Another World Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on AW
Lila tried to prove to Jake that Vicky had been at the cabin with Shane. Josie and Gary had a happy reunion. Josie was upset to learn the FBI had questioned Gary. Matt and Lila argued over the paternity of Lila's baby. Friends and family attended Michael's funeral.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on AW
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Monday, February 23, 1998

At the Cory's Matt and Carl's discussion of Chris Chapin was interrupted by Rachel who has just got off the phone with Nancy. She informs them that Chris Chapin was dead. Matt immediately points the finger at Carl, but Rachel cuts him off by saying "it was a suicide." "He jumped off the terrace of a high rise hotel." Matt still wonders why a successful businessman would kill himself. Carl told him if he has something to say just say it. Matt tells Carl he thinks Chapin had incriminating evidence on him and that's why he left Bay City years ago. Rachel grows tired of Matthew's constant allegations towards Carl and ask him to leave. Carl told Rachel that Matthew will never stop the vendetta he has against him. Rachel then told Carl that nothing will come between their love, and perhaps he was right and she needs to cut Matt out of her life. Carl then ask Rachel if she still believes that he could commit murder or even arrange one? Rachel told him she must believe he has changed, and therefore could not be capable of such crimes. Later on Rachel was puzzled after overhearing a mysterious phone call Carl made. Outside, Matthew runs into Amanda and told her about Chris Chapin and his suspicions. Amanda told Matt he needs to give this whole vendetta thing a rest, but Matt feels he was only doing this to protect Rachel.

Over at the Herald, Nick shows Sofia his touching tribute to his father, when Jake and Chris walk in. Nick asks Jake what he thinks about his story. Jake tells him the article was nice, straight from the heart but not front page material. Upset by this, Nick told Jake he didn't write the story for therapy, he wrote it because he wants to find out the reason for Michael's death. Jake told him some of the wall story about Michael trying to get to Vicky in Chicago, which makes no sense to Nick. Jake grows angry with Nick's questions and went back into his office. Still needing answers to the many questions lingering in the wake of Michael's death, Nick decides to do an investigative piece. Sofia wants to know if she can help, but Nick told her he must do this on his own. Feeling left out, Sofia leaves and heads over to Carlino's. Meanwhile back in Jake's office, Chris suspects that Jake knows more about the accident than he was letting on and tries to find out what's wrong with his friend, but Jake will only say that he was responsible for Michael and Shane's deaths. Chris told Jake according to sources Michael went up to the cabin because he thought Vicky was up there with Shane, but doesn't understand why this was Jake's fault. Jake says he just feels guilty and then walks out. Chris knows Jake's not telling him everything and is going to figure out what Jake was hiding. Jake went to see Nick, who refuses to show Jake what he was working on until it's done. Jake told Nick that they'll probably never find out what really happened with the crash, and if they do it won't bring Michael back. As Nick was working on his piece it finally hits him that his dad was gone. Nick finally breaks down and cries on Jake's shoulder, Jake comforts him and tells Nick it's all right to cry.

