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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Carly awoke with a nasty hangover and drank from her bedside glass. She gagged and spit it out when she realized it was vodka, not water. She was further horrified to find Craig beside her in bed, chuckling over Jack's reaction the night before when he had walked in on them. Craig got dressed while Carly nursed her headache and wallowed in remorse. She remembered that Parker's hearing was to take place in a few hours, but Craig assured her there was no way the judge would not rule in Carly's favor. He left to go back to the Lakeview.

Parker returned to Liberty in their room at the hotel after sneaking home to Carly's to get his suit for his court appearance. He had also picked up a dress in the hotel gift shop for Liberty, so she could wear it to court and look impressive. Liberty was unhappy that Craig was still picking up their tabs; however, Parker assured her that after the court hearing he would have his trust fund, and they could do as they pleased.

At the diner, Casey met with Alison, who was considering taking summer courses at Oakdale University. She suggested that Casey might like to join her in a class or two, but he demurred. No way, he told her, was he going back to school there. Margo walked in and joined Alison in urging her son to return to school. Casey felt ambushed and defended his noble job as a janitor at the hospital. He and Margo argued loudly until Casey grabbed his coat and declared he was going to work.

Craig ran into Parker and Liberty in the hotel lobby, and Parker said he had charged Liberty's dress to Craig's account, but Craig was agreeable. The teens thanked him for all his generosity, and Craig asked Parker a serious question: was he sure that being emancipated and taking control of his trust fund was really what he wanted? Parker hesitated, and Craig bought the kids breakfast and joined them for a while. He further suggested that Parker be really sure that he was seeking emancipation for all the right reasons. Once again, he said he was on the kids' side and promised to attend the hearing.

At the farm, Jack told Janet that he knew she was still angry at him, and Janet said what upset her was his refusal to let his ex-wife lead her own life. Carly walked in unannounced and asked Jack what he had wanted when he had come by her house the night before. Jack refused to discuss it, and he walked out. Carly told Janet that Jack had no right barging into her bedroom, and Janet agreed. She informed Carly that Jack had wanted to work things out with her without Craig in the mix. Then Janet said she had no more time to talk because she had to get ready for court, so Carly left.

Margo went to work and asked Jack how she could get Casey to go back to school. Jack laughed and suggested she not take any parenting advice from him. Margo had forgotten that Parker's hearing was that morning, and she apologized. Jack hinted that he had found Carly in a compromising position but stopped short of telling her with whom he had found her. Margo dragged it out of him, however, and when she learned it was her brother, she told Jack to forget about it. They both mused about missing Hal, but Margo suggested that Jack and Carly work as a team for what was best for Parker.

Craig surprised Janet as she was leaving the farm, and he asked for Jack. They traded barbs, and Janet accused him of getting in the way of Jack and Carly's being good parents. She told him to butt out of their business and let them be Parker's parents.

At the hospital, Dr. Bob asked to speak to Casey. He told his grandson that the hospital was facing some financial cuts and had to trim the staff. Since Casey was the last person hired by the maintenance department, Bob had to let him go. Casey defended his position, but Bob said it was not his fault, and Bob still believed in him. Casey got upset, and when Bob had to answer a page, Casey stalked off, leaving his mop propped against a door.

Jack visited Carly and said he was sorry for acting like a jerk when he discovered her and Craig in bed together. He described his actions as a gut reaction that he could not control. He said he and Carly needed to be on the same page as far as Parker was concerned, and Carly suggested he drop his anger and not try to control every situation. Carly's cell phone rang, and she turned down an offer of a ride to the hearing from Craig. She said she was going with Jack, and she hung up and went out with him.

In the courtroom, Parker and Liberty talked with Mr. Schenk, Parker's attorney, as Craig came in. He told the kids he could not stay for the hearing because it was a personal matter between Parker and his parents, and did not involve him. He wished Parker good luck, and left. Carly and Jack arrived soon afterward, and they attempted to talk to Parker to reach some sort of compromise. Parker said he could not do that, and the judge called them to order. Janet arrived and sat with Jack and Carly. The judge reminded all parties that the hearing was informal, but the results were binding.

The judge said he had reviewed the case and pertinent papers, and said Mr. Schenk had petitioned the court to release Parker's entire trust fund and declare him an emancipated minor. The judge asked about the source of the trust fund, so Carly stood up and began speaking. The judge stopped her and asked to hear from Parker instead.

Parker stood and told the judge that the money had come from his Aunt Rosanna and she had wanted him to have the money, not his parents, who wanted to use it to send him to a boarding school. He insisted he did not want to go to East Lake Academy. The judge was familiar with the school and asked the boy why he objected to getting a fine private education from an excellent institution. Parker replied that his parents were only sending him there to keep him away from his new wife.

