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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 4, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, September 4, 2006

Due to the holiday and CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, today's CBS Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light will resume on Tuesday, September 5th.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Holden arrives at the hospital to check on Luke. Luke fills him in on what happened with Kevin. He tells Holden that he came out to Kevin and how mean Kevin was to him. Luke doesn't think they have a friendship anymore. Luke worries that Kevin and Liv are going to make things rough on Luke when they all get back to school. Holden asks him if he has a problem with everyone knowing he's gay. Luke doesn't want to hide anymore but he wants to tell people in his own way. He doesn't want Kevin and his friends to torment him. Holden suggests that Luke could change schools but Luke doesn't want to run away. Luke leaves to check up on Jade at the camp. He asks Holden to stay with Kevin. Kevin tells Holden that he was awful to Luke and Holden wants to know how Kevin is going to treat Luke now. Holden admits that he didn't handle finding out about Luke very well but he was hoping that Kevin could do better. He reminds Kevin that he should be grateful to Luke for saving his life. Holden fills Lucinda in on what has been happening with Luke and Kevin at Raven Lake. Lucinda wonders if she would have been as noble as Luke and praises Holden on doing such a good job raising Luke and how strong he has been with Lily.

Will and Gwen hear noises outside and Will tries to leave to check things out, but Gwen insists that they stick together. The noise stops and Will steps outside to see what's going on and sees that it was only a deer. They decide to leave the camp to find help and right then they hear sirens. They leave to warn the police about what they're walking into. A police officer approaches Will and Gwen, ready to shoot, not believing what they're telling him about the situation and prepares to handcuff them.

Dallas tells Tom, Margo, Henry, and Jack that there have been multiple stabbing murders at Raven Lake. Dallas has a list of people that were on the bus and Casey and Gwen aren't on it. Jack wonders if anyone saw Louis, and Dallas tells them that the kids think that Maddie was the killer. Tom asks if maybe the kids are making it up and Dallas doesn't think so. Henry tries to leave to find Maddie and protect her from the police. Margo worries about the fact that Casey isn't on the list. They try to call Casey but he doesn't answer. Jack convinces Henry not to go out and get involved. Tom and Margo decide to start calling everyone Casey knows to try to find out anything they can about Casey. Dallas argues with the local police at Raven Lake, they haven't done anything about his calls. Tom gets on the phone and yells at them to get moving.

Tom, Margo, Jack, Dallas, and Henry decide to go to Raven Lake. As they arrive they find an officer with Will and Gwen. They all argue with the officer about what's been going on. The officer doubts that anything serious is really going on. Will tells them that at least two kids are dead. Jack heads off to search for Louis and Henry runs off to look for Maddie. Margo asks Will and Gwen where Casey is and they explain some of what's been happening and tell her that Maddie came to them, with blood all over her, telling them that Casey was dead. Margo realizes that they're not only telling her that Casey is dead, but that Maddie killed him. Gwen and Will tell them that they don't believe Maddie could ever hurt Casey. Tom and Margo hope that maybe Maddie is imagining things again but Will and Gwen tell her that Maddie's reaction seemed genuine. Tom refuses to believe anything until they have proof. Luke arrives on the scene and finds out what's been going on. Gwen, Will and Luke talk about Jade and when they all saw her last, and Gwen wonders if maybe Jade is the slasher. Luke thinks that's crazy and Gwen points out that she doesn't really have any alibis for any of the murders. Will admits that Jade lied about being with him the night that Casey and Gwen were attacked. Gwen wonders if Jade lied to protect Will or to protect herself.

Jack and Henry cross paths and Jack tells him he's found one body. They go to see who it is and discover that it's Louis. Jack points out that if Louis isn't the killer than someone else is, and they are still out there. Jack and Henry tell Tom and Margo that Louis is dead. Dallas tells everyone that he found another body, but that it isn't Casey. Tom and Margo head off to look for Casey. Jack and Henry leave to try to find Maddie and Dallas leaves to call for more help. Jack and Henry find Geneva dead in the cabin. They find a bloody hand print and upon inspection they decide that the killer was wearing gloves, and that their hands are small. Jack states that he thinks the killer is a woman.

Maddie accuses Louis of killing everyone and as Louis tries to tell her who really did it the slasher stabs him in the back. As the slasher is slowly going after Maddie she asks who he/she is and wants to know why they've killed all these people. Maddie is trying to get away, and as she turns around the slasher is there, ready to kill her. Maddie struggles with the slasher and manages to get away. She finds a police car and gets in. As she waits, someone grabs her. They pull her out of the car, knock her out and drag her off into the woods. Maddie is screaming and struggling with the slasher and someone comes out of the woods and knocks the slasher out and off of Maddie. Maddie turns to see who it is, and it's Casey! They kiss and she tells him she thought he was dead. They tell each other they love each other. Casey tells Maddie to get the knife. He tells her to go get help but she refuses to leave him alone and she insists on finding out who the slasher is. She goes over to the killer, knife in hand, and starts to pull of the mask.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Paul told Emily he wanted to buy The Intruder. She blanched at him becoming her boss and wondered what Meg thinks about it. He insisted she's fine with it. However, Emily hates the idea. Meg found Holden and Emma in the Snyder kitchen, where she got the lowdown on Luke/Kevin. Emma noticed Meg's ring. Meg suggested she and Paul can overcome the "problem" of Emily's pregnancy. Emma suggested celebrating with Paul. Meg called Paul, who said he's in a meeting at the Lakeview, so Emma suggested joining him. Emily wanted to shake on the deal, and thanked him for his support. He suggested a celebratory toast, she suggested sparkling apple juice. Emily was skeptical he could deal with Craig, but Paul said he enlisted Lucy to give him a message. Emily made a toast to Paul, just as Meg entered.

