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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 19, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Audrey tried to convince Barbara to share a drink with her in Barbara's hotel room, but she was having no success. Finally, Audrey produced a bottle of 80-year-old single malt scotch, and Barbara recognized it as the brand the hotel bar sold for $80 a shot. She questioned how Audrey could afford such a bottle, but Barbara relented and declared that "one little drink couldn't hurt." She let Audrey in, unaware that her visitor was holding the scotch in one hand and a bottle of poison in the other.

Audrey poured the drinks and talked about Vienna's departure. She said that Barbara and Henry could be together out in the open, but Barbara said that she would never see Henry again, nor would she give him one cent of the Stenbeck inheritance. Audrey dumped the poison into Barbara's glass, and the women sat down to chat. Barbara, however, was more interested in talking than drinking. Audrey proposed a toast to Barbara's renewed health, and they clinked glasses just as Barbara's phone rang.

Henry visited Katie to say goodbye, although she attempted to talk him out of leaving town. Ralph called Henry and "invited" him to meet on the roof of Java to conclude their business. Henry asked if his time to produce the money was up, and Ralph replied, "Tick tock." Henry hung up and told Katie that his 24-hour grace period was up, so he either had to take a boatload of money to Ralph or a swan dive off the roof of Java. He said he had to leave, but Katie reminded him that he wasn't Jason Bourne. She told him to "man up" and get even with Ralph.

Katie was devastated to think that she might lose Henry, but he declared that it was the end of the road for them. Henry hugged his best friend and told her to tell her baby about him some day. Henry walked out, leaving Katie in tears, and he went to the hotel and began packing. He called his mother as a "courtesy," to tell her that he was leaving the country, and he warned her to watch her back. Audrey, who was in Barbara's room waiting for Barbara to return and drink the poisoned scotch, told Henry not to leave yet because "the problem" was about to go away.

When Henry questioned Audrey, she said that she had fixed James Stenbeck's "favorite cocktail" for Barbara, and when Henry realized what she had done, he screamed "Mother" into the phone. Audrey hung up quickly when Barbara returned to the room, and Barbara said that while she felt she had nothing much in common with Audrey, she thought Audrey was "fun." Barbara also said she trusted Audrey, and the women took their first sips of their drinks. At that moment, Henry burst through the door and knocked the glass out of Barbara's hands and threw her backwards into a chair.

Henry pulled Barbara up and asked if she had drunk any of the drink. Barbara said she had "just a teeny bit," so Henry handed her two bottles of water and told her to drink both of them quickly. Suddenly Barbara realized that Audrey had tried to poison her. She called Audrey an "unbelievable bitch," and attacked her. Henry yelled at his mother and separated the women, sending Barbara off to get hydrated. Audrey was disgusted with Henry and called him as good as "D-E-A-dead."

Barbara thanked Henry for saving her life, and Henry said his farewells to his mother. He walked out as Barbara took Audrey's arm and remarked that the two of them needed "a little chat." Someone knocked on the door, and Barbara opened it to a police officer. He stepped up and took Audrey's arm, but Barbara asked to "do the honors." She got in Audrey's face and said, "Audrey Coleman, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of -- me."

At the farm, Jack and Brad took in the old Snyder crib, and Brad told Janet that he and Katie were having a boy. Janet congratulated him and then got an odd look on her face. She said that she had hoped the crib would stay there for Liberty's baby. Liberty walked in at that moment and saw the crib, and she protested that she had never agreed that Jack and Janet could raise her baby. She further announced that she had a place of her own to stay; Parker had gotten her an apartment with money from his trust fund. Jack made a comment about waiting to talk about that, so Janet correctly surmised that Jack already knew about the apartment.

Jack defended himself by saying that he had only learned of the apartment a couple of hours before, and he had counseled the teens to talk to both Janet and Brad first. Jack said that he had made a few calls and learned that Craig was giving Parker access to his trust fund, and Liberty ran out after yelling at the adults for interfering again. Brad went after her and caught up with his daughter in Old Town. Brad explained that the crib was a surprise for Katie and that their baby was a boy. Liberty said she couldn't go back to the farm; she just couldn't take the arguing anymore.

Brad wanted Liberty to talk to Janet before she committed to the apartment, however, and the girl reluctantly agreed. Brad left her, and Liberty returned to the farm. Janet promised Liberty that her baby would have everything it needed, plus lots of love from a big family. Liberty asked how Jack felt about Janet's idea of raising the baby themselves, and Janet hedged by saying that Jack wanted what was best for the baby. Liberty talked about what was best for her, and she asked her mother which was more important, the baby or her. When Janet hesitated, Liberty ran out.

Rosanna awoke with a start and was very disturbed by a bad dream. She couldn't catch her breath, and her actions woke up Craig. Rosanna said she needed to get dressed, and she left the bed. Craig got dressed, as well, and they met in the kitchen, where Rosanna was trying to calm herself. Craig thought that Rosanna was ashamed of how she felt about their relationship, and he asserted that the two of them had done nothing wrong. Rosanna asked where having an affair with her sister's fiancé and their paying Parker for his silence fell in "the land of right." She asked Craig to leave, so he did.

Craig went to his suite in the Lakeview, and Jack arrived soon after. He marched right in, leaving Craig standing in the open doorway. Before Craig could shut the door, Rosanna appeared and apologized for kicking him out earlier. She stopped short when she saw Jack, but his instincts had picked up something between Craig and Rosanna. Jack said that Craig had spent a lot of time at Carly's house lately with Rosanna. He added that Parker was going to spend his "windfall" from the trust fund on an apartment for Liberty.

