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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, February 18, 2002

James is at Jack's house trying to worm his way past Mitzi by impersonating a meter man. He gives her many reasons why she should let him in, but he finally succeeds when he threatens to turn Jack's power off. Mitzi lets him in but says she's going downstairs with him to check on his work. James doesn't have a problem with that. After James found what he was looking for, they both come back upstairs. James finds a French phrase book on a table and Mitzi volunteers almost everything about what she knows regarding the Carly, Emily, & Rose investigation, including Jack's planned trip to France. James processes all the info and saunters out the door. Once the door is closed, James smirks and says, "Well, well Jack. Au revoir and bon voyage."

At the station, Margo tries to dissuade Jack from chasing after Carly in France. She asks him how effective he'll be with his broken leg and tells him not to take this so personal. Jack ignores her and says, "I'll see you when I get back." On Jack's way out, Molly and Abigail arrive. Molly was given a tip at WOAK-TV that the police apprehended a new suspect in the Nick Scudder murder investigation and they rushed over to see who was in cuffs. Margo tells Molly she tried to bring Brandy in for questioning, but she escaped. Molly fumes and wants her to find this killer immediately. Margo tells her to buzz off, then she gets a call alerting her that Brandy was spotted getting into a car. The vanity license plates read "I RULE." Margo rolls her eyes and knows who owns those plates. Craig. Margo heads out to pay Craig a visit. Jessica let's Molly and Abigail wait in the interrogation room.

Brandy constantly looks over her shoulder as Craig drives away. He asks her who she was running from and she says it was a boyfriend. She asks Craig if they could go back to his place.

It's after hours at the Spa and Rose is freaked out by the mummified person she found sitting comatose in a wheelchair. She starts to peel back the cotton, but stops when she hears footsteps. She hides under the stairs and Dr. Weston comes into view. He unveils a dead "Mrs. Grossman" and is pleased with her appearance. He calls and tells someone to take her to the "transition room," then says hello to Rose. She slowly comes out from her hiding place. Ever full of confidence, she tries to pry information from Dr. Weston. "What was that stuff she was wrapped up in?" He doesn't bite and asks her why she isn't in bed. She feigns being sick and he tells her to get back to bed. Later that night, Rose reaches a breaking point and she needs to get out of there no matter what the cost. Libby catches Rose in her bathrobe holding a chair getting ready to throw it out the window. Libby asks her if she's crazy and tells her of another woman who tried to escape six months ago. Security caught her and Libby never saw her again. Rose asks Libby about the "transition room" Dr. Weston talked about earlier. Libby's face turns to stone.

Craig brings Brandy into his home and she's stunned at the size of his pad. He and Brandy get a little more comfortable and Craig pours Brandy a drink. Craig toasts to "serendipity." Brandy says, "What's that?" After explaining, he says, "I know you're not an English major. I just hope you're not a minor." Brandy is still nervous about "her boyfriend" and Craig suggests that maybe she should leave town for a few days. Brandy nuzzles up to Craig, grabs his tie and says, "Or...I could stay with you." Yet another woman throws herself at Craig, but this time he rebuffs the advance. Brandy needs to "use the little girls room" and excuses herself. While she's away, Margo stops by for a visit and fills him in on the Brandy situation. Brandy comes back into the room, sees Margo, and makes a break for it. Margo stops her and hauls her back to the station personally.

Lucy comes home to Craig's suite after a driving lesson with Lucinda's personal driver, Fenwick. She's beat and Craig asks her how things went. Lucy doesn't ever think she'll get to drive because Fenwick is having her learn all about the mechanics of a car before he gives her a driving lesson. Craig vows to take a more active roll in parenting. He wants to know where she is, who she's with, when she'll be home, and what she's doing from now on. "We'll be just like a normal family. I'll set the rules, and you try to break them."

Margo brings Brandy to the station and Molly and Abigail are waiting. Molly demands that Brandy start to talk so that Abigail could somehow remember her voice. The situation spirals out of control and the two girls start to yell at each other. Brandy says, "Nick told me exactly how he felt about you. You were a sucker and you bought every word." Abigail fights back screaming, "You have no right to talk to me that way!" Brandy continues, "He said every time he touched you, it gave him the creeps!" That sends Abigail over the edge and she lunges for Brandy and starts choking her. Just then, Jessica walks in the room to witness Abigail's rage.

