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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, September 7, 1998

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's As the World Turns will be pre-empted.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

Tom is on a rooftop on an assignment. They have been tipped off that an owner of a liquor store is selling alcohol to minors. Margo finds him there and she reminds him of the time that they had a picnic on a rooftop and danced. They are about to kiss and Emily walks in. She asks them if she is interrupting anything and Tom tells her no. Margo says that she is going to leave and go see Adam. Tom tells her that it may be to soon. She goes anyway. After she is gone, Emily is telling him about how they have the operation set up, but he is not listening. Emily asks him if he has to much on his mind. He suggests that they take a break and sit for awhile. He looks up at the sky and they start to talk about wishing on the first star. Emily tells him that it will do him wonders if he meditates and makes a wish. He does and then he tells her it is her turn. Well, you know what she wishes for. She starts to daydream about Tom making love to her. Tom brings her back to the real world. As they are talking about their wishes, a song comes on the radio, "Roll With It". They chuckle together and Tom says that is the song that was playing the day he decided to switch his career. Tom starts to sing with the radio and then he snaps out of it. Emily asks him why he stopped singing and he says that he is a grown man with children and he shouldn't be acting this way. Emily says that she was enjoying his singing and asks him to continue. He starts to sing to her again and then he says lets dance. They are dancing and he is singing with their faces only inches apart. Tom tells Emily that he feels great and feels like he can do anything and it is all because of her. Their faces get even closer, almost ready to kiss.

Margo goes to the school where Adam is playing football. Lisa is there cheering him on. The parents are all giving Margo the look and one parent says to another that she can't believe that she is there. Margo walks over to Lisa and Lisa asks her what she is doing there, Adam will not be happy that she is there. Margo can't believe that she said that. Another parent says to Margo that he needs to talk to her. The parents all got together the other night and decided that Margo would not hold the assembly on teens and the police. Then Adam comes running up with some other players and he is not happy to see Margo there and he ignores her, only talking to Lisa. Margo asks him to talk to her and he says that he doesn't know her and tells Lisa to take him to Hal's house. Adam gives Margo a look and tells her that everyone is calling her "detective love". He shakes his head and walks away. Lisa tries to say something, but Margo just waves her off. Margo is left standing in the stands alone.

Nikki goes to the cop shop to talk to Hal. Hal is very busy and ask if it can wait until tomorrow. She tells him tomorrow will be to late. She will be packed and gone. Hal looks at her with a question. Nikki tells him about being accepted to Yale. He asks her why she didn't talk to him about it before she applied. She at first tells him that if she didn't get accepted, she didn't want to be embarrassed. Then she tells him that when she applied she wasn't getting along with him very well and Carly was bugging her. She goes on to tell him that she wanted to protect him from Carly, but now she knows that he must go and live his life and she has to do the same. Hal tells her how proud he is of her. She leaves to go home and pack. When she is gone Hal calls Musselshell to talk to Carly and the hotel clerk says that she never checked in. Hal hangs up and Nikki's words ring through his head about trusting Carly. Then, he calls the airlines and she never used her airline ticket.

Lily is at her house and the doorbell rings. She walks to the door very cautiously. She hears Julia on the other side asking if Lily or Holden are home, she has a problem. Lily starts to open the door. Julia yells "NO" to Lily and Lily tries to close the door but David busts in and points the gun at Lily. He says to Lily, "there you are."

Carly is in the trunk of her car with James, who is drugged and out of it. She is praying to God to not let David kill her. Then she starts to scream to get someone's attention. No one is around and she is afraid that she will lose her voice. She starts to pound on the trunk lid and James rolls over on her. The car starts and goes in motion. Carly wonders where David is taking them now. She starts looking around for a way out of the trunk, she can't take it much longer. She picks up a tool and starts to work on the latch. The car stops and David opens up the trunk to check on her and James. She begs him to let her out. She tells him that she has claustrophobia. He only tells her that life is tough. She asks him to trade places with Julia, she promises not to try to get away and David tells her no and shuts the trunk again.

Holden and Jack are at the farmhouse, but Julia is not there. Jack is telling Holden about the clues that Julia gave him and he was starting to piece some things together. They start to search. Holden goes outside to search the grounds and barns. Jack starts to search the house. Jack goes into the basement and finds the jar of pickles that someone had opened. He sees that a jar had fallen on the floor and smashed. Then, he sees a bracelet/watch on the floor. Holden walks in and says that he didn't find anything. He sees that Jack is holding the watch and asks if it is Julia's. Jack says he didn't thing so, but it looked familiar. Then it dawns on him, it is Carly's. They go back upstairs and start to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Holden is looking at the recipe card that was in the banana bread. Jack takes it and tries to make out what was written on it. Finally, he sees that it could have said HOSTAGE on it. He says that he thinks that James is holding Julia hostage. Holden gets on the phone to call Lily and she doesn't answer. Holden tells Jack that Lily promised not to leave the house. They leave and head over to Lily's. When they get there they can't find Lily anywhere.