Jack demanded to know how Craig could give Parker money again after the last time. He asked Craig how Parker had threatened him, and then he turned to Rosanna and asked if she knew what Craig was doing. Rosanna said that she did, but Craig interrupted and asked her if what she was doing was the best thing for Carly. Craig skirted around the subject by saying that Parker had needed to grow up a lot in the previous few months. Jack countered that spending money on an apartment for Liberty did not show much maturity, and Rosanna agreed.

Jack asked Rosanna what they should do and if they should involve Carly in any of the decisions. Craig took command at that point and said that he and Rosanna would handle the situation, and he showed Jack the door. Jack walked out, puzzled by what had just happened. Craig and Rosanna discussed how Parker was using his money, and they decided to take the funds back. Rosanna said that when Carly was home and stable, they would tell her everything. Craig promised Rosanna that he would go along with her plan.

Jack went back to the farm and reported to Janet that something was up with Craig, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He was pleased that he thought Craig would not give Parker the trust fund money, after all. Janet said that her talk with Liberty had not gone well. She was hurt that Liberty had accused her of caring more about the baby than about her. When Jack did not reply to that, Janet asked if he thought the same. Before Jack could even answer, however, Janet went off on another sore subject: the Snyder crib.

Janet couldn't believe that Jack was giving away the crib when he knew that another baby would be arriving at the farm. Jack reminded her that Liberty had not agreed to that arrangement, but it was obvious that Jack did not want to raise another baby. He said his next job, however, was to find out why Craig was paying Parker to keep quiet.

Brad went home and found Katie crying on their bed. She told him that she didn't think that she would ever see her best friend, Henry, again. Katie got up and told her husband that she wanted to focus on the good news that their baby was a healthy boy. They talked about names for the baby, and Brad said that Katie would be the best mother any baby could hope for. They kissed, and then Brad handed Katie a box that contained a beautiful necklace with a charm that represented Katie and the baby. Katie said how much she loved Brad, and then she put on the necklace and said she had to run some errands.

On the rooftop of Java, Ralph thought he heard Henry walking up the stairs, so he was surprised to see Katie instead. She stepped out on the roof and asked to speak with him. Ralph called Henry "cowardly" for sending a woman to do his dirty work, but Katie said that Henry did not know she was there. Katie accused Ralph of nearly killing her in the fire at the diner, money laundering, and extortion; she promised he would go to jail if she went to her sister, the chief of police. She offered to keep mum if Ralph would leave Oakdale and let Henry off the hook. Ralph called Henry a "lucky little cowardly lion," and he refused her offer. Katie turned to go as two of Ralph's goons walked through the door.

Henry was in a hurry and literally ran into Brad in the lobby of the Lakeview. Brad asked for a favor, but before he got to it, Henry got a call from Ralph. Ralph said that he had just met a friend of Henry's, and he held out the phone to Katie. She screamed, "I'm so sorry, Henry, so sorry!" Ralph told Henry to keep his word and to show up with the money, and reminded him that, if he did not, his "pal" could be in a "terminal predicament."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Henry, at the Lakeview with Brad, was still on the phone with Ralph, who said that Henry's "little friend" had made a bad error in judgment when she threatened him. Ralph told Henry to deliver the money to him, or Katie would die. Henry talked cryptically because Brad was within earshot, so he asked Ralph if he would extend him time "on good faith." Ralph bellowed at Henry, asking him if he had "gone stupid." He told Henry to get him the big bucks, or Katie was dead.

When Henry hung up, Brad asked Henry his favor; he wanted Henry to help him with a surprise co-ed baby shower for Katie that night at their house. He reminded Henry that Katie was Henry's best friend, and he owed her. Brad wanted Henry to keep Katie busy for the rest of the day until time for the party. A worried Henry responded that he didn't think that would be a problem.

Meanwhile, on the roof of Java, Katie told Ralph that she would get the money from Henry and hand it over to Ralph. Ralph asked if that would be before or after she phoned her sister, the cop. Katie begged to leave, but Ralph told his goons to take her "where no one could find her." Ralph's boys took Katie to a deserted building that was very hot and smelled terrible, according to Katie. She took off her coat, and one of the henchmen said, "Holy Mother of God! She's pregnant!" Katie put the responsibility of her high-risk pregnancy squarely on their heads and begged them to let her go. She bent over with pain and asked the men for supplies and some food and milk. They walked out and locked the door behind them.

At the police station, Jack arrived a little late for work and apologized to Margo. He asked her what was going on with her brother, Craig. Jack also told her that Craig was allowing Parker access to some of his trust fund, and his son was using it to set Liberty up in her own apartment. Jack asked why, after the fiasco with the sports car, Craig would give the boy more money. He voiced his theory that Craig was buying silence from Parker with a hefty bribe.

Margo suggested that Jack ask Parker directly, because there was no use trying to figure out how Craig thought. Jack agreed with Margo and said he would talk to his son. As he headed out the door to find Parker, Brad entered the station and asked his brother if Liberty had talked to Janet about the apartment yet. Jack said she had, but the conversation had not gone well. Brad then invited Jack, Janet, and Liberty to the shower, and he informed Margo that the baby was a boy. He also invited her and Tom to the festivities. Margo then mentioned that Craig was also Katie's sibling, and she hoped that Brad was inviting him. Brad said he would think about it.

