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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, June 9, 2008

With Katie out of town on business, Brad tried to cook dinner at home for himself and Liberty. When the meal ended in disaster, Brad and Liberty called for takeout. A short time later the doorbell rang. Assuming it was the delivery guy, Liberty jumped up, but Liberty was disappointed when she found it was Janet at the door with a thank you meal for Brad and Katie. Brad told Janet that Katie was out of town and Janet took advantage of the opportunity to be alone with Brad and Liberty, and invited herself in to heat up the meal for them. Janet saw the mess Brad had made in the kitchen and insisted on staying a bit longer to clean it up. Liberty realized her mother was trying to stay as long as possible.

As Janet cleaned, Liberty emerged from her room and talked to her mom about their recent fight. Liberty explained she was angry with Janet because she had such horrible taste in men and kept repeating past mistakes. Brad came out and did not realize the ladies were fighting, but saw the kitchen clean and thanked Janet for her hard work. Brad invited Janet to stay and join them for the meal she had brought, but Liberty was obviously not happy about her mom staying for dinner. Brad figured out there was tension between Liberty and Janet and wanted the two to make peace, so he insisted that Janet stay. Liberty begrudgingly gave in and Janet happily accepted.

Janet presented the meal on Katie's best china and Liberty was shocked that her mom was making such a big deal about dinner. Janet maintained that it was a celebration of the three of them being together as a family for the first time, but Liberty told her mom to stop. Liberty angrily suggested that Janet was acting like Susie Homemaker just to impress Brad. Janet agreed that the dinner was more special for her because she had always wanted Liberty to have a real family. When the three finally sat down to eat, Janet was still upset. She claimed she was only crying because she forgot dessert, but Brad knew it was because of Liberty. He agreed to go and get dessert from the store and left Liberty and Janet alone to work out their problems.

Sitting at the table, Liberty asked Janet why she slapped her for kissing a boy. Janet told Liberty that she was worried Liberty would make the same mistakes she had. Liberty understood and seemed to forgive her mother. The two hugged, as Brad arrived home with dessert. Brad happily looked on as his daughter and Janet embraced one another. Janet rushed over to get the ice cream from Brad and was flattered to see Brad had remembered her favorite flavor. Brad insisted it was just a coincidence, but Janet could not be discouraged.

After dinner, Janet wrangled an invitation to stay and watch the Cubs game with Brad. Liberty told her parents she was heading out to study, but texted Parker as soon as she was out the door. Inside, Janet snuggled up next to Brad. With the game over, Brad realized Janet had fallen asleep on the couch. He covered her up and went to bed. Janet smiled at her accomplishment-sleeping under Brad's roof.

Jack arrived at Carly's house to watch the kids and when he walked in, Parker shoved a book under the coach cushion. Jack wanted to know what Parker was reading, but Parker refused to tell him. Jack grabbed the book and saw that it was a book about "rocking a woman's world" and Jack was not happy with Parker's choice in reading material. Jack told Parker that he was always there to talk to him if he had any questions about girls. As Jack and Parker talked, JJ came in and said he was going to his room. Jack was concerned that JJ was not feeling well, but JJ said his throat was just hurting. Before Jack could follow JJ, Parker stopped his dad and said he had a question about "a girl."

Parker admitted he was afraid to make a move on this girl because he could not tell if the girl liked him. Jack encouraged Parker to be himself and just "go for it" if he really liked the girl. Parker explained that he was worried about looking like a fool, but Jack insisted Parker would be fine.

Later that night, Jack turned on the game and called the boys down to watch it with him. Parker came down, but told Jack that JJ was already asleep. Jack assumed JJ was coming down with a cold and decided he needed the rest. When Jack stepped out of the room, Parker saw that he had a text from Liberty. He told his dad he was tired and needed to get to bed. When Jack was distracted by the game, Parker snuck out.

Parker met Liberty in Old Town and asked her why she wanted to see him. Liberty said she wanted to make sure Parker didn't have a lame summer and she needed his help to ditch summer school. Parker told Liberty he was going away to camp and she teased him about acting like a kid. She hinted that with him out of town, she would be hanging out with Dylan instead. Parker was obviously jealous, but he would not admit to it and told Liberty she should focus on school so she could actually graduate. Liberty was flustered by Parker's response and stormed away.

Parker snuck back into the house and joined Jack on the sofa. Parker told his dad he had decided not to go to camp and wanted to stay in Oakdale and get a summer job. Jack asked Parker to sleep on it and said they would talk about it in the morning.

