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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, January 6, 2003

Katie walks in the door at home after shopping for their trip to Australia, but Simon tells her that their trip has been called off. He has just found out that there is still a warrant for his arrest in Australia for assaulting a police officer. Now the former police officer, "Lock-'em-up Larry" Carothers, is a judge, so Simon can never set foot in Australia again. Katie urges Simon to take the trip anyway, but Simon answers angrily that he doesn't want to take a chance of being separated from Katie. As soon as Simon leaves the house, Katie rushes to the telephone to call Tom Hughes for legal help.

At home, Lily advises Aaron to spend time with Lucy to let her get to know him all over again, rather than making a list of all their memories. At the hospital, Lucy tells Alison that she is beginning to have memories about an argument she had with Alison. Alison's explanation was that, although she had been angry, Alison had forgiven Lucy for stealing something from her because they will always be "best friends." After Alison leaves, Lucy dejectedly looks at herself in a mirror, murmuring, "Who are you?" She then sees a vision of an unhappy Aaron, and begins crying uncontrollably. Alison sees her and worries that she is crying because she remembers what Alison told her before her accident.

Mike visits Rosanna in her hospital room where she is recuperating from surgery. He brings her candy, comic books, a deck of cards, and ribbons for her hair. Rosanna tells Mike that, although her relationship with Craig is not like her old relationship with Mike, she and Craig are great. Molly bursts in just as Mike gives Rosanna a tender kiss on the cheek. Molly angrily asks Rosanna why she bought the penthouse apartment Molly used to share with Jake.

Margo brings Carly and Jack proof that a baby was stolen from a family named Cronister at a hospital in Arizona in September, and a tall, thin woman with dark hair was seen with a baby by hospital employees. Margo and John insist that J. J. take a blood test immediately to compare with the blood of the Cronisters' missing baby. Carly begs Jack not to give up hope, and they embrace.

Alison finds Craig talking to Sierra and tells them that Lucy is crying. Sierra rushes to Lucy, but Craig detains Alison. Craig tells Alison that he suspects that she lied when she told him that Lucy had sex with Aaron so that he would send Lucy back to Montega, so that Alison could get Aaron for herself.

Lucy begs Sierra to let her stay in Oakdale, and Sierra agrees. Lucy then asks both Sierra and Craig to keep Aaron away from her for a while, because she doesn't want Aaron to feel sorry for her. Just then, Aaron appears with a bouquet of flowers for Lucy, and Craig diverts Aaron by asking him questions about the road trip, quickly steering the questions toward the sleeping arrangements. Aaron thanks Craig for being so nice to him as he leaves to go see Lucy. Aaron arrives just as Lucy falls from her wheelchair. She is humiliated at the thought that Aaron feels sorry for her.

Craig meets Carly and Jack at the hospital and reminds Carly that if Rosanna invokes the "Carly Clause," Jack will think that Carly slept with Craig, and that their marriage will be damaged.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Craig implores Carly to apologize to Rosanna in an attempt to get Rosanna to keep Monte Carlo in business. Carly goes to Rosanna and apologizes for sleeping with Craig, despite the fact she never really slept with him. Later, Carly tells Craig that Rosanna remains fixed on shutting down Monte Carlo. Molly accuses Rosanna of buying her apartment to set her up. When Rosanna supports Molly and Mike's relationship, Carly explains that Rosanna wants Mike and Molly close so that it would hurt more when she reveals Carly slept with Mike. Mike plays along when Carly lies that she had slept with Craig. Molly is stunned by the news and upset that Mike kept the secret from her. Lucy sends Aaron away, not wanting him to see her in a wheelchair. Sierra boosts Lucy's spirits while Holden advises Aaron after he admits he did sleep with Lucy. Jessica and Oliver call Ben when they realize that a delirious Marshall is losing his vision. Ben suspects a hemorrhage and performs emergency surgery with Bob. Later, Bob reports that Marshall's setback was due to a mistake Ben made in his first surgery

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Will gets ready to stay at the hospital and to begin counseling with Dr. Michaels. Barbara is upset and wants him to be an outpatient. Will asks Hal if his mother will be okay. He makes Hal promise him that Barbara will not go away again. Hal tells Barbara to keep it together. He doesn't want Will to be worried about his mother.

Margo tells Jack that she found the baby's parents and they have a court order to pick him up immediately. Jack and Carly meet the parents at the airport and say good-bye to Jack, Jr, whose real name is Alexander. When they return home they find a package that is addressed to Detective Jack Snyder - World's Greatest Dad.