Libby takes Rose to the "transition room" and opens the door. Rose walks in and sees five white coffins. She is shocked and scared to find out what the final transition is...death. Libby turns to the coffins and gets an idea how to get Rose out of there. Rose thinking about her own eminent transition says, "You better act fast of else I should just jump in the boxes right now!" Libby looks at the coffins, smiles and then turns to Rose.

Jack comes home and finds out that James has not only been there, but that Mitzi has inadvertently given him a complete status report on the investigation. After finding out who the meter man was, Mitzi is relieved that James didn't try anything funny with her. Jack is encouraged that James came out of hiding because it means he's on the right track. Jack accelerates his plan to visit France and opts to leave that night. He tells Mitzi it's not safe for her to stay in the house and that he'll find a place for her to stay. She says she can take care of herself and then the phone rings. Jack picks up the phone and Hal is on the other end. Jack let's out a huge sigh of relief to finally hear Hal's voice. Hal says it was better for him to drop out of sight while he looked for Carly, Emily, and Rose. He doesn't tell Jack where he is or what he's doing. But he tells Jack to stay away from Marseilles.

The phone connection is cut, and Jack doesn't think Hal is himself.

Stenbeck comes up behind a catatonic Hal and says, "I didn't think it was possible, Hal. But you've finally made yourself useful."

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Brandy and Abigail get into a fight after Brandy decides to intimidate Abigail. After being questioned, by Margo and Jess, Brandy comes up with an alibi .Not long after Brandy wears everyone's nerves thin, Margo has Brandy's alibi checked out and Brandy is not guilty...Margo then was given no choice by Jess and has to arrest Abigail who is having some quiet alone time with Adam.

Jack runs to tell Margo he has heard from "Hal", but is reluctant to say it is Hal himself. Margo asks about Hal asking for Adam and when Jack says no, Jack informs her he thinks it may be Stenbeck behind Hal's phone call. Jack decides that he is still going to work out of the country even against Margo's word.

Lucinda decides to hold a press conference to inform everyone she is raising the reward for Stenbeck to a quarter million dollars, stating she wants him "Alive or Dead." Jack and Margo watch from the station and Jack goes over to confront her about this.

A panicked Paul calls Jen to inform her Will is missing stating he is not in the house. Paul then opens the door only to find Will sitting out there with a back pack. Paul tells Will he was scared and Will states since everyone else was leaving he didn't want to be alone so he was going to run away. Paul then promises he or Jen will always be there or just a phone call away. Jen sends a picture to Bonnie, and when Isaac questions it Jen walks in and her and Bonnie say it is Jen's friend from working abroad. Jen feels she is doing a favor for Bonnie however Bonnie seems to realize how in love she is with Isaac. Jen however is striking a conversation with Bonnie's ex-fiancée who hangs up abruptly when he hears Jen saying how happy Bonnie looked when she saw the picture.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Paul is on the phone making arrangements to switch meetings so he can also be with his brother Will. John Dixon comes over and Paul tells him how hectic things have become and that he will be interviewing for a housekeeper. John suggests Barbara but Paul is not interested. He tells John he thinks of his mother every day but he also misses Rose and he knows that his mother is responsible for that. John insists that Barbara needs help from her family. At that moment, Paul gets a call from Will's school telling him that Will has been suspended. Paul rushes out as John stays and calls Barbara. She comes over to the house and realizes that John called on his own. She tries to leave but John convinces her to stay. Paul and Will come home to find Barbara there. Paul tells her that Will was suspended for fighting. Barbara is surprised because that is not like Will. Paul says, "Everything is different now." Everything Will hears is true and it is very difficult for him. Paul reminds Barbara that she abandoned her family twice, once for Craig Montgomery and then after the fire. She tells him that she did come home but Paul says it was only to give her an alibi for the disappearance of Rose, Carly, and Emily. When Barbara is alone, the "other" Barbara appears.