The judge continued by asking Parker if he thought that was unreasonable, considering the way he and Liberty had gotten married and their young ages. Parker had no answer, but Schenk spoke up and mentioned Carly's unpredictable temperament. The judge then listed Carly's multiple arrests, her abandonment of her children, a broken bail bond, her fleeing the country, and aiding a known jewel thief.

Jack spoke up to dispute the facts. He declared that both he and Carly loved Parker and had never touched the trust fund. The judge told Jack to sit down, and returned to questioning Parker. He asked why Parker thought Carly was unfit to be a responsible parent and financial trustee. Parker said it was all in Schenk's petition, and Parker needed to be in control for himself and his wife. The judge called a ten-minute adjournment so he could consider the issues.

At Memorial, Alison asked Dr. Bob if he had really fired Casey, and Bob explained that Casey was only laid off because of budget cuts. Alison said she had tried to convince Casey to go back to school, and Bob urged her to keep trying.

At the police station, Craig approached Margo, who was surprised her brother was not grandstanding at Parker's hearing to make points with Carly. He said he had backed off and was looking for some positive reinforcement from her. Margo was dumbfounded at his attitude, and suspected that Craig had strong feelings for Carly.

Craig told her not to be ridiculous, but Margo declared him a "man in love." Craig denied that and said he and Carly were only business partners and "very good friends." Margo added, "with benefits," and Craig described the relationship as only casual sex. Margo advised him to steer clear of Carly and her family while they were in turmoil.

Casey was bored at home, and he began fiddling with his laptop and found a poker site. Alison called and ordered him to meet her in the park right away. When he showed up, she presented Casey with a new skateboard and took off on her own. He followed, and Alison finally stopped right across from Oakdale University, where there was a sign for summer registration. Casey flipped a coin and lost, so he agreed to take a class with her, but he asked to pick the class. Alison agreed, and Casey settled on "the Fundamentals of African Drumming." They went to register.

In court, the judge returned and denied Parker's petition for emancipation, and upheld the existing trust arrangement until Parker reached age 21. The judge continued, however, by saying he was not convinced that Carly was a suitable trustee, and asked for someone outside the family to serve. Parker spoke up and said he had a recommendation, and he named Craig Montgomery. Jack jumped to his feet and pronounced that was not going to happen. Parker said he trusted Craig, who was also his mother's business partner. The judge said he would investigate Mr. Montgomery and, pending approval, would name him trustee of Parker's trust fund. The hearing adjourned.

Jack and Carly went outside, and a furious Jack said Craig had wanted that outcome all along. He blamed Carly for not putting a stop to Craig, but she cried that no one could have predicted the outcome. Jack asked if Carly had made a deal with Craig while they were in bed, and then Janet intervened and marched Jack out.

Liberty and Parker returned to the hotel, and Parker wanted to celebrate. Liberty could not understand why he was so happy, since he had not gotten what he wanted. Parker reminded her that Craig was on their side and would let them have whatever money they needed, but Liberty was not convinced.

At the Snyder farm, Janet offered Jack lunch, but all he could say was that he could not believe he had lost his son to Craig Montgomery. He was also very sorry that Liberty was under Craig's thumb, as well, but Janet promised to devote all of her energy towards getting the kids to come back, and she asked Jack for his support. He said he was with her, and they hugged and vowed to turn things around.

Craig answered his door in the Lakeview to admit a steaming Carly. She congratulated him on winning, and then told him he was her son's new trustee. Craig thought she was joking until Carly asked if he had put the kids up in the honeymoon suite just so he could take charge of Parker's life. Craig swore that he never suspected anything like that could ever happen, and promised never to undermine her as a parent. A disappointed Carly walked out.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Katie and Brad both read parenting books and talked at, not to, each other. Katie was fixated on making sure Vienna was not eating sushi or dyeing her hair while she was pregnant, and Brad was trying to figure out how to make sure his son was an all-star place kicker. Henry called, and Katie immediately assumed something was wrong, but he was only inviting them to lunch.

Vienna scolded Henry for not telling Brad and Katie on the phone that there was no baby, but Henry reminded her that they had decided to broach the subject to Brad and Katie in person. Vienna felt sick to her stomach, so Henry told her to relax. He was sure she would feel better when they told Brad and Katie the truth. The four friends met in the Lakeview lobby, where Katie presented Vienna with a photo album for the baby.

