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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, September 6, 2004

Today's episode was preempted by CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Mike and Henry sit at the table and are literally "losing their pants" to the girls at strip poker. Mike starts to disrobe but Henry gets him outside for a few moments.

While they are gone, Jennifer says to Nikki, "We are really lucky tonight." "Not really", says Nikki, I cheat. When the "boys" come back in, Jennifer prods Nikki into telling the "guys" what is really going on. The night ends on a happy note, and they agree to help the ladies with the Rock the Vote campaign. The ladies are more than impressed with Mike, but poor Henry, is over shadowed again, by Mike.

Lily meets Craig at Metro, where he thinks that they will be having lunch. Lily however, tells Craig that she has to talk with him. She tells him that he has to move out of the guest house now. Craig tells her that he understands, and that he loves her, for coming to his aid when he needed it most. She tells him that she loves him also. (In a relative sort of way.) Holden enters and sees Lily in an embrace with Craig. Craig promptly announces that he is leaving and thanks Holden also for his hospitality. On the way out, Craig happens to overhear Holden telling Lily that he saw Rosanna at Emma's place. Craig says to himself, "So that's where you disappeared."

Rosanna and Emma are talking. Emma tells her that she is more than welcome to stay there for as long as she needs to. She will be safe and it will be quiet for her. On the way out, Holden comes in. Emma asks Holden how everything is going with Lily, and if it isn't, why isn't it? Holden tells Emma, that Lily is putting Craig out and they will be working on their marriage.

Emily and Carly had talked earlier. Carly told Emily what Hal said about taking Parker away if she didn't stop acting like Barbara. Emily is somewhat shocked. Hal, at home with Parker, tries to tell him in story form, what he is feeling about Jack's loss. He uses the pet that Parker used to have, as an example. He says that when "Harvey", his pet died, they had a service for him and put him to rest. It was the same way with Jack. Downstairs, Emily accuses Hal of not showing any concern for Parker and letting him grieve in his own way. Emily tells him that nothing will destroy Parker faster than his parents fighting. Upon hearing this, Hal heads over to Carly's once again.

Rosanna goes to see Carly. She apologizes for not being there for her before. Carly is more than understanding, since Rosanna also has suffered a loss of her own. While there, Carly tells Rosanna about the feelings that Parker is having about Jack. Rosanna says that it looks like Carly could use her help about now.

Rosanna has a private investigator come over and they talk about Jack. The private investigator asks Carly questions about Parker and also how she feels about the feelings that Parker is having. Carly admits out loud for the first time that she was afraid to even think that Jack could possibly be out there somewhere. She tells the private investigator that she wants him to bring Jack home. She knows that he is out there somewhere. A knock comes at the door and Carly can see that it is Hal. Rosanna and the investigator go out the back door before Carly lets Hal in. He apologizes to Carly for the things he said, and tells her that as long as she is looking out for Parker's best interests, everything will be all right. Carly assures him, that it is definitely true, that she is looking out for Parker and what is best for him.

At the farm, Craig arrives and knocks on the door. Emma answers. She tells him that he is not welcome and if he doesn't leave, he is likely to end up with buckshot in his cute little butt. He tries to tell her that he lost a son also, and just wants to see Rosanna. At this point, Emma throws a bucket of water on him, and tells him to leave. As he turns, Rosanna walks up, and sees him and comments, "Oh, hello Craig. Looks like you had a run in with Emma." She walks past him, and into the house, where she promptly closes the door, leaving him standing out there.

Jack follows Julia home after she leaves the place he is performing. Julia tells him that she is becoming involved and doesn't want to, 'cause what's going to happen when he leaves. Jack tells her, that for him, there is only now. She says that someday, someone will come up to the door and take him away and he'll forget all about JJ and her, and she won't go through that again. They continue to talk. He says that maybe, just maybe, it is time for him to leave. JJ comes home and wants Jack to throw a football with him. Jack looks at Julia and asks, "What do I do, go or stay?" She tells him to stay.

Emily hears Parker scream and she comes running to him. Parker says to her, "Don't tell my Dad, but, if Mommy doesn't find Jack soon, he may never come back."

Carly stands in her living room. She vows to look for Jack and find him.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Dusty meets with his new "pal." They talk and Dusty wants to know more about what this guy has in mind. Dusty says he will think about it and is told that the offer is up at midnight.

Lucy goes to Metro to meet up with Dusty, but finds Craig there instead. Craig tries to talk with Lucy but meets with hostility from her. She tells him that she just doesn't understand why he had her kidnapped. Craig tells Lucy that no one will ever love her as much as he does. He tells her that he is moving out of Lily's place and when he finds a place, there will always be room for her. Craig says that Rosanna is staying at Emma's place, and with all that has happened, she would probably like to see her. He gives her a picture of Cabot, and Lucy accuses him of using Cabot's memory to soften her up. He says that she is making another mistake by staying with Dusty. Dusty comes in and says to Craig, that Lucy has asked him to leave her alone. "Are you going to do that or do I have to throw you out?" Dusty asks. Craig reminds him that he is part owner of Metro and now with Molly moving and gone, he will be spending more time at the club.

