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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 1, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, May 1, 2006

As Holden and Lily wait at the hospital door for Lily's release, Luke and Jade show up with Faith and Natalie. Luke overhears Lily telling Holden that she feels that they are handing their lives over to a con artist. Lily and Holden leave for home with the girls while Luke and Jade head for Crash.

Nick brings a tipsy Carly home early from the opening of Crash and comforts her by checking the basement and making coffee for her. Meanwhile, at Crash, Mike and Katie decide to get married right away.

Gwen is nervous about singing a solo on opening night, but her worries disappear when the girls from her band, Shawna, Rachel, and Sky, arrive to back her up. Lisa announces to the crowd that the name "Crash" refers to "crashing the party," and introduces Gwen. Gwen sings "Do You Want To Be My Only Love" beautifully, and is an instant success. Maddie and Will seem a little apprehensive about the implications of the collaboration of Gwen and Casey.

Atop the bluff at Coker's Wood, Paul stretches out his hand to Emily, begging her to trust him. However, she turns from him and jumps off the cliff. Paul, Meg, and Dusty climb down the cliff to help Emily as Jennifer calls Hal and the rescue team.

When Hal arrives, Jen tells him that Paul tried to save Emily. Under Meg's direction, everyone tries to save Emily. After mouth-to-mouth resuscitation from Paul and Hal, Emily begins breathing on her own, but Meg notices that Emil's pupils are unequal. Before the EMS can drop a litter, Emily goes into cardiac arrest. After a few minutes, everyone despairs, but Paul slams Emily in the chest. This miraculously revives Emily, and they are able to get her to the hospital alive. Susan becomes frantic, blaming Paul for everything and warning Meg that Paul will eventually bring her pain. The doctor tells Susan that Emily is still unconscious, and that there is a possibility of brain damage because of the time her heart had stopped.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Susan chases Paul away from Emily's bedside and Hal holds her hand. But Emily has only one man on her mind as she murmurs, "Paul..." Bob suggests they bring back Paul as he seems to be the only one capable of rousing her from her coma. Meanwhile, at the Lakeview, Meg notes that Emily freaked when she saw Meg at the cliff, which means Meg is the one who literally pushed her over the edge. They are about to go upstairs together when Hal arrives and tells Paul he needs to go back to the hospital. Meg urges him to do it. Paul takes Emily's hand and swears he'll make all this up to her. Emily opens her eyes. Jade snidely reminds Will that he killed Rose, then apologizes. Later, Jade says she loves being a part of a family, even if Lily hates her. Luke wonders how Jade can be happy living a lie, but Jade points out he's doing the same thing. Barbara shows up, wondering why Will is outside instead of inside, congratulating Gwen on her triumph. She then "innocently" mentions the business trip Gwen and Casey are taking to Chicago together. Didn't Gwen tell Will? Meanwhile, Maddie is thrilled when Casey calls her his girlfriend, but Margo is horrified to hear about Emily, and slips out without ruining Casey's night. Margo and Tom agonize over what this will mean for Daniel. Carly decides to go back to CRASH and support her sister but, seeing how spooked she still is, Nick offers to accompany her. Back at the club, Gwen is telling Jack it's none of his business anymore whom Carly went home with earlier. But then Carly returns with Nick. As the two men nearly come to blows, Carly accuses Jack of being jealous. Carly asks Nick to dance. Jack watches them for a minute, then storms off.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Katie announces that the only date she can get the church for their wedding is tonight! Is Mike in or out? Mike is in, and, as Katie rushes around to get everything ready on a few hours notice, Nick tells his cousin he'll get him the perfect wedding present he'll clear Mike's name. Jack calls Mike and asks him to come down to the station. Jack informs him that the skeleton they found is a woman and that she was killed about thirteen years ago. Mike asks if Jack thinks it's Maya and that Mike killed her? Meanwhile, Carly offers Katie a peace offering a beautiful dress to wear to her wedding, while Jack shows Mike a crucial piece of evidence. Emily opens her eyes and asks Paul if the past few days have all been a bad dream? But then she sees Meg and screams that they should have just let Emily die! Paul asks Tom to bring Daniel in the hope that he might inspire his mother to live. The little boy is able to get through to her. Later, Hal admits that Paul was the one who brought Emily back to life. Lily insists that she can put up with what Jade did to her family, as long as Luke is truly happy with the girl. Luke again apologizes, but Lily says her issues with Jade are her problem, not Luke's. She'll try to deal with them as best she can. Luke is wracked with guilt at his mother's obvious pain. When he confronts Jade about it, she points out that she's not the one lying to Lily anymore, Luke is! Luke agrees and declares that he plans to tell his parents the truth. Jade says she thought he didn't want to hurt them. Barbara manipulates Casey into convincing Gwen to come to Chicago with him. Will, meanwhile, is still quietly steaming about Gwen not telling him they were invited to go.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Emily demands Paul tell her the truth: Will he be there for her? Paul says he can't. What they have is too destructive. Meanwhile, Hal threatens to arrest Henry as an accessory unless he spills his guts. Henry insists that all he was was Emily's friend. Maybe if she'd had a few more of those, she wouldn't be in this mess now! In Emily's hospital room, Hal asks Emily what Henry had to do with kidnapping Dusty. Emily swears she did it all by herself. Later, as Emily is sleeping, Hal looks at her chart and is shocked by what he sees. An upset Luke blurts out to Will that Jade isn't his girlfriend...and she never will be because Luke is gay. Luke laments how upset Holden was when he just suspected Luke was getting too close to Kevin that's why Luke went along with Jade's charade. His parents will hate him. Will says he's sure they won't. Lily and Holden are not Barbara Ryan. Take it from Will, they're great parents. Jack shows Mike a St. Christopher medal they found in the dead girl, May a's, hand. Mike says it's not his...but he also doesn't know where his is. Jack explains that they're still analyzing some evidence, but Mike better go...he doesn't want to be late for his wedding. Later, Jack gets some disturbing evidence.