Rosanna is recovering in the hospital. She tries to gets out of bed but is still in a lot of pain. Sierra walks in and helps her then she lays some "ground rules" for Rosanna. Sierra tells her that Craig gave his heart to Rosanna and she wants a truce. She tells Rosanna to be kind to Lucy or else she'll lose Craig. As Sierra leaves, she tells Rosanna they have more in common than their taste in men. Sierra says that she had the same surgery a few years ago. Rosanna is surprised but pleased that Sierra shared the information. Craig doesn't know about it though and Sierra says she'd like to keep it that way.

Lucy is doing well in physical therapy. Sierra says good-bye to her daughter and leaves to go back to Montega. Craig tells Lucy that Aaron was sad to see her in a wheelchair. Lucy says she doesn't need anyone to feel sorry for her. Craig tells Lucy that he's looking for a house for them. He is able to convince Lucy that all she needs is him. She tells Craig that she gets the feeling that something bad happened between her and Alison.

Later, Lucinda wheels Lucy back to her room and they run into Will. Lucy says, "I know that boy." She remembers that he blamed Aaron for the barn fire. She then has a vision of her and Alison fighting but she doesn't know why yet.

Craig goes to see Rosanna and realizes that Rosanna is sticking up for Lucy. He asks her when she "switched sides." She tells him that she had a visitor.

Thursday, January 9, 2003

Marshall finally wakes up from his second operation. Jessica is sitting by his side and tells him about the operation. Marshall's father comes into the room and he and Jessica go outside to talk. Mr. Travers tells Jessica that someone is responsible for almost killing his son and he asks her if she has heard anything about that. Jessica reassures Mr. Travers that Ben Harris is a great doctor and wonderful human being and if he did anything he would own up to it. He tells her that he is not pointing any fingers yet. Jessica apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She says that she is just a little protective when it comes to Dr. Harris. Mr. Travers says that he can see that, but if Dr. Harris made a mistake, he needs to know about it. He reminds Jessica that if that were her daughter lying in that hospital bed, she would feel the same way. She tells him that he is right.

Ben is at Java Underground with Isaac and Bonnie and he is fretting over the operation on Marshall. Isaac tells his brother that he had saved Marshall's life for a second time and he should be grateful. Ben says that the review board at the hospital would look at the operation that he did and the mistake that he made and he could be suspended from the hospital. Bob Hughes comes in and tells Ben about Marshall's condition and tells him to not worry about the review board at the hospital. He tells Ben what a fine doctor he is and that he has nothing to worry about. Ben doesn't fully believe Bob. As Bob is leaving, he meets Jessica coming in the door. Jessica warns Bob about Marshall's father trying to find someone to blame for almost killing his son. She adds that those are his words not hers. Bob tells her that if he pursues that, the hospital is prepared to handle it. Bob tells Jessica not to tell Ben about that. Bob leaves and Jessica goes over to Ben. Ben says that Bob had told him that Marshall was conscious. Jessica says that he woke up while she was at the hospital. Ben asks if she was with him. Jessica says that she stopped in to see if Oliver had had anything to eat and she was in the room when Marshall woke up. She can see how worried that Ben is and she tries to reassure him that everything will be all right. Ben tells her that he has seen the board turn on people. He adds that she and he both know that he had wished Marshall dead many times and he can't just excuse it that he did something that almost killed him.

Craig catches Sierra at the airport and tells her that he needs to get a few things off his chest before she goes back to Montega. Craig tells her that she is incapable of letting people know that she needs them. Craig and Sierra have a big discussion about their relationship. Sierra reminds him about all the women that he had slept with when they were married and he tells her that he did that because she would not let him in. He tells her that letting someone into her life and needing them is a big risk, but it is the best game in town. Sierra asks him why he is so interested in her love life. Craig tells her that as far apart as they have grown, he still loves her. Sierra has tears in her eyes and she tells him that she has to go. They say goodbye and Sierra walks toward the jet way. When she gets to the door, she stops and looks back at Craig. His back is turned but as he starts to turn around, she darts through the door and down the jet way and on to her plane.

