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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 4, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, July 4, 2005

Margo comes in to Katie's house to find that she has packed and is ready to leave, to find somewhere to start her life over. Meanwhile, Mike confronts Jennifer after overhearing her conversation with Dusty. Jennifer does not admit setting Craig up until Mike tells her about what he overheard. Mike is furious and walks out on Jennifer, telling her that he cannot live with someone who does not trust him. Mike goes directly to Katie's house, where Margo tells him that Katie is gone for good. Jennifer goes to Dusty's hotel room, but she is met at the door by Meg, wearing only Dusty's shirt. Jen leaves and asks Meg not to tell Dusty that she was there.

Gwen tells Will that she cannot live with him, pretending that he is the father of her baby. Will argues, but Gwen remains adamant. After Will leaves, Gwen picks up a brochure about abortion and reads it. Celia tells Casey that she would like for them to exchange promise rings, promising to wait until they are married for sex. After Celia leaves, Casey sulks.

Susan Stewart meets Jack and Carly, and Susan examines the picture of Carly's father. She remembers only that the man in the picture was involved in something terrible that involved a child. Susan promises to check her records to find out more about the man. Carly wakes from a dream, hearing a woman ask, "What have you done to my boy?"

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Jennifer is absolutely beside herself because Mike has left. She calls Dusty's cell phone several times and leaves desperate messages about Mike's having left her. Dusty, however, is busy with Meg as they enjoy an afternoon in bed. When he checks his messages, he starts to get ready to leave to be with Jennifer. Meg is upset because he is leaving, and says she thinks he has feelings for Jennifer. Dusty denies it, but leaves anyway, telling Meg to call him when she gets to Alaska. Later, Meg gets an offer from Juneau General Hospital in Alaska - for a job that starts in two days.

Jennifer is thrilled to see Mike come to the door, but he has only come to gather a few things. He tells her that he can't live with her without trust and makes the point that she only ever talks about "her" baby, not "their" baby. She sobs hysterically as Mike leaves. Dusty comes to Jennifer's door just as Mike is leaving. The two fight about what Dusty did to control Craig, and Mike leaves angrily. Dusty tries to console Jennifer, but it doesn't seem to do any good.

Margo tells Henry that Katie is gone because she is so upset about her break-up with him. Henry pries for more information, but he already knows that Katie is sad about Mike, too. Margo agrees to let Henry take care of Snickers, and while Henry is gathering some things, Katie calls her home to talk to Margo. Henry hears her voice on the answering machine and picks it up. They both really seem to want to say more to each other than they do - he tells her that Margo let him take care of Snickers, and then they say good-bye. Katie has found herself in the same hotel room as that which she was supposed to be meeting Henry last time she was in Chicago. The hotel tries to find another room for her, but everything is booked. Instead of sitting around the hotel room and feeling sorry for herself, she chooses to go shopping. Just as she leaves the room, the bellman comes up with Mike's suitcase - he is checking into the room across the hall from her. They do not see each other.

Carly is becoming increasingly upset about the female voice she hears who is lamenting what has happened to her little boy. Jack tries to explain it away as stress she has leftover from what happened with Les, but Carly doesn't buy it. She does agree to take a long shower and relax before calling Susan Stewart to see what she remembered about the photo. Jack, however, meets with Susan without telling Carly. He tells Susan the man in the photo is Carly's father. Susan doesn't remember the man specifically, but does remember the group was together while working at a family health clinic. She remembers something bad happened - but not what. It was so bad that the clinic was closed and the files sealed. She does tell Jack that Jessica Griffin was an intern at the clinic when the clinic had its troubles. Jack leaves a message for Jessica. Later, Susan goes to Carly's home and tries to tell her that she doesn't remember anything about Carly's father. Carly - knowing that she didn't say anything about who the man in the picture was - asks Susan why she is lying.