At the Lakeview, Cole showed up at Sofie's room and she was shocked to see Cole back in town. Cole said he was there to congratulate her on her success with the jewelry business, but Sofie knew he was there for some underhanded reason. Just as Sofie was demanding Cole leave, Barbara knocked at her door and insisted on seeing Sofie right away. Sofie pushed Cole into the bathroom and then greeted Barbara as if nothing were wrong. Barbara was shocked that Sofie did not realize her rape allegations against Paul meant the end of the jewelry partnership and their friendship. Barbara told Sofie that she and Paul would have nothing further to do with Sofie and rushed out. Cole came out of the bathroom after hearing Barbara, gleefully announced that he had arrived back in town just at the right time.

Sofie tried to kick Cole out again, but he refused to leave until Sofie told him what had changed her relationship with Paul and Barbara. Cole insisted that he still cared about her and wanted to help Sofie if Paul hurt her. Sofie told him the rape story and Cole tried to comfort her by telling her she was beautiful and talented and any guy would be lucky to have her. Sofie bluntly asked Cole why he left if she was so wonderful. Cole said he was stupid and wanted to make up for his past mistakes. He pulled Sofie in and kissed her.

Sofie and Cole made love and Sofie was overjoyed to have Cole in her bed. Cole explained that he wanted Sofie back and if they worked together they could make Paul pay for hurting her. Sofie said her accusations against Paul were not about money, but Cole insisted that taking cash from Paul would hurt him just as much as sending him to jail. Sofie was angry with Cole for suggesting they blackmail Paul, but Cole said it was payback, not blackmail. Sofie told Cole to get out and he left, but only after telling Sofie that he was the only one who understood her and the only one who could help her.

At Fairwinds, Meg suggested to Paul that she look into Sofie's past. Meg felt Sofie's history must include information that could prove she was lying, and Meg insisted that Paul let her research Sofie on her own. Paul agreed to let Meg go. Meg left to get started digging up dirt on Sofie.

Out at the farm, Meg invited Mike over and asked him to help prove that Paul did not rape Sofie. Mike thought Meg was delusional for asking him to help clear Paul's name, but Meg explained that Paul did not rape Sofie. Meg told Mike about the night Paul allegedly attacked Sofie and how Meg had seen and talked to Sofie long before Mike ran into her at the Lakeview. Meg tried to convince Mike that Sofie made up the rape allegations to get back at Paul. Mike did not believe Meg, but Meg continued to try to persuade him to help. Mike finally agreed to think about looking into Sofie's past for any mental disturbances, but only after Meg acknowledged that if the charges against Paul were true she would never be able to look at Paul again. Mike left to consider everything Meg had told him.

Meg arrived back at Fairwinds and told Paul that she asked Mike to help them find out more about Sofie. Paul thought Meg had made a bad choice in recruiting Mike, but Meg felt Mike was the only person who could get close enough to Sofie to find out about her history. Paul felt that Mike cared for Meg and was only helping in an attempt to get closer to Meg. She reassured Paul that nothing could come between them.

Mike went to Sofie's room and asked how she was doing. Sofie thanked Mike for caring and admitted she had no family or friends to turn to. Mike started asking questions about Sofie's past. After a while, Mike left and called Meg. He told Meg he might have some information for her and asked her to meet him the next day. Meg agreed and was hopeful that Mike would help prove Paul's innocence.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

At Brad and Katie's house, Janet fixed breakfast, wearing one of Brad's tee shirts, after having spent the night on the couch. After Brad left to go to work, Liberty congratulated Janet on having managed to move herself in so quickly.

When Brad arrived at WOAK, he found out from Kim that his interview with a golf expert had been cancelled and instead, he was supposed to interview a woman who had written a book on single motherhood. Brad panicked, saying he would be lousy at that kind of show, but Kim said unless he could find a co-host who knew a lot about the subject at the last minute, he was on his own. Brad started thinking and realized he could ask Janet. He mentioned the idea to Kim, and she loved it, because Janet had been a hit when she had appeared on the show with Brad and Katie. However, Kim remembered that she had promised Katie she wouldn't let Janet have any more air time. Kim asked Brad to call Katie to see if she would care, since this was an emergency.

Brad tried to reach Katie and then called Janet and asked if she could come to the station to help him out with an interview segment. Janet was thrilled, and when she hung up, she asked Liberty if she could borrow some of her clothes, since all she had was what she'd been wearing the day before. Liberty told Janet she couldn't borrow her things because she would stretch them out, so Janet looked towards Katie's bedroom. Liberty told Janet absolutely not, but when Janet said she could either borrow something of Katie's or something of Liberty's, Liberty pointed the way to Katie's closet.