At Jack's house, Jack tells Mitzi to pack and be ready to leave because his home is no longer a safe place for her. She tries to convince him to let her go to Paris with him but his mind is made up. He then goes to the police station and gives Margo his files. He tells Margo he isn't sure it really was Hal on the phone but he knows that he must go to Paris. Margo doesn't want him to go but knows he has made up his mind. Instead, she tells him to be back in forty-eight hours. Jack then goes over to Lucinda's mansion to talk with her and Lily. He tells them about the coffins and also about James showing up at this house while Mitzi was there. He asks them to watch over Mitzi. At first Lucinda doesn't want to, but Lily convinces her that Rose would want that so they agree that Mitzi can stay at Cal's place. Jack returns back to his place to tell Mitzi about the new arrangements. She is pleased to hear he has made other arrangements for her because she thought he wanted her to leave Oakdale. After she leaves, Jack goes to take a quick shower so he can get ready for his flight to Paris. He gets out of the shower and comes downstairs to the wonderful smell of something baking in the kitchen. He smiles thinking Mitzi stayed to bake him something. He walks toward the kitchen and starts to call Mitzi and tell her how good it smells. Out of the kitchen comes a woman holding a tray of cookies. With tray in hand, Julia Lindsey says, "Hi Jack, want a cookie?"

Abigail makes bail but Jessica has decided to try her on murder one. Abigail feels bad that she didn't listen to anyone. Molly is understanding and asks Abigail if she wants to go to Bay City to see the twins. Abigail says she wants to be alone. Later, she calls Adam and they meet on the rooftop. She is upset because she still cannot remember what happened the night Nick was killed. Adam comes up with the idea of re-creating the scene in Nick's room on the rooftop. Adam pretends to be Nick and Abigail is starting to remember a few more things. Then, Adam as Nick is supposed to hit her. Adam says he just cannot do it but Abigail says he must do it, "do everything like it happened." Adam agrees and when Abigail falls to the bed/lounge chair she remembers something. The person who came into the room was wearing boots. Abigail starts to get a headache so they leave the rooftop. After they are gone, "someone" with the same kind of boots that Abigail just remembered, is standing right there on the rooftop.

Katie wakes up to a red and pink ribbon attached to hearts that spell out I - LOVE - YOU - (she opens the door and Simon is holding the last heart.) He wishes her a happy birthday and hands her a note that says I.O.U. on it. He says it is for an "after hours birthday treat." As they talk, Dahlia's name comes up and Simon finally tells Katie how Dahlia made a pass at him. At first Katie doesn't believe it but then she realizes that Simon is telling the truth. Katie is angry and calls Dahlia telling her to come right over. When Dahlia comes over, Katie tells Simon to leave because she can handle it herself. Katie, point blank, asks Dahlia if she kissed Simon. Dahlia's reply is, "Well guilty as charged." Katie is angry but Dahlia smoothly tells her that she had a hunch about Simon, even though that hunch proved to be wrong. Dahlia thought she saw some interest on Simon's part and she didn't want Katie to be unhappy so she set out to see if, "Simon was a skunk." Katie says that Simon loves her. Dahlia agrees but then says he could also be playing the game very, very well. Katie doesn't want to forgive Dahlia but Dahlia tells her that everyone makes mistakes. She even knows that Katie publicly went after Holden, a married man in the past. Also, Dahlia tells Katie that her backers already saw the raw footage and loved it. The money should start pouring in.

James Stenbeck makes a brief appearance in a short scene where he is impersonating a doctor, but his actual whereabouts remains unknown.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Jack is shocked to find a crazed Julia in his house, all thanks to Stenbeck. Jack tries to convince Julia that she is only being used as a diversion to keep him from finding James. While Jack tries to distract Julia, she uses a stun gun on him and drags him up to his bed in a straitjacket. Meanwhile, Simon reports to Margo that Jack never got on his flight and she asks Simon to meet her at Jack's house right away.

Barbara engages in a confrontation with her former self. After her guilty conscience gets too much of her, she decides to tell Paul the truth.

Simon tells Katie that he has to leave town to help Margo, but before he leaves, he advises Katie to reconsider throwing away her career. Katie rethinks her decision and later calls Dahlia to inform her.

Jennifer annoys Bonnie with news that she telephoned the Duke. Later, Bonnie is surprised to see Ian, a.k.a. the Duke, show up at Java.