Vienna felt a wave of nausea and dashed for the rest room. The others sat in the lounge and waited for her return. Henry was remarkably silent, and finally Katie pounced on him and asked what was wrong. He babbled about his book, The Man from Oakdale, until Katie demanded to know what he wasn't telling them. Henry suggested they wait for Vienna for that discussion, and he ordered a double martini.

Noah was worried when Luke showed up at Java. He told his boyfriend that he should still be recuperating from his head injury caused by the hit-and-run accident. Luke said that Kim had called to say a donor had contacted WOAK and offered to fund a series of public service announcements against housing discrimination locally. Luke wanted Noah to go with him to meet the donor, so Noah decided to take an early lunch.

The boys arrived at the television station, and Luke mentioned he would not be surprised to learn that Damian had arranged the car accident, but Noah could not believe that Damian would hurt his own son. Luke cautioned Noah not to trust Luke's birth father.

Kim found the boys and said they would be starting the service announcements soon, but first they had to meet their benefactor. Damian Grimaldi walked out of Kim's office. Luke accused Kim of setting him up, but she said she was only thinking of the benefits to the public. Luke refused to discuss the project with his father, who told the boy he should consider what was best for his cause.

Luke told Damian to stay far away from him, and he walked out. Noah followed him, and the boys returned to Java. Luke was furious at Damian, but Noah was more disappointed that the announcements would not go out. Luke flatly refused to take Damian's money.

At the Oakdale police station, Holden and Lily talked with Margo about the hit-and-run. She told them there were no leads at all, and no eyewitnesses. Lily suggested the accident could be unrelated to Luke's public appearances, but Holden thought differently. Margo cautioned them to keep a low profile until the police found out who the driver was.

Holden threw out Damian's name as a possible suspect, but Lily disagreed. Margo asked if it was possible that Damian wanted the foundation money back because he did not like the cause Luke supported, and Holden thought that was plausible. Margo told them to be alert, and Holden said fortunately he did not have to play by the strict rules that Margo did.

Lily and Holden went home and continued their discussion about Damian's involvement. Lily had faith that Margo would find whoever was responsible, but she doubted it was her ex-husband. The two of them hugged and kissed, and suddenly Lily noticed that Damian was watching them through a window.

Holden threw open the door and accosted him, but Damian said he was only there to speak to Lily about Luke. Lily invited him in, and Damian explained he had tried to fund the public service announcements, but Luke had refused. He asked Lily to convince their boy that he only wanted to help. Lily said she believed the announcements would be a terrific boost to their cause and offered to call Luke right away.

Luke and Noah returned to Java, and Luke was furious. Noah was disappointed that the announcements would not air, but Luke again refused to take his father's money. He answered his phone, and it was his mother, telling him that Damian was at the house and wanted Luke to know he had no secret agenda; he simply wanted to make a contribution to the foundation. She also asked Luke to meet her immediately at WOAK, and he agreed, even though Lily sounded mysterious.

After she hung up with Luke, Lily told Damian that she and Luke were going to do the public service announcements after all, but she was going to pay for them with her own money, not Damian's. Damian was angry and told Lily that she couldn't treat him like that, but Lily said, "Sure, I can!" and opened the door and wished him a safe trip back to Malta.

Vienna finally returned to the group, and she was all smiles and blaming morning sickness for her problems. Henry looked confused, because it was their plan to tell Brad and Katie that the insemination had not worked. Katie and Brad demanded to know what was going on, so Vienna suddenly said that the baby might be twins. Henry was stupefied by that remark, and he suggested he take Vienna upstairs for some rest.

Vienna argued that she felt wonderful, but Henry insisted and dragged her to the elevator. Katie told Brad she was convinced something was wrong because of the weird way Henry was acting. She was afraid Vienna wanted to keep the baby, but Brad reminded her that their friends had signed a legal agreement to give up the baby. Besides, he said, Vienna and Henry were their dearest friends and he trusted them. He suggested they go upstairs and ask them if anything was amiss so Katie could put her mind at ease.

In their hotel room, Henry yelled at Vienna that she was supposed to tell the Snyders that she was not pregnant, after all, not a goofy story about possible twins. Vienna happily announced that she was pregnant because she knew her body and she could feel that she was with child. Henry said there was no way she could be pregnant unless...the baby was his! He thought Vienna's mind was playing tricks on her, so she offered to prove it. She got out a pregnancy test, and, with a grin, she disappeared into the bathroom.

Back at Lily and Holden's house, Damian peeked in the windows again, but could not find anyone there. Then he tried the door. When Lily and Holden arrived home a bit later, they found the inside of their house trashed, and muddy footprints all over the hardwood floors. The maid had heard nothing, but she had noticed a man in the garden wearing a black coat and a gray scarf, just what Damian had been wearing earlier. Holden called Margo and gave her the information. He also included a description of Damian's clothes.