Janet took Liberty with her to WOAK, where Brad filled her in on the planned interview. As the interview progressed, Brad asked Janet if she agreed with the author of the book that single motherhood was "empowering." Janet said she did and that she and her daughter shared a special bond, but Liberty spoke up from offstage and said Janet was "full of it." Brad asked if Liberty could join them on air, and Kim nodded, so Liberty, excited, came up on stage.

Liberty explained that her mother had frequently told her how hard it was to raise a child alone and that she often thought her mother resented her. Liberty said Janet was a terrific mother, but she thought Janet had more often felt exhausted than empowered. Janet agreed and said the last thing she'd ever wanted was to be a single mom. Janet then said that while having Liberty was the best thing that had ever happened to her, she'd been both a burden and a joy, and she'd missed having someone there to share the burden with her and share the joy of watching Liberty grow up. Janet stated that her biggest mistake had been thinking she could do it all by herself, and she apologized to Brad for not having tried to find him, so that he could have been there to witness Liberty's childhood. Liberty told her mom not to cry, and Janet said she wouldn't, but she was very glad that Liberty had found her father, because there would always be two people who loved her and would be there for her in good times and bad times. Janet hugged Liberty and then Brad, as everyone in the studio applauded.

Kim paid Janet for her appearance on the show and thanked her; Janet thanked Kim, saying she'd had a great time. Janet then gave Liberty some cash and told her to buy something nice for the first day of summer school. Liberty thanked her and happily bid her parents goodbye. Brad told Janet, "I know it was rough for a lot of years, but you got it right. She's an awesome kid."

Brad took Janet back to the Lakeview and was telling her goodbye when Bud came through the lobby. Brad was surprised to see Bud was apparently still staying at the hotel. Janet asked Brad to walk her to her room, so Bud would see that Brad was hanging around. Brad did, but upstairs, Janet was still concerned about Bud's presence in the hotel. She asked if there was another hotel she could move to, but Brad said there wasn't one he would recommend. Janet said she would just have to make sure she locked her door and was careful, and she'd be okay. Brad left, but he turned around and went back to Janet's room and invited her to move into his house for a couple of days, after which he expected Bud would have checked out of the hotel.

Janet asked Brad if he was sure about his offer, and Brad said yes, pointing out that Janet would be helping him by cooking and cleaning for him and Liberty. Janet happily accepted his offer and began packing her suitcase. Brad received a call on his cell phone from Katie, who had seen that he had tried to call her earlier. He told her there'd been a last-minute change on the show, and he asked her if she'd seen the episode. She hadn't, and Brad told her he would explain it to her later but that he'd handled it really well. He told Katie nothing else worth mentioning was happening, and he hung up. Janet asked why he hadn't told Katie about her moving in with him and Liberty. Brad said Katie was on her way to an interview, but he would tell her later.

At home, Carly realized JJ was very ill and that he was running a fever despite the fact that he had secretly been taking fever medication. She asked Parker to take Sage to a friend's house, and she called Jack to tell him she was taking JJ to the emergency room at the hospital. Jack met her there, and the doctor told them JJ had strep throat and had probably been sick for a few weeks. The doctor was concerned about possible complications from the strep infection, including rheumatic fever and cardiac complications, so he examined JJ's lungs and heart. He then told Jack and Carly they could take JJ home and he would give them a list of symptoms to watch for, as well as prescriptions for an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory drug. Carly and Jack both felt that they should stay with JJ, so they took him back to Carly's house together.

At Carly's, Jack found Sage's old baby monitor and put it in JJ's room so they'd be able to hear JJ if he needed them. Jack could see how worried and tense Carly was, so he suggested she take a relaxing bath while he kept an ear out for JJ. Carly went to take a bubble bath and was surprised when Jack waltzed into the bathroom, looking for another thermometer. Carly said he couldn't do things like that anymore, but Jack teased her, saying there was nothing in the tub he hadn't seen before. Carly said, "That may be, but you're not seeing any of it today!" Jack replied jokingly, "I could wash your back." Carly laughed and threw her sponge at him, saying, "Get out!"

When Carly had put on her nightgown and robe, she found Jack in her bedroom. She thanked him for having gotten her to laugh, and he said next, he would get her to sleep. Carly said Jack didn't need to stay, but he couldn't leave JJ any more than she could. Jack then asked Carly to lie down and close her eyes and imagine it was the end of summer, and JJ had completely recovered and was back playing baseball and fighting with Parker. Instead of Carly falling asleep, though, Jack did.

Carly got up and went downstairs. Parker came in and said Sage was staying at her friend's house. He asked how JJ was doing, and Carly filled him in on the details. Parker asked if JJ would be well enough to go to camp, but Carly said probably not.