Friday, May 5, 2006

Emma brings some of her home cooking to Holden and the family, since Lily's trying to take it easy. Emma thinks Holden should get rid of Jade, because it's not good to have her around with Lily in her present condition, but Holden thinks that would make Luke leave, too. Emma doubts that and suggests strongly that Holden sit down and have a real conversation with his son, saying he might be surprised what he hears about how Luke feels about Jade.

At the Lakeview, Paul and Meg wake up together and make pillow talk about their future. Both need to mend some fences with their respective families, but they agree they belong together. At the hospital, Hal browbeats the nurse into showing him Emily's chart again, saying he has a right to know her physical condition since she's his prisoner. After reading the chart, he calls Paul and asks him to come to the hospital right away. Paul leaves. While he's gone, Meg asks Emma to come and see her and tries to give her a check to repay her for Meg's legal expenses, but when Emma sees that the check is from Paul, she refuses to take it.

At the hospital, Emily has asked to see Dusty, and he comes to visit her, telling her he's there because he wants payback. She wanted to tell him she was sorry for everything she'd done, but he says the only way she can help to make any of this right is to help get Paul put away. Emily says she can't do that, because she was the only one responsible for what happened to Dusty. Dusty insists that if she implicates Paul, he'll manipulate the facts of what Emily did to him so that she'll get less jail time and be able to perhaps be out of prison in time to see Daniel start high school. Emily says again that she did it alone, so Dusty leaves. He runs into Paul in the hallway and assumes he's there to see Emily. Paul asks him if it would kill him for them to try to be civil to each other for Jennifer's sake, and Dusty says it would. He tells Paul he won't rest until he shows Jennifer Paul's true colors. He leaves, and Paul sees Hal and asks him why he called. Hal shows Paul Emily's hospital chart and tells him to read it; Paul does, and then he tells Hal he had no idea that Emily was pregnant.

Luke tells Jade he's going to tell his parents the truth (that he's gay) today. Jade begs him to give her a day, so she can pack and leave town without having to face everyone, but Luke says he'll only give her an hour. Jade leaves and goes to Cal's place, where she immediately calls Holden, asking him to come see her right away. She tells Holden that Luke broke up with her and doesn't even want to be her friend anymore, and when Holden asks why, she tells him that Luke will explain it all to him and Lily. She says when Lily finds out, she'll kick her out, and Holden agrees that's likely to happen. Jade pretends to be hurt that Holden doesn't care for her enough to stop that from happening, saying Holden makes the people around him feel like nothing can hurt them as long as he's around. Holden tells Jade she should decide what she wants and just go for it---and Jade kisses him on the mouth. Meanwhile, Luke goes home and finds Faith downstairs by herself; she tells him that Lily and Natalie are napping and that Holden has gone down to Cal's place.

Mike and Katie both nervously prepare for their wedding, with Katie suddenly realizing that she's forgotten to arrange to have a minister preside over it. Just as she's telling Mike they'll have to cancel the wedding, Henry arrives, saying he has been ordained a minister over the Internet and can perform their wedding ceremony.

Jack and Carly both prepare to go to the wedding, when a uniformed officer arrives and tells Jack he has some news about the case. Jack asks him to keep him informed, but when Carly demands to know what information the officer had for Jack, Jack refuses to tell her. Jack and Carly talk about their current relationship, with Carly saying it's hard to act like they're just on friendly terms when they know what each other looks like naked, etc. Jack tells Carly to be civil and behave, and she shakes Jack's hand, saying, "See you at the church. Lock up for me, Snyder." He follows her outside and apologizes for his remarks, but he still thinks they need to be civil for the kids' sakes. When they arrive at the wedding, Nick asks them which side they want to sit on, but they don't answer, and each chooses a different side.

A uniformed police officer comes to the chapel to give Jack an update on the skeleton case, saying they found the cab driver Maya had called years ago, and he remembered her very well because she told him she'd just come into a lot of money; he also remembered where he'd dropped her off. In addition to that, the officer gives Jack a piece of evidence they found in the wall where the skeleton was buried and a DNA report to go with it.

Henry performs the wedding ceremony, with Katie and Mike exchanging impromptu vows; when Henry asks if there's anyone with an objection to the marriage, Jack walks forward from the back of the room, but he simply sits down next to Carly. After Henry pronounces Mike and Katie "husband and wife," Jack steps up again and tells Mike he's sorry, but he's under arrest.

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