Another World Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on AW
Paulina hid her reliance on diet pills. Donna decided to run for mayor against Grant. Lila continued to pursue Shane. Vicky turned down Shane's proposal. Josie's friends surprised her with a bridal shower.
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Another World Recaps: The week of July 14, 1997 on AW
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Monday, July 14, 1997

Alexander, Felicia, Carl and Rachel share a tense luncheon with the animosity between the two men obvious. They confront each other when they are alone -- Carl accuses Alexander of swindling him during their business deal & Alexander says that Carl caused the death of his first wife, Diana. Paulina tries to find out her blood test results before the doctor but the technician turns her away. Surprised to find Shane working in the lab, she gets him to look at her results. Shane asks why she said she wasn't taking medication when the tests show she was. She finally admits she's been taking diet pills but begs him not to tell Joe. Shane agrees as long as she sees a doctor. He also told her that he thinks she looks great and jokes that its a shame they're both taken. Later, Paulina tears up the tests from her chart. Josie was frustrated with Gary who can't go shopping with her because he's working on Nick's case. Lila accompanies her instead and told Josie about how she and Shane met and how much she loves him. When Shane comes to the PI office to remind Lila of her missed therapy appointment she breaks down and begs him to tell her he once loved her, knowing that Vicky is planning on stopping by. Gary visits several liquor stores to try and find an alibi to Nick -- he notices one has a security camera with a date and time stamp. Meanwhile, Tomas confronts a distraught Nick, who begs his friend to help him remember what happened. Tomas says that Nick was an animal and that he told Tomas about seeing Toni lying on the ground. Taking Cass's advice, Nick finds a quiet place to try and remember the night of the rape. He has a memory of coming upon an unconscious Toni and her waking up and screaming at him. He opens his eyes, terrified and whispers to himself that he must have raped her.

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

Cindy was furious that Grant sent all her stolen jewels back but was slightly mollified when he gives her a pearl necklace, that was until she finds out they are cultured. Grant hold a televised "fireside chat" where he tries to portray an honest family man image with Cindy and Kirkland supporting him. Donna was furious while watching and decides to run for mayor herself. Michael stops by to ask Donna to be a character witness for Nick but she says she wouldn't be the best choice because she had to fire him for being drunk. Felicia and Alexander start to get hot and heavy but are interrupted by a phone call from John who wants to see Felicia. She told him its not a good idea and then went to the Harbour Club with Alexander where they run into John. John asks if Felicia was with Alexander because he resembles Lucas but she says its not his concern because they are finished. He insists he's not giving up (something he says EVERY time he sees her). Donna offers to help John make Felicia jealous and plants a kiss on him -- much to the surprise of both John and a watching Felicia. Both Cass and Gary try to get Nick to remember what happened the night of the rape, especially since the tape from the liquor store still would've given Nick enough time to get back to the hospital. Nick remembers being in someone's car -- possibly a soldier from Ft. Bragg. Jake agrees to investigate the lead. Lila orchestrates things to look as if she and Shane are having an intimate moment when she knows Vicky was watching. Shane told her she must get on with her life and that he's still planning on getting divorced. A sad Vicky reminisces about Shane and was snubbed by Paulina. When Shane arrives thinking there was nothing wrong, Vicky told him she can't marry him because Lila would always be involved somehow in his life and she's tired of fighting. Shane tries to convince her that she was the woman he wants but she asks him to stay away from her and leaves. Shane tries to go after her but has to help Paulina instead because she was having more heart problems. Running into Jake, Vicky confesses that she broke things off with Shane because he couldn't realize she needed him too. She then looks at Jake and says something about him always being there for her. They kiss, unaware that a shocked Shane was watching.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

Shane consults Tyrone about the divorce while Lila retains Grant as her lawyer, knowing he was Vicky's ex-husband. She told Grant she wants to reconcile with Shane and wants to drag the divorce out as long as possible. Donna lets Grant know that she was running for mayor. Grant steps up the pace in his attempts to get Cindy pregnant before the election. John calls Paulina and asks her to come in and talk about her test results. Giving into the urge, Paulina takes another diet pill but then frantically calls Cindy when she has more bad side effects. Cindy told her to stop taking the pills right now but Paulina insists she will be skinny before Gary and Josie's wedding. Cindy gives her different pills but makes Paulina promise only to take one a day and never to tell anyone where she got the pills. Paulina throws the old pills away but Joe finds them. In John's office, Paulina lies and says she's only taking over the counter diet pills. Gary and Josie happily anticipate their wedding. After asking John if he wouldn't mind, Josie asks Joe to give her away and Toni to be her bridesmaid. Joe and Toni narrow down the time when the rape could have occurred and then get an eyewitness which places Nick at the scene. Gary and Cass discuss how the lead of the soldier from Fort Bragg still doesn't give Nick an alibi and then Joe told Cass they have new evidence for an air tight case against Nick.

Thursday, July 17, 1997

Joe confronts Paulina about the pills her found. She tries to deny it but then blurts out that they are hers and she's taking them to get thin so he'll still love her. He tries to tell her he loves her just the way she is but she counters that she's sick of people telling her she looks fine. Joe is hurt that she lied to him but they are interrupted by Josie so they can't continue the discussion. Josie remarks what a perfect couple Paulina and Joe are which just makes Paulina burst into tears. Gary asks Felicia to be his "best man" saying she was the best friend he has in Bay City and that he wouldn't be where he was today without her. Felicia happily accepts and then proceeds with Gary's plan to get Josie to her surprise shower at the Harbour Club by dropping off her dog Paris and asking Josie to watch her despite the bride-to-be's protests. Gary was a little put out when Felicia remarks about the hunk jumping out of a cake. Cass calls Sophia and Nick in to give them the bad news about Nick's case. Sophia says she'll swear Nick was talking on the phone with her during the time the rape occurred but Nick won't allow her to perjure herself. Cass asks Nick to step outside and asks Sophia to try and convince Nick to plea bargain by pleading guilty for a lighter sentence. She was against Nick saying he did something he didn't do and thus branding himself a rapist for the rest of his life. when Cass brought up the idea to Nick, Nick realizes he'll spend time in jail no matter what and will lose everything that matters to him. Meanwhile, Tyrone coaches Toni on how her cross-examination might be and pulls out all the stops. Tyrone was very hard on her while playing the defense lawyer's part and she breaks down. Chris gets upset while he witnesses her being so hurt.

Friday, July 18, 1997

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