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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 9, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, December 9, 2002

A newly awaked Will tells Susan that he wants to talk to his dad rather than his mother or anyone else. Barbara comes in as Susan leaves and cries with joy, at the sight of Will awake. Will continues to ask Barbara for Hal, but Barbara keeps reassuring Will that Hall will track down Aaron, the boy who set the fire, and will bring him to justice. Again Will asks for Hal. Barbara responds, "Mommy is here, and she is never leaving you."

Bonnie continues to confront Marshall Travers about his old girlfriend, Naia, in Brazil. Marshall admits that she was his lover in the past, but insists that they have lost track of one another. Bonnie taunts Marshall about his dependence on James Stenbeck.

Ben demands that Jessica tell him how many times she was with Marshall. Jessica admits that she and Marshall made love twice, but begs for Ben's forgiveness. Jessica tells Ben that she was in Marshall's hotel room the previous night only to get the tape. Jessica cries as she tells Ben that she wants a life with him. Ben tells Jessica that a relationship cannot grow with a lie hanging over it. He says that he does not want to spend the rest of his life with a woman he cannot trust. He stalks out, as Jessica dissolves in tears. Jessica goes to Isaac at the bar and asks him to tell Ben how sorry she is and that she loves Ben.

Isaac refuses to talk to Ben, telling Jessica that she has broken something in Ben. Bonnie comes in and tries to reassure Jessica that things will work out, but Jessica leaves in tears. Bonnie admits to Isaac that she has lied to him several times and that she expects him to tell her that it is over between them. Isaac responds kindly to her, telling Bonnie that he knew that her mother put her in a tough spot. Bonnie promises never to lie to Isaac again, and he promises to keep his cool in the future. They embrace, even though they admit that they still have allegiances to their families. Bonnie tells Isaac that she confronted Marshall about Neia. Bonnie suggests that the two of them go to Atlanta to talk to Marshall Travers' father for information about Marshall's past.

Ben takes Will downstairs for some tests. In Will's hospital room, Barbara tells Emily that she suspects that Emily didn't tell her that Will was conscious as soon as he woke up so that she could force a confession out of him. Emily calls Margo for help in getting a message to Hal about Will's consciousness. Margo appears just after Will returns to his room to question Will, and Barbara is resentful. Margo takes Barbara's arm and steer her into the hall, and the two of them have a heated conversation in which Margo tells Barbara that she thinks Hal is going about the investigation in the wrong way. Margo asks Will a straightforward question about how the fire started

Rosanna tearfully confides in Emma that she has fibroid tumors, and that there is a possibility of cancer, which will require immediate surgery. Rosanna is devastated at the idea of never having a baby, and she blurts out that she is jealous that Carly has Parker and that Carly can have dozens of more babies with Jack if she wants to. Emma begs Rolsanna call Carly, to forgive her, and to turn to her sister for comfort and help.

Meantime, Henry confronts Carly with the positive pregnancy test that he found in her trash. She cajoles Henry into not telling Jack about the pregnancy, then Henry taunts her with the fact that the baby might not be Jack's, and that it might be Mike's. Carly insists that Henry is wrong, but Henry demands that she pay him fifty thousand dollars to keep him quiet. He insists that she give him the money within twenty-four hours in small, unmarked bills, or he will go to Rosanna with his suspicions about Mike. Carly, desperately trying to think of someone from whom she can get the money, leaves, saying that she will get the money from Craig without his knowing what the money is for. Then Carly goes to the Monte Carlo office and opens the safe. She takes some cash and puts it in her purse, then considers putting it back into the safe. But before she has a chance to put the money back, Rosanna comes into the office to confide in Carly. Carly puts Rosanna off, in a panic about the money. Rosanna sees a packet of about five thousand dollars lying on the table and asks Carly where the money came from. Carly, temporizing, tells her that she took the money from petty cash to pay a vendor for some buttons. Rosanna leaves, telling Carly that she has changed her mind about confiding in Carly, since Carly was so cool to her. Carly puts the cash in a gift bag and gives it to Henry, who leaves, promising to spend the money out of town. Carly says to herself, "You're a thief all right. An embezzler. A felon. A pregnant felon. That's just great!"

