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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Bryant forces Adam to admit that he knew about Jennifer's affair with Billy but didn't tell him because he and Abigail wanted to protect him. Bryant angrily discounts that idea and blasts him for betraying him. He runs out though Adam urges him to stay. Billy confesses to Jennifer that he loves her. Adam goes after Billy for what he has done to his friends. Bryant confronts Jennifer again and then drives off into the night. Distracted by a phone call and speeding almost out of control, Bryant ends up crashing his car. Carly accuses Craig of ordering photos of her with Paul in order to torment Barbara. He denies it and suggests that the photos confirm her deal with BRO. Warning that Barbara could ruin her hope of being her own designer, Craig offers to set up Carly with her own line of clothes using money he borrowed from his son. After she agrees to consider the idea, Craig tries to call Bryant but can't reach him. When Abigail learns that Bryant has discovered the truth, she confides in Nick about how upset she is. Paul advises Barbara that a snooping Jack thinks that James may be back after being freed from prison. Barbara convinces him that she doesn't know anything about James' return.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

News of Bryant's accident spreads through town. Rose is blowing off steam to Mitzi about Lucinda's refusal to give her a title at Worldwide when Lucinda arrives to tell her. When Jen arrives home, Hal is waiting to take her to the hospital. Adam is berating Billy for trashing Bryant's life by sleeping with Jen. They simmer down when Tom and Margo come downstairs. Margo gets a call from John that Bryant is in surgery, and that he can't reach Craig. Craig is at Carly's, where she refuses to consider working with him until she hears from Bryant that Craig was up front with him about the money he borrowed. Margo calls with the news of his son's accident, and he takes offs for the hospital.

Craig, Lucinda and Rose are the first to arrive at the hospital. John tells them that things look good so far, but there may be unseen complications. Lucinda informs Craig that Sierra is on her way from Montega. Craig and Lucinda begin arguing when Margo arrives and stops them. Billy agrees to stay away from the hospital, but begs Adam to call Jen if things are bad. Nick and Abigail, unaware of the accident, are at WOAK discussing Bryant and Jen's problems. Nick moves closer to comfort Abigail when Adam arrives with the news. Adam and Abigail leave for the hospital.

Craig is feeling guilty since he knew something was wrong when he spoke to his son earlier in the evening. Everyone is wondering why he did not have his seatbelt on and why he was speeding, since he has been extra careful after the accident with Jen and Parker last summer. Craig wonders what could have been so bad that he didn't care if he lived or died, just as Jen walks in. Lily, Adam and Abigail arrive just before John comes out of the operating room - Bryant's heart stopped during surgery. They don't know why and were unable to revive him.

Emily arrives at Carly's looking for Craig. The women argue, then put their differences aside while they wait for news about Bryant. Carly tells Emily that Hal deserves happiness, and asks her not to hurt him the way she did. When they receive the news of Bryant's death, Carly wonders how Craig will ever survive burying his son. Emily offers to watch Parker so Carly can go to the hospital.

Rose, disappointed that Lucinda turns to Lily instead of her, talks to Hal. He wishes Barbara were there, since he doesn't know what to say to Jen. Rose slips out and arrives at Fairwinds with the news. She tells Barbara that Jen needs her mother. Barbara refuses, saying she can't go back to the hospital, especially while Craig's there. When Paul steps out of the room, Barbara goes on the attack, accusing Rose of coming to score points with her son. She threatens that when she's finished, Paul won't have anything to do with Rose. Rose tells Barbara that she's not there for her, or Paul. She's there for Bryant, because he would want Barbara to comfort her daughter since he can't. Rose says that if Barbara doesn't go, she could lose her relationship with Jen forever. After Rose leaves, Paul lays into his mother and leaves for the hospital.

