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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, March 22, 1999

Emily is the back of a car and she is telling her driver (who she thinks is David) that she paid him the money and he promised to let her go. The car stops and the driver gets out and takes her out of the back seat. He takes off her blind fold and lets her see the Oakdale city limits sign. The driver has a ski mask on, of course. She is happy that he has brought her back home. He takes the ropes off her wrist that had bound her. She takes off running. The driver says, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Hamilton, she escaped and made it all the way to the Oakdale city limits and I had to shoot her. He takes a gun out and aims and shoots. Emily runs to a fence, she is exhausted from running. She leans up against the fence and mutters that he is going to kill her.

Jack takes Julia to a big warehouse where they store stolen items that they accumulate after they bust someone. He has fixed up a scene with a gondola and has made it look like they are under the stars. He tells her that he is no longer Jack, now his name is Jacquema and she has to call him that or he won't answer her. They have a cute time together recreating the first time that they had met, except, Jack reminds her, that they are back in 18th century Venice. As they are clowning around, Jack falls out of the boat and Julia helps him back in and Jack tells her that he needs resuscitating. Julia reminds him that they are in the 18th century and women back then did not know such things. Jack then asks her about setting a wedding date and she doesn't know when to pick. They decide to pick a date out of no where. Jack says June 25th and Julia thinks that has a nice ring to it. She tells him that she is really going to work hard to try to overcome her addiction and he vows to be there for her. He takes her hands and they are ice cold. She tells him that is part of the withdrawal. He tells her that he will go and find something for her to wrap up in. Julia is sitting alone, reveling in the moment of being with Jack. Outside, Emily runs up to a window and sees someone inside. It is Julia. She beats on the window trying to get her attention but Julia does not hear her. The masked driver catches up to Emily, but she gets away from him. Inside, Julia thinks that she hears something and goes to look out the window. The masked man is standing outside looking in at her. She immediately thinks that it is David and goes into her whimpering mode. When Jack returns with two red, sequined jackets, he sees that something is wrong with her. She doesn't want to admit to him that she is having a relapse and tells him that she forgot that she told one of the other PA's at the hospital that she would cover for her and she needs to go. Jack is disappointed but he understands and they leave.

The masked gunman brings Emily into the warehouse and she is yelling that he was going to let her go. He takes out the gun and points it at her and she yells, "No, David, the baby, no, no"!!

Carly comes into her house ranting about Barbara and her new designs. She is talking to herself (she thinks) and saying that Barbara told her that Julia would look so much better in her new design because she is taller and thinner that Carly. Brad walks up behind Carly and puts his hands over her eyes and tells her that he has something to show her. He takes her upstairs to Parker's room. He takes his hand away from her eyes and she looks around the room. First she sees Parker sitting in his seat in the middle of the room. As she looks around she sees the room is decorated and is full of toys and books and a nice big rocking chair. She can't believe that Brad has done this and he says that she was busy redecorating the Den. He realized that Parker needed his room fixed up and he took it upon himself to do so. Carly picks up Parker and she and Brad sit in the middle of the room and play with Parker (this baby is so cute) and talk about their childhood. Brad asks her what her favorite toy was when she was a child. She tells him about this fake mink stole that she had and some pick mules that she would not take off even to take a bath. Later, Carly is reading to Parker and Brad comes up behind them with a puppet that is a wolf. He tells Parker that he doesn't want to hear any more boring stories, he wants to play. Carly tells Parker that is just like Brad, he always wants to play and isn't it interesting that Brad has picked a wolf to be him. Brad explains to her that he is really a lamb in wolf's clothing. He tells her that is the way it has to be or he would get eaten up by all the other wolves. He tells her that she has seen him in his lamb's clothing and they kiss. She pushes him back and tells him not to do it. He wants to know what she is talking about. She says that he is trying to soften her up so she will marry him. They start kissing and the phone rings. He tells her to ignore it and she tells him that it is not her phone, but his. He answers it and it is Jack. He tells Brad that he and Julia have set a wedding date, June 25th and he needs him to be his best man. Brad says that he will be there for him. When Brad hangs up, Carly wants to know what that was all about. Brad tells her that Jack and Julia have set a wedding date, June 25th. Carly gives Parker to Brad and leaves the room. She goes into the den and is saying that Julia has brainwashed him. She takes out her calendar and looks up June 25th. Brad is in Parker's room with him and he is telling Parker that his mother needs some time alone. Brad says to him that she is in the den figuring out her next deadline. He says that this is one deadline that she will not meet, come June 25th, she will be married to him.

