to the Snyder farm with a plan to sedate David. In the meantime, back at the Oakdale P.D., Jack informs Lucinda that Lily is alright. Relieved, Lucinda helps Jack decipher Julia's clue about Florence when she informs him that the statute Julia is referring to is Michelangelo's David.

Friday, September 4

Brad spots Molly stealing saltines from a diner and after trading jabs with her, he empathizes with her about losing David. She despairs of ever finding the right guy. Eddie visits a prone Georgia and tells her about her mother's having vanished, vowing to find out about Sam for her. Jack deduces that Julia meant for him to pick up on the David clue, and surmises that she's being forced by James.

Holden and Lily are puzzled over the paper they find baked inside the banana bread that Julia gave them. David wants to go to Holden and Lily's house to track down Lily. James tries to persuade him to stay put as he palms the syringe in one hand. He urges his son to rest first.

Holden up dates Lily about Julia's passport problems, which convinces Lily that Julia may really have been with James-she believes that Julia may not be any better for Jack than Carly was. Julia joins in James' entreaties. David staggers backwards as James vows never to lose him again. Carly spots the syringe and cries out. Molly gets testy when Brad disparages David, but is not proud enough to refuse his offer to share a hot fudge sundae.

Eddie wants to make Georgia happy so that she can recuperate. Kim stops by to visit Georgia and commiserates. The teen tells her that she has no family in Oakdale. Jack takes out his sidearm and orders Lucinda to keep quiet about the David clue. Lucinda overhears Eddie requesting information from the detective about the Andersons, and she quizzes him about his interest.

David turns the gun on his father-he thinks that James plans to turn him over to the police. James drops the syringe and David picks it up as everybody else backs away. Jack rifles through the study at Fairwinds and remembers the cache in the bookcase. He opens it and finds the supply of drugs, then runs out. James commands Julia to flee but David catches her. James sinks to the floor after David presses the syringe into his chest.

Brad urges Molly to jump back into life, without waiting for a man to help her do it. She reminds him that she's seen him in action, and he is not a man to stay alone for very long. Lucinda is suspicious of Eddie's intentions, accusing him of working for James. Eddie denies the charges and bristles when she belittles Georgia's health problems. Lucinda chases after him-she's not through with him yet.

Carly asks David what he's going to do with the two of them. Brad asks Molly to call him anytime, not just when she's got the urge-for hot fudge sundaes. Eddie introduces himself to Brad, who recognizes him from the video, and begs him for a job-he needs the money now. Brad acquiesces, warning him that because he doesn't have any experience it won't be paying that much. Kim soothes Georgia's monetary worries-money is the last thing she should be worrying about now.

Lucinda enters Georgia's room and quizzes her about Sam's promise to her. Georgia remarks that perhaps Lucinda doesn't know her sister as well as she thinks she does. Holden theorizes to Lily that perhaps Julia deliberately put the note in the bread. Lily locks up after he leaves to check it out. Lucinda is still doubtful that Sam had a commitment to Georgia. Eddie enters and clashes with Lucinda.

After La Walsh leaves, Eddie informs Georgia that he couldn't get any information out of the police about her mother, but he did get a construction job. Georgia refuses his suggestion to ask Lucinda for the money for the operation. Eddie "adopts" Georgia as his little sister. Kim imparts to Lucinda the news that Georgia claims to have no family. Lucinda wonders what the hospital records say.

Jack polices the farm and is jolted by Holden's appearance. His cousin tells him that Julia's car is still parked outside but there's no sign of her-or anybody else. Lily gets up to answer the doorbell. Hearing Julia's voice, Lily cautiously cracks the door. Julia tells her "No!" and Lily shuts the door and backs away as David barges in and points the gun at her-he's alive.

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