Liberty went shopping and then went to Java, where she saw an ad for Oakdale Youth Summer Camp, asking for tennis counselors. She quickly sent a text message to Parker, telling him to meet her in Old Town. Parker told Carly he'd like to go for a bike ride. Carly told him that was fine, and he left and went to Java to meet Liberty. When he arrived, she showed him the ad, and Parker said he would look into it.

At Lily's house, Lily told Lucinda how upset she was that Lucinda had not let her or Holden know what kind of situation was going on with Luke and Noah in New York. Lucinda said Holden and Lily had too many troubles of their own to help Luke. Holden arrived, and Lucinda told him that Luke and Noah had been involved in an "incident" in New York, which, Lily added, "could have gotten him killed!" Lucinda left, and Holden told Lily he should go, too, prompting her to snipe that he wouldn't want to be alone with her a single minute longer than necessary.

Luke and Noah arrived back at the cottage, and Luke tried to figure out what to do next for Noah. Noah, however, was very upset about his father's death and Ameera's placement into custody in New York. He asked Luke to just go home, but Luke said he wouldn't be dismissed "like a pet." Luke told Noah he loved him and wanted to help him, because he didn't want Noah to forget what they had together. Luke hugged Noah, and Noah said he loved Luke, too, but he needed a break "from us." Noah told Luke it wasn't about Luke, that he just needed to be able to think, but Luke said he thought Noah blamed him for what had happened in New York. Noah became angry and finally admitted it, shouting that he did wonder what might have happened if Luke hadn't shown up when he did and said the things he'd said. He threw a bowl on the ground, deliberately shattering it, then cleaned it up as Luke watched. Luke asked what Noah expected of him, and Noah said he didn't know, but he knew he needed a break.

Luke left and went to his mother's house, where he found her with Holden and filled them in on Noah's intentions. Luke said he loved Noah, and Holden suggested he pay attention to Noah's request for some time apart, because it most likely wouldn't be permanent. Lily asked what would happen if Luke gave Noah space and Noah grew farther apart from Luke as a result, and Holden said that maybe that meant they weren't supposed to be together in the first place. Luke, realizing what was going on, told his parents they could both be right and that he just had to hope he would pick the right path. Luke said he needed some time to think and that he was going for a walk. He left, leaving Holden and Lily to realize what an amazing son they had raised.

Luke called Noah, who immediately apologized for blowing up at him. Luke asked if Noah wanted to meet him at Java for coffee, but Noah said he still needed time alone, not because of Luke but because of everything that had happened. Luke told Noah he loved him and would be there for him any time Noah needed him.

Holden tried to call Jack, but since he was sleeping, Carly answered Jack's cell phone. Holden was surprised to hear her voice, and she asked him if she could give Jack a message. Holden said they were having some trouble concerning Ameera, and then he asked Carly if she was okay. Carly said she'd been better and asked Holden how he was doing. Holden said he couldn't talk at the moment, and asked Carly to have Jack call him back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

At Memorial, Tom advised Chris and Bob that Alison had a strong case against Chris and the hospital in the sexual harassment case she filled. Tom told Chris their best chance to avoid a heavy settlement was to stop the suit before going to trial. Bob thought he had a plan to get Alison to dismiss or postpone the case; he called an administrator and asked to have Alison put back on regular duty with patients.

In the meantime, Bonnie met with Aaron and Alison at Java and discussed the strength of Alison's case against the hospital. Bonnie told Alison that she had a good chance of winning if she could get before a judge right away. Bonnie phoned Tom and let him know they were ready to proceed immediately with their action against the hospital. Moments later, Alison received the phone call saying her privileges with patients had been restored, but Bonnie told her not to accept the reinstatement as a victory because it was just a ploy by the hospital to get her to drop the lawsuit.

After Chris left his meeting with Bob and Tom, he went to see his mother at the television station. Chris told Kim that he was worried the stress of the lawsuit might cause Bob to have additional health problems. Chris remarked that he wished he could do something to bring an end to the trouble with Alison. Kim said she might have a solution and told Chris she would work on getting everything resolved.

Kim phoned Susan and asked to speak with her at the Lakeview. Kim told Susan that she worried that if Alison's case went to court that Chris, Alison, and the hospital would all be negatively affected by any trial. Susan said her only priority was Alison and she would do anything to protect her.