Julia rushes into Dr. Hamilton's office and he is not there. She is starting to freak and Dr. Hamilton walks in and ask her what is going on. Julia tells him that she saw David, he is alive. Dr. Hamilton tells her to sit down and she says that she is tired of sitting down. She is tired of this going on and she thought that all of it would stop. She tells him that it has to stop and it has to stop, tonight.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Brad sneaks up behind Carly with another puppet on his hand. He sees that Carly is looking at her calendar. He asks her if she is looking up a certain date. He tells her that she has 2 months. She acts innocent and ask him what he getting at and he says that is how long she has to work on Jack before his wedding date. She says that is not what she was looking at her calendar for. She says that he acts like she is obsessed with Jack and she is not. She has a lot of other things more important in her life. Brad says to name two. She says Parker for one. Brad brings up marrying him and she says that she would rather marry the next man to come through the door. Her man servant, Kevin walks in. Brad says that she could do worse. Kevin announces that Dr. Dixon is there to see her. She says to show him in and John comes and wants to talk to her about visitation with Parker. She says that she will comply with whenever he wants to see Parker. She told the courts that she would work with John and she will. Carly tells John that she has something else to talk to him about, a divorce. John says that he has a lot going on right now and he would rather wait awhile. Carly says that she could wait two or three days. John wants to know what she has up her sleeve and is she trying to pull something? Is she trying to take Parker away from him? She assures him she is not, she just wants to get the divorce over with. John laughs at her and says that he doesn't believe her and he is going upstairs to say hello to his son. After John is gone, Brad starts to laugh at Carly and tells her that she can't pull anything on John. He says that she should have "played" John. Carly asks him if he could have done better? Brad says that Parker could have done better. Carly looks at him and says that she needs to regroup. She says that Julia is a flake and a pill popper and it is time for Jack to find this out about her. Brad wants to know how she is going to drop this piece of information. She picks up the phone and calls Jack. When Jack answers, Carly congratulates him on setting a wedding date. She asks him of he and Julia could come by for a celebration? Jack says that Julia is working. Carly asks if they could do it after she is done working, she is sure Julia could go for a glass of champagne after working so hard. Jack tells her that she is pulling a double shift. They hang up and Carly tells Brad that Jack said that Julia is too busy, so she will just have to ask Julia herself. Brad says that he can't watch anymore and he leaves. Carly calls the hospital and ask for Julia Lindsey and they tell her that she is not working tonight. She asks them if they are sure, because she thought that she was suppose to be working. They assure her that she is not working. She hangs up the phone and says that either Jack lied to her or Julia lied to Jack.

The masked gunman has Emily cornered in the warehouse and has the gun pointed at her. She pulls a bunch of boxes over on top of him and he drops the gun. She pick it up and shoots the gun and then runs out of the warehouse.

Susan is knocking at Tom's door. When he answers, she says that she has new information about Emily. Tom tells her that he is on his way out. She tells him that it is important and he lets her in. Susan tells Tom that the bank manager called and told her that Emily had called and told him to cash a very large check that she had written. Tom calls Margo and leaves a message for her that he will have to cancel the counseling session. Susan is upset and Tom tries to reassure her that if the bank manager heard from Emily, then that means that she is still alive. He tells her to go and talk with the manager again and see if he has any additional information and he will call and talk with Hal. Margo calls and asks Tom if the reason he canceled had anything to do with Emily? He tells her to please understand, they have some new information about her. Margo hangs up on him. Tom tries to call the station and they put him on hold. Tom calls back and in the middle of trying to explain what he wants, there is a knock at the door. He says that he will call back. He goes to the door and opens it and Emily is standing there. They just look at each other for a second and then Emily falls into Tom's arms. She is exhausted. Tom gets her over to the bed and tells her to take a few deep breaths. She then tells him everything that had happened to her. She gets up to the part where the gunman tried to kill her and there is a knock at the door. She freaks out and pulls a gun out of her pocket and points it at Tom. He manages to get the gun away from her and tells her to hide in the bathroom. He goes to the door and it is a messenger with a package for Tom, he signs for it and the messenger leaves. Emily comes out of the bathroom and they decide to go back to the warehouse to see if they can find David. When they get to the warehouse, Tom tells her to wait at the door. He sees a body laying on the floor and goes over to it. Emily walks over and Tom takes the mask off and Emily gasps and says "that isn't David." Tom says that it isn't and whoever he is, he is dead.

Julia is telling Dr. Hamilton that she can't live like this anymore and it has to stop tonight. He tells her that something must have triggered her seeing David again. She says that she was having a wonderful time with Jack and for no reason she saw David. He asks her if she is ready to face what it will take, tonight? She says that she is ready. He tells her that she will have to give herself to him totally for 24 hours. He says that the tapering off of the pills is not working and he wants to put her into full detox. He tells her that they will check into a hotel room where no one knows where they are. She starts to make up excuses, about her job and about Jack, that he will be suspicious. He tells her that if she wants to get rid of this demon, she will have to follow his instructions explicitly. She agrees and he calls his receptionist and cancels all his appointments for the next two days. The receptionist says that she will take care of it and Jack Snyder is there to see him. Julia starts to freak out. Dr. Hamilton tells her to calm down, he will take care of it. Dr. Hamilton goes out and greets Jack. Jack tells him that he is there about Julia. Dr. Hamilton says that he can't tell him anything because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Jack says that he understands that and he just wants to know what he can do to help her. Dr. Hamilton says that he doesn't have any openings until next week and he will call Jack later. Jack says that will be fine and leaves. Dr. Hamilton walks back into the office and tells Julia that he has taken care of Jack and they will give Jack enough time to leave the office and then they will go to the hotel.

Julia and Dr. Hamilton arrive at the hotel. Julia is shaky and asks Dr. Hamilton if she can have just one pill. He asks her if that is what she really wants to do, he didn't think so. He hands her a glass of water and says that she doesn't want to get dehydrated. As she is taking a drink of water, she has a flashback of David. She gets up and walks away from Dr. Hamilton. He asks her what is wrong and she says nothing. He knows something is wrong and tells her that she can't shut him out, she needs to tell him everything. She tells him that she just had a flashback of David and she doesn't know what is in the room that is making her think of him. Julia asks him again for a pill and he says that she can't have any, she has to face the evil. She has to come to terms with the fact that made her an accomplice to murder. She says that she didn't murder David, he was an evil, evil man. She goes over to a drawer to open it and he slams the it shut. He yells at her that rule number one is that she will ask permission for everything. She yells back that she is tired of talking about David. He tells her that he will be there all night with her and he will find something on TV to watch. As he is leaning over the TV, she has a flashback of David leaning over the TV in the cabin. She gasps and Dr. Hamilton turns to look at her. He asks her what is wrong. He walks toward her and she yells for him to stay away, she says, "YOU ARE DAVID"!!

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

[Today's show was partially pre-empted by coverage of the NATO air strikes on Kosovo] Barbara and Hal bask in their love after becoming engaged. John walks over to thank Barbara for her testimony and congratulates the couple. He assures Lisa he's happy for his ex-wife. Bob comforts a distraught Susan, who's hard on herself about abandoning her daughter. She then gets a call from the police alerting her to Emily's being found at a warehouse downtown. Chris walks in as a relieved Susan embraces Bob--she was expecting them to say Emily was dead.

Margo is wary of accepting Emily's story about the dead man, recounting how many times Emily has lied before. Tom steps in and tells her she's speculating too much. Margo thinks that Tom believes Emily again. Reid is relieved when Julia convinces herself that he is not David, putting her on the bed in the motel room when she promptly collapses. Rita then arrives at the door with a fussy Melinda.

In Andy's arms, Molly is haunted by Reid's words but feigns happiness. She cries when Andy gives her a toothbrush--he wants her to move in. Bob hears from Chris about his having a recommendation letter from Lucinda and wants him to stop lying on his college application. Chris retorts that it's his father who's cheating--cheating with Susan while Kim is away.

Reid comforts baby Melinda, whom Rita says is a Daddy's girl, and then tells the nanny to get lost. Margo informs Emily that she's taking her to the station. Chris walks out despite his father's pleas. Margo tells Susan that Emily's a murder suspect until she can prove otherwise.

Julia regains consciousness briefly and insists she heard talking and a baby crying.

Thursday, March258th

As Molly listens with disgust, Carly calls her private eye Mr. Lane who reports back that Julia spent the night in a motel room with Reid. When Julia comes to and reports that she heard a baby crying last night, Reid quickly advises her that she must have remembered being held captive with Lily's baby. To stop her incessant arguing, Reid spews some psychobabble which she quickly swallows. She also agrees not to call or meet Jack for the time being. Emma starts making plans of her own when Jack reveals that he and Julia have set a June wedding date. Thanks to Reid, Jack finds out that Julia lied about being at work and was actually at a motel. After boasting to the shrink that she has moved back in with Andy, Molly surprises Reid by revealing that she knows about his night with Julia. He tries to deny it but then lets her get a glimpse of his motel room key. Jack later confronts Reid at the hospital. At the Oasis Ben and Denise meet a pregnant 16 year old runaway named Louisa and try to offer their help when she passes out. Camille learns that Brad proposed to Carly but he quickly insists to Camille that he will never stop loving her.

Friday, March 26, 1999

Denise worries about the whereabouts of Louisa, the pregnant teenager. Chris goes to Bob's office and asks his father for another chance. Emily refuses to give a statement to the police until she has an attorney. Jack gives Reid a hard time about his unorthodox practices, even though Julia defends him. Ben wonders why Denise is so deeply affected by the pregnant teenager's plight.

Jack apologizes when Julia explains about the rapid detoxification, but regrets not being able to help her himself. Reid is frustrated when he can't get a hold of Emily's captor. Emily wants Tom to be her attorney. Chris apologizes for his insinuation about Susan and indicates he'd like to work in the lab. Don't do anything just to please him, Bob urges.

Tom declines to take up Emily's cause, citing his job as a journalist. Emily says she was convinced that she was being held captive by David. Jack informs Reid that he'd like to take him up on his offer for a session--he still has questions.

Denise is interested when Ben mentions a program at his church to help place children of color with good families in the area. Jack won't take no for an answer when Reid can't immediately find room in his schedule. Emily offers to take a lie detector test but Hal is more interested in her being given a psychological exam---by Reid Hamilton. Denise is thrilled when Ben presents her with two tickets to tomorrow night's ballet and promises to escort his new neighbor.

When John asks Chris how he's liking Columbia, Chris fibs but then confesses that he was expelled. John leaves for the ER--he has to remove the foot from his mouth. Emily finally agrees to the psychological evaluation. Reid agrees to meet Hal, not knowing why. Bob applauds his son's honesty and agrees to let him work in the hospital lab, providing he's honest with himself above all.

Jack quizzes Bob about Reid's credentials. Margo discerns that Tom has changed his mind about representing Emily, and he doesn't deny it. Reid is startled when Hal introduces him to his patient--Emily.

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