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Lucy, Aaron and Alison are preparing to return home with Craig and Holden when Hal arrives and tries to arrest Aaron. Aaron escapes and heads for St. Louis. Hal overhears Lucy tell Craig and Holden about Aaron's next destination and sets out after him. Barbara attempts to keep Margo from questioning Will but Margo persists. Later, Will confesses to Margo and Tom that he believes that he started the barn fire. Carly frets over Henry's blackmail and wonders whether she should continue with her pregnancy. Later, Emma convinces Carly to make peace with Rosanna. Something Emma says also strikes a cord with Carly, who decides to keep the baby. Meanwhile, Jack runs into Rosanna and realizes something is wrong as he watches her bond with Parker. Katie finds an old diary belonging to a woman whose marriage reminds Katie of her own. She is disheartened to read that the woman's husband left her to go to the Gold Rush. When Simon learns he has inherited a sheep ranch in Australia, Katie worries that he will leave her, too.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Jack is surprised when Carly tells him that she will give Rosanna a call and get together with her. They meet at Al's Diner and Carly asks Rosanna about her health problems. Rosanna breaks down and tells Carly that she has to have a hysterectomy. She cries and is mad at herself for crying in front of her sister. She also tells Carly that Craig doesn't know yet. Then she asks Carly what is troubling her. Carly tells Rosanna how hard it is to love Jack's son. Rosanna goes to wash her face and when she comes back to the table, Carly says they should just call a truce - at least on a temporary basis. Carly says she can be there for her sister during the surgery and while she's recovering. Rosanna asks if Carly wants anything in return. Carly just says she'll come up with something. They both smile and hold hands.

Jessica is doing some work at Al's Diner when Marshall walks in. He tells her to discourage Isaac and Bonnie from digging into his past. Jessica tells him that she wishes Isaac and Bonnie only the best of luck in their search. Marshall says they are playing with danger but Jessica tells Marshall how much she can't stand him and he leaves. Margo comes over to Jessica's table and Jessica tells Margo what happened with Ben. She tells her how much she misses Ben. When Jessica holds Ben's address book in her hand, Margo urges her to bring it to Ben and try to work out their problems. Jessica goes to the hospital to see Ben. She gives him the address book and tries to talk to him. Ben says to her, "You cheated, you lied and you got caught." Jessica knows that she deserves his words but she hates to see what it has done to him. She tells Ben she just wanted to give it one more try. He says it should be her last try. He then tells her how much he hates Marshall - more than he has ever hated anyone.

Isaac and Bonnie go to see Marshall's father, a civil rights attorney. When he realizes who they are, he tells them to leave. They try to tell him that Marshall is involved with James Stenbeck and that he is prosecuting an innocent man However, his father says he cannot help them in regard to his son because he made a vow years ago to stay out of his life. Bonnie asks if he knows what happened to Neia because they heard that she had disappeared. Marshall's father says she didn't disappear - she died. He tells them that Neia became pregnant but it didn't fit with Marshall's lifestyle so Neia went back to Brazil where she died in a car accident.

James tells Marshall that he shouldn't have taken the videotape. Marshall says that James left the tape out and thought he wanted him to take it. James says it was a test and that Marshall failed. James tells Marshall that he's become soft since he had his tryst with Jessica. Ben says he will win the case against Paul as planned. James questions Marshall's loyalty and tells him that the tape could have been valuable but Marshall gave it away. Marshall says the tape was a distraction and he needed to concentrate on the trial. James tells him to keep in mind that he loves Barbara but he will not risk incarceration to get her back. He says that if he even suspects Marshall is trying to trap him, he'll "put a bullet in your head and disappear."

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Rosanna is trying to have a conversation with Emma on the phone, but Henry is being too loud at the Lakeview Lounge. She hangs up from talking to Emma about Carly and goes over to see that Henry is flashing bundles of money. Rosanna hisses something at Henry's women and the two scurry off. Rosanna questions Henry about the money. He tells her that he has a new job and that is where the money came from. Rosanna remembers seeing a bundle of money lying on the table at the Monte Carlo office. She asks if Carly had given him the money and he denies the accusation. Rosanna warns him that if she finds out that the money came from Carly, he would be very sorry. She starts to leave and Henry asks where is she going. She turns and says, "Church. Have a nice day." She turns and walks out the door.