At Java, Luke returned and gave Noah the good news about the service announcements. Damian surprised them by walking in, and Luke confronted him. His father said he was leaving for Malta and said goodbye to the boys. He walked out, and it was then that Noah noticed that Damian had left muddy footprints on the floor of the coffee shop. Luke said he was not at all sorry to see his father go.

Henry waited outside the bathroom for the results from the pregnancy test. Finally, Vienna came out and showed him the positive results. Henry immediately collapsed on the bed in a stupor. Brad and Katie knocked on the door, and Henry panicked.

Vienna let them in, and they inquired why Henry was prostrate on the bed when she was the one who was supposed to be resting. Vienna said that they had been "not exactly resting," and Brad worried that their activity might hurt the baby. Vienna assured him the baby was fine, and Katie asked for more news that the pregnancy was going well. Vienna swore the baby was 100% fine and belonged to Brad and Katie.

After their friends left, Henry asked Vienna why she had promised Katie the baby, and she said that was why she was having the child. Henry said that applied when Vienna was carrying Brad's baby, but now she was carrying their own baby. They argued about that until Vienna asked Henry straight out if he wanted the baby, and he answered that it would be obvious if the child turned out to be brilliant that it was not from Brad and Katie.

He wanted to know why Vienna was willing to give up what she had always wanted, but Vienna said she had no choice. The baby would belong to Brad and Katie, and no one had to know the truth. Henry began waxing sentimental about the baby, and that gave Vienna pause.

Damian was checking out of the Lakeview when Margo approached him. He verified that he was leaving the country, but Margo said she had an interest in his staying in Oakdale a bit longer. She took him to the police station where Lily, Holden, Luke, and Noah were waiting.

Damian denied having trashed the Snyder house and disputed the maid's statement. Luke mentioned the mud on Damian's shoes at Java, but Damian still denied breaking into the house. Margo told Damian he was a suspect and could not leave town, and she also impounded his shoes to match them to the footprints on the Snyder floor. Damian asked how he was supposed to get back to the hotel without his shoes, and Margo said, "In your socks."

Back home, Katie was not pleased that Henry and Vienna were still living in the hotel. She suggested they move in with her and Brad, so she could cook good meals for Vienna. She reminded Brad that Liberty's room was empty since she was with Parker. Katie begged, and Brad promised to at least think about it.

Luke and Noah discussed Damian's possible involvement in recent events, and as usual, Noah was willing to give Damian the benefit of the doubt. Luke went home, and Noah headed back to Java when Damian intercepted him. He told Noah he was not who Noah thought he was, not anymore. Damian asked for Noah's help to reach his son, but Noah turned him down and went inside the coffee shop. Damian stayed outside, peering through the window.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Liberty told Janet that Parker wasn't disappointed about not getting emancipated in court. He was satisfied with having Craig as his trustee. Janet was worried that Liberty only cared about Parker's future and not her own.

Janet talked to her daughter about going to college and the dreams she had that didn't include having a husband at age 17. She suggested that Liberty get an annulment. Liberty listened to her mom, but she wasn't persuaded. When Parker showed up, Liberty agreed to go with him to look for apartments. Parker assured Janet that his trust fund would pay for both of them to go to college.

Parker asked Craig to help him get an apartment. Craig informed Parker that he belonged in school, not apartment hunting. Craig made Parker realize that Liberty would be more impressed with him if he concentrated on schoolwork and improving himself.

Carly and Jack had it out over Parker's new situation. She contended that Craig would be a good trustee to their son, but Jack believed that Craig manipulated things to get control of the money. Jack urged Carly to do the right thing for Parker by getting the trust fund out of Craig's control.

Carly and Jack met with Craig. They asked him to back out of his position as trustee. Craig refused to betray the trust Parker had put in him. Craig reminded Jack that if they kept pushing Parker, he might run away again. Jack asked Carly to choose sides - him or Craig?

Carly tried to make Jack understand that Parker made a sound choice in Craig and there was nothing they could do about it. Jack wasn't happy and walked out on both Craig and Carly.

Paul confronted Lucy to make sure that she had kept her end of their deal by seducing Dusty. Lucy insisted she had her way with Dusty, but Paul didn't believe her. Later, Paul returned and told Lucy that from that point on, they were doing things his way. Paul was unreasonable and insistent. Lucy was desperate to keep him from telling Craig. When Dusty called Lucy, Paul warned her that she'd better seduce him and make it real...or else!