When alone, Jen tells Abigail that it's her fault that Bryant is dead and wonders if he was trying to kill himself. Abigail talks her out of telling Craig. Adam walks in to tell Abigail he's going home, and ignores Jen when she talks to him. Abby tells Jen that Bryant found out that they knew about Jen and Billy and Adam was the last one to see him alive. Adam drops Abigail off at the TV station, where after being the strong one, she breaks down into Nick's arms. Adam arrives home, and Billy immediately starts asking questions about Bryant. Adam coldly spits out that Bryant is dead and Billy killed him.

Craig breaks down crying in Margo's arms. John takes him to see Bryant, and he tells his son all the things that didn't come out right when he tried to talk to him earlier. Carly arrives at the hospital. Jen tells Hal that she caused Bryant's death. Recap --->

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Tom is forced to stop Adam and Billy when angry words and accusations cause them to start fighting. Tom tries to get them to tell him what they are fighting but they don't. More accusations causes Billy to try to grab his keys but Tom won't let him, so he storms out kicking anything in his path and leaves.

Hal tries to convince Jennifer that she is not to blame for Bryant's death but she reveals that she broke up with him. Just then, Barbara arrives and embraces her daughter, urging her in gentle words to see that she has a full life ahead of her. Jen tells Barbara the same thing and Barbara is a little reluctant to see the connection. Realizing that she must come to terms with Bryant's death, Jennifer heads to the cottage where she is caught off guard when Billy arrives.

Hal finds a devastated Craig in tears, near Bryant's lifeless body. Taking him out to the hallway, Hal suggests that he be the best father he can to Lucy and he'll find that he can survive this terrible tragedy. Confronting Craig after Hal leaves, Barbara announces her hope that he feels this way the rest of his life. Craig returns home, wracked with guilt, and finds Carly waiting for him. He's tormented by the sound of Bryant's voice on a message on Craig's answering machine. He heard Bryant sounding depressed and needing help. Craig begins to cry knowing he could have helped him but was too late. Carly comforts him and their embrace becomes passionate.

Back from their honeymoon, Jake and Molly are startled to find Nick hugging Abigail at the TV station. Molly screams for him to let her daughter go and is embarrassed when she realizes what's happening. Molly find's out Bryant died and Abigail needed consoling and Nick was there for her. Molly tries to apologize to Nick while Jake seeks to ease Abigail's concern. Nick advises Molly that he's tired of her numerous apologies.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Carly and Craig begin to make love, but he pulls away, saying that he has always wanted her, but "not this way." Craig continues to try to make sense of what could have happened to Bryant that night.

At the cottage, overcome with feelings of guilt, Billy tells Jennifer that they cannot see each other anymore and that no one should ever know what happened between them. Jennifer then tells Billy to leave and never speak to her again. Later, Lucinda arrives, shocked to see the place torn apart. Looking to make sense of what happened, she questions Jennifer, who admits that she and Bryant argued, but does not go into the details. Jennifer leaves and Lucinda, looking through Bryant's belongings, tries to find a clue as to what could have happened that night. When Sierra arrives, Lucinda, forced to give her the bad news, also informs her that Craig was the last person that Bryant spoke to before the accident. Sierra then leaves to be with Craig and is surprised to find him at the suite with Carly.

Paul thanks Rose for all she did in getting Barbara to comfort Jennifer. She confesses to Paul that she made a deal with Barbara never to see him again if Barbara would vote for Lucinda at the stockholders meeting. Rose feels guilty for going back on her word and admits to Paul that she did what she did so they could be closer, but Paul tells Rose that if it comes down to a choice between her and his mother, he will choose Rose.

James returns to Fairwinds offering incriminating information Barbara requested on Rose. She tells James that after her experience with Jennifer at the hospital, she no longer needs the information. All she wants is to be reunited with her family, for their unconditional love is all that matters to her. James then takes her to Hal's house and she is shocked to see what the world is like without her, finding her family getting along without her, but just fine with Emily. He then takes her home, where she watches as Paul and Rose kiss in the gazebo. James uses this as a perfect opportunity to hand Barbara the evidence on Rose.