Liberty sat at Java and looked at home décor magazines and picked out dishes for her new apartment. Parker sat with her, but he was not into any interior design discussion. Liberty was bummed that she could not afford a television set, so Parker said that he would get her one. He was delighted to see Liberty happy again, but when she invited him to go window shopping with her for coffee mugs, he begged off by saying that it was time he went to see Craig about getting the money. Liberty thanked Parker from the bottom of her heart and gave him a hug.

In his room in the Lakeview, Craig tried to call Parker, but the boy did not pick up. Craig left a vague message, and he told Rosanna, who was with him, that there was no way he was giving Parker the news about the change in plans with the trust fund over the phone. Rosanna said that they absolutely had to tell Carly the truth about their affair when she returned home. Craig wanted to make sure that Rosanna knew that everything he felt for her was real and not a scheme. Rosanna said she felt the same way. Craig suggested that they define what they were feeling, and they both declared that it was not just about sex. They were stumped when they came to giving it a name, however.

Parker knocked on the door and called out to Craig, who let the boy in. Parker saw Rosanna and said something disrespectful, and then he told Craig that he had only shown up for the money. They asked Parker to sit down, and Craig broke the news that he and Rosanna had decided that letting Parker blackmail them set an ugly precedent. Parker could not believe that they were backing out of their deal.

Rosanna added that Carly's learning about the affair from Parker would not help her get healthy. She said that she and Craig would tell his mother themselves as soon as Carly was able to hear it. Parker was furious, and he stormed out, slamming the door behind him. Craig wasn't happy about how things had gone, and then he and Rosanna heard another knock on the door. Rosanna quipped, "Do you arrange these things?"

The next visitor was Brad, who hesitantly invited them to the shower because it was for Katie and was all about family. Craig asked if he could bring Rosanna, and that puzzled Brad, but he agreed. After Brad left, Rosanna asked Craig if he was sure he wanted to take her "as a date." She said how painful it was for her to think of the hurt they were going to cause Carly. Craig kissed her, and Rosanna said she would attend the party.

Parker went back to Java and told Liberty that he had run into "some red tape" about the money, and there would be a slight delay. Liberty said that, if possible, she would love a small-sized flat-screen television for her apartment, and she asked Parker to text her when he had the money in hand. She said that was when she would then get really excited about the move, and she left.

Parker went home, but Jack walked in right behind him. Parker said that Craig was "a jerk," because he had reneged on the trust fund. Parker asked if Jack had been involved in that decision, and his dad said that he'd had a discussion with Craig. Parker was upset, and Jack asked the boy why Craig had agreed to it in the first place. Parker didn't want to say, but Jack went into detective mode and said the reason mattered to him. Finally Parker blurted out that Craig and Rosanna were having an affair. Jack was stunned, and Parker continued that Craig had offered the trust fund in exchange for Parker's silence.

Craig and Rosanna cuddled on the couch in his suite, and Craig said that he felt that Carly had stayed with him because of the drinking. He mentioned that she might actually be relieved that she didn't have to deal with him anymore. Someone knocked on the door, and it was Jack. He said that what Craig and Rosanna did was their own business, but they had to leave Parker out of it.

Craig said that he had panicked, and it had been a terrible idea to involve the boy. He apologized, and Rosanna assured Jack that they wanted to tell Carly as soon as she got home and was well enough to hear it. Jack took the elevator down to the lobby and called Carly's rehab center. He asked to make an appointment with her doctor to discuss how to handle a messy situation at home. He expected it was wiser to tell Carly while she was still in a safe environment.

Audrey attempted to talk her way out of being arrested in Barbara's hotel room, as she slipped the vial that had contained the poison into a potted plant. She mentioned to the officer that Ms. Ryan had a "colorful history of mental illness," and she tried to convince him that Barbara was sex-starved and delusional. Barbara yelled at Audrey to shut up, and the policeman had to restore order. Audrey agreed to go quietly to the station, and she stepped outside the apartment where she ran into Henry.

Henry told his mother that she needed to stop Ralph, but Audrey said that Ralph was a lunatic, and she could do nothing about that. Henry begged her to do something before Ralph hurt Katie. The officer and Barbara appeared, and the officer took Audrey away. Henry tried to talk to Barbara, but she slammed the door in his face. Henry pounded on the door and finally convinced her to open it. He told Barbara that he needed her help, or otherwise, Katie would die.

Barbara let Henry in and asked him to explain. Henry said he had made a bad decision, and he told her about the money laundering scheme. He explained that Ralph the mobster had kidnapped Katie and would kill her if Henry did not produce the money he owed. Barbara realized that, in order to get to James's money, first they had to lift the injunction, and she urged Henry to hurry with her to the courthouse. Henry hugged Barbara in gratitude, and they dashed off.

Barbara was successful in lifting the injunction, but Henry was still frantic. They walked through Old Town on their way to the bank when Parker headed them off. He asked Barbara if there was any way she could get him some of the money that his sister, Jennifer, had left him, even though the money was in trust for him until he turned age 21. Barbara said that she was in no position to work on that at that moment, and she and Henry took off. They withdrew the money, and Henry thanked Barbara for saving Katie's life. He hugged Barbara again and went to find Ralph.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Audrey called Henry, but he hung up on her. Margo was unsympathetic, but Audrey called her remarks "sarcasm." Margo suggested that Audrey needed a lawyer. Barbara showed up to give her statement and sat down beside Margo at her desk. Margo said she would get an officer to take the statement, because she was off to a party for her little sister. Barbara muttered, "Good luck with that," and when Margo asked what she had said, Barbara said she hoped it was a nice party. Barbara walked into the interview room and told Audrey that she would be in jail for the rest of her pitiful life.