Dusty told Meg how great his trip to Chicago had been because of the time he spent with Johnny. He confided that Lucy expected something more from him, but he wasn't interested in Lucy. Meg confessed to Dusty that while he was gone, she spent a night at Fairwinds. She explained that she didn't sleep with Paul; she was there to protect Eliza. Dusty declared that he was going to fix things with Paul. Meg warned him not to go after Paul. Dusty agreed and they kissed. Unbeknownst to them both, Paul was watching from the window.

Dusty went back to see Lucy. She cried and played the victim. Dusty said he would find other ways to see Johnny and not use her anymore. Lucy threw herself at Dusty and said she wanted him back. Dusty realized that she was lying, and Lucy admitted she needed him to pretend they were lovers.

Lucy explained that she has been breaking the law by using Craig's company to ship humanitarian goods to the charity that had helped her when she was on the run with Johnny. She went on to say that Paul had been blackmailing her. Lucy then begged Dusty to pretend that they were back together so Craig would remain in the dark. Lucy asked Dusty to give her some time, to keep Meg disillusioned just until the mission succeeded. Dusty said he had to tell Meg something. Lucy was confident that he would figure something out.

Parker and Liberty found a penthouse apartment and asked Craig for the money for the deposit. Carly was stunned and Craig said he wouldn't release the funds. Craig told Parker that it was impractical to move into an apartment and pay rent when he was not making money. Parker and Liberty realized they had no choice but to stay at Milltown.

Parker and Liberty went to the diner and told Janet and Jack that they'd decided to stay at Carly's instead of getting an apartment. Janet suggested to Jack that he had misjudged Craig, but Jack remained suspicious of him. Meanwhile, Carly was grateful to Craig and accepted his offer of a drink. They toasted to trust.

Paul went to see Meg at the farmhouse about seeing Eliza. Meg refused to be intimidated by Paul, daring him to go to Craig about Dusty seeing Johnny. Paul asked to see Eliza with the social worker present. Paul tried to convince Meg that all he wanted was to spend time with his daughter.

Dusty returned to Meg and asked her to trust him no matter what Paul tried to say or do in the weeks ahead to make her doubt Dusty's love.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Casey asked Alison if it was stupid of them to learn African drumming, the extension course the two of them had signed up for at Oakdale University. They sat close together with their drums at Casey's house, and Casey helped her place her hands on the drumhead. Alison laughingly told him to go beat his own drum, so he tickled her. The two began wrestling on the couch until Alison ended up on top of Casey.

His phone began to vibrate, so Casey took the call. It was from Dean Burns at the university. He dropped the bombshell that Casey was not eligible to enroll there because he had been expelled, and the boycott applied to extension classes, as well. Casey was frustrated and scattered all the sheet music. Alison felt responsible because it was she who had recommended they take courses. They began arguing, and Alison attempted to cheer up Casey, who assumed he had screwed up yet again. Alison grabbed him and kissed him hard.

Luke stopped at Java to show Noah all the responses he had from the ad he had placed on Greg's List for volunteers for the foundation. Luke wanted to launch a broad campaign against discrimination. Noah blurted out that Damian had stopped by earlier and asked Noah to talk to Luke about giving him one more chance. Luke was pleased that Noah had turned his father down, but Noah took the opportunity to tell his boyfriend he should give the man another chance anyway.

Luke said Damian was not sincere, and he felt he had given the man more than enough chances. Besides, Holden was his dad, the only one Luke recognized. He said he was done with Damian. Suddenly, a denim-clad young couple with multiple piercings walked in and headed right for Noah and Luke. The two declared the boys' search was over because they were exactly what the boys had ordered.

At the police station, Holden asked Margo why she had not yet arrested Damian for trashing his house. She said there was no proof that Damian had ransacked the house. They had not been able to get a complete muddy footprint from the floor that matched Damian's shoes. Holden was frustrated that Damian was still in town, and he told Margo he felt Luke was in grave danger. Margo volunteered to put the boy under 24-hour police surveillance, and Holden readily agreed.

Damian disturbed Lily at home and asked to speak with her. He said he meant no harm to her or her family. He questioned how she could believe he could run down their son with a car. Lily said she did not know, right when Holden walked in. Damian accused Holden of being overeager to believe that Damian was a bad guy, and that made Holden blind to the fact that whoever hurt Luke was still out there.

Damian and Holden argued, as Lily protested she only wanted her family to be safe. Holden told Damian to leave, so Damian did, but not before he reminded Lily that until Holden could get past his anger towards Damian, Luke would not be safe. After Damian left, Holden said he did not want Damian back in their house, and he and Lily hugged.