Back in the trunk, Carly is still trying to find a way out. The car stops again. David tells Julia and Lily to get out of the car. Julia gets out and Lily is having trouble. Julia tells David to help her. David tells her to shut up. Lily manages to get out with her hands tied and walks a few feet and bends over holding her stomach. She looks up at Julia and David and says "oh no, the baby!"

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

A morose Margo is greeted by soccer mom Barbara, who relates that they wear the same shoes--she knows what Margo is feeling. Tom and Emily kiss. The Snyder cousins fill in Hal to their theory that James has kidnapped Julia and Lily. Carly tells an unconscious James that he's fat and smothering her, and pounds on the trunk lid for release. A jaded David doesn't believe Lily's claims that she's having contractions, and proclaims Carly a much better actress at telling lies about pregnancy. Lily then announces that her water has broken.

Jack shows Hal the drugs he found in James' study at Fairwinds, as well as Carly's bracelet from the farm. Why would she go to the Snyder farm? Hal interrogates. Jack and Holden supply the excuse of it all being connected to Molly, and Hal is appeased--for now. He goes to track down Molly. David orders his two captives on a little road trip, leaving behind Carly and his father locked in Carly's trunk.

Tom breaks off the kiss, as well as Emily's apology. He spies Adam as being one of the underaged people buying alcohol. A belligerent Adam refuses to admit wrongdoing, despite his father's tongue-lashing. Emily arrives with the tape from the video camera they had set up. Is Margo the only one allowed to do wrong? Adam queries his father. Barbara brings in the specter of Evan Walsh and the attention that he gave her when she was divorcing Hal, and compares it to craving food. Margo denies having an affair with Eddie--"I do not like French pastry!", she declares.

Eddie agrees to spend the night with Georgia. Lucinda waltzes in, demanding answers--Sam had made a new will naming Georgia as a beneficiary. What have you done to my sister? Lucinda brays. Molly denies knowing anything about Carly's plans, even after Hal shows her the bracelet. Jack then remembers that Carly called him at the station claiming an emergency, which further angers Hal. Once he's left, Jack demands the real story from Molly, who admits Carly thought to get rid of Julia and thus get Jack back. Jack vows not to spend any more time worrying about Carly.

James talks in his woozy state of sleep. Julia scurries to help a laboring Lily when they arrive at their destination, a cabin, a place where David says his parents the Allens used to dump him. He has no intention of taking Lily to the hospital, so it's up to Julia now. David informs Lily that once she delivers, he's going to hold her baby for ransom--only Holden and Lucinda aren't going to get what they paid for, he threatens.

Molly and Jack square off about telling Hal the truth about his wife. When asked, Jack can't deny to his boss that Carly was trying to come between him and Julia. Hal surmises that his wife hasn't been kidnapped but is instead up to her old tricks. Hal leaves Jack and Holden to themselves, to go home to his daughter. After Carly has some fun invoking the names of Lucinda and Barbara, James wakes up and Carly brings him up to date on their situation. She stops his "stroll down dysfunctional lane"--get them out first.

Lily breaks down as another contraction hits and vows to kill David if he harms her baby. Emily steps in between the Hughes men and conveys to Adam the dangers of alcohol through a cautionary tale about her own drunk mother and how her mother's actions damaged her childhood, especially because of the teasing she had to endure. Adam reveals that he's being teased about his mom, and then admits that he doesn't even like beer.

Barbara invokes the fact of Adam's parentage, which causes Margo to refer to her as "someone who's made a career out of adultery." Admit she's made a mistake and then move one, Barbara preaches. Margo is having none of it, though, alluding to Barbara being estranged from John--her father left town to get away from his wife, and he should dump her if he knows what's good for him, Margo spits.

Lucinda tells the duo in Georgia's room that they've failed--Sam didn't sign her new will. Georgia gets outs of breath from Lucinda's accusations of blackmail. The next morning, Tom pretends to be asleep on the couch when Margo comes in to talk to him. Tom remembers his torrid kiss with Emily. Eddie blurts out to La Walsh that Sam is Georgia's mother.

Molly tells the Snyder men about thinking she heard David's voice on the phone and seeing his ghost at the memorial service. Maybe Molly's not so crazy after all, the Snyder men muse--maybe David is very much alive. Carly and James work together to make their voices heard. The baby's coming, Julia tells Lily.

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Friday, September 11

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's As the World Turns will be pre-empted.

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