Friday, February 22, 2002


Bonnie hides Ian when she sees Isaac walk in. She sends Jennifer over to Isaac to get him out of the club so she can have time to talk to Ian. Jennifer walks over to Isaac and tells him that she needs help with her car and he says that he will help, but only if it doesn't take long because he has a date with Bonnie later. With Isaac out of the club, Bonnie goes over to Ian. She asks him why is he in Oakdale. He professes his love to her. She accuses of only wanting her because she was the only woman to walk away from him. He tells her that he is truly in love with her and he thinks that she is still in love with him. He takes her hand and gives it a kiss. She pulls her hand away and walks over to the bar. Ian follows and asks if she runs this place. She informs him that this is where she works. She tells him that Isaac is the owner and she works for him. He tells her that he is not the only person that has made a transformation, she is now in the working class. She says that there is one thing for sure, she does not go into a swoon when a Scotsman with a title tells her that he loves her. He says that he does love her. He tells her that his life was empty after she left. He pulls her to him and kisses her. As they are kissing, Isaac walks back in the club and sees them. He walks over to Bonnie and Ian and says, "Ah-hem!" Bonnie pulls away from Ian. Isaac looks at Ian and says that he looks shorter than in his picture. Bonnie tells Isaac that it is not what it looks like. She adds that Ian had just come to town and she hasn't had time to explain her situation. Isaac looks at the man and says, "Ian, the infamous duke." Ian says, "Just Ian." He holds out his hand to shake hands with Isaac but Isaac just looks at him. Ian says that he has been distracting his employee. Isaac looks at Bonnie and asks if she has had time to tell him that she is more to him than just an employee. Isaac tells Ian that he can take his bagpipes and get out of his establishment. Ian asks if that is what Bonnie wants. Bonnie tells Isaac that she did not know that Ian was coming to Oakdale. Ian tells Bonnie that she should tell the man that they have history together. Isaac goes off. He asks if Ian just called him the man under his own roof. He takes Ian by the collar and tells him that a man does not ask a woman to be his wife and have his kids then take off with the first female that walks by with her tail in the air. Ian takes Isaac's hands from his jacket and asks if he has fallen in love with his Bonnie. Isaac says, "Yes! Yes, I have."


Barbara tells Paul that she is tired of hiding and she is going to go to the police station and tell them what she knows in the disappearance of the three women. She tells him that she has to fix what is wrong. She calls John and John comes over to take her to the station. He tries to get her to call an attorney to accompany her, but she refuses. She asks Paul if she can say goodbye to Will and Paul says that Will is asleep and doesn't need to be disturbed. John tells her to go and see her son. When Barbara is gone, John asks Paul if he enjoys being a horse's ass. Paul tells John that Barbara is just using him. He adds that he thinks his mother is just trying to get sympathy from John and Kim and Lisa. Barbara returns and tells John that she is ready. She tells Paul that she knows he is upset with her, but she will do what she can to get his Rose back. John calls the station to tell Margo that he and Barbara are coming in and they tell him that Margo is not there but they will find her and tell her about Barbara. Before they leave, Barbara tells Paul that she knows that he is angry with her, but she is going to make things right. Paul says that he hopes that she can, for Rose's sake. Barbara turns and leaves with John.


Dahlia orders a carrot cake for Katie for her birthday. While she is waiting for the cake, she sees Simon sitting in the corner by himself. She starts to go over to him and then she sees Margo walk in and sit with Simon. She takes a seat at the bar where she can hear what is being said between the two. Margo tells Simon that she needs his help. She tells him that with Hal missing and now Jack missing, she needs his help. He tells her that there is not much he can do since he is not a detective. She tells him that she got permission to deputize him. He gives in and tells her that he will help her. She warns him that what he is about to do is very, very dangerous. Her cell phone rings and when she hangs up she tells Simon that pigs really do fly. She tells him that Barbara is on her way to the station to tell the truth about what happened with the women disappearing. She says goodbye to Simon and walks out. Dahlia gets her cake and leaves also.


Katie is cozying up with Snickerz and her faux rabbit coat on the bed. There is a knock at the door and she thinks that Simon is back. She puts on her coat and fixes her hair and picks up Snickerz and goes to the door. When she opens the door, a tall, slender brunette is standing there and she asks for Simon Frazier. Katie tells her that Simon is not there but she is Mrs. Frazier and could she help her. The woman looks around the suite and says that it explains a lot. Katie tells the woman that Simon is away on business and she doesn't know when he will return. The woman rolls her eyes and says, "That figures." She walks off without giving Katie any explanations. Katie closes the door and wonders what the woman wanted with Simon. She puts Snickerz on the bed and takes her coat off. Someone knocks at the door again and Katie goes to the door and Dahlia is there. She tells Katie that she brought her a cake for her birthday. She adds that she still wants to make up with Katie for kissing her husband. Katie says that they are past that, but Dahlia begs her to accept the cake. Katie invites her in. Katie starts telling Dahlia about the woman who was looking for Simon and how weird it all was. She tells Dahlia that Simon is still away on business. Dahlia gets a funny look on her face. Katie asks her what the look was about. Dahlia doesn't want to tell her but she confesses that she saw Simon at the coffee shop and he didn't look like he was going anywhere. Dahlia tells her that he was sitting with some woman. Katie asks if she was tall with a business suit on. Dahlia informs her that she was sitting, but she did look serious. Katie goes to the phone and calls Simon on his cell phone. When he answers and hears Katie's voice he tells her that he has good news that his assignment might be cancelled. Katie tells him that is good news and she informs him about the woman that came by looking for him. He asks Katie if she had ever seen her before. Katie says that she hadn't, but she was carrying a briefcase and looked very serious. She asks Simon, "Where are you?" He lies and says that he is at the airport and she asks if he thinks he will be there awhile. He tells her that he will be because he wants to see if his flight changes or if Margo has anything new for him. They say that they love each other and hang up. Dahlia asks Katie if they got everything worked out. Katie says that they did and everything is fine, perfectly fine.