Rosanna is able to convince Craig to try to adopt again. She is so excited that she actually calls a private adoption attorney that very day. She says there's an expectant mother who would like to meet with them that afternoon. They are very excited. When the attorney arrives with the expectant mother, it turns out to be Gwen.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Hal learns Emily is living with Paul and Hal blasts them. Hal tells Emily she's turned her life inside out for a man who doesn't even love her. Later, Paul admits he doesn't love her, but still wants and needs her. Meanwhile, Rosanna and Craig meet with Gwen about a potential adoption. Things threaten to unravel when Gwen refuses to name the father and Craig presses the issue. Alone, Rosanna and Gwen bond somewhat and both become reassured about the situation. Later, Gwen agrees to go through the adoption. Rosanna and Craig go to Metro to celebrate and encounter Paul and Emily. Katie and Mike go through a series of near misses at the Chicago hotel until they finally come face-to-face. They are stunned to see each other, so far from home and the next thing they know, the two former lovers are in each other's arms, making love. While Jack meets with Jessica and tries to get more information about Carly's father, Carly realizes that Susan is lying about what she knows. Later, Carly tries searching through old letters and records when Jack comes home and finds her upset. After, Jack gets a call from Jessica, reporting that Ray did something terrible, but Carly was at the center of it. Casey goes to Will on the rooftop to apologize for his recent behavior. Casey mistakenly thinks Will is into Gwen, because all he is doing for her. Casey offers to help Will since Barbara cut him off but Will refuses. Meanwhile, Celia tells Alison that Will and Gwen are having a baby. Casey comes into this and gets nervous when Alison starts asking questions. Alison then leaves to confront Will about why he is claiming to be the father of Gwen's baby as Casey tells a happy Celia they should go ahead with the commitment ceremony.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

While Jennifer fills in Barbara about her fall out with Mike, Mike and Katie make love in the Chicago hotel room. In the afterglow, Mike insists it was not a mistake and reveals one of the problems in his marriage is that he has never stopped loving Katie. Later, Mike asks Katie to come back to Oakdale with him.

Meanwhile, Barbara rattles Jennifer by insisting she go to Mike immediately and make things right before it's too late. Jennifer hesitates until she runs into Henry who informs her that Katie is also in Chicago. Later, Jennifer finds Mike and Katie together in the hotel and when she says she knows this can't be what it looks like, Mike tells her it is.

Jack lies and slips out of the house to meet with Jessica. Later, with Parker's help, Carly is able to make the mysterious picture of her father larger and when she stares at it, she hears the woman's voice from her dream call out for her baby. Meanwhile, Jessica shows Jack an old police file and is devastated when he learns the truth. He decides Carly must never know what she was involved in so many years ago and sets out to keep her from discovering the truth.

Gwen, Tom and Margo are all shocked to learn about Celia and Casey's commitment ceremony. Margo tells a guilty Casey she is grateful he is not in Will's position. Meanwhile, Will confesses the truth to Alison about not being the father of Gwen's baby. Seeing Will's love for Celia and his concern for Gwen, Alison promises to keep Will's secret. Later, Gwen confides in Will that she has decided to give the child up for adoption.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Lily told Keith that Lucinda's cancer was Stage 3. Keith tried to comfort her, telling her that from what he's seen, Lucinda is tough enough to handle anything. Lily left to go to Lucinda's, and Keith went back to the cabin.

Luke was at the cabin, where he was picking up a few things, and as he was picking up a bottle of vodka, Keith came in and asked what he was doing there. Luke told him, as he secretly stashed the vodka bottle in his overnight bag. Keith tried to bond with Luke by offering to attend one of Luke's ball games or take him to a Cubs game in Chicago sometime, but Luke brushed him off, saying he couldn't be bribed, and left. Later, Luke met up with 2 of his friends, who complained about being unable to get into a show they wanted to see, but Luke told them he had brought the party with him, and he brought out the bottle of vodka.

Lucinda and Sierra discussed Lucinda's options, which were to have a lumpectomy or mastectomy, which would be followed by chemotherapy. Lily arrived and suggested that the mastectomy would get rid of all the cancer, but Lucinda didn't like that idea because of its physical effects. Lucinda became upset and asked them both to leave, then called Meg. Dusty and Meg were at Yo's, where Dusty thought he was bidding Meg farewell. When Lucinda found out that Meg was at Yo's shooting pool, she told her she would come right over. When she got there, she found Meg with Dusty, who left to take a phone call from Jennifer. With Dusty gone, Lucinda told Meg about the cancer and lamented the fact that she couldn't handle her daughters while trying to take care of herself. Meg suggested Lucinda hire her as her personal, full-time nurse, saying it should make Lily and Sierra feel better and would help Lucinda as well. Lucinda thought that was a great idea and agreed.

When Lily saw Keith again, she told him that she had acted like an oaf with Lucinda. Lily told Keith how awkward their relationship now felt given what was happening around them, and when Keith asked if she and Holden had told Luke that the divorce is a sure thing, she said they had not, because Lily hasn't had the heart to proceed with it under the circumstances. Keith told her he would be patient and wait for her, and she left to go back to Lucinda's.

In Chicago, Jennifer accused Katie of having lured or followed Mike to Chicago to be alone with him. Mike told her that wasn't true and said this was all about Jennifer and Mike, not Katie. Katie left, and Jennifer pleaded with Mike to come back with her to Oakdale, saying she could forgive him just as he forgave her for sleeping with Craig. Mike insisted he couldn't go back to how things were, because things were never exactly right between he and Jennifer in the first place. He essentially told her the main thing that kept him going with Jennifer was his strong desire to have a family, but he now saw that whenever it mattered, he and Jennifer went off in different directions. When Jennifer asked him, Mike admitted that he never stopped loving Katie. Jennifer left, sobbing, and ran into Katie in the hallway. Katie told her it truly was not a setup that she and Mike ran into each other, and Jennifer asked her if she thought that made it less despicable; when Katie said, "Not now," Jennifer replied, "Not ever!" Jennifer then told Katie this whole thing was her fault, but she refused to say more, and when Mike came out into the hallway, she told him goodbye and left. Katie asked Mike what Jennifer meant by saying it was all her fault, but Mike told her he wasn't ready to talk about that yet. Katie let Mike know that if she needed to back off so he could deal with Jennifer, she would, and that she would understand if he no longer wanted her to accompany him back to Oakdale, but he told her he didn't want to lose her again and did want her to go back with him.

Outside of Yo's, Dusty spoke to Jennifer on the phone and found out that she was on her way to Barbara's cabin. She was obviously extremely upset, and Dusty told her she should pull off the road. Jennifer said she would when she got to the cabin. Dusty told her he would meet her at the cabin and tried to get directions but lost the connection. Jennifer arrived at the cabin, where her cell phone was not receiving coverage, and when a light in the living room went out, she stood on a chair to change the light bulb but lost her balance and fell to the floor, clutching her stomach.

Gwen and Will talked about Gwen's decision to place her baby for adoption. She told Will that this was best for everyone, especially him, because he should never have been a part of it. She told Will that things have worked out okay for him, since his main goal of not having Celia find out about Casey and Gwen had been met, and he'd had his chance to play hero. Will thought that the scene at Paul's apartment with Emily and Barbara was what scared Gwen away, but Gwen said that wasn't it, that she had read the adoption pamphlet that Bob Hughes had given her from cover to cover and realized that adoption was the best answer for everyone, especially the baby. She then told Will that she'd already met the adoptive parents and that they seemed very nice, especially the woman, and that she had told them she didn't know who the father was, which was something that most people weren't having any trouble believing of Gwen. Will told her that she wasn't being fair to herself, that she was a better person than that. He also told her that if she decided to keep the baby, he'd be there for her, to help her with the baby. She said that although it was scary and a bit sad, she thought an adoption was for the best. As they got up to leave, Gwen suddenly doubled over in pain and told Will that something was wrong.

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