At Tom and Margo's home, Margo welcomed Daniel and Casey home from their trip to New York with Emily. Margo was happy to have the boys home for dinner and thanked Emily for getting them back on time and safely. Emily hugged Daniel goodbye, but Casey asked her to stay. When Tom got home, Casey renewed his invitation for Emily to stay for dinner, but Tom stated it would not be a good idea for Emily to eat with them that night. Casey asked why Emily could not stay and Tom said they needed to discuss family problems. Frustrated by Casey's attitude, Tom finally came straight out and told Casey and Emily that Alison was suing Chris and the hospital for sexual harassment. Emily was shocked by the news and defended her sister by saying that Alison would not take legal action against Chris unless her allegations were true. Emily said she needed to go talk to Alison. Casey wanted to go with Emily, but she said no and left. Margo thought it was strange that Casey wanted to go with Emily and realized that something was going on between Casey and Emily.

At dinner, Margo started to interrogate Casey about his trip to New York. Casey thought back on his sexual exploits with Emily, but told his mom he just hung out with Emily and waited for Daniel to get back from the concert. Margo was curious why Casey would stay with Emily, instead of exploring New York. Daniel innocently told Margo that Casey and Emily seemed to spend all of their time together. Margo's suspicions about Emily and Casey were growing and she seemed to assume the two were more than just friends.

After dinner, Tom and Margo told Casey that they needed to talk to him about Emily. Tom explained to Casey that he should stay away from Emily and Alison until the case against Chris was resolved. Casey said the lawsuit had nothing to do with him and he would decide whom he was friends with. Casey left the house in a huff.

After her talk with Kim, Susan returned to the hospital and found Alison. Susan asked Alison to reconsider going to war with the hospital and the Hughes family. Emily overheard the two talking and told Alison to go forward with her suit and destroy Chris. Susan pulled her daughters into a quiet room and told Emily to watch what she said around the hospital. Emily argued that the Hugheses had pushed the Stewart family around long enough and it was time to fight back. Alison thought Emily was using her to get back at Chris and Tom, but Emily argued that "enough was enough" and the Stewart women needed to defend themselves. Alison told Emily to mind her own business and stormed out.

Susan found Kim at the station and told her that she had talked to Alison. Susan said Alison had made up her mind and would not be dropping the suit. Susan immediately went to talk to Chris and told him that her plan failed and the suit would move forward.

Alison met with Aaron and told him that she did not know if she should go forward with her case against Chris. Aaron said she had his support and he would always be on her side. Alison was still conflicted and Aaron told her to do whatever she felt was right. Alison did not make a final decision, but Aaron and Alison continued to grow closer.

Emily returned to the office and a short time later, Casey rushed in and said he needed to talk to her. Casey said he and Emily had something special and he wanted to be with her exclusively. Emily told Casey that any relationship they had would be too difficult. She reminded Casey that their families shared a tumultuous past and any future they had would be strained by the fact that she was Casey's half-brother's mother. Emily said that the time they shared with Daniel in New York made her realize how bizarre their relationship was, but Casey said he did not think of her as Daniel's mother. Emily would not admit that she cared for Casey, so he started to kiss her in an attempt to get her to confess she wanted to be with him too. Emily finally admitted that they could be a couple as long as no one ever knew about them. Casey said he would do whatever she wanted as long as they could be together. The two stripped off one another's clothes and made love on Emily's desk.

Tom and Margo discussed Casey's bad attitude and Margo laid the blame solely on his friendship with Emily. Tom reminded Margo that Casey's time in jail changed him and they needed to give him time to acclimate to life in Oakdale. Margo was not so sure Tom was right and suggested they keep a close eye on Casey.

As Holden chopped wood on the farm, Luke came out to talk to his dad about his troubles with Noah. Luke explained that he wanted to be back with Noah, but Noah seemed to have no interest in seeing him again. Holden encouraged Luke to give Noah time to deal with his father's death. Luke was not optimistic about his chances of reconciling with Noah. Holden told his son to stay busy and let things workout in their own time.

In Old Town, Lily spotted Noah sitting on a bench and offered her condolences on the loss of his father. She invited Noah to the farm for a home-cooked meal and Noah begrudgingly accepted.

Much to Holden and Luke's surprise, Noah and Lily arrived at the farm for dinner. Holden and Lily went inside, leaving Luke and Noah to talk. Luke sensed that Noah did not want to stay and offered to make up an excuse to his parents if Noah wanted to go. Noah asked if Luke wanted him to stay and Luke said he did.

Inside, Holden told Lily he thought it was a mistake to push Luke and Noah together. Lily explained that she wanted to give them a chance to talk and work everything out. Holden said that Lily needed to respect Noah's need for time and elaborated that Noah wanted his own space, just like Holden had requested of Lily. Holden saw the similarities between Noah and Luke's problems and his problems with Lily. Lily seemed to be oblivious to Holden's appeal and asked him to stay for dinner so they could work on their relationship as well. Holden said he had no trouble staying, but wasn't happy with Lily's meddling into Luke and Noah's relationship.