Alison calls Chris at the hospital. She is trying to pick out music for the wedding and needs his help. He is busy and tries to put her off by saying that whatever she chooses will be just fine for him. At the hospital, Chris catches up with Bob, his Dad, and tells him that he needs to talk to him for a few minutes. Chris tells him that something is going on between someone and him but, it has not gotten out of hand. Bob tells him that he needs to put an end to it or is he so involved with the other person because he is in love with her, or does it make him question himself?

At Susan's, she and Alison are about to check the order for the bridal party. The glasses have arrived. Susan takes one out of the box and looks at the inscription on it. Oh no, it is wrong, and as Alison looks at it, she begins to feel that something else has just gone wrong. Chris has been so preoccupied and things just haven't been the same between the two of them lately. Susan reassures her that Chris loves her. Chris arrives and they him the glasses. With a new decision to act like he is happy about everything that is going on, Chris vows to make everything right for Alison. He tells her that he will take care of the glasses. He takes the box and leaves. Later, he arrives back and tells Alison that he told the owner of the company that only perfection would do for his intended. They will correct the mistake and the glassware will arrive 3 days before the wedding. Alison is thrilled. She and Chris finally get to spend some time alone and Chris apologizes to her for being so distracted lately. They have the whole house to themselves, and as Alison leaves the room for a moment, Chris picks up a picture of Emily and remembers the times that he kissed her.

Emily brings Parker back to Carly's. When they are alone, Emily tells Carly what Parker had to say about Jack. She tells Carly, that Parker told her, that since Jack has been gone, he has had "feelings" about Jack. After talking about the situation, Carly calls Dennis Everhart, the private detective. He tells her that he is at the water park and is about to meet with someone that might have talked with Jack. Carly tells him that she is on the way. She leaves Parker with Emily and goes. She meets up with the investigator and when he tells Carly to look at the person they are waiting to talk with, Carly is amazed, the woman looks like Carly. Same color hair. The woman is on a break, and comes over to the table where they are sitting. Carly dismisses the investigator and prefers to talk with Martha Honeycutt, the name of the woman, herself. The woman tells her that she isn't sure that the picture shown to her was really Jack. Carly shows her one that she has brought. The woman starts to realize that Carly is not an associate of the investigator but this Jack's wife. When she talks with Carly, she starts to change her story, and Carly tells her that she wants the truth. The woman finally tells her, that Jack was with another woman.

JJ is preparing to leave for his first day of school. He says goodbye to Mom, and Jack says that he will walk him to the bus stop if he doesn't mind. JJ agrees. While at the bus stop JJ begins to talk about his Dad. JJ tells Jack that his Mom told him not to look back but ahead. JJ tells Jack that once he forgot to put out the trash and his Dad put his fist through the wall. JJ tells him that he ducked.

Jack looks on surprised.

A knock comes on Julia's door. She thinks that someone has forgotten his keys and opens the door. To her amazement, her ex-husband is standing there. He pushes his way on by Julia and wants to know where his son is. He claims not to be the same man he was, but, almost immediately, shows signs of being unstable. He (Les is his name) tells her that he wants her back and she says that she is not coming back. He goes after Julia and Julia retaliates with a baseball bat. Jack comes in the front door, and grabs him. He is able to subdue Les and as he is tying him up, he tells Julia to call the police. Jack doesn't realize at the time, but he has just reacted and handled the situation as the policeman, he really is. The police arrive and take him away.

Dusty tells Lucy that her Dad is right. She is going to have nothing but the best. He tells her that he might have a way out of the club for both of them.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Fresh off the uncomfortable encounter with Les, Jack assures Julia that despite his memory loss, he knows he is nothing like Julia's ex. Julia agrees and the two end in a kiss. This time Jack insists he doesn't want to stop, and neither does Julia. Meanwhile, Carly learns that Jack is with a woman and a child. Realizing it is the woman whom she met at the water park, she recalls JJ's name and ultimately gets an address and rushes off to find him. Later, as Carly moves to the exterior of a door, Jack and Julia's near lovemaking is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Jordan stops by to see Rosanna and when she learns that Jennifer has broken with him, Rosanna considers seeing if she can make things right. Meanwhile, as Will comforts his mother, reassuring her of his love, Paul comes back to town determined to find out from Barbara where James is. Jennifer convinces Paul that his hope is futile and Paul worries about Rosanna. But, before Jennifer can tell Paul about Rosanna and Jordan, Rosanna unexpectedly encounters Paul. Paul attempts to apologize and reconnect, but Rosanna remains unmoved. It's then, however, that Jennifer drops the news to Paul that Rosanna slept with Jordan. Meanwhile, Will reveals that he actually hates his mother and is plotting some kind of revenge.

Aaron comes upon Dusty and Lucy and learns they are a couple. Lucy confides to Aaron her fear that Dusty feels he needs to change for her even as Dusty tells Dominic he wants in on the boxing plan.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the entire CBS Daytime lineup As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless was preempted. These preemptions were accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 13th and pick up where Thursday's shows concluded.

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