The odd couple in Java told Luke and Noah that they knew they were meant to be part of the antidiscrimination team. They promised to commit to the cause and give it everything they had. They introduced themselves as Zoe and Zac Finn, and claimed they were very good at attracting attention. Zac looked Noah over carefully and mentioned that Noah probably got a lot of attention on his own. Zac was obviously flirting with Noah, so Luke spoke up and told him Noah was already taken. The couple volunteered to work for the cause if Luke would say the word, and Luke said yes.

Zoe and Zac suggested they start a blog for gay and straight people to come together and begin a dialogue. They also wanted to put on a dance, so people could move their bodies and open their minds. Zac continued to hit on Noah as he explained that at the dance, people would have to dance with people of their own sex and the opposite sex. Luke thought that was an interesting concept and commented that the couple was really in tune with each other.

Zoe explained that they were twins, not lovers, but they were very affectionate. Luke took a call from Holden, who asked him to swing by the house to meet the police officer Margo has assigned to Luke for protection. Luke was not in favor of the idea, but he did agree to meet the cop. Zac said Luke's life sounded exciting, and he and his sister left. Noah was befuddled by the whole experience, and Luke headed for home.

Casey and Ali got carried away and began disrobing. Casey suddenly called a halt and asked what they were doing. Alison was hurt that Casey had stopped, but he wanted to be sure that she was not willing to make love to him only because she felt sorry for him. Alison was confused, so Casey said she was the one thing in his life he did not want to mess up.

They questioned whether either of them was ready for the next step. They got dressed, but Casey wanted to talk about it. Alison said she was tired of being Casey's life raft and advised him to save himself by finding something in his life he could be proud of. She told him to stop being afraid of failing. She really liked him, but he was determined to become a miserable person.

Luke met Officer Cohen at home, and then he argued with Holden about being followed around by a cop. Lily explained that it was not just Damian they were worried about, and she cited the hit-and-run accident as an example. Luke did not like the message that the protection appeared to send: guard the gay guy and let the others fend for themselves. Holden said he was sorry, but it had to be that way until Damian left town.

Java was closed, and Noah was cleaning tables when Damian walked in. He collapsed on the floor with bloody hands. Noah reached around to Damian's back and got his hands covered with blood, as well. Damian regained consciousness briefly and told Noah that someone had stabbed him. He asked the boy not to call the police, but then he passed out again. Noah called for an ambulance, and then he called Luke and told him to meet them at Memorial.

At the hospital, Damian stabilized and Noah waited for the family to arrive. Margo got there first, and she asked what happened. Damian awoke and told her that someone had jumped him, but he had not seen him. He said he thought the attacker was after Luke instead. Margo walked out as the Snyder family arrived. Noah got upset thinking Damian's blood on his shirt could have been Luke's.

Lily and Holden went to see Damian, and Damian credited Noah with saving his life. Lily said Damian was lucky that Noah was there. Holden thought Damian was devious enough to have set up the whole scenario, but Lily tried to keep peace. Holden was still of the opinion that Damian was the only one from whom Luke needed protection, and that upset Lily.

Margo informed them that she could not assign Officer Cohen to shadow Luke without the boy's permission, and Lily realized the boys were not at the hospital any longer. Holden had received a text message from Luke, so he told Lily the boys were at Al's diner. Holden went to talk with Luke, but Lily decided to stay with Damian.

Damian awakened and tried to convince Lily he was only targeted because he was Luke's father. Lily reminded him that the last time he was in town, he had wanted to send Luke away to de-program him. Damian said he was later convinced that Luke could be happy with the kind of life he had chosen for himself. He swore he had always loved Luke, and Lily, too.

At the diner, Noah tried to persuade Luke that what had happened to Damian had been real, not staged. He defended the man until Luke asked him to stop. Luke said he would never again trust his birth father. Holden arrived, and Luke told him that he still did not want police protection, but finally Holden and Noah convinced him it was necessary.

Holden left to secure the arrangements with Margo, and Zoe and Zac walked in. They asked about the cop outside, so Luke explained that Officer Cohen was his new bodyguard. Zac pulled up a chair right next to Noah, while Zoe sat close to Luke.

Casey went to Dean Burns's office on the Oakdale U. campus. He told the dean that he had finally realized that Burns had expelled him, but that it had been the reaction to Casey's messing up. Casey said he was 21 years old and his life was a disaster. He said he was not afraid to take a chance and ask for help, however.

Later, at Memorial, Casey ran in and grabbed Alison and excitedly pulled her into the on call room. He told her that she had finally gotten through to him, and he had gone to see the dean, and they had made a deal. If Casey would join a community service project and stick with it, the university would consider lifting his expulsion. Alison was thrilled, and she hugged Casey and told him how fantastic that was. Casey said he was thinking of helping Luke and Noah with the foundation, and Alison was proud of him.