Luke and Noah came inside to help with dinner and when Holden said he needed to check on a tractor in the fields, Noah jumped at the chance to help him out. Once Noah and Holden left, Luke told his mom that he thought that Noah went with Holden to get away from him. Lily told Luke not to read too much into Noah offering to help Holden. She encouraged Luke to focus on school.

Holden and Noah fixed the tractor quickly and on their way back into the farmhouse, Holden asked Noah if he was all right staying for dinner. Holden explained that he did not want Noah to feel pressured to stay. Noah said he appreciated everything that Lily and Holden had done for him and he wished things were better between him and Luke. Holden encouraged Noah to "hang in there."

Everyone came to the table for dinner and the uneasiness between Luke and Noah continued. Lily asked Noah if he had heard from Ameera and he said that she was still in custody in New York. After dinner, Luke privately told his mom to stop asking Noah so many questions. Lily encouraged Noah and Luke to go for a walk alone, but Luke and Noah rejected the idea. Noah thanked Lily for dinner and left. Luke told his parents he needed to talk to Noah and chased after him.

Luke followed Noah to Old Town and asked him to be honest about how he was feeling. Noah admitted that being at the farm reminded him of all the good times they shared together, but he could not forget the bad times either. Luke said he wanted to move into the cottage with Noah and work on their relationship together. Noah told Luke he was moving out of the cottage and back to the dorms. Luke said he could visit Noah there, but Noah did not want Luke coming to his room until he got to know his roommate. Luke felt Noah was pushing him further away and decided it was time to go home.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Carly helped Sage pack for camp. Jack arrived to stay with JJ, who had strep throat, and the plan was for Carly to take their daughter to camp. Carly left to talk with Lily to see if they could make it an all-girls adventure.

At the Snyder farm, Holden learned that Lily would not be able to accompany him and their girls to camp because Lucinda had made a financial appointment for Lily that could not be postponed. The couple discussed the best way to handle the trip, and when Carly arrived, they told her they would work it out somehow and let her know which of them was going.

Lisa talked to Alison and gave her a hard time about filing suit against Memorial and Chris. Bob intervened and told Lisa to stop. Then Bob advised Alison that he was willing to ask Tom to propose a settlement if Alison would tell him what she wanted. Alison said she wanted first to return to the nursing program and secondly, she would like Chris to leave Memorial Hospital permanently. Those were her terms, and she was adamant. She also explained her terms to her mother, Susan. When Chris heard the terms from Dr. Bob, he was fearful that his father would fire him. He referred to himself as a "sacrificial lamb," and Bob offered him the choice of staying and fighting the lawsuit or leaving and starting over somewhere else.

Katie came home and was shocked to find that Juicy Janet had apparently moved in. Brad arrived and was surprised to find his wife there. Katie was early, and Brad had not warned her of the arrangements with Janet. Katie demanded an explanation immediately, and when Brad fumbled with his lame rationale, Katie refused him a welcome home kiss. Janet came in and further insulted Katie by offering her cooking lessons, which Katie refused. Then Katie discovered that Janet had worn one of Katie's dresses during an appearance she made with Brad on "Oakdale Today." Katie was furious that Brad's ex seemed to have taken over her life!

Holden and Carly ended up as the adults accompanying the Snyder girls to Camp Chapawee. They prompted Faith to sing the camp song, which she taught to the other girls. After several hours of singing, the campers arrived at their destination and met the Camp Director, Ms. Winkilemeyer, a.k.a "Winkie," who turned out to be quite a character. She presented the girls with her home remedy mosquito repellent and a drawing so that the campers could identify poison oak. Winkie also told "Mr. and Mrs. Snyder" that they would be bunking together in one of the nicer cabins. She obviously thought they were a couple.

Janet finally left Katie and Brad alone and ran into Jack in Old Town. She asked him to talk to Katie because, in her opinion, Brad was not happy. Jack was reluctant to do so.

At the hospital, Chris locked Alison in a room with him and berated her. Alison defended herself, but when Chris insulted her by correcting her grammar, she told him to go to hell. She also threatened to yell for help and call the cops if he did not release her immediately. Chris opened the door and Alison ran out and bumped into her mother.

At Camp Chapawee, Winkie assembled all the campers for dinner, so Holden and Carly went to explore their cabin, which sported bunk beds. "Top or bottom?" Carly asked Holden. Holden suggested they leave immediately and drive back to Oakdale that night, but Carly said she wanted to see how Sage did at camp that night. Holden then volunteered to sleep in the car, but Carly talked him into staying in the cabin.

