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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, December 21, 1998

Georgia brings home a Christmas tree for her and Eddie to decorate. Eddie tells her that he will help her with it, but first, he has to go somewhere. Georgia asks where he is going and he tells her that he needs to go talk to Katie and tell her the truth about him going to college. Georgia tells him that he should go do that. He says that he would rather jump off a cliff rather than see the look on her face. Georgia asks what he is talking about and he tells her that look that they think that you are nothing. She says that she understands, she grew up poor, too. Georgia tells him that she saw Katie earlier going into the Mona Lisa. He leaves to go talk to Katie.

At the Mona Lisa, Katie and Adam are sitting together at a table talking. Adam tells Katie that he would like to go out east to go to college. He tells her that he doesn't know if he should go so far away from home with the situation the way it is at home. She tells him that there are some things in life that he needs to do for himself. Adam looks up and sees Eddie standing at the entrance. Adam tells Eddie to come and join them. Eddie says that he didn't mean to interrupt. Adam says that it is time for him to go and Eddie sits down with Katie. He starts to beat around the bush about what he needs to tell her. She thinks that she will help him out by saying that it doesn't matter if he is in college or not, she is not a snob that way. He figures it out that Georgia has been talking to Katie. He gets upset and tells her to let him know, next time, before he makes a total jerk of himself. He storms out of the restaurant.

Margo tells Lily that she couldn't find anything on James. Lily wonders if James is broke. Lucinda walks in and asks if she is interrupting something. Lily tells her that she has hired Margo to do some investigating for her. Lucinda tells her to stop meddling and stay out of her business. Lily says, "Now you sound like me." Lily tells Margo to tell Lucinda what she did find out. Margo tells Lucinda that she found out that James took a big hit in September on a hedge fund. He lost 12 million dollars. Lily asks Lucinda if she knew about James losing the money. Lucinda tells her that they do not talk about their net worth or their investments. Margo asks Lucinda why she couldn't find anything on James, any assets. Lucinda says that possibly it is because it is not her area of expertise. Margo leaves. Lily tells Lucinda that she did not do this to hurt her, she only wants to protect her. Lily asks her to look at the report and at least think about what it says. Lucinda tells her that she knows that she means well, but she is wrong about James.

Lily goes to visit Georgia and tell her that she spoke to Lucinda about putting in a good word for Eddie at the college. Lily asks her if she has told Eddie how she feels about him and Georgia says that she hasn't gotten the nerve yet. Lily gives her advice about the situation. Before Lily leaves she asks Georgia if she is going to take her advice and she says no. Lily says that is fine, nobody ever takes her advice.

James is outside Emily's apartment and startles Emily. When she sees that it is James, she asks him what he is doing there. James tells her that he has been monitoring the personal ads in the paper to see if David is trying to contact him and he saw that Emily had put an ad in herself. He wants to know if David has contacted her and why has he contacted her? She tells him that she doesn't know why David is contacting her and she only wants to protect her baby. She tells James about the E-mail that David sent her and then he sent her a heart with a crack in it and their names engraved on it. James wants to work with her so he can try to find his son. Emily tells him that the next time David contacts her she will tell James, honestly. Margo comes out of the shadows, laughing at Emily. She tells James that Emily doesn't have an honest bone in her body. She tells him that Emily is lying about David making contact with her. James wants to know why she would lie about that. Margo tells him that Emily is still after her husband and this is a way to keep hold of him. Emily says that Margo is lying. James tells Emily that if she is telling him the truth and she can help him find his son, he will be very grateful. But if she is lying, it may be her last time. After he is gone, Emily tells Margo if anything happens to her it will be on Margo's head. Margo leaves and Emily is left standing all alone and she can't find her keys. She leaves to go to the super's apartment to get the extra set. When she is gone, a man comes out of the shadows and picks up her keys, that are laying right by the door and lets himself into her apartment.

James meets Lucinda at the Mona Lisa and apologizes about being late. Lucinda forgives him. Lucinda tells James about the day she has had. She and some other investors are buying a small television station in Colorado and one of the investors has pulled out at the last minute. She asks James if he would like to help her out and take his place. He asks her how much does she need and she tells him 500 thousand dollars. He asks her if he can get it for her tomorrow and she says that will be fine.

Carly is outside Lisa's penthouse. She is trying to listen though the door. Molly comes up and asks her what is up. Carly explains to her that she hid a camcorder inside Lisa's apartment so she can catch her husband breaking his marriage vows. Inside the apartment, John is kissing Lisa and telling her that he loves her. Lisa jumps up and says that she can't be doing this because John is married. John tells her that doesn't matter. She says that it does matter to her. The she sees the camcorder hidden behind the plant on the table. She tells John to come and look at this. John recognizes the camera as his. Lisa thinks John is taping them and she wants to know what is going on. John tells her that it must have been Carly. Lisa tells him that she saw her earlier outside her door. John has a plan to get back at Carly.