At Shane's Gravesite, Lila shows up and finds Vicky draped over Shane's casket. Enraged, she grabs Vicky and slaps her across the face. " You just couldn't stay away could you Vicky!" Vicky then told her that she has a right to be here. Lila told Vicky she has no rights and she has a husband at home. She then blames Vicky for putting Shane in his grave, telling her if she hadn't been sleeping with Shane none of this would have happened. Vicky insist that she only came to the cemetery to pay her last respects to a man she deeply cared about. Lila then told her to stop all the lies, but Vicky tells her she won't get into this with her at Shane's gravesite. She then accuses Lila of having no respect for the dead, which sets Lila off into a continuous pool of accusations. Lila accuses Vicky of never loving Shane and just stringing him along while she had a husband on the side. Vicky told Lila she wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and slapped her in the face, but Lila told her to shut-up. She then accuses Vicky of being a hypocrite swearing in front of God and everybody at her wedding that she chose Jake, but doesn't give a damn who she hurts long as she gets what she wants. Vicky tells her that's not true and for the last time she never slept with Shane. Lila then told her you may have not slept with him in bed, but you made love to him every time you looked at him that's why you're here even though your own Father was dead. Vicky ask her how can she bring her Father into to this, and wonders what was the matter with Lila to say such a thing. Lila told her the fact was you have many places to be today, why did you choose to come here. Vicky told her she came to say goodbye, if it's all right with Lila. Lila then ask her how many times was she going to say goodbye, she said it at the boat, she said it at her wedding day, how many times. Vicky then admits to Lila that she loved Shane if that was what Lila wanted to hear in a way that Lila never could. Lila told her she wouldn't begin to know what love is. Vicky counters, saying I know when you love someone who's gonna live you don't let them believe that they're gonna die. Lila covers telling Vicky it's only a vicious lie. Vicky told her you knew he was gonna live and you kept it from him. Lila ask her why would she do something so foolish. Vicky told her the reason you do anything, to hold onto Shane. Lila says I took care of Shane when he was sick during his last days. Vicky cuts her off saying she knew all along they weren't his last days and once Shane knew he was well, Lila would lose him so she kept his condition to herself. Lila continuing to cover, ask Vicky how then could she fool all those medical doctors. Vicky then told her, you lied about his research and covered it up; You may have caused the lives of millions of sick people and you did it all just so you could hold onto Shane. Vicky then adds, you may have tried to fool him but Shane died knowing what you did and what kind of person you really are. Lila then wonders when Vicky and Shane had this conversation? When Vicky was suppose to be in Chicago and Shane was alone up at the cabin in the middle of an ice storm and the phone lines were down. Realizing she said too much Vicky covers, telling Lila to believe what she wants to believe. Lila told her she practically admitted it and now knows that Vicky was up at the cabin with Shane and tells Vicky she won't stop until she proves it. There must be some type of evidence up at the lodge and she's gonna find it. Vicky walks off and Lila told Shane how sorry she was that she didn't tell Shane the truth long ago.

Over at Carlino's, Matt and Amanda talk and Matt gives Amanda more information about Carl and warns her to watch her back because their treacherous stepfather may strike out at her next. Sofia arrives and spies the wedding bouquet on one of the tables. Remembering the past few days, Sofia breaks down and cries. Matt went over to Sofia and comforts her and told her he will be here for her. Sofia told Matt that she feels bad because she was thinking about her interrupted wedding plans when she should be feeling bad for Nick. Nick eventually shows up and he and Sofia and they talk, but Nick remains distant from Sofia as Matt watches the whole thing.

Back at the gravesite, Vicky leaves unnerved by Lila's words, went back to her car and while looking for her keys, finds only one of a pair of earrings in her purse. Realizing she lost one of her earrings somewhere. Vicky tries to recall where she lost it. She's panicked when she realizes the other one could still be at the cabin. Vicky went up to the cabin to try and find the earring, but all she can do was think about that night at the cabin with Shane.

Meanwhile back at the Herald, Lila plays the grieving (ex) widow and visits Jake. She told Jake how hard it's been and how if she could just go to the last place where Shane was she'd feel more resolved. She slyly gets Jake to bring her to the lodge. Meanwhile, Vicky's already at the lodge frantically looking for the earring and crying over the clothes Shane left.

Tuesday, February 2424

Cindy arrives at the police station and asks Joe if he would do her a favor. She wants Joe to get Paulina to see her, (Cindy). Cindy also tries to make Joe believe that she may be mistaken about Paulina and the drug use the night of the fire. Joe said he would not do that. Cindy starts to leave when another officer said to Joe that his loft was ready to move into, hearing this she assumes the truth: Joe was not with Paulina anymore.

Paulina was teary-eyed thinking of Shane. When Carl sees her upset, he tries to comfort her with a hug. Paulina said Shane never judged her and she will miss him, she also told Carl that she understands how he feels about loosing Shane too. Carl says it was as if the last piece of Ryan was lost to him now. Carl takes a drink and Paulina said she sure could use a drink too, Carl says she was sober and should take one day at a time to stay that way. Paulina told Carl she hated sneaking around drinking and if she had been in the open about everything maybe Joe would still trust her. Carl said it was hard to loose one friend much less two in the same night, referring to Joe leaving and Shane's death. Carl told Paulina that she should be sure of her feelings about Joe before leaving him. Paulina told Carl the difference between Carl and Rachael relationship was that Rachel trust Carl and Joe has lost his trust in her so they can't be together for now. Joe rings the bell to the house, Rachel answers it and Joe comes in and told Paulina he has come for his things, he has been staying in the guest room.