Katie was continuing her rant about Janet until finally Brad promised to meet Janet and tell her she could no longer stay at the house. He arranged to meet her at the Lakeview where he settled her old bill there and told Janet she was on her own. Janet promptly checked back in to the hotel and dashed away.

When Winkie announced "Lights out!" at camp, Holden and Carly snuck back to Holden's car and retrieved some beer. Winkie caught them, however, and confiscated their contraband. Carly had a bottle hidden in her top, so they had one drink to share. Lily called and created an awkward moment for the couple, but they decided to make the most of it. They played cards until Carly got sleepy. She chose the top bunk and she and Holden had a close moment as he helped her into her bunk. Holden then lay in the bottom bed, but he did not sleep.

Janet showed up at Carly's house where Jack was watching JJ. She offered him a tureen of chicken soup to make JJ feel better. She asked him if he knew how to heat things up, and Jack smiled.

Brad returned home to find Katie throwing out all of Janet's food. Brad soothed her and finally was able to give her that welcome home kiss.

Friday, June 13, 2008

At the Lakeview, Cole told Sofie that if Paul offered to pay her off, she should take the money. When Sofie asked why Cole wanted to help, he said he felt responsible for having left her in a vulnerable emotional state when he broke up with her. Cole then told Sofie that she had too many lies in her past for someone who was accusing someone else of rape, and she needed to move fast before Paul could find out much about her.

Meg met Paul in Old Town and told him Mike had found out where Sofie had gone to high school in Winnetka. Meg and Paul traveled to Winnetka, where they went to the Catholic school and spoke to the nun in charge. Meg and Paul claimed to be married and said they were checking out the school because they wanted their daughter to go there, having heard from a friend how wonderful the school was. Meg said she had lost touch with the friend and wanted her daughter to be able to talk to her about the school. The nun offered to check the alumni database, but when given Sofie's name, she said they had never had a student with the last name "Duran."

Back in Oakdale, Meg went to the Lakeview and told Sofie that she knew Sofie had lied about other things, like where she'd gone to school, and that she was lying about the rape charge. Meg told Sofie to tell the truth, or she would take Sofie's life and tear it apart.

Meg went downstairs, where the desk clerk told her Barbara had left word that she wanted to see Meg. Meg called Paul and told him she thought things had gone well but that she had to go see Barbara and was glad to have good news for her. Paul asked what news, and Meg replied that the whole nightmare with Sofie was over. She hung up as Paul tried to get more details, but when Paul turned around, he saw Sofie standing in his doorway.

Sofie begged Paul to talk to her, telling him that Meg had said she was going to rip her life apart. As Sofie panicked, asking Paul what she was supposed to do without him and without her baby, and blaming herself for what had happened, Paul said it wasn't all her fault. Paul said he had let Sofie think things that weren't true and had led her on. Sofie was relieved to find out that Paul didn't hate her, because if he did, she wouldn't be able to go on. Paul told her not to talk like that and said he could never hate her, that he of all people understood she had made mistakes and had snapped.

Sofie told Paul she didn't want him to feel sorry for her, because Meg had said that was what Sofie did: she made people feel sorry for her and then hurt them. Sofie said she didn't want to be like that. Paul told Sofie she needed a fresh start and should leave everything behind except her jewelry business. Sofie said she'd had that chance but had blown it. Paul wrote Sofie a check for $100,000 and gave it to her, saying he was rewinding everything to a point before it had gotten messed up so badly, and that if she took the check, they could both start living their lives again.

Sofie took Paul's check and went to the police station with it, where she asked to speak to Margo.

Meg stopped at the desk at the Lakeview and told the desk clerk that Barbara said she hadn't asked him to give Meg a message. Meg asked when the desk clerk had gotten the message, and he said it had been right before Meg had come down earlier. Meg realized that meant it had been Sofie who had left the message for her, and she rushed over to Fairwinds. Paul told her how he'd gotten rid of Sofie. Meg couldn't believe Paul had done something that made it look like he was paying Sofie off. Paul said he had used Sofie and had wanted to make things right; Meg said she loved Paul for that, but he shouldn't do anything like that again. They kissed.

Parker told Jack he wouldn't feel right going to camp if JJ had to stay home, but Jack guessed the real reason Parker didn't want to go to camp was that he wanted to stay in Oakdale because of the girl he'd told Jack about. Parker said it had nothing to do with the girl but that he had gotten a job as a counselor at a local tennis camp. Jack was proud of Parker for showing such initiative.

Liberty went to the diner to meet Janet, who asked her to take Brad's tee shirt (the one Janet had slept in) back to Brad's house without Katie seeing it. Janet claimed she didn't want to make any trouble, but Liberty said Janet lived for trouble. Janet invited Liberty to spend the morning with her after her shift ended, but Liberty reminded Janet that she had signed up for summer school. Liberty left to go to school, and Janet pondered what to do with her free time. She tried to get an extra shift but was told by the manager to go home.