Katie said she wanted to ask Carly about a job opportunity, but joked about that incident where Simon stripped, so Carly explained the spackle accident again. Katie was caught off-guard by mention of Carly's divorce. She cautioned Carly against getting involved with Simon. About that job? Katie said Kim was thinking of launching a home & garden show, so would Carly be interested in offering decorating tips? Carly realized Katie is interested in Simon; Katie said she's just interested in Carly's welfare.

Henry defended Maddie from Jack's suspicions as they examined Geneva's marshmallow-festooned body. Meanwhile, Luke defended Jade from Gwen's suspicions. Meanwhile, Maddie removed the slasher's mask to reveal...her sister Eve! Eve mocked Maddie's cluelessness and blamed her for all the dead kids. Eve said "cute little Maddie, pretty little Maddie" was taking advantage of people's goodwill. She accused the "disgusting slut" of parading herself in front of Louis and tempting him into raping her. Eve considered letting it go until Maddie was prompted to accuse Louis, so Eve had to frame Maddie. Maddie was aghast at all the dead, teenagers, and Eve snarked, "Don't get moral with me. I was protecting my marriage!" from "a vicious, grasping slut." She started to cry over Louis, which angered Maddie. "You gave me no choice!" Eve spat.

Meanwhile, Jade caught up with the kids and asked what happened. Gwen accused her, and Jade appealed to Will, who defended her. Eve said killing Louis was a sort of release, and the kids were just "collateral damage." Except for Casey. "He had to die," Eve laughed, because she wanted to take away someone Maddie loved, just like Maddie took Louis away. As Maddie reeled, Eve reached for a stone. Maddie wrestled the rock away, but couldn't bring herself to beat in Eve's face with it. Instead she tried to revive Casey. Tom and Margo finally arrived, and the kids pointed out Eve who had disappeared! But the fleeing Eve ran straight into Jack, who read her her rights. She laughed maniacally at the stunned Henry. Gwen apologized; Jade let it slide. Dallas brought the news about Casey rescuing Maddie from Eve. Jade noticed Gwen recoiling from Will, and hoped they had not reconciled yet. Eve was furious that Henry was more concerned about "poor Maddie" than her. "How come you never worried about me?" she cried. "I hope you're happy." As she was led away, Eve asked Jack, "Get the wine I sent you?" As she passed her little sister, Eve sniped, "Later, Maddie." Gwen regretted suspecting Jade, and Will regretted things he said to Casey as Jade and Luke watched from the bushes. As an EMT attended to Gwen, Jade thanked Will for defending her. A distraught Maddie noted that Casey saved her life twice, and that Eve blamed her for everything. Will carried gimpy Gwen to the ambulance. At the police station, Eve tried to flirt with Jack, then told him, "Enjoy the wine." At the hospital, Margo reassured Casey before he was wheeled away. Maddie pleaded with Casey to be okay.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Katie tells Simon she and Mike are starting a family. Simon asks if this isn't about her jealousy re: him and Carly. Katie denies, but Mike isn't happy to hear she's been blabbing. Meanwhile, Carly learns that Eve was the serial killer. She finds Jack in a bar and urges him not to blame himself. Jack is grateful for her kindness, but shuts down when Simon arrives. Jack tells Carly their divorce papers should be arriving soon, and leaves. He gets them in the mail later that night. Simon offers to fly Carly to Santo Domingo so she can get the whole divorce business done once and for all. Carly agrees. Paul sees Meg, Emma and Holden and asks why they're there. Meg says they're there to celebrate Meg and Paul's engagement. Paul makes sure Emily doesn't hear and covers Meg's ring with his hand. After Emily leaves, Meg wonders why. Paul says it's just so that Emily doesn't get upset and cause harm to the baby. Meg takes off her engagement ring. Paul is scared, until she tells him they can keep it a secret for now. Meanwhile, Emily muses to the baby how she and Paul are going to be working VERY closely now.... Barbara demands to know why Gwen isn't going back to Will, now that her son has saved his wife's life twice! Bob urges Barbara not to pressure Gwen. Will suggests to Gwen a memorial service for all the murdered kids. So that the community and Mr. And Mrs. Munson can heal.

Friday, September 8, 2006

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, today's CBS Daytime lineup was pre-empted.

This pre-emption was planned for in the production of the shows and there will be no lost or missing episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular broadcasting of The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light will resume on Monday, September 11th.

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