Friday, October 26, 2001

Emily questions Hal about his feelings for Barbara. Hal tells Emily how much he appreciates her for helping him get through his problems with his family and Bryant's death. He tells Emily he wants their relationship to move forward faster. She points out to Hal that Barbara took a big step back to her family by going to the hospital to comfort Jennifer about Bryant. She asks Hal if he still loves Barbara and he admits that he does. He tells Emily it is a different kind of love from what he felt before. Emily quickly tells Hal she needs reassurance that he is not going to dump her if Barbara should choose to come back. Hal asks Emily if she is giving him an ultimatum, but she tells him no, it is a choice. She insists that Hal quit avoiding the question and asks him what he would do if Barbara knocked on the door right then. Just then, there is a knock on the door! It's Carly, who tells them Sierra is with Craig. Hal goes to get Parker for her and she and Emily talk. Carly points out that Emily looks very comfortable in Hal's kitchen and she tells Emily that Hal would be a fool to let her go. Emily is surprised and tells Carly it almost sounds like Carly likes her. Carly agrees, telling Emily that she has shown a very different side of herself to Carly in the past few days. They begin to form a friendship. After Carly leaves, Emily again asks Hal about his feelings for her and for Barbara. Hal tells her he is not a halfway kind of guy and that he has been and will be giving 100 percent to his relationship with Emily. He also tells her that if Barbara were to show up, he would tell her she belongs with the children, but he is not part of the package. He assures Emily that Barbara is part of his past and he is through looking backwards. Hal kisses Emily, who decides they should have an argument. She tells him to call her a name, so Hal smiles at her and calls her a "muckraker." Emily playfully slaps him and then tells him the argument is over and now they can have make-up sex. They race upstairs.

Paul kisses Rose and tells her he has no intention of letting her get away. Rose tells Paul he should never have to choose between her and his mother. Paul tells Rose he is the happiest he has been in a long time and he has no intention of ruining it. He insists that he is going to tell Barbara to back off and leave them alone. Rose asks him to wait; maybe Barbara will come around in time. She tells him she believes that Lucinda is about to give her a good job at Worldwide and she is excited because it means she can get a place of her own where they can be alone. They make a date for that night and agree to spend the night together at the Lakeview.

James and Barbara watch Paul kissing Rose as James continues to try to play on Barbara's insecurities about losing her son. He hands her the envelope containing background information on Rose. Barbara tells James she is not a cruel person like he is, but Paul's feelings about Rose are forcing her to do something to keep from losing her son. Barbara walks into the gazebo and interrupts Paul and Rose planning their evening. Rose tries to apologize to Barbara for being so blunt with her the day before, but Barbara sidesteps the issue by telling Rose she didn't remember that Rose had even been there. She tells Rose that she does not have an open invitation to drop by Fairwinds any time she wants to, but Paul insists that she does. Rose agrees with Barbara and says that she will call ahead in the future. She tells Barbara that she is happy for her about going to the hospital to see Jennifer, but Barbara just gives her a sarcastic response. Rose kisses Paul and leaves, telling him she will see him later. After she leaves, Barbara asks Paul if he has another date with Rose and he tells her yes. When Barbara presses him for details, Paul tells her he and Rose and going to start out having drinks at Java Underground and later he will be spending the night with Rose at the Lakeview. Barbara insists that Rose is only using Paul, but then tells Paul she doesn't want to talk about Rose anymore. She tells Paul he should let her know when he is through with Rose so that she can start breathing again. Paul tells Barbara he knows about her deal with Rose and that he won't forgive her if she hurts Rose or if she hurts his chances to love Rose. He points out to Barbara that he is not a child any longer and he can make his own decisions without her interference.