Ralph's two goons walked through Old Town, and one carried a bag with the supplies Katie had requested. The other one took the bag from his buddy and pitched it into a trash container. He said they should just leave Katie in her prison and take off, so the two scrammed.

Katie screamed for help and tried not to panic. She talked to her baby and promised him that they would not have to be there much longer. Meanwhile, her ticket to freedom walked into the Lakeview Lounge and spotted Ralph. Henry was just handing a big check to Ralph when Brad walked up and chewed out Henry for not keeping Katie occupied. Brad asked where Katie was or if Henry had lost her.

Parker went out to the farm and found Liberty enjoying some new throw pillows she had purchased, along with a couple of coffee mugs for the apartment. She thanked Parker for saving her life.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emily was upset that Liberty was not returning any of her calls. She assumed that she had been too pushy with the teen and had blown the whole adoption deal. Paul reminded Emily that he had promised her that they would have a family, so he showed her photos of a new house in Malibu and told his wife that he wanted to move there, with Liberty. Emily was astonished and asked about her newspaper and their children. Paul said that Emily could run the paper electronically with the Internet and video conferencing, and he promised they could visit Oakdale a couple of times every month.

Paul was hoping that Liberty would look at her time with them as a beach vacation. Once Liberty went off to college, he was willing to move back, if that was what Emily wanted. She thought about it for a while and then decided that Paul's idea was worth a try. The two of them hurried over to the farm to discuss their plan with Liberty.

At the Snyder farm, Liberty was excited to show Parker the new things she had bought for her apartment, but Parker arrived and wanted to talk seriously with her about the change in plans. Liberty was so eager for him to take her to the apartment to see how the new things looked, that Parker could not bring himself to let her down. Janet asked her daughter for help in taking things to Brad and Katie's for the baby shower, and then Liberty remembered about the party. Parker used the shower as an excuse for a fast getaway.

At Carly's house, Rosanna dressed for Katie's shower and emerged wearing a gorgeous cranberry colored dress. Craig was already in a suit with his hair slicked back, and he expressed his admiration. They both decided that they were ready "to go public" with their relationship at the baby shower. Parker arrived home, and Craig told him that all their secrets were out in the open, and he apologized for involving the boy in their lives. Parker still wanted some money, however, and he confessed that he had not been able to tell Liberty that the apartment deal was off.

Rosanna urged Parker to be honest with Liberty because the truth always emerged. Parker listened to her words of wisdom and decided that he had better return to the farm and tell Liberty the truth. After Parker left, Rosanna felt terrible about betraying her sister, and Craig admitted that he had fallen in love and proposed to Carly in that very house. He said, however, that he had never gotten over Rosanna. They hugged and left for the party.

Liberty told her mother that she did not want to attend the shower because it would be too much of a reminder of having to give her own baby away. She said that the sooner she moved to her new apartment, the better it would be for everyone. Janet disagreed and said what was best was for Liberty was to stay at the farm, and Jack would "come around." Liberty then realized that Jack was not eager to adopt the baby, and she was not pleased to turn her baby over to someone who had been forced into raising another child. Parker returned but stayed out of the fray.

Paul and Emily arrived in the midst of the argument between Janet and Liberty, and they wanted to talk to Liberty. Janet tried to get them to leave, but Liberty said that she wished to hear whatever they had to say. Paul explained that he and Emily were going to move to California, and they wanted Liberty to go with them until her baby was born. Janet broke into gales of laughter and shouted, "No, no, no, no." Then she "invited" them to leave her house, and she opened the door for them.

Paul said they had been speaking to Liberty, not Janet, and the girl piped up and told her mother that she was not going to stay and listen to more arguments. She thanked God that she had "somewhere else to go," and she dashed outside. Parker followed her and said that they couldn't go to the apartment because Craig had backed out of the deal, and therefore Parker could not rent the apartment. He said he was sorry, and left. Liberty walked back inside and told them all that Parker could not get access to his trust fund, after all, but she was not sure that she should to California, either. Janet decided it was time to get Brad involved.

At the Lakeview, Brad cornered Henry, who was in a discussion with Ralph Manzo, and asked where his wife was. Ralph jumped up and introduced himself and shook hands with Brad. Ralph seemed surprised to learn that Katie was pregnant; he had not noticed that in the brief time he had talked with her. Henry lied to Brad and said that Katie was in the ladies' room, and a generous Brad invited Ralph to the baby shower. Henry sent Brad on his way, and then he told Ralph that he wanted to see that Katie was all right before he gave Ralph his check.

Ralph refused, and Henry got angry and declared that it was his turn "to call the shots." Ralph suggested that Henry choose better words, and he promised to release Katie if Henry paid up. Henry handed over the check, and Ralph told him it had been a pleasure doing business with him. He suggested that Henry go to the party and said that the guest of honor should be there shortly. Henry left, and Ralph called his two stooges and left a message threatening them if they didn't return Katie immediately.