At home, Holden told Lily that Luke had agreed to the police protection. He asked her how her conversation with Damian had gone, and she said she was beginning to give credence to his theory. She cried that she could not live with herself if something happened to their son, but Holden assured her he would not let that happen.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Vienna worried that Katie would realize she wasn't far enough along in her pregnancy to be carrying Brad's baby, but Henry assured Vienna that many women didn't show until their second trimester. Henry said Katie would need x-ray vision to see how big the baby was at that moment. Just then, Katie arrived and excitedly told the couple that she had booked an appointment with the sonographer at Oakdale Memorial Hospital so that she could go with Vienna and Henry to see the baby on a sonogram.

At the hospital, Henry tried to think of ways to stop Katie from seeing the sonogram. He fell and pretended to be so badly hurt that he couldn't move an inch. Meanwhile, Vienna went into the examining room for her sonogram. The technician gave Vienna a printout of the sonogram, and when Katie came into the room with Henry, Henry grabbed the photo. Henry then "accidentally" dropped the picture in the hallway, where the janitor was mopping, and the picture was ruined.

Vienna said if it were up to her, she'd go right back in for another sonogram. The technician came out and offered to accommodate her, so they all went back into the examining room. Henry pulled the plug on the sonogram machine out of the wall. The sonographer didn't know what was wrong with the machine, and Henry suggested they leave to give him time to fix it. Henry promised Katie that she would get her picture soon.

Liberty went to Brad and Katie's house to pack her bags so that she could move into Parker's room at Carly's house. Brad mistakenly thought Liberty was trying to come back home to live, and he welcomed her with open arms and told her he had known she would realize what a mistake she had made. Liberty finally managed to make her father see that she was just there to move out, and he reluctantly helped her with her bag.

Craig went to the diner. Janet told him she owed him, and Craig asked what she meant. Janet said that Parker had told her and Jack that Craig had refused to give him any of the trust fund money to get an apartment. Craig said he was just doing his job as trustee and that the kids weren't old enough to be out on their own like that.

Janet said she was very glad that they were all on the same side, and she told Craig she had asked Jack to back off and leave Craig alone. Craig asked if Janet could get Jack to stop viewing him as the enemy, and Janet said Craig could do that himself by removing himself from the situation. Craig said if he resigned as the trustee, some judge might actually award the trust to Parker, and that would be tragic.

Janet asked Craig if he could use his influence to try to get Liberty to agree to an annulment. Before Craig could answer, Liberty walked in, carrying her heavy bag. She told them where she was headed, and Janet asked why Liberty hadn't asked Brad to drive her there. Liberty said Brad was too upset by the whole idea, and Liberty hadn't wanted to make things harder for him.

Craig then offered to drive Liberty, and Liberty happily accepted. She went outside to wait for Craig, and Janet asked Craig why he had offered to drive Liberty to Carly's. Craig told Janet to have faith in him, and he left the diner.

Jack arrived at Carly's house and Parker did not warmly receive him. Jack wanted to know why Parker wasn't at school, and Parker informed his dad that he was waiting for Liberty to move in. Jack pointed out that Liberty could move in even without Parker actually being at home, but Parker said he wasn't taking orders from Jack anymore, and he went upstairs.

Carly told Jack that Parker resented him at the moment, and Jack needed to back off and let Craig be an ally for them with regard to Parker. Jack said there was no way he would let Craig replace him in Parker's life, but Carly said that Craig would never replace Jack. However, Carly felt that Jack needed to give Parker some room, and he could begin by easing up on him for not being at school for one day. Jack left.

Carly went upstairs and suggested to Parker that he get his room ready for his bride by making dresser and closet space available, changing the sheets on the bed, and picking up the floor. Parker appreciated the suggestion and said being married was more complicated than he'd thought.

Brad went to the police station and told Jack that Liberty had just packed up and moved to Carly's. Jack said he wasn't any happier about it than Brad was. Brad wanted to know how Jack had let it happen, but Jack said that since Liberty had lived with Brad, Brad should have told her it was a mistake to get so serious about a young boy. Brad said he had tried, but Liberty wouldn't listen to him. Brad said they needed to try to break up Liberty and Parker, but Jack said they had already tried that. Brad said he was really worried about Liberty, but Jack assured him that Carly would look after her.

Henry and Vienna tried to figure out some way to get a sonogram of an appropriately aged fetus to show Katie. Henry even went so far as to approach a pregnant woman and chat with her, ultimately asking if she might be willing to sell him some of her early sonogram pictures. The woman asked, "What kind of sicko are you?" and walked away. Henry then spotted a technician placing a pile of sonogram pictures and medical records on a table; he waited for her to leave, then managed to grab a picture from the pile.