Lila and Jake are on their way up to the cabin in Jake's car. Jake was talking and Lila imagines that they arrive at the cabin she finds another glass besides the one that Shane drank out of. It has bright red lipstick on the rim of it, she gloats at Jake about it being Vicki's shade when in comes Vicki to the cabin with bright red lipstick on, and Jake starts calling Vicki a liar and a cheat. All this was of course was what Lila was hoping to find, Jake brought her back with his adamant statement that Vicki was in Chicago not at the cabin. Lila muses to Jake maybe she was wrong but she will see.

In the interim Vicki was at the cabin cleaning up any trace of her being there. She was also looking everywhere in the cabin not outside the cabin for her missing earring, which was out on the front step. She takes another look all through the cabin saying never underestimate Lila, but she doesn't find it. She was ready to leave when Jake and Lila arrive at the front door, Jake looking for the key Lila was standing there when she sees the earring on the step, she quietly picks it up and puts it in her purse. Vicki was inside, Jake and Lila enter and look around, Lila notices the front window was open, Vicki had slipped out just in time. Lila looks around nothing was out of place, she finds Shane's fountain pen on the table. She told Jake his research should be there but can't find it. She looks some more and finds a wet sponge. This she waves in Jake's face telling him that Vicki was there cleaning up so they would not find evidence of her being there. Jake said it was probably Shane left it there, Lila said still wet???? Jake then says it was Donna who came up it was her cabin. Lila insist was was Vicki covering up her tracks and Jake yells at Lila he does not like to be used and that he knows she used him just to try and get Vicki in trouble.

Cindy was at home telling Grant what she had done and now he was the cause of a family break up. She wants Grant to talk to Joe and confess so that Dante can have a whole family. Grant told her she was crazy that Joe would put him in prison and that he would not survive another prison stay. Cindy also brought up the subject of getting custody of Steven from Vicki, When Grant stuns Cindy with the comment that Vicki was dealing with enough without loosing Steven too so soon. Cindy can't believe her ears, she accuses Grant of still caring for Vicki, Grant tries to assure her that Cindy was the only one he loves. He tries to make love to Cindy when she claimed that she wanted all her faculties about her. Grant said loosing her father was enough for now that he does have human feelings after all. Cindy told Grant she thinks the accident was weird with the two men Vicki loved was killed on the same road in an out of the way place, and that maybe Vicki was out there with Shane and Michael went to save her marriage, little did Cindy realize she had stumbled on the truth.

When Joe comes in and says he came to get his things. Paulina was dumbstruck. Carl told Joe to use a little sensitivity right now with Paulina. Paulina recovers and told Joe to be sure to get all of his stuff, and huffs out of the entryway. Rachael talks to Joe trying to get him to stay with Paulina. He said he would if Paulina would tell the truth. Rachael says Paulina was the one child most like Mac, she always told the truth. She ask Joe if he would forgive her if she admitted taking the drugs on the night of the fire and Joe said yes he would forgive her and stay. Rachael told him that he was demanding that Paulina lie then because she would save her marriage if that was all it took, and that Paulina had spoken the truth, just think about it why would she stick with a lie if all it took was to admit to it. In the outer room Carl was telling Paulina not to be too hasty in pushing Joe out, to make sure that there isn't something to save their marriage. Paulina says Joe was the one in a hurry to move out that she just didn't think it would be this soon. Carl tries to convince her to take Joe back, but Paulina says Joe doubts her and doesn't even trust her with her own son, Dante. Back in the entryway Rachael told Joe if he walks out the door that it will be Joe's problem when he realizes Paulina was telling the truth, Joe says to Rachael that it was Paulina who put them in this situation. Paulina comes out and Joe says good-bye and walks out the door, Paulina was crying.