Sierra seeks comfort from Craig after finding out about Bryant's death. She goes to his apartment, expecting to find Craig alone, but sees Carly there. Carly tells Sierra how sorry she is about Bryant's death and starts to leave. Sierra stops her to thank her for helping Craig. She makes the observation that apparently Craig has found someone who understands him. Carly asks Craig to call her and she leaves. Craig apologizes to Sierra for letting Lucinda be the one to tell her about Bryant and then takes her in his arms as they both begin to cry.

Lucinda sits at home alone grieving over Bryant and wondering what went wrong. She also wonders where Craig was when Bryant needed him. She finds out Sierra has gone to the Lakeview to see Craig and decides to go there too. Sierra tells Craig that Lucinda thinks something happened between him and Bryant, which caused Bryant to have an accident. She asks Craig if he has seen Bryant's cottage and describes the wreckage Bryant left there. She asks Craig if Bryant called him and demands to know what Craig knows. Craig admits that he went to see Bryant at the cottage and knew something was bothering Bryant, but Bryant wouldn't talk to him about it. Craig tells Sierra that he really thought things between him and Bryant were getting better and that he doesn't understand what happened either. He tells Sierra about the telephone message Bryant left for him and starts to play it for her. Lucinda knocks on the door and interrupts, trying to find out if Sierra has asked Craig about Bryant. They all listen to Bryant's last message together. At first, Sierra blames Craig for not being there when Bryant called, but she eventually calms down and they talk about their daughter, Lucy. Craig and Sierra agree to tell Lucy about Bryant together. Sierra tells Lucinda that she is wrong about Craig being responsible for Bryant's death and vows that she will not let Lucinda use him as a weapon in her war with Craig. She demands that Lucinda apologize to Craig, but Lucinda tells her she is not the enemy. Sierra is hurt and angry with Lucinda, who asks Sierra to go home with her so they can continue to talk. Sierra refuses and decides to stay with Craig. Lucinda assures Craig that she loved Bryant and Craig tells her he knows and that Bryant loved her too. She asks Craig to take care of her girl and leaves. Sierra asks Craig what they should do next and he suggests that they make a list of things they need to do. Sierra gets upset again as she thinks about trying to call people to tell them Bryant is dead. Later, Sierra tells Craig about all the things she thought she would get to do with Bryant when she got to Oakdale. Craig tries to reassure her and alleviate her feelings of guilt. Sierra decides she wants to go back to the cottage because she feels closer to Bryant there.

When Lucinda gets home, she finds Rose going through the mail. Rose tells her about getting closer to Paul and wonders if she is getting back to normal too soon after Bryant's death. Lucinda tells her it is okay and they begin to talk about Rose's new position at Worldwide. She cautions Rose to be careful of her impulsive nature and warns her that there are people who will try to use Rose to get to her. Rose assures Lucinda that she won't let her down and asks Lucinda what the job is. Lucinda tells Rose she is going to be a vice-president, but she doesn't know just yet what Rose will be the vice-president of. Mitzi comes in and expresses her condolences to Lucinda. After Lucinda leaves, Rose tells Mitzi about her new job at Worldwide and how excited she is. She then tells Mitzi about her plans to see Paul that evening and lets her know that both she and Paul think they are getting really serious about each other. Rose also tells Mitzi that she let Paul know about the deal Barbara tried to make with her. Mitzi cautions Rose to be very careful, telling her she does not want to get between a mother and her son and to be prepared for anything.

Barbara tells Paul she can understand how he might use Rose as a source of amusement, but that having feelings of love for Rose is ridiculous. She asks Paul if he has lost all sense of who he is. Paul tells Barbara he is open to the possibility of loving Rose and it is his decision to make. He also tells Barbara he is tired of having to defend his decision to see Rose and Barbara should keep her opinions to herself. He then demands that Barbara quit trying to keep him from seeing Rose. After he calms down, he tells Barbara he loves her and leaves. Barbara pulls out the envelope James gave her and vows that she will not let Paul make such a mistake and one day he will thank her for it.

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