As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on ATWT
Luke took his first steps. Paul tried to convince Will to forgive Barbara. Sofie went into labor. After learning that Paul was the baby's father, Craig appeared to be taking drastic steps regarding Meg's pregnancy. Despite promises to the contrary, Brad did not keep his relationship with Katie a secret. Carly asked Jack to stop concentrating on the bad things she had done and acknowledge the good.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Katie and Brad make love and afterwards he gushes about how awesome it was, but Katie doesn't share the same sentiments. Brad wants more, but she tells him no and gets out of bed. He tells her he knows she had a great time- but she tells him it was just fine. He tells her that she is acting this way because he performed better than Jack which outrages Katie. She tries to throw him out- but he gets her to admit that she enjoyed it. She tells him that this is NOT a romance- just about making a baby and that their "partnership" must be kept secret and he agrees. There is a knock at the door- Brad goes into the bathroom to shower. It's Margo who is very surprised as a bare-chested Brad peeks out from the door greeting her. After he gets dressed Brad happily dances out the door telling Katie he will see her at work. Margo is horrified as Katie defiantly admits that she slept with Brad. Margo tells her that she is with the wrong brother and is using Brad. Katie denies this, but Margo points out how complicated it will be to have a child with Brad. Katie tells her sister that she understands her concern, but she needs to make her own decisions. She tells her that this isn't about Brad- it's about having a child. Margo tells her that she will be a wonderful mom; but not now, not like this. She pleads with her to reconsider.

At WOAK as Brad has his hair done for the show he alludes to the stylist about him and Katie and swears her to secrecy. The secret doesn't last long; as the other stylists do Katie's hair and makeup they point to flowers that Brad left for her. They swear they won't tell, but refer to him as her boyfriend- Katie angrily calls him and is exasperated as he answers with "what is it sweetheart!" She pulls him into the office and scolds him for telling their secret. He denies telling and says that he didn't know there were rules about being happy. She lays down the rules for him: no calling her sweetheart, no touching her, and no more flowers! She storms out into the studio and stomps off as everyone watches. "Isn't she wonderful?" he happily exclaims.

At Carly's Jack tells her she ruined any chance for him and Katie. She tries to convince him that she was intending to help him, but he isn't buying it. Jack wants to know what's in it for her. He admits he is still in love with Katie and wants her back even if she slept with Brad. Carly tells him that she has accepted that she has lost him for good and was trying to help, but Jack tells her that she needs to stay out of his business. Carly laments her mistakes with him and points out that he loved her even when he was with Katie and that she will pay for her mistakes for the rest of her life. He tells her to move on but she tells him that she wants him to be happy and to let her help. Jack tells her that the only way she can help is to stay far away from his life so she won't mess up any more of it. He goes to leave, but she tells him it may not be as bad as they think; she interrupted Katie and Brad and might have stopped them from making love. Jack is skeptical but Carly tells him that Katie didn't listed to her, but Brad did. Carly tells Jack that she could find out how Katie really feels about Jack and offers to talk to Brad and get info about Katie- but Jack isn't interested and angrily leaves. Kit comes home and Carly confides in her about her attempts to help Jack. Kit doesn't buy it and demands to know what she is really doing. Carly tells her the only thing worse than Jack being with Katie is having Jack hate her. Kit tells her that she did the right thing; he won't hate her for trying to keep Brad and Katie apart and will eventually thank her. Just then Brad calls and thanks her for barging in because it resulted in him and Katie making love.

At Memorial hospital Kim and Dusty find Bob collapsed. Chris arrives and begins CPR. The paramedics are called and Bob is taken to the E.R. Kim demands to know what is wrong with him, but Chris tells her they have to wait for the test results. Chris leaves her to call a neurologist. Kim tells Dusty that something must have happened to set Bob off. Tom arrived and Kim tells him what happened. Chris comes out of the examining room and tells them that Bob had a stroke. At Bob's bedside Kim pleads with him to please come back to them. She demands Chris tell her what happened; she knows Bob was on him way to talk to him before he collapsed. Chris remembers the argument he and his father had, but denies knowing why this happened. Kim doesn't know how things could have changed so quickly. Tom tells her that Bob is strong and won't give up without a fight. Chris said that if his father had done what the doctors had told him this wouldn't have happened.

Dusty goes to Al's to get coffee for Kim and Tom and sees Emily there. He curtly tells her about what happened to Bob and tells her to ask her boyfriend what happened.

Alone at his father's bedside, Chris tearfully apologizes to him for his behavior. He tells him how proud he is to be his son and begs for a chance to tell him how much he loves him. Kim and Tom come in to see Chris crying and they embrace. Kim tells an unconscious Bob that she isn't going to let him go and pleads with him to give her a sign. Chris and Tom leave them alone and are approached by a nurse. She tells Chris that everyone at the hospital is asking if he will be the chief of staff; Dusty overhears and wants to know too. Chris tells him that the only thing he wants to do right now is take care of his father and leaves to go sit with his father. Emily arrives and he embraces her crying. He tells her that it's all his fault that this happened.

Back at Oakdale P.D. Margo tells Jack that she just came from Katie's. Jack rambles on about Carly going there and that he is going to back off and he knows Katie is smart enough to not get involved with Brad. Margo stops him and tells Jack she has to tell him something- but she is interrupted by Tom calling with the news about Bob. Margo leaves for the hospital never telling Jack about Brad and Katie.

Out in the hall, Margo arrives and wants to know what happened. Dusty tells her he found Bob on the floor and to talk to Chris since he was the last one to speak with Bob.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bonnie points out that Lily's affair with Dusty could work to Holden's advantage in a custody hearing. Bonnie cancels a date to play basketball with Dallas to be with Holden. Holden asks Lily if she's signed the separation papers yet. Bonnie wonders if Lily's having problems accepting the divorce. Lily is hurt when she sees that Holden and Bonnie have become close. Kim realizes Dusty has spent the night at the hospital. Chris admits to Emily that he feels responsible for Bob's condition. Emily tells Chris he should run the hospital, and Kim is adamant that Chris be named interim Chief of Staff. Alone with Bob, Dusty wonders what happened to Bob before he found him. Dusty is angry when he hears Lucinda say she's going to maker Chris interim Chief of Staff. Dusty doesn't approve and threatens to move the Jennifer Foundation. Lucinda asks if Dusty has a specific accusation to make against Chris. Chris tells Evan he will approve the deal as soon as he's appointed Chief. In front to Chris, Dusty tells Emily that he knows it's not true that Bob changed his mind about Evan's project.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Noah and Luke are busy doing homework at the farm, when Emma comes in and offers the two cookies before she heads out to the barn with Holden to get some work done. Once Luke and Noah are alone, Luke gets out of his wheelchair and walks over to Noah with encouragement from his boyfriend. Luke and Noah discuss when Luke will tell his parents he can walk and Luke admits he doesn't know when since he isn't sure when his parents will be together. When talk turns to the holidays, Luke invites Noah to spend Christmas with him. Noah is initially surprised by Luke's offer, but gladly accepts as long as Luke agrees, "Not to hog all the covers." When Emma returns to the kitchen, Luke asks his grandmother if Noah can stay for Christmas. Emma explains she has a full house and doesn't have a single room for Noah. When Luke explains that Noah doesn't need his own room and that he can stay with him, Emma is taken back by the suggestion that the two will bunk together for the night. When Noah comes back he finds Luke on the porch and learns that Emma isn't happy about the two sleeping together. Inside Emma explains to Holden that she is worried she might have made a mistake with Luke by not letting Noah stay with him. Emma explains that she is thankful for Noah and happy that Luke has found someone, but goes on to say that she can't have them sleeping together under her roof. Holden says that she would have been just as disapproving of any teenager sleeping with their boyfriend or girlfriend and that Luke isn't all that different. He reminds his mom that she isn't treating Luke any different then she treated him and Meg when they were his age and that is what is important. With Holden's encouragement, Emma goes outside and invites Noah to please stay for the holidays, but with the understanding that he will stay on the couch and that Luke's room is off limits. She goes on to say that it isn't because he is gay, but rather it is a rule for all suitors who stay under her roof and that she wants to treat him equally. Noah and Luke agree and Noah accepts Emma's invitation. Emma also thanks Noah for being such a great influence and causing Luke to make such great progress since returning home. Noah tells Luke that he is happy to be spending the holiday with his family. After her talk with the boys, Emma heads back inside and talks to Holden about this Christmas. Holden finds Lily's stocking and Emma asks if she will be spending the holidays at the farm. Holden answers that Lily is welcome and Emma encourages him to make sure Lily knows she is invited.

Sofie lies in her room at the Wagon Wheel and answer a knock on her door from Aaron. When Aaron learns that Cole has left her there alone, he starts to pack her belongings and demand that she come stay with him. Sofie tells Aaron that she doesn't need his help and that she wants him to leave her alone. She thanks him for helping her find out what Cole was doing, but says she needs to fix all of this on her own. Aaron leaves and Sofie is alone in her room with time to think about her future.

Will plugs the phone back in and it immediately rings with a call from Barbara. When Will picks up he warns his mom not to phone again for he will sue her for harassment. After hanging up with Will, Barbara runs into Alison and straight away accuses her of causing trouble for everyone by telling Will and Gwen about adopting Sofie's baby. Alison tells Barbara that she can't blame her for what has happened and she has no one to blame but herself and she storms off.

Earlier Paul brought Rosanna home from the hospital hoping the two could share some quality alone time at home, but they are quickly interrupted when Barbara rushes in. She is upset about Will and Gwen and has come to Paul and Rosanna's to tell them what has happened and ask for their help. She explains about the baby buying scheme and Paul instantly condemns her actions. Paul goes on to tell his mother that he will not help her get Will to forgive her. He reminds Barbara at how angry she was when he interfered with Jennifer's baby and tells her that he is angry that she didn't let Will and Gwen know everything about the baby "because it is the most important decision of their lives." All the talk of babies and deceit, reminds Rosanna that she is keeping Paul's baby with Meg from him since she has switched the DNA results. When Rosanna jumps to Barbara's defense, Paul turns with surprise and she asks Paul to remember that Barbara's heart was in the right place. She goes on to remind Paul that he has done the same thing and that he shouldn't wait for something bad to happen to forgive his mother. Barbara begs Paul to forgive her. Paul tells Barbara that she didn't do anything to him so she doesn't need to ask his forgiveness and that he will talk to Will for her, but she shouldn't expect much. Once Paul has left, Barbara thanks Rosanna for coming to her defense. Rosanna explains that she knows sometimes people do unimaginable things to hold on to the people they love. Barbara leaves and Rosanna hurriedly puts a call through to Eli to end the blackmail. When Eli arrives, Rosanna offers him a pile of cash for the video that shows her changing the DNA results. Eli promises the video is the only tape and accepts Rosanna's offer and turns over the tape before leaving.

At their house, Will and Gwen continue to decorate for Christmas and discuss Barbara's recent plot to buy them Sofie's baby. Will tells Gwen that he meant what he said and he will keep Barbara out of their lives and when they have a family Barbara won't be included. After hearing Will's comment about having a family, Gwen announces to Will that she is no longer sure she wants to have a baby. Gwen admits that she can no longer keep fighting to have a baby just to lose the family they already have. Alison arrives to check up on the two and tells them about running into Barbara. Gwen explains that they are glad that Alison told them everything and to ignore Barbara. As she gets ready to leave she opens the door and finds Aaron on the front porch. Aaron tells everyone about seeing Sofie and explains he is worried that she is on her alone. Once he and Alison leave, Gwen tells Will that she is worried about Sofie and knows how scared she feels.

Paul arrives at Will's house and pleads Barbara's case to Will. He tells Paul that he cannot forgive Barbara this time. Paul reminds his brother of all the people that Barbara has lost over the year and tells him that she is scared of losing him too. Paul says that Barbara did what she did out of love and he should forgive her. Will explains that Paul can forgive her because they are both manipulative people, but he can't keep acting like Barbara's behavior is anything but hurtful. Paul leaves, but not before Will takes the opportunity to tell him that doing hurtful things under the guise of love is still wrong.