Vicki was in Lila's apartment when Lila returns home. Lila said to Vicki what did you do steal Shane's keys from the cabin when she was out there covering up her tracks?? Lila brought out the earring to taunt Vicki with. Vicki said she should have dropped the earring anytime since Christmas. Lila picks up on this statement real quick and she taunts Vicki some more saying that the earring must have been a gift from Jake and how he would believe her now that Vicki was at the cabin that night.

Lila taunts Vicki with the wet sponge left behind too. Lila ask Vicki for the research papers of Shane's, Vicki does not deny that she was at the cabin and told Lila she will never get her hands on Shane's research an that she (Vicki) has come up against other more worthy opponents and that she has always won! Vicki grabs at the earring and a scuffle ensues. Vicki was the victor gets the earring and heads for the door, Lila told her that was doesn't matter that she just has to plant a little doubt in Jake for her to get to the truth. Vicki throws the key to Lila and storms off home.

Jake comes home and told Vicki where he had been and with who in order to prove to Lila that Vicki was not at the cabin. Vicki hugs Jake and says thanks for believing in me...Lila stands in front of a mirror looking at her stomach and says about Vicki, You haven't seen anything yet!!!!

Wednesday, February 25

As Paulina exhorts Jake to stop blaming himself for the accident, Steven arrives out of breath and reports that his little brother has vanished. Meanwhile, Kirkland shows up on his father's doorstep in tears. Tyrone tells Lila and Matt he's received a handwritten codicil to Shane's will which stipulates that all of his research should be turned over to his charitable foundation. The news gets even worse for Lila as her ex-husband's attorney reveals that Vicky has been named executrix of Shane's estate as well as head of his foundation. Gary and Josie's happy reunion comes to an abrupt end after they belatedly receive the news about Michael. Realizing that his young son was grieving and confused, Grant tries to reassure a worried Kirkland that he isn't going anywhere. Toni inadvertently lets it slip to Josie how Gary was picked up at the airport and questioned by a federal agent. Lila learns that she'll have to prove the paternity of her unborn child if she has any hope of contesting Shane's will. After admitting to Jake that he's frightened about going to Michael's funeral, Kirkland asks Grant to come with them. Later, Jake fears he's given Grant new ammunition in the battle for custody of Kirkland.

Thursday, February 2626

Josie was on the phone to an unknown person saying she wants out and don't call my home again, call her at work, she hangs up. She immediately calls agent Clay with the FBI, she wants to know why they picked up Gary for questioning.

Gary was at Lila's place trying to comfort her and told her that her friends, he and Josie, will help her during her pregnancy. He consoles Lila when she cries about Shane., telling her that a part of Shane will always be seen in the baby when he or she comes into the world, everything will get better. Gary was about to leave and Lila says that he and Josie should start a family so their children can grow up together. Gary was suddenly in a rush to leave so as not to discuss it.

Matt was thinking about the baby and says to himself he'll find out who the father is. He arrives at Lila's to confront her. She adamantly states Shane was the father. Matt says if it was his child, he will take responsibility, he can't get it out of his mind that he and Lila had gone to bed and used no protection. He told Lila to get a paternity test and Lila suddenly has stomach pains. Matt takes Lila to her doctor. The doctor assures them both she was all right, and told her the baby can feel any stress she was under. Matt told the doctor he will personally take care of her till the birth. Lila told Matt to stop hovering and Matt demands a paternity test.

Joe was at his new place trying to fix it up and Sofia comes bearing a plant to make it feel like home. Joe ask why she was there instead of with Nick. Sofia told him Nick said he wanted to be with his family that day, it being the day of the funeral. She told Joe she doesn't know what to do she feels Nick should consider her family but since the wedding was called off she doesn't know where she stands now.

Vicki was at the chapel feeling very bad about her father when Jake comes in to comfort her. She wanted to know how he knew she needed him. Jake said that he always knows when she needs him. Jake told her about Kirkland running away to Grants and Vicky gets worried Grant will use it against her, Jake says no he won't but he was coming to the funeral. Jake told Vicky her sister Marley's plane has arrived.

Gary went home to get ready for the funeral and Jose told him Toni Burrell came over and told her about the FBI agent. Josie tells Gary she was ready to have that family now. Josie insist Gary tell her what was going on and he told her to hurry up and get dressed while she is in the bedroom he makes a call to person unknown and ask "Did you get the information I Need?" Josie persist and Gary side steps the questions and rushes out of the apartment to warm up the car as an excuse not to talk.