Out in the hall, Carly is telling Molly what her plan is going to be. As soon as John and Lisa leave, she will go into Lisa apartment and get the camcorder. They hear voices nearing the door and they go and hide. John and Lisa come out into the hall and they are talking about what a good time they just had and that they are hungry. After they are gone, Carly sneaks back over to the door and opens it with a credit card. She tells Molly to go in and get the camera and she will stay there and guard the door. Molly refuses, she tells Carly that is breaking and entering and she runs away. Carly calls her a chicken and says that she will do it herself.

Carly is back in John's apartment and she is putting the tape in the VCR. She starts the tape and says that she hopes it is not too graphic to show in court. When the tape begins, John is sitting in a chair and talking to Carly. He tells her that he will always be three steps in front of her and he laughs at her. She is so mad that she is cursing at the TV and throwing things. Then, she sees John out of the corner of her eye and he is enjoying what he is watching.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Eddie busts in the apartment and yells at Georgia that she had set him up. She doesn't know what he is talking about. He tells her that he was trying to tell Katie that he wasn't in college, but she already knew. Eddie accuses her of telling Katie. Georgia denies it. Eddie yells at her some more and she gets upset with him and tells him that he can go to hell and she leaves. As she is going out the door, he yells at her that he is already there. He leaves and goes to Margo's house to try to find Katie. Margo informs him that she is the one that told Katie about him not being in college. He feels like a fool. He tells Margo that he had accused Georgia of telling Katie. He tells Margo how awful he feels. She tries to cheer him up and tells him that it is nothing an apology won't fix. He tells her how great it is that they can talk like this and she tells him that she wants to be his friend. Eddie goes back home to wait for Georgia. She finally comes home in the wee hours of the morning. He grabs her and hugs her and tells her how glad he is to see her. He tells her to never do that again. He apologizes to her and tells her that he knows that it was not her that told Katie about him and college. She tells him that it is OK, she could never stay upset with him, especially the way she feels about him.

Sarah Ruth and Camille are looking over the church and Sara Ruth is telling Camille what plans have been made so far. As they are talking, Brad and his mother come walking in. Brad is showing his mother the work that he had done so far on the church. Brad and his mother see Camille and her mother and Sara Ruth starts making comments about Brad. Camille takes her mother to another part of the church and scolds her for making comments in front of Brad's mother. Sara Ruth tells Camille that she better forget about Brad and focus on Ben and her wedding. Camille tries to tell her mother how much Brad means to her. As she is talking, Sara Ruth figures out that there is something more between Camille and Brad. Sara Ruth asks Camille if she and Brad had slept together. Camille confesses to her mother. She tells her that Brad did something for her that she couldn't find anywhere else. He had made her whole again. Sara Ruth tells Camille that she needs to tell Brad to get out of her life. Camille tells her that she can't do that. Sara Ruth says that she will do it for her. Camille stops her mother and tells her to let her live her life and she will take care of Brad. Sara Ruth leaves and Camille goes back to where Brad and his mother are and asks if she could talk to Brad alone. Mrs. Pierce leaves and goes back to Jack's place. Camille apologizes to Brad for her mother. She confronts Brad about talking to his mother about the big secret he is keeping from her. Brad says that he is not going to bring up something that happened so long ago and besides his mother had blacked out and didn't remember anything. Camille asks Brad if he is going to die and never had made amends with Jack.

John confronts Carly about the video camera. He tells her that she is trying to get some dirt on him to try to keep him from getting the baby. He reminds her that they have a signed contract. He tells her that if she keeps up her tricks, he will fix it so she will never be able to see the baby. The phone rings and it is an OBGYN doctor from St. Joseph's hospital. He makes an appointment for Carly to see that evening. Carly tells John that she is going to visit Molly. John is going to go with her and she says that he doesn't want to sit around with the cousins all evening. After she is gone, Rosanna shows up at John's door. They are talking about the baby being born and Rosanna says something about Carly being able to deliver before her deadline. John says that she has until the middle of January. Rosanna tells him that the deadline is still December 31st. John says that Carly told him that Rosanna changed the deadline. She tells him that even if she wanted to she couldn't, she made the trust fund irrevocable. John gets mad and throws her out.

Carly is at St. Joseph's hospital looking for the doctor that she has an appointment with. She runs into Lisa and Carly asks her what she is doing there. Lisa tells her that she is visiting a friend and Lisa wants to know why Carly is there and Carly tells her that it is none of her business. Carly sees the office that she is looking for and leaves Lisa. Carly introduces herself to the doctor, then proceeds to tell him what she is there for. The doctor tells her that he can't take a child early unless the child or the mother is in trouble. She gets up from her chair and goes over and closes the door. She tells him about working at the Oakdale police station and that she had seen his records and that she knows that he is "ethically challenged". She asks him what it would take to keep her quiet.

The doctor comes back in from getting Carly's results from her sonogram. She asks him if everything looked OK. He said that she has a big, healthy baby and is she sure about the delivery date because the baby is so big. She tells him that if there is one thing that she is sure of, is the due date of her baby.

The next day, Lisa shows up at John's apartment early. She asks where Carly is and John tells her that she is sleeping. Lisa tells John about seeing Carly at St. Joseph's hospital and that she saw her with a Dr. Carrolton. Carly is listening at the bedroom door. John tells Lisa about finding out from Rosanna that she did not give an extension on the due date of the baby. They figure out that Carly is trying to have the baby early and John says that he won't allow his child to be born early again. He will lock her in the closet if he has to. He goes over to the bedroom door and flings it open and tells Lisa that Carly is gone.

Jack and his mother are reminiscing about past Christmas memories. Mrs. Pierce brings up her husband Frank and Jack asks her about them having problems. She tries to cover up, but Jack tells her that Julia overheard her on the phone talking to her husband and they know that they are having problems. As they are talking, Brad approaches the door and can hear them through the door. He thinks that they are talking about the night that their father was killed. Brad busts in the door and tells Jack that he warned him about confronting their mother, that she was the one that hit their Dad that night.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Georgia tells Eddie "it's no mystery" how she feels about him. Eddie tells her he feels the same way. Tom and the boys return from their "secret mission" with a Christmas tree. Emily is inspired to scrawl a note on her mirror with lipstick, purportedly from David. Reverend Dansby sees Camille lurking in the church and tries to allay her wedding jitters. Brad storms in on Jack and their mother and assumes Jack is pumping her for information about their dad's death. Delores corrects Brad-it was Frank they were actually talking about-but stuns both Brad and Jack when she says that Jack doesn't know the truth of what happened.

Eddie makes Georgia promise not to go out all night again without checking in. Georgia is stung when he says that he doesn't want their friendship to turn into something else. Ben vows to Camille that he's not going to lose her again. Delores states emphatically to Jack-Brad didn't kill their father, she did. Georgia persuades Eddie that she's not in fact interested in him, but runs out before he can see her crying. Lucinda observes her niece's distress and wants to light into Georgia's roommate.

Tom and Margo get cozy decorating the tree with Casey, Adam and Katie's help. Brad makes to walk out but Delores orders him to stay. Jack doesn't believe his mother, and Brad refuses to admit he was not in fact responsible. Eddie is pleased when he finds the box of paper chain decorations Georgia left for him.

Georgia wonders to Lucinda why no one has ever wanted her-including her aunt. Emily intrudes on Tom's domestic bliss to tell him about her new threat from David. Tom advises her to contact the police and shuts the door. Margo thinks that Emily may be telling the truth for once. Delores informs her sons that she was too drunk to remember the night at first, but it slowly came back to her, and she's been seeing a psychiatrist for it. Jack is desperate in his denials.

Camille confides in Julia that she's not good enough for Ben. Julia insists that Camille is perfect-she considers Camille and Ben role models for her and Jack. Jack finally accepts what his mother is saying. When Delores confirms that she let Brad believe she didn't know the truth all those years, Brad walks out. Delores tells Jack that she's the one he should've hated. Tom calls Hal and asks him to stop by Emily's. Emily returns home to find her front door ajar and the message on the mirror has been changed. It now tells her to stop-or David will stop her.

Lucinda bolsters her niece's spirit by claiming her and telling her if Eddie can't see how good she is, he doesn't deserve her. Eddie goes outside and joins the conversation. Emily meets Hal outside her apartment and he rushes in with gun drawn. A tearful Jack opines that he lost not only his father, but his brother too, on the same night. Delores walks out.

Julia returns home to find Jack sitting in the dark. Jack tells her that his whole life has been a lie. Camille's prayer is interrupted by a vengeful Brad, who's systematically wrecking the church he helped rebuild. Eddie reluctantly supports Georgia's stated intention to spend the holidays with Lucinda, thanking Georgia for her gift. Hal shows Emily what he saw when he walked in-a clean mirror and the apartment empty.

Thursday, December 24, 1998

Hal is having a hard time believing a very unnerved Emily's claims of an intruder for lack of evidence. Emily continues to insist that David is stalking her. Andy and Molly interrupt Hal's investigation and Andy takes great pleasure in informing Hal of Emily's propensity for lying. Susan later arrives looking for Andy. Frightened to stay alone, Emily asks her mother if she can spend the night at her house. Susan informs Emily that is not possible because Alison is afraid of her. Later, while at a local bar with Molly, Andy has a difficult time with moderate drinking.

Camille finds Brad tearing down a wall at the church and urges him to stop. Brad informs her he is just replacing some faulty work and assures her that he is there to finish what he started. Brad tells Camille that his mother has confessed to knowing all along what happened the night his father died. Meanwhile, a very nervous and agitated Ben waits for Camille with Reverend Dansby.

Carly is with Dr. Carolton putting the final touches on her plan to induce labor early when John arrives. While Carly hides under the desk, John threatens the doctor that all hell will break loose if he helps Carly deliver prematurely. When John leaves, Dr. Carolton informs Carly the deal is off.

Jack confesses to Julia that he now feels horrible about the way he has treated his brother over the years. He admits he feels some guilt of his own for what happened because that was the night he confronted his mother about the affair she was having and was ultimately the reason she had been drinking. Julia encourages Jack by telling him that now that everything is out in the open they can all be a family again. Jack finds his mother and apologizes.

Friday, December 25, 1998

Due to the Christmas holiday, As The World Turns did not air an original episode today. Broadcasting will resume Monday where Thursday's show concluded.

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