Henry and Vienna went to Katie's to give her the sonogram picture. They almost chickened out, but Katie heard them outside and opened the door before they could leave. Henry gave Katie the photo, and Katie was ecstatic.

Brad arrived back home, and Katie asked him why he looked so upset. He told them about Liberty, and they all sympathized with him. Katie showed Brad the sonogram picture to cheer him up, and then she announced that she and Brad had wondered whether Vienna and Henry might like to move in to Liberty's empty room for the rest of Vienna's pregnancy, so that Katie could help take good care of Vienna. Vienna thought that was a terrific idea, although Henry didn't seem so sure.

On the way to Carly's, Craig made a stop at the Oakdale University campus and told Liberty that Janet had said Liberty wanted to go to college. Liberty admitted she was interested in studying journalism and would one day like to be a fashion editor. Craig said that was a great goal, but it might be difficult to achieve in the current situation.

Liberty thought Craig meant he wouldn't release any trust fund money for Liberty's college education, so she said she would get a scholarship or enroll in a work-study program to get by. Craig said money wasn't the issue, because as long as Liberty was married to Parker, Craig would release trust fund money for both of their college educations. However, Craig thought Parker might want to have a say in where Liberty went to school, since it was actually Parker's money she'd be using.

Liberty said she wouldn't mind staying in Oakdale for college, to be with Parker, but Craig pointed out that if Liberty majored in journalism, there might be other opportunities for her, like study programs overseas, or interviews that Craig could arrange for Liberty with fashion publications in New York. Liberty was excited at the prospect of overseas study and an inside track for a postgraduate job, but Craig said Parker might not be happy if it would mean that Liberty was separated from him.

Liberty said Parker would want her to do whatever she wanted to do. Craig said he was glad he'd brought Liberty to the campus, then, because she could see how many opportunities awaited her.

When Craig and Liberty arrived at Carly's, Parker took Liberty upstairs to show her what he and Carly had done to make room for Liberty's things. Carly asked Craig why he was making things so easy for the kids, and Craig said because fighting them had not been working out all that well. Craig then sat down and told Carly he was getting "a good seat for the show. Should be starting any minute."

Upstairs, Liberty told Parker about the detour to Oakdale University's campus. Parker asked why they'd gone there, and Liberty said Craig had lectured her about her future. Parker said Liberty shouldn't listen to Craig and that she should tell Craig to butt out.

Liberty became upset with Parker for telling her what to do. Parker went downstairs and told Craig he knew what Craig was trying to do, that Craig was trying to get Liberty mad at Parker. Parker said he thought Craig was doing so in order to win points with Carly, so Craig could get Carly into bed with him. Carly was aghast, and Craig told Parker that wasn't how he operated. Parker told Craig to stay out of his life.

Parker marched back upstairs, where he told Liberty that he didn't want her to talk to Craig anymore. Liberty told Parker to stop yelling at her. Liberty said that Parker had been aware that she wanted to go to college, and it wasn't something Craig was talking her into doing. Parker calmed down and apologized, and then he tried to kiss Liberty. Liberty stopped him, saying she thought they were talking.

Parker said that since they were married, they could spend all day in bed together. Liberty, upset, said that Parker must not have been listening to her, because that wasn't going to fix everything. She marched downstairs and left the house, leaving Craig to tell Carly, "Mission accomplished."

Liberty went to the farm, where she found her mom and Jack. Liberty asked if she could stay with them for the night. Janet was surprised, because she'd thought Liberty was moving in with Parker. Liberty told them that she and Parker had gotten into a fight because Craig had taken her to Oakdale University, and Parker had freaked out.

Jack asked why Craig had taken Liberty to the college campus, and she said it wasn't a big deal, that Craig had just asked her some questions about college, and she had started thinking about all the things she would still like to do with her life. Janet told Liberty that she understood completely, and she suggested Liberty go upstairs and relax. After Liberty left the room, Jack warned Janet not to try to tell him what a great guy Craig was; Janet said Jack could figure that out for himself.

Carly checked on Parker, but he told her to leave him alone. She went back downstairs and told Craig it might be a good thing for the kids to see that "marriage isn't a walk in the park." Carly told Craig not to gloat, so Craig said instead of gloating, he'd like a reward: a date with Carly. Carly thought Craig was only asking her out to irritate Jack, but Craig said, "You need to understand one critical thing. Jack has nothing to do with this." Craig then gave Carly a long kiss, and said, "I'll pick you up at eight." With that, Craig left.

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