Rosanna gets out of bed to try to walk. Mike pops in on her in her room. Mike informs her that he is not there to fight with her. He says that he is there to ask for a favor. She asks what is the favor and Mike asks her not to take Monte Carlo away from Carly. Rosanna asks what Carly had done to get Mike to be her advocate. Mike says that if she takes Monte Carlo away from Carly, then Jack will know it was because of the Carly Clause. Rosanna says that Craig and Carly signed a contract and then they breeched the contract. She adds that she is a CEO and she can't over look that. Mike asks her for once to stop being a CEO and be a human and maybe if she did that she wouldn't find it so easy to kick people when they are down. Rosanna says that she does not kick people when they are down. She tells Mike that she doesn't know why buying Molly and Jake's old apartment was so terrible because Molly had put it on the market. Mike says that is fine and he doesn't need to hear all that again. He starts to leave. He turns around and says that he came there to make a deal with her. She says that making a deal implied that he had something that she wants. He says that maybe he does and why don't they find out. Craig comes in and interrupts them. Mike starts to leave and Craig says that if they have something to talk about he can wait in the hall. Mike says that they are done talking for now. Rosanna shakes her head yes. Mike leaves and Craig gives Rosanna a bouquet of flowers. He asks Rosanna what was Mike after and she tells him that he wants her to keep Carly on at Monte Carlo and she makes a face. Craig says that she set him straight. Rosanna asks, "How about you, my dear? Did you set Sierra straight?" He tells her that he did set Sierra straight on a number of issues. He tells Rosanna that he and Sierra have been divorced for years. Rosanna asks if Sierra sees it that way. Craig says, "Absolutely." He tells her that she had better watch what she wishes for because she could have him all to herself. She says that she would love every minute of it. She tells him that she was going to go through the surgery by herself because she didn't think anyone would care. Craig makes a face at her. She adds that she did need someone and he was there. Craig tells her that it is nice to be needed and he could get used to that. Rosanna tells Craig that he is a special man because he brought her flowers and men before him never did because they thought she could buy her own flowers and they never let her cry on their shoulder because they thought she didn't have anything to cry about. She tells him that she is very grateful for him. He says that she could have shut him out of her life. She says that she tried but he stuck his foot in the door and refused to leave. He says that when he found out about her operation he couldn't let her go through that alone. He adds that he cares about her too much for that. She asks if he cares about her or loves her. Craig says, "Well, both." She asks him to say it. He says that he has said it before. She says that she wants to hear him say it again and she needs to hear it. He leans in close to her face and tells her to listen up, because he wouldn't want her to miss any of it. He says, "I-love-you." She smiles and she is crying a little. She tells him that was nice and she would like to hug him but she is afraid she will hurt herself. He gives her a kiss. He pulls back and is smiling at her. Rosanna says, "Craig, will you marry me?" Craig smile is frozen on his face.

Jack receives a videotape from Julia. Carly wants to smash it but Jack says that he is going to watch it because he may get a clue as to where Julia is hiding out. Carly decides to watch with him. The tape starts and Julia is on the tape. She starts out by introducing herself as Julia Lindsey Snyder. She says that he may remember her in such lies as "I'll always love you forever, Julia" and "Carly means nothing to me Julia" and her personal favorite "I want to have babies with you Julia." She says that the reason that she sent the tape was because of their baby. She goes on to say that by now he knows the big secret that the baby was hiding and it wasn't in his diaper. She explains that how she stole the baby and the baby was involved in a paternity test and she took the baby and the father's blood sample. She tells him that she did it all to make him feel as bad as she did when she lost her baby. She moves in close to the video camera and asks if Jack had fallen in love with the baby. She asks if he had big plans for the baby. She asks if it hurt him to lose him. She tells him that she hopes it destroys him just like it destroyed her when she lost their baby. She adds that she hopes Carly finds comfort with someone else and does not stand by him. She ends with she hopes that they see each other real soon and she tells him to always remember that she loves him. After the tape is finished, Jack gets up and takes the tape out of the machine. Carly tells him to smash the tape and he will feel better. Jack says that he has to take it to the station and see if they can track her down. Jack tells Carly that it will be a long time before he forgets how J.J. felt and smelled. He tells Carly that Julia won. Carly tells Jack that Julia didn't win. She tells him to think about what Julia was trying to do. The one thing that she didn't get was to break them up. She tells him that they survived Julia and they have won. Jack gives Carly a hug. The phone rings and Carly answers the phone. Mike is calling and Carly tells him it is not a good time to talk. Mike asks what is wrong and she tells him about taking the baby to the airport to give him to his real parents. Mike asks if there is anything he can do and Carly tells him to just be there for Jack. Mike tells Carly about going to Rosanna to get her to keep Carly on at Monte Carlo. Carly tells him not to worry about that. Mike says that he will keep working on her. Mike says that he owes her because Molly could have found about their night together. Carly tells him that is all in the past. Mike tells her that things have been going well for he and Molly and that she shouldn't give up on Monte Carlo. He says goodbye and hangs up. As Carly hangs up the phone, she turns and sees Jack staring at something. Then she sees that Jack is holding one of J.J.'s toys. She can see that Jack about to cry. She goes to him and hugs him and tells him that she is going to help him get over this. Jack says that he needs to get out of the house for a little bit. He gets his coat and goes to the door. Carly stops him. She reminds him about the other day when she was going to tell him something and Margo came in and she changed her mind. He says that he remembers. She says that she changed her mind again and she wants to tell him now. He asks if this is bad news because he can't take anymore bad news. She blurts out, "I'm-pregnant!"

Friday, January 10, 2003
by Andy

Craig laughs at Rosanna's marriage proposal, but soon realizes that she might be serious. Craig discourages her from ever thinking about marriage in the future, "Marrying me, is the road to misery, and I don't ever want you to make that kind of journey." They go back and forth on why he thinks she shouldn't marry him, and why she thinks he's a catch. Rosanna even says she wouldn't make him sign a pre-nup. She wades through all of Craig's warnings about his history and behavior tendencies. "You're trying to protect yourself." Rosanna says her proposal is still on the table and she wants an answer, "Right now." Craig deflects her demands with his concerns for Lucy and her rehabilitation. Rosanna tells him to take all the time he needs, just as long as he seriously considers her proposal.

At Java, Jessica tries to soothe Ben's fear that he subconsciously tried to kill Marshall during surgery. Ben struggles with his inner demons that tell him he may have done just that. Ultimately, Ben tells Jessica that nothing has changed in their relationship, or lack thereof, and that she should stop playing both men. She says, "My feelings haven't changed for you." Ben spits back, "Your feelings don't count anymore, Jessica. Not as long as you're involved with Marshall." Ben presses her to walk away from her residual feelings for Marshall and to never visit him in the hospital during his recovery. Jessica changes the subject and advises him to stay on as Marshall's doctor and refrain from mentioning anything about his surgical mistake. Ben thanks her, then goes off to the hospital.

Back at the Snyder home, Jack is reeling from Carly's latest bombshell. She revealed her pregnancy. He asks, "How long have you known?" Lie: "A couple weeks?" Jack asks, "You're telling me I'm going to be the father of my very own, no doubt about it, kid?" Carly flashes back to her passionate love-session with Mike the night before she married Jack, then says, "I'm gonna have a baby, no doubt about that!" The news sinks in, and Jack hugs his wife with great joy. This helps soothe Jack's pain of losing J.J. earlier in the day. Jack gets on his knees and feels her stomach, then puts his ear near her belly button to listen for any sound. Carly tells him she waited to say anything because he needed to focus his attention on J.J. Jack gets curious about her due date, but Carly says she isn't sure. Jack becomes suspicious. Just then Mike and Molly ring their doorbell. Jack sees who it is and is eager to tell them the good news. Carly screams at him as he opens the door, "Jack! Don't!" Mike and Molly walk in and give them a fruit basket to help them get over the loss of J.J. They have some small chit-chat, then Mike and Molly quickly leave. Jack closes the door, turns around, and asks Carly, "What is going on with you? Why wouldn't you let me tell them about our baby? Do we have to keep this secret from everyone?" Carly tells him she's not through the first trimester and it might not be successful, so she doesn't want to tell anyone right now. She says, she'll know when it's time to tell the rest of the world. Jack buys her excuse, but suspects Carly is hiding something more. She says, "There is something else you should know."

Jessica turns up at the cop shop, and asks Margo if there is any word about Marshall's long lost daughter, Zara, in Brazil. Margo says they have people looking for her, but it's really not a top priority for local authorities. Margo asks Jessica about her ongoing relationship with Marshall. She doesn't understand why Jessica still supports him. Jessica tells her that she only is concerned with his injuries. Margo doesn't buy it and says, "You're lying to yourself. Tell me at any time if I've hit a nerve." Jessica pauses, but remains firm. She will help Marshall through his injury, then that is it.

Marshall tells his father from his hospital bed that he and Jessica had an affair and that's why he thinks Ben deliberately tried to kill him. "He saw a chance to get rid of me. If Ben Harris made a mistake, it was letting me come out of that first operation alive." Marshall tells his father to promise that if he dies, Oliver should press for a full investigation into Ben's actions. Oliver lets his son get some rest. But, before his father leaves, Marshall asks him if Ben operated a second time on him. Oliver confirms this suspicion. Marshall then repeats his accusations about Ben's intentions, but Ben is right outside the door and overhears the accusations.

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