Gwen has gone out to talk to Sofie and tells her that she is sorry about everything. She explains that she didn't know Sofie was the mother and if she and Will had known they would have put a stop to the adoption because she knows that Sofie really wants to keep the baby. As she leaves Sofie stops her and tells her that she was right about Cole and she should have listened. Gwen offers her help, but Sofie declines and Gwen leaves.

Craig and Meg arrive at the hospital and when Meg heads into an exam room to get ready for her appointment, Craig recalls seeing Eli talking to Rosanna and finds Eli to grill him about what he and Rosanna could be discussing. Eli tries to convince Craig that he was just trying to get funding out of Rosanna, but Craig doesn't buy his story. In the exam room, Meg and Craig learn they are having a baby boy and are overjoyed at the prospects of having a son. Back at the hotel, Craig finds a picture of him and Bryant and remembers the happiness he once had with his son. Meg overhears as Craig talks to the picture and hears his hopes that his new son will bring him and Bryant peace. Later, Meg gets a call from her doctor and learns that there is an abnormality in her genetic testing and she needs to come in and go over the results.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jack interrupts Carly as she's preparing for Metro's opening on New Year's Eve. Carly reveals to Sam and Kit that Jack wants her to keep the kids away from them. They all end up at the Christmas Bazaar, and just as Carly decides to take the kids away, "Cowboy Jack" makes Sage and JJ part of his act. Carly asks Sage and JJ not to tell Jack about seeing "Cowboy Jack". Jack admits to Carly that Katie still plans on making a baby with Brad. When a supermodel guest flirts with Brad, Katie is annoyed. Brad accuses Katie of being jealous. Katie goes to get a cup of coffee with Jack. Katie pulls away from Jack and says she's sure Brad won't surprise her as much as Jack did. Katie announces to Mia that she and Brad have an appointment to make a baby. Katie kisses Brad passionately and Brad asks if this is because of Jack. She declares that no one can hurt her any more and they begin to make love. Paul almost catches Rosanna holding the surveillance tape. Paul sees Meg at the diner, and when the baby kicks and Meg and Paul share a moment. Dr. Bullock informs Meg that she is a carrier for Gaucher's disease, which might affect her baby if the baby's father has it as well. Dr. Bullock says Craig is also a carrier of Gaucher's. Craig insists that there's been a mistake but Dr. Bullock assures him they can still treat the baby, having caught things at such an early stage. Craig sees Eli hurrying away and he becomes suspicious. Craig confronts Eli. Eli apologizes for the test results but Craig doesn't buy them and demands another test. Eli calls Rosanna telling her they have trouble. Rosanna makes an additional payment to Eli. Eli tells Rosanna he had to falsify Craig's most recent test so the paternity switch wouldn't be revealed. As they leave, Craig steps out of hiding. Rosanna returns home to find Craig who says he knows everything and holds up the videotape as proof.

Friday, December 14, 2007

At the diner, Paul is talking to Meg when she feels her baby move for the first time. She tells him that when she heard there may be a genetic problem with the baby, she was a little worried the baby was being punished because she slept with Paul, but Paul says only her husband would punish her like that. Meg says he doesn't know Craig and how he feels about her. He leaves, and on her way out, Meg runs into Judy, the woman whose baby Meg and Craig delivered in the elevator; Judy shows off her newborn son, whom she named after Craig.

At Fairwinds, Craig tells Rosanna he knows exactly what she did and shows her the videotape from the hospital's security camera to prove it. She asks where he got that, and he reminds her that he's the one who had the safe installed at Fairwinds. She asks what he wants from her. He tells her he wants to go back to feeling like he did when he saw the baby on the monitor with his wife, and it was his baby, not Paul's, but she can't give him that. Rosanna says she can, that it would be good revenge for Craig to raise Paul's son as his own. Rosanna says she thinks Meg is beginning to really love him, and that if he keeps quiet, he'll have children of his own with her one day, and they'll be very happy. Craig says he'll find a way to tell Paul the truth and to keep Meg with him, but Rosanna thinks he's not willing to take that chance. Paul walks in and tells Craig to get out of his house and leave his wife alone. Craig leaves, after pointing out that he's only talking to Rosanna, whereas Paul has been "much more personal" with Meg. Rosanna tells Paul that Craig came to tell her that Meg and Paul had slept together, not knowing that Paul had already told Rosanna himself. Paul says it's a good thing they don't have any secrets from each other. Paul asks Rosanna to come to bed, but spying the videotape behind a picture, she says she has a bit of work to do and will be right there. Paul insists her work can wait until tomorrow, so reluctantly, she goes with him, leaving the videotape where it is.