Margo arrived first at the baby shower, followed soon after by Craig and Rosanna. Margo looked daggers at Craig when she saw whom he had with him, and she sat next to Rosanna on the couch so the two of them could have a chat. Margo said that she was surprised to see how comfortable Rosanna seemed around Craig, considering their violent history. Rosanna stumbled with her words but finally asserted that Craig was a changed person. Margo said he was still stupid, however, because of the trust fund fiasco, but Rosanna corrected her by saying that Craig had reversed himself on that issue. Margo looked directly at Rosanna and warned her to be careful.

The door opened, and everyone yelled "surprise," but it was only Henry. Brad asked about Katie, and Henry said she was driving right behind him. Brad passed out champagne, and Henry chugged his and asked for a refill before Brad could serve anyone else. Brad said he wanted to toast to Henry before Katie got there, and he saluted Henry for sticking by Katie for so many years and through so many trials and tribulations. He lifted his glass and honored "Uncle Henry."

Brad went outside to look for Katie, but she was nowhere to be seen. Brad went into the bedroom to call her, but there was no answer. Craig sidled over to Rosanna and asked what Margo had been "chewing her ear off" about, but Rosanna called it just "party talk," except for the warning to be careful of Craig. Craig was disappointed that Rosanna had not told his sister that they were together, but Rosanna skirted the issue. Suddenly Craig asked her if she had cab fare, and he told Margo to give his congratulations to Katie; and he walked out, saying he could not stay there. Rosanna ran after him, past Brad who was very worried.

Brad pinned Henry down and asked exactly where Katie had been when Henry last saw her, and what she had said. Henry said that he had been hoping he would not have to tell them that, but then he suddenly changed course and lied that he had gotten her a gift certificate to the spa at the Lakeview as a shower gift. He assumed that Katie had decided to use the certificate right away. He volunteered to go and find her, and Henry ran out.

Brad's phone rang, and he dived for it, hoping it was Katie. Instead it was Janet, calling about the problem at the farm. She described things as "weird," because Paul and Emily were "laying into Liberty" about going to California with them. She said that she needed his support, and Brad said he could join her, since the party hadn't really gotten started yet. Margo said she would "hold the fort," and she promised to call him when Katie arrived.

Paul and Emily suggested that Liberty go home with them to look at pictures of the beach house in Malibu, but Brad arrived before they could leave. Brad demanded that they take their "hands off Liberty," and he got right in Paul's face. Liberty went out on the porch and called Parker, who was in Old Town. She needed to escape, so he said he would wait for her there.

Rosanna and Craig returned to Carly's, and Rosanna apologized for what Craig called "denying them in public." He said that Rosanna should have stood up for what they had. The big question was why what Margo thought was so important to Rosanna, however. Rosanna said that if Craig wanted honesty, then honesty he would get. She admitted that her bad nightmares were all about Craig and his following her in his car. She agonized about reliving the crash over and over and waking up in a cold sweat. Craig remarked that was "grim," but he said Rosanna was not so much afraid of the past as she was of what was happening at the present.

Craig said their taking a chance with each other was terrifying. Rosanna was worried that their relationship might not even make it to the next week, and Craig reminded her that no one ever knew that. He said he would never again try to hurt Rosanna, and he would spend every waking hour trying to make up for what he had done to her in that car crash. They kissed and then moved to the couch, knocking over the photo of Carly that sat on a bookcase.

Henry found Ralph still in the Lakeview, and he demanded to know where Katie was. Ralph was angry and told Henry to speak to him respectfully, and Henry suddenly realized that Ralph did not know where Katie was. Ralph called it "a small snafu," and Henry called Ralph a "son of a bitch," and knocked the man down. Henry snatched his check out of Ralph's shirt pocket and told him to take back his threats. He vowed that if Katie was not all right, he would take Ralph out.

Henry went back to the party, but he found only Margo there. She asked immediately about Katie, and Henry said that things had gotten "all messed up." Margo demanded to know where her little sister was, and Henry confessed that Katie was in real trouble.

In her "prison," Katie asked her unborn baby for help in getting free. Suddenly she saw a vision of Henry, who called her "Bubbles." He asked if he could help, but Katie chewed him out for involving her with a mobster who had abandoned her in a sweatbox "as hot as hell." Besides that, she complained, she had no food or water. The specter reminded her that they had weathered worse conditions than that on the deserted island in the Caribbean, and instead of whining, Katie should use her energy to figure out how to get out. "Henry" disappeared, and Katie began to look around for something she could use.

Katie spied something on a high shelf, so she dragged a chair over and tried to get her very pregnant self up on it. Next she heard Margo's voice, and there was a ghost-like apparition calling her out for being so reckless when she was pregnant. "Margo" said she had lots of cops who worked for her, so Katie should just sit tight and wait for the men in blue to rescue her. Katie got down from the chair, and an image of Craig joined her.

"Craig" asked since when Katie had become a quitter. He urged her to be pro-active in any life and death situation and to find a way out. "Margo" argued that Katie could hurt herself or the baby, but "Craig" promised to "take care of" whoever had imprisoned her. Katie finally had to yell, "Shut up!" to get the visions to leave. She talked to her baby again, until the image of Brad appeared and told her not to freak out their son. Katie was glad to "see" her husband, and he talked about the protective necklace she was wearing. He reminded her that the circles represented how she would care for their baby and how he took care of her.

"Brad" promised Katie that after that, things would "look up." He stressed the last two words before he faded into the wall, so Katie did as he asked: she looked up. She spotted a window up at ceiling level, much higher than anything else in the room. She had no idea how to get up there, and suddenly a young boy was standing before her. She asked who he was, and the boy answered, "You know." Katie realized the child was her son in about 3 years. She asked him to show her the way out, but he told her that she was the mommy, and she was supposed to show him what to do.