Mike and Molly are having coffee at the diner. Mike gets Molly to tell him what secret she is hiding about Carly. He tells her that he won't tell anyone. Molly finally gives in and tells him that Carly had an affair with someone the night before she and Jack got married. Mike gets a funny look on his face. Molly tells him not to be mad at Carly. She begs him not to tell anyone and do not tell Carly that he knows about her affair. The two leave to go to the church for the christening.

At the church, Carly and Jack and J.J. walk in and Jack gives the baby to Carly and says that he will find the priest. After he is gone, Carly sits down with the baby on her lap and just looks at him for a bit. She then tells the baby if he will say a prayer for her, then she will say a prayer for him. Mike and Molly come in and comment how cute the baby looks. Carly tells them that Jack went to look for the priest. Jack returns with the priest and the christening begins. The priest asks if Jack is the father and he acknowledges that he is. The priest asks Carly if she is the mother. Jack steps in and says that he and Carly are married, but he had this child with another woman who is very ill. The priest raises his eyebrows and says that he will pray for her. The priest has Jack give the baby to the godmother, Molly. Then he asks that Jack stand by the godmother. The priest then asks Mike to stand by Molly since he is the godfather and then Carly to stand by Mike. Carly moves nervously close to Mike. As the christening begins, Rosanna walks in the back of the church. After the service is over, the priest leaves and the four are circled around the baby. From the back of the church, Rosanna says, "How touching!" As she walks closer, Jack tells her that this is a happy day for his family and he doesn't want anything to spoil it. Carly tells the other three that she needs to talk with her sister. They ask if she is sure and she tells them to go and she will catch up with them. After they are gone, Carly tells Rosanna that she didn't tell them anything about her situation. Rosanna says that this is not about that. She tells Carly that she thought that they made a truce about no more deception and now she has found out that Carly has paid Henry Coleman off. Carly tells her sister that she doesn't know what she is talking about. Rosanna tells her that she saw the bundle of fifties in the office the other day. Carly says that if that is true then she should be able to walk into any bank and lay claim to any fifties, because all fifties belong to her. Carly reminds Rosanna that the money she saw in the office was for antique buttons. Rosanna says that she is not stupid. She says that there are no antique buttons. She goes on to say that Carly took the money from Monte Carlo, her company and she embezzled money from her company. Carly tells her sister that she has lost it. She asks if she thinks that she would steal from her own company. Rosanna reminds her that the company belongs to Rosanna, not Carly. Rosanna says that they will check the books and if anything is missing, she will hang Carly.

Will is awake from his coma and Barbara is bugging him to death. She brings him pancakes from Al's and a new CD player with his favorite CD's. All Will wants is his father. Barbara tells him that they have left messages for him and he will be beside his bed as soon as he hears that his son is awake. Will then asks about Paul. Barbara lies and tells Will that Paul is out of town. Then Will asks about Luke. Barbara jumps on that and says that he would probably like to see Luke and she leaves to call Emma to see if she can bring Luke over to see Will. As she is walking out of the room, Will is trying to stop her. Outside in the hall, Barbara calls Emma and leaves a message that Will would like to see Luke and asks if she can bring him over to the hospital for a visit. As she turns around, Margo and Tom bring Paul in to see Will. Barbara stops them at the door. She tells Paul that she had told Will that he was out of town. Paul tells her that is her problem and he is going to see his little brother. Barbara tries to stop him again and then she sees that he has handcuffs on. She begs him not to go in, that when Will sees him in handcuffs he will get scared. Margo takes the handcuffs off of Paul. Inside his room, Will has heard Paul's voice and gets out of bed to go see his brother. Will opens the door and sees Paul. Paul bends down and the two hug each other. Will whispers in Paul's ear, "Paul, I need your help. They are going to take me away." Paul gets Will settled back in bed. He tells his little brother that he would have been by his side sooner, but he only found out about an hour ago that he had come out of the coma. Paul explains to Will that he is having a little trouble with James Stenbeck and he doesn't need to worry about it because they will get it all straightened out in court. Will tells Paul that he told Margo that he lit the match in the barn, but his mother wants him to take it back. Paul asks Will if he lit the match and Will shakes his head yes. Paul tells him to stick to the truth. He assures Will that if the match he lit started the fire, it was an accident and everything will be worked out. Paul tells him that it is too bad because he could use some company in jail. Will gives Paul a smile. Luke shows up with some of Emma's cookies. As the three are eating cookies, Will apologizes to Luke for breaking his model. Luke tells him that is all good and his father bought him another model. Will apologizes for lighting the match. Luke tells him that it doesn't mean that he started the fire.