Craig finds Meg at home, looking at a sonogram picture of the baby. She tells him the baby kicked for the first time, and while she's talking, he kicks again, so Meg puts Craig's hand on her belly, happy that they're feeling their son move together. Meg shows Craig a shirt she bought for their baby that reads, "Daddy's Little Boy." She tells him about running into Judy and says their son will be so proud of his daddy. Meg asks him to come to bed, but Craig says he has some work to do. After Meg is asleep, he opens his laptop and begins researching drugs that can cause a miscarriage.

Aaron and Alison are out on his motorcycle when it breaks down. He can't fix it without his tools, so he walks to a friend's place nearby and borrows a truck. Alison finds out the friend was an old flame, but Aaron assures her the girl is now happily engaged to someone else. Unfortunately, the truck runs out of gas, and they both find that funny. He and Alison snuggle up and begin kissing, but Aaron stops to look at Alison, who takes that to mean he's having trouble coming to terms with her past. Aaron says he just wanted to look at her, and he reminds her that she used to get lost when they first moved to Seattle, but then she learned her way around; he tells her they can do that together, find their way back to each other. They end up making love in the truck before deciding it might be time to call for a tow truck.

Jack has Dallas call a friend of his to stop Carly from getting her liquor license for Metro. Carly gets a call telling her there are problems with their liquor license, and she goes to the police station to ask for Jack's help in untangling the red tape. There, she realizes that Jack's the one who caused the problems in the first place. She asks why he did this, and he says because he doesn't want their kids around Kit and Sam, yet Carly let them see them at the holiday bazaar at Old Town. Carly explains that she had no idea Sam was going to be there doing his puppet show and that Sage ran up before she could stop her, but Jack points out that she lied about it to him afterwards. Jack tells Carly he's just trying to keep the kids safe in a dangerous world, and Carly says she realizes he doesn't trust her but she'd like to know how many times she has to tell the truth before he realizes she doesn't always lie, or how many good lessons she has to teach the kids before he'll forgive her past mistakes. She asks why he's trying to make things harder for her, when all she's trying to do is start a new life and set a good example for their kids. Jack relents and agrees to make a phone call to help Metro get going, but he insists he's only doing it for the kids' sakes.

Parker realizes he's left a school book at Carly's place, and he has JJ call over there to see if their mom is home. Kit answers and tells JJ it's just Sam and her, that Carly has gone out, so Parker leaves to go over there. At Carly's, Sam brings out "Cowboy Jack," the puppet, and Parker is disgusted with the whole thing. Cowboy Jack tells Parker he doesn't know how to be nice, saying he's not nice to his brother or sister and he's downright mean to his mom. He says Parker should quit sneaking around when his mom's not there. Shaking his head, Parker leaves.

Gwen packs up some food and prenatal vitamins and prepares to take them to Sofie, telling Will that Sofie is obviously completely on her own and in need of help. Will tells Gwen that she needs to let Sofie go and let social services help her instead. Gwen tells Will this is her way of handling things, but he says she doesn't have a good track record of handling things very well. However, Gwen gets Will to come around by pointing out that Sofie's baby was supposed to be their daughter, so they can't let anything bad happen to her. They arrive at the Wagon Wheel and try to get Sofie to eat, but she appears to be having strong labor pains. She refuses to go to the hospital with Gwen and Will, afraid they'll take her baby away from her, but Will reminds her that throughout all of this, the only person who's been upfront with her has been Gwen. Sofie agrees to go to the hospital with them. When they arrive, Will finally reaches Aaron on his cell phone and tells him Sofie's having the baby. Alison tells Aaron to go, saying Sofie will need a friend right now.

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