At summer school, Liberty ran into Parker, who told her he'd gotten the job at the tennis camp. Liberty asked if Parker even knew how to play tennis, and Parker said it couldn't be very hard. Liberty said, "Wanna bet?" and Parker replied, "Yeah, maybe I do." When they got to the tennis court, it became apparent that Parker was actually a very good player. Parker won the set, and Liberty asked for a rematch. Parker asked if she meant a rematch of tennis or kissing. Liberty told Parker he was "the guy who ends up alone," as Dylan walked onto the tennis court to pick her up for a movie date.

Janet decided to go check on JJ and Jack. She asked Jack how JJ was doing and then said she was there to pick up the soup tureen she'd left the night before. JJ called out to Jack from upstairs, and Janet told Jack to go see what JJ needed, and she would get the tureen herself. Jack told her where it was in the kitchen. When Janet saw the mess in the kitchen, she said to herself, "Oh, yeah-you're Brad's brother, all right!"

When Jack came downstairs, he found Janet in a well-cleaned kitchen, with a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove. Jack asked Janet why she'd done so much, and Janet said because JJ was sick, and it looked like Jack needed help. Then she realized she might have crossed a line, so she told Jack she'd get out of his hair. Jack told Janet she didn't have to leave, but he had been concerned she might be trying to involve him in some plot to win Brad's affections. Janet made fun of that idea, saying cleaning Jack's kitchen was her big plot to steal Brad away from Katie. Jack thanked her for her help; Janet told Jack that he was Liberty's uncle, and she wanted Liberty to get to know her extended family.

JJ came downstairs complaining about his throat hurting. Jack said he couldn't have another pill for a couple of hours, but Janet said she knew exactly what to do. Janet's solution was to give JJ a Popsicle, which helped his throat feel better, which in turn made Jack grateful. Janet then asked Jack why the house looked completely different from what she would expect of a single-parent cop. Jack explained that it was his ex-wife's house, and Janet thought he meant Katie, but he told her it was Carly's house. Janet asked where he lived when he wasn't staying there, and Jack said at his aunt Emma's farm with his cousin and everybody else. Janet asked if that meant his cousin was also divorced, but Jack said Holden was just temporarily separated from Lily.

Janet told Jack he needed a place of his own and that she would help him out by providing home cooking, if that was what he was lacking, because he should be back out in circulation in the dating world. Parker arrived home, and Janet realized he was Jack's son, too. She asked Parker if he remembered her, and he said he did, and then he rushed past her. Jack apologized, but Janet told him not to worry, and she said goodbye.

Jack asked Parker what was wrong, and Parker asked if it was too late to change his mind and go to summer camp after all. Jack said it was too late, because he'd already called and gotten his deposit back. JJ came downstairs and said he thought the popsicle had made him sick again, and Jack said out loud that Carly could come home anytime she wanted.

At camp, Carly and Holden got up when the bugle blew reveille. Carly tried to jump down from the top bunk bed but stumbled and fell into Holden's waiting arms. They were then summoned to the pancake-eating breakfast contest by counselor Winkie, and afterwards, they learned that the girls had signed them up for the three-legged race. Faith, kidding around because Winkie had assumed that Carly and Holden were married, said it was a rule that married people had to race together.

After more adventures at camp, which Sage took pictures of, it was time to say goodbye. Holden noticed that Sage was having a hard time saying goodbye, and he sent Faith and Natalie over to distract her. The girls told Sage she had to go get ready for the camp talent show, and Sage left with her cousins. Holden and Carly left in Holden's car, and somewhere along the way, Carly asked Holden to pull over so they could enjoy the view. As they looked at the view, and at each other, they suddenly heard the squeal of tires and realized that someone was stealing Holden's car.

Because both Carly and Holden's cell phones were in Holden's car, and it was 20 miles back to the camp, Carly stuck out her thumb to try to hitch a ride. She had no luck, so Holden gave it a try, and a woman stopped and gave them a ride, flirting with Holden the whole way while Carly sat in the back seat. Carly told the woman to stop when she suddenly spotted Holden's car abandoned on the side of the road. Carly checked the car and found out the thieves had taken their money, cell phones, and car keys. The woman who had given them the ride had driven off already, so Holden hot-wired the car. Carly asked if Holden could show her how to do that in case she ever got stuck like that again, and Holden said he could. As he was showing Carly what to do, their faces were very close to one another, and Holden told Carly she was "so beautiful" and moved towards her to kiss her.

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