Aaron has made his way to St. Louis. But instead of going to Webster College, he calls his friend Brady and tells him to meet him at Washington University. Brady gives Aaron some money and asks if there is anything else he can do for his friend. Aaron asks where he could find a job. Brady tells him to check the bulletin board at the student hall. Aaron thanks his friend and Brady leaves. Aaron calls Lucy and when she answers her cell phone he tells her not say anything. He asks where she is and she tells him that they are in St. Louis. Aaron starts to panic. Lucy tells him that they have gotten some news from Oakdale and asks where he is so they can meet him. He tells Lucy where he is and she says they will be right there and he will be happy to hear what they found out. Just as Aaron hangs up the phone, Hal grabs him and says that it is the end of the road and he is taking him back to Oakdale. Aaron says that he is not going anywhere with Hal. Hal says that he will go, even if he has to take him back in more than one piece. Hal drags Aaron off.

Holden and Craig make the girls stay behind while they go and find Aaron. After Holden and Craig leave, Lucy tells Alison that she doesn't know what she will do if Hal gets to Aaron before Holden and her dad. Alison tells her to stop being such a drama queen. Lucy tells her that it is different for her because she and Aaron are together. Alison tells her that they are not together-together. Lucy asks her what does she mean. Alison tells her that she and Aaron haven't had sex so they can't be committed. Lucy tells Alison that she doesn't know what she is talking about because she and Aaron are together-together. Alison says that she is lying. Lucy tells her that they slept together the night that Alison left them at the barn. Alison accuses Lucy of causing a fight so Alison would go away and leave them alone. Lucy says, "Oh yeah, Alison, it's all about you!" Alison says that Aaron is her friend too and she is just as involved as Lucy. Lucy says that she didn't have to tag along and she should have just let them go. Alison starts to cry and says that Lucy has never had to face anything as bad as burning down a barn. Lucy snaps at Alison and says, "Aaron didn't burn down the barn!!" Alison says, "I'm not talking about Aaron, I'm talking about me!!"

Friday, December 13, 2002
by Andy

At the chapel, Carly tries to wiggle away from Rosanna's accusations by denying any connection to Henry and his new windfall of money. Rosanna says, "I promise you, I'm gonna find out where that money came from." Carly tries to dissuade her from going over the Monte Carlo books saying that her boyfriend, Craig, won't like her interfering in his business. Rosanna says, "It's my company. They're my books. It's my money. I can do whatever I want." Rosanna walks out of the sanctuary, and opens the door to find Mike. (Jack and Molly returned home and to work.) Rosanna looks at him and says, "Perfect! What did you say when Carly told you Henry was blackmailing her?" Carly's claws come out and she tells her sister to shut up because she thinks Jack is probably right outside the church, "he doesn't need to hear your disgusting lies!" Mike calmly says, "Jack's gone, Carly." Rosanna turns to Carly and says, "Oh. How lucky for you-again!" Rosanna retreats, but before she goes, she has one last parting shot, "Jack may not find out today. He may not find out tomorrow. When he does, both of you will finally get what you deserve!" She brushes past Mike and out the door. Mike and Carly commiserate together, but Carly breaks down in tears under the pressure of her life. Carly confesses she paid Henry $50,000 from the Monte Carlo petty cash vault to shut him up. Mike wants to know why she didn't come to him when Henry started to blackmail her. She is about to tell him about her pregnancy, but Jack and Molly return to the church.

Isaac and Bonnie find Jessica at the station and tell her they interviewed Marshall's disappointed father in Georgia. Margo brings Paul back to the station, after visiting his brother at the hospital, and puts him in the interrogation room. Bonnie goes to see Paul leaving Isaac and Jessica alone. Jessica gives Isaac the space he needs. Isaac is hurting just as much as Ben because of Jessica's affair, but says he will put that aside in order to put Marshall out of business. Isaac tells Jessica about Marshall's past. His ex-girlfriend Neia died fifteen years ago in Brazil while pregnant with his baby. Jessica wonders why Marshall would meet James in Brazil just six months ago if the baby and Neia both died. Jessica wants Isaac to get copies of Neia's death certificate.