The boy pointed to the many boxes piled in the room, and Katie realized he was showing her a way to climb to the ceiling. She began carrying them under the window, and slowly the boy disappeared. Katie climbed up and wiggled a fan out of the window. She opened the window and began screaming for help. Her necklace caught on the window ledge and slipped off, falling down to the pavement. Katie dissolved in tears, and suddenly she slipped off the boxes and tumbled to the floor. She got up dazed, but extreme labor pains soon overcame her.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

After Parker and Liberty met up in Old Town, he drove her to Chicago, and they went to the abortion clinic. Parker urged Liberty to take her time making up her mind, but the girl said that she was running out of time, and if she waited any longer, she would begin to care for "what was growing inside" her. She also told Parker how much she appreciated his allowing her to make her own decisions. Parker did defend Janet, however, and he said that she had a really big heart. Liberty agreed that at least it was bigger than her mother's brain.

Parker wanted to make sure that Liberty was not terminating the pregnancy just to spite her family. The two of them walked to a nearby park with playing fields, and Parker suggested an alternative to abortion. He offered to help Liberty raise the baby while they continued their schooling. Liberty reminded Parker that a baby needed "things," and she had no clue as to what those things were. Besides, she did not even know how to take care of a child. Parker said they could complete high school, go to college, and "take care of the kid."

Liberty appreciated Parker's offer, and she hugged him. They started to walk back when a game of football nearby got rough, and one of the boys went out for a pass and crashed directly into Liberty, knocking her to the ground. Liberty blacked out for a minute, but when she awoke, she said she'd had the wind knocked out of her, and she just wanted to go. Parker helped her up, but she soon collapsed. Parker called 9-1-1 and rode in the ambulance with Liberty. She regained consciousness on the ride to the hospital, and Parker helped keep her quiet.

At the farm, Brad and Janet realized that neither Katie nor Liberty was answering her phone, and both were missing. Brad was sorry that he had taken a swing at Paul Ryan, and he couldn't understand how Katie could have missed her own baby shower. Janet reminded Brad that Katie didn't even know about the shower, and that calmed him a bit. At that moment Jack called, returning one of Janet's eleven messages. He had been visiting the rehab center, hoping to see Carly, but she was on an all-day field trip with members of her group. Janet shared the news that Parker had not gotten the money for Liberty's apartment from Craig, but Jack already knew that.

Janet explained how Emily and Paul had shown up with their "California dreamin'" scheme, and she and Brad had gotten into it with them. When they had all settled down, Liberty and Parker were gone. Jack said he was on his way home, and he arrived in less than an hour. Janet explained that Liberty and Katie were both unaccounted for, but Brad assumed that his daughter was at least with Parker, so Katie was his primary concern. He felt something was very wrong with Katie, and he decided to drive around and look for her. As he was leaving, Parker called Jack to say that he and Liberty were in Chicago, and Liberty had suffered an accident.

Jack and Janet prepared to drive to Chicago, but they persuaded Brad to stick to his plan to find Katie. Brad took off, and Jack and Janet made a fast trip to the Windy City. They first saw Parker in the waiting room, and he told them that Liberty was all right, but the doctors had not been able to save the baby. Janet ran to her daughter, and a tearful Liberty told her mother that she had already started to love the baby. Janet was grateful that her girl was okay. In the waiting room, Jack talked with Parker and said how proud he was of his son for standing by Liberty when she needed a friend. Parker felt he had let down her and her baby because he didn't protect them, but Jack said the accident was just a random something that had happened.

Henry finally confessed to Margo that Ralph Manzo had kidnapped Katie, but she stopped him and told him that he had better lawyer up before he went any further. Henry said he didn't care about that; it was more important that they find Katie fast. Margo had not heard of Ralph, but Henry said that he owed the man money, and Ralph had taken Katie for collateral. He explained that Barbara had helped out at the end, but when Henry had presented Ralph with a check for the money, Ralph did not know where Katie was because his goons had "gone bad."

Margo was frantic with worry, and she asked how Henry could have been so greedy and selfish as to put Katie in danger, especially with a baby due any day. Margo called the station and put out an APB on both Katie and Ralph, and then she and Henry hurried down to the station. Margo ordered all the cops out on the streets looking for them, but she warned Henry to stay put. Margo wanted him to convince his mother to tell her everything she knew about her "old pal," Ralph. Audrey did not "crack" under questioning, however, and Henry said that being raised by wolves would have been better than having her for a mother. Margo told him to use his wisecracking brain to figure out where her sister was.

In the Lakeview, Ralph packed his bag for an Oakdale exit, but someone knocked on his door. Ralph was walking slowly and had labored breathing from his knockdown by Henry, but he opened the door to Teri. When Teri saw his bag, she asked where he was going, and Ralph said he had to make a short "business trip." Teri noticed that Ralph was hurt, but he told her that he had tripped up the stairs, and he was fine. Teri persisted, however, and she finally convinced her "uncle" that he should see a doctor, even if it was just to get some pain pills for the journey. Ralph lost it and yelled at Teri to knock it off and leave him alone.

Ralph apologized, but Teri kept after him to go with her to the emergency room at Memorial. He finally agreed, and the two of them left. Teri helped Ralph into the hospital, but he was uncooperative with a nurse who tried to ask him some questions about how he got hurt. Dusty Donovan entered the corridor and spotted Ralph and Teri with the nurse, so he lurked in the shadows and listened to their conversation. Ralph finally got belligerent, so the nurse put him in an exam room while she went to get a doctor. Dusty approached Teri and said that a man who wouldn't answer questions usually had something to hide.

Earlier, Dusty had spotted Ralph's two goons going into a church, and he had walked up behind them and sat down. He deduced that they were no longer in Ralph's employ, and whatever Ralph had asked them to do had rattled them enough to send them to church for forgiveness. He heard the men mention someone named Madigan, but it meant nothing to Dusty. He mentioned all this to Teri, but she chose not to respond. Instead, she walked into Ralph's exam room, and Dusty followed, but Ralph was gone.

Dusty received a message from Margo, asking him to pay her a visit at the station. He went there, and Margo asked what he knew about Manzo. Dusty said Ralph was an old business associate from Chicago, but he had run into a couple of Ralph's goons in church, and when he had seen Manzo in the hospital, the man had "pulled a vanishing act." The only clue he could give Margo was the name"Madigan."

A very angry Brad raced in and pinned Henry against the station wall. He demanded to know where his wife was, and Henry confessed that Katie had been kidnapped, and he was responsible.

In her "prison," Katie got through the labor pains as best she could, and she gave herself a pep talk about how long first babies took to arrive and how help was on the way. One contraction put her on the floor, however, and when she got back on her feet, she tried pounding on the door again. She had about talked herself into thinking the contractions were a false alarm when suddenly her water broke. The contraction took her breath away, and she cried out that she couldn't do it by herself.

Immediately, the vision of Brad reappeared before her, and he offered comfort. He recalled how brave Katie had been to marry him in the first place, but Katie was having trouble breathing. She blamed herself for not watching "that disgusting video" about the birth process because it was "too scary." "Brad" kept reminding her to do her breathing and not to push yet. Katie's contractions got harder, so finally "Brad" told her to push as hard as she could, so she lay down and gave a hard push. The next thing Katie heard was the cry of her newborn son.

Katie picked up the baby and swaddled him with an old blanket. He appeared healthy, and she explained how his daddy had helped her bring him into the world. Katie told the infant that he didn't have a name yet, but there was plenty of time for that. She was concerned, however, about how much she was bleeding, and she was experiencing some dizziness. She was also exhausted, and was fighting to stay awake. Finally she put the blanket on the floor and lay on it with the baby.

Katie dozed off but she awoke when she heard the door open. She cried out for Brad or Henry, but she looked up and saw Ralph Manzo staring at her and the baby.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Katie awakened in the warehouse to find Ralph holding her son. Katie insisted that Brad was looking for her, but Ralph replied that no one had mentioned that at the baby shower. Ralph felt that Henry had caused a lot of trouble for Ralph, which meant trouble for Katie and her son.

Ralph tried to quiet the baby, to no avail. He handed the child to Katie, and she promised her baby that she wouldn't let anyone hurt him. "Hey, what are you making me out to be? I love kids. I like dogs, too," Ralph said. Katie asked Ralph to prove he wasn't a monster by setting her free. Katie said that murder was a worse charge than kidnapping, and there was no mercy for murdering a mother and child. Ralph reasoned that he had nothing to lose then.

Ralph checked his gun, claiming that it was just business. Katie tried to guilt Ralph by talking about what a miracle her son was. When he told her to shut up, she ordered him just get it over with. Ralph stated that he didn't kill babies and defenseless women. He decided that he'd abandon them to their fate. As he walked away, Katie feared that she'd never last until she was found, and pleaded with Ralph to drop the baby off at the hospital.

At the police station, Henry fretted that Brad was spinning his wheels, searching for Madigan. A police officer instructed a graffiti tagger suspect to empty his pockets, and Brad recognized Katie's necklace among the possessions. Brad slammed the suspect on a desk, demanding to know where Katie was. Henry and two officers pried Brad off the tagger, who swore he'd found the necklace in a trashcan. The police released the tagger for lack of proof. Certain that the guy was lying, Brad took off after him.

Brad tracked the tagger down in Old Town, and jacked him up by his collar. Brad said that he wasn't a cop, and didn't have to obey the law. He threatened to fill the tagger's lungs with spray paint, if the tagger didn't reveal where he'd found the necklace.

At the Lakeview, Henry walked in on Toland, who was setting up an illegal poker game. Henry pretended to owe Madigan money, and asked for Madigan's contact information. When Toland said he didn't know Madigan, Henry threatened to tell his cop friend about the game. Toland recalled that Sal worked nights at a warehouse by that name. "It's a place, not a person!" Henry exclaimed, rushing out.

At the farmhouse, Jack tried to comfort Janet about the miscarriage. When he said that it wasn't meant to be, Janet accused him of never wanting the baby to begin with. "You've been holding your breath, praying that Parker wouldn't have to help my bastard kid raise her bastard kid!" Janet seethed. Jack said he thought of Liberty as family, and while he hadn't loved the idea of raising a new baby, he would have done it. Janet retorted that it was easy for him to say, since the baby no longer existed. An offended Jack stormed out of the house.

Janet followed Jack to the bar to apologize for blaming him instead of herself. Jack persisted that the miscarriage was an accident. Janet felt that she'd pressured him into raising the kid, after they'd already agreed that the two of them were enough. She realized that she'd gotten "baby fever" at the thought of having a "Mini Libby-Lou" around. She assumed that he'd been avoiding her, but he admitted that he'd been out of touch because he'd been visiting Carly.

As Jack drank another beer, he explained that Craig and Rosanna were having an affair, and Craig had tried to bribe Parker into keeping their secret. Jack had wanted Carly to get over it while in the security of the clinic. Janet was shocked, saying that she'd expected them to murder each other, not have an affair. Janet decided that Jack shouldn't drive, and they left together.

Outside the bar, a drunken Jack overheard Henry leaving a message for Brad to meet at the Madigan warehouse by the rail yard, but warned him not to call the cops. Jack forced Henry to reveal the situation, and was shocked to just then be hearing about Katie's kidnapping. Jack sprang into motion, telling Henry to call Margo. As Jack took off, Janet reminded him that he'd been drinking. Jack said there was no time to get another officer, and he rushed off.

Katie begged Ralph not to let her son die, and claimed she was feeling weaker by the moment. Ralph heard a door creak, and he doused the lights. Brad stormed in, calling for Katie. He heard a baby cry, tripped, and Ralph stuck a gun to his neck. Brad claimed that the S.W.A.T. team was right behind him. Ralph said Brad had blown it, and he'd be joining his wife and child very soon, "forever and ever, amen." Brad said he'd heard his son crying, and he elbowed Ralph.

Henry tailed Jack to the warehouse, insisting upon helping to rescue Katie. Jack and Henry crept into the dank building, and saw two figures scuffling in the dark. Ralph grabbed Brad as a shield and fired his gun at Jack. "Police!" Jack yelled, and fired two shots back. Jack whispered to Henry that he'd heard someone go down.

The baby cried, and Henry and Jack followed the sound to Katie. Henry stayed with the mother and son, while Jack checked the warehouse. Katie uttered that she'd heard Brad, and Henry said they'd take Brad to her once they found him. On the other side of the warehouse, Jack turned over a body on the ground. There lay Brad, wounded to the chest.

At the Lakeview, Damian saw Lily and asked her to have a drink. He seemed disappointed when she said she was looking for Holden. He directed her to the bar, where Maeve and Holden laughed over drinks.

After strolling to the bar, Lily said the kids wanted to throw Holden a Halloween party. With Halloween a week from then, Holden felt they could discuss it later. Maeve excused herself, and Holden asked Lily, "You happy now?" Lily stated that the kids went before his new best friend. "Speaking of new best friends, your husband's waiting for you," Holden retorted, and left. Damian strode up, asking if she was ready for that drink. Lily declined, and left.

Holden went to Maeve's room to apologize for Lily's rudeness. Maeve figured Lily was trying to hang onto her man, but said it'd be easier if Lily would let the other man go first. Holden discovered the root cellar money under the bed, and cautioned Maeve that the bills might be traceable. Holden offered to reimburse her after she turned it in, but a finally free Maeve refused charity. She contemplated working for the hotel, but grimaced when Holden said that Lily owned it. He decided to talk to Lily, saying, "She owes me one."

Lucinda visited Luke to enlist his help reuniting Holden and Lily. "Even destiny, whoever she is, she needs a kick in the derriere," Lucinda stated. Her plan was to get Lily and Holden alone together at the cabin in hopes that they could sort out their problems. Lucinda insisted that Lily needed to choose between her husbands, and no matter whom Lily chose, their family members could finally get on with their lives.

Later, Lucinda was alone when Lily entered, smoldering about Holden and Maeve being "joined at the hip." Lucinda believed that Holden's pride was hurt after returning home to find Lily married to his rival. Lucinda felt the remedy was "a cabin in the mountains with a single blanket." Lily refused to trick Holden, claiming that he'd nearly divorced her the last time she pulled something like that on him. Lucinda figured Lily was just afraid, and Lily countered that the cabins booked up early. "I know; that's why I reserved one," Lucinda replied.

Later, Lily packed for the trip. She pulled a sexy nightie out of the drawer, but put it back. She sighed as she packed plaid shirts instead.

While still at the bar, Damian saw Luke enter, looking for Holden. Damian assumed that Holden had difficulty coping with the fact that Lily was legally married to Damian after Holden had been declared dead. Luke said it'd been a mistake, but Damian reasoned that the law was the law. Luke said Lily had a choice, and he hoped Damian would respect her wishes. Damian said he trusted Lily to search her heart. Luke repeated the phrase as if it were a revelation, and left.

Upstairs, Luke found Holden and Maeve exiting Maeve's room. Holden introduced Luke to Maeve, and when Luke seemed at a loss for words, Maeve excused herself to "the watering hole." Luke proposed that Holden and the kids go to a cabin instead of having the Halloween party. "Just you and me, and the kids?" Holden asked, and said it was a great idea.

Downstairs, Damian put Maeve's drink on his tab. Maeve liked Damian's style, and understood why Lily might have "jumped the gun" with him. Damian replied that Holden and Maeve had been lucky to find each other.

Maeve left, and Damian saw Lucinda enter. She told Damian to get used to being alone. Damian said he enjoyed his own company, and he was planning a romantic dinner for two for the following evening. Lucinda hoped he had a new woman, but Damian replied that he'd dine with Lily. "Does Lily know this?" Lucinda quipped. Damian was sure Lily would agree, but Lucinda said he shouldn't count on it.

When Maeve returned to her room, she saw Holden carrying a suitcase. He said he was headed for the mountains, and Maeve replied that she loved the mountains. He explained it'd just be him and his kids, and Maeve seemed disappointed when he left.

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