When Simon hangs up, he looks at his bill and puts some money on the table. He gets up and starts to leave. As he turns, the woman that visited Katie earlier walks around the corner and says hello to Simon. He asks if she is from immigration and does she have what he needs. She says yes, she has something that he wants very much. She sits down at his table and says that her firm used to represent Monique Farrar Frazier. Simon lets out a sigh. The woman asks if he remembers Monique and hands him an envelope. He asks what this is all about. She tells him to open the envelope. He does and pulls out a check and reads it. He says that he never wanted this. She tells him to tell that to the current Mrs. Frazier. She looks at him and asks him how will he live with himself when he starts spending this money.


Lucinda calls the police station and asks for Margo. When she hears that Margo in not in, she tells the person the other end of the phone that she can't believe the way they run the station. She asks the person to have Margo call her and she slams down the phone. She smells something and walks into the next room to find James putting out a cigar in an ashtray. James looks at Lucinda and says, "Honey, I'm home." She tells him to mark her off his list of people to kidnap because he doesn't stand a chance with her. She goes in and starts to call the police. James grabs the phone from her hand and tells her that she is going to write him a check for a quarter of a million dollars. She tells him that he has got to be kidding. He says that she offered a quarter of million dollars for his head and here he is. He tells her if she doesn't give him the money, he will walk out the door and she will never see him again. She says that would upset her how. He informs her that she will never see that bubble gum popping, high haired, seudo daughter of hers. He tells her that if she writes him a check, she can then escort him to the police station. She tells him that he is Satan's spawn. He tells her to first write the check and then they can have pillow talk. She walks away in disgust to find her checkbook. James pushes the intercom button and tells Matthew that the master of the house is back and he can fix him a martini and then call Fenwick and tell him to bring the car around.


John and Barbara have arrived and John is explaining that he called and said that Barbara was coming in. Margo comes running in. She tells the officer that she can take it. Margo looks at Barbara and asks if it is true. Does she want to make a statement? Barbara says that she does, but shouldn't Jack be there. Margo informs her that along with Hal, Jack is now missing. Barbara looks at John and says, "My god, what have I done?" John tells her that Margo will take care of everything. Margo says that she will take care of everything along with world peace. John tells Margo that Barbara has decided to fill in the gaps of the disappearance of Carly, Emily and Rose. Margo looks at Barbara and says, "You are one cruel drink of water." She tells John and Barbara to come into the interrogation room. When they are in the room, Margo asks what made Barbara change her mind. Barbara says that she realized that she had to tell the truth that James may have gotten rid of Carly Tenney, Emily Stuart and Rose DeAngelo and she had put him up to it. Margo asks if Barbara is waiving her right to council. Barbara says that an attorney is not going to change what she has done. Margo tells her to wait. She says that she has to get something to record her statement. Margo walks out of the interrogation room and sees Lucinda and James walk in. Margo says, "Well, well, speak of the devil and he appears. Hello, James." Margo instructs an officer to handcuff Mr. Stenbeck. Barbara and John walk out of the interrogation room and Lucinda tells Margo to fix a cell next to James for her and she points to Barbara. James looks at John and Barbara and asks what he owes this pleasure. Barbara says that she is there to give her statement to what happen to Carly, Emily and Rose. James says, "I was thinking of doing the same thing. Wouldn't it be ironic if it came down your word against mine?"


Romantic new role for B&B's Rome Flynn
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