Stenbeck stops by the courthouse to give his puppet Marshall a pep talk before Paul's trial begins. Marshall doesn't welcome the idea and tells him, "Feel free to pass a note into the suggestion box at the office." Marshall tries to get rid of him, but James drives home how much he wants this "unqualified victory." Just then, Barbara and Dr. Dixon walk in the room arm-in-arm. James straightens up and says, "Well, well, well. My darling wife, and her-what? Lover? Doctor? Lapdog?" Dr. John dismisses the insult and tries to get to his seat. James zero's in on John and says, "You are determined to cause your own ruin by clinging to something that is clearly mine-my wife!" John tells him to back off, "You cross my path one more time, you better be ready to call 9-1-1, because they're gonna have to come and carry you out on a stretcher." Marshall minds his own business during the war of words. James leaves and John and Barbar grab front row seats.

Back at the college, Lucy is still trying to grasp the shocking news Alison just admitted. "What did you say? Oh my God, you did it didn't you!? You set the barn on fire! Didn't you!!" Alison is a fountain of tears and remorse. She admits that she just wanted Aaron to stay in town and thought that if he saved the kids, her plan would work. She didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. The gravity of what Alison has done sinks in for Lucy. "All this time you never said anything! All these weeks on the road-running for our lives-knowing the terror that Aaron must be feeling. You let him go through that! How could you!" Lucy recoils, and runs away to find Aaron. Alison screams and chases after her, "No! Please!" Around the corner, Hal drags Aaron toward his car, when Holden and Craig show up. Both men try to tell Hal of the new testimony Will has given regarding the fire. Hal won't hear any of their gibberish. Craig hears Lucy screaming in the distance, "He didn't do it!" Lucy rushes toward the men, and doesn't look as she crosses the street. A trolley barrels down the road but Lucy doesn't see it and runs into its path. The trolley slams on the breaks but not in time to avoid hitting Lucy, knocking her to the ground unconscious. Craig screams, "Lucy NOOOO!"

Aaron dashes to the limp Lucy and tries to see if she is OK. Craig is second to arrive and he pushes Aaron away. Alison finally catches up to the pack and sobs as she sees Lucy lifeless on the ground.

Paul's trial begins. Marshall gives his opening statement. Later, Paul tells his mother to go stay at Will's side. She reluctantly leaves. On her way out, John stops to see what's going on with Lucinda. Lucinda is out in the hall receiving news by phone of Lucy's condition. Lucinda tells John they are MedEvac-ing Lucy straight to Oakdale Memorial from St. Louis. She has head and spinal injuries. John says he'll get a team ready for her arrival.

Rosanna arrives at the Lakeview Lounge and gets a call from Craig. He tells her Lucy has been badly hurt and is en route to Oakdale Memorial. He asks her to meet him at the hospital. She rushes off to the hospital.

Jessica gives her opening statement and tries to direct all the focus on James. Marshall calls Lisa to the stand. She confirms that she saw Paul arguing with Brandy. Later Kim testifies she heard Brandy say she saw Paul had a gun. Margo confirms she too saw Paul's gun. Emily says that Paul tried once before to shoot his father while trying to save her life. Bonnie testifies that Paul didn't trust Brandy, and that she found Paul alone with the victim. During a recess, Isaac arrives with Neia's death certificate, but he says he couldn't find one for the child. He thinks Marshall has a fifteen-year-old daughter somewhere. Jessica takes this new info to Marshall and demands him to drop the charges. Marshall scoffs. The trial resumes and Jessica calls Marshall to the stand. Everyone gasps.

At the hospital, Barbara walks into her son's recovery room, and finds Hal. He looks at her and says, "Where's my son, Barbara? Is it true? Did Will admit to setting the fire?" An attendant wheels Will into the room. Will is relieved his father is back in town. They give each other a huge hug. Later, Emily rushes to Will's room, but only finds Barbara. Emily asks where Hal is, but Barbara says, "He's gone-and he took his son with him."

Craig arrives at the hospital, and Ben advises him that they have run some preliminary tests on Lucy, but they are taking her upstairs for more tests. John tells Aaron that Lucy is in critical condition. Alison returns to Aaron and tries to console him. Aaron asks Alison why she thinks Lucy was running so fast. Craig implores Ben to take good care of his daughter. Rosanna tries to comfort Craig.

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