Marley arrives at Donna's and notices how strange Donna is reacting. She ask why did Michael have to die and Donna says angrily "Don't ask that". Donna apologizes to Marley and Marley wants to know why Michael was on that isolated road on such a bad night. Donna explains Michael was helping Shane and Shane was at the cabin. Marley ask "So you think Michael was to blame ?" Donna says of course not. Marley told Donna she isn't acting right what was the problem and Donna says it was because Michael was going to ask her to marry him again. They go to get ready for the funeral, Marley went to the chapel.

Jake was leaving , he runs into Marley and told her Vicky really needs her now. Marley went in and talks with Vicky. Vicky told Marley she has never need anyone more than she needs Marley at that time. Marley wants to know what was wrong with Donna. Vicky braks down and told Marley the entire truth. Marley sits there stunned. Vicky tells Marley she was so glad that Marley understood and could forgive her, Marley turns and gives Vicky a look of loathing.

Friday, February 27, 1998

The day of Michael's funeral finds Vicky trying to explain what really happened up at the cabin to an unforgiving Marley. Sickened by her sister's sordid story, Marley bitterly accuses Vicky of sleeping with Shane the night their father died. Vicky denies it and told Marley she can't take Marley's unwilling to forgive her.. Marley told Vicky don't play the victim to her. She accuses Vicky of having the hots for another guy and that was why Michael drove all the way up to the lodge in the middle of a blizzard to save her worthless hide. Vicky told Marley she didn't know that Michael set out to find her, but Marley cuts her off saying "If you had stayed home that night with the husband you profess to love so very much, our father would still be alive today." Vicky told her, yes I know this and do you have any idea what it's like to live with this guilt? Marley cuts Vicky off again telling her it's always about you isn't it. What about the rest of us and what about the two dead men who died because of you? She then adds, "your the same greedy tramp who rode into town on the back of Jake's motorcycle." Marley then tells Vicky that she'll do anything to get what she wants and doesn't care who she hurts, because she thinks by using her hard luck childhood story she can explain away every lousy thing she's ever done in her life. Vicky defends herself by telling Marley that was not what she's doing and pleads with Marley to let her explain what really happened. Marley told Vicky that Michael was the light that came in and put their whole family back together and Vicky killed him, just as she kills everything. Enter Donna and Jake arriving for the funeral as Marley told them they are just in time. Donna wants to know what's going on, as Vicky pleadingly looks at Marley to not let Jake know what they've discussed. Marley holds her silence and doesn't say anything as the other family members make it to Michael's funeral. Donna pulls Vicky aside asking her what went down, but Vicky insists she just leave it alone. Donna then told Vicky she will not stand for any sibling bickering today. Jake also ask Vicky what happened, but Vicky covers by saying "just sister stuff." Sensing it's more than that, Jake ask Marley who told his she has nothing to say.

Most of Bay City residents arrive and give their condolences to the family. The service was started and Michael's coffin was brought into the church. Jake starts things off by giving the Eulogy and reminding everybody about how much the concept of family meant to Michael. Jake's words ring through Marley's head. Unable to continue listening to Jake's Eulogy about forgiveness and love, Marley stands up and walks right out of the Chapel. Donna went after Marley and they argue. Donna ask Marley if she knows? Marley told her Vicky felt the need to share the truth with her. Donna pleads with Marley not to let the pain show out today. Marley told her to stop defending Vicky for once in her life. Adding that because of Vicky, Nick and Sofia aren't married, you'll never find happiness, Michael's dead and she killed everything. Donna tells Marley she needs her and pleads with her to go back inside to the service. Marley ask Donna if she was still keeping up appearances for Vicky's sake, adding that Michael always hated that. Marley then adds, the reason she left this town was because of the dark and ugly secrets. She then told Donna, Vicky was as dead to her as Michael has become and leaves.

Over at the hospital, Lila and Matt are arguing over the paternity of Lila's baby. Lila told Matt most guys would be happy to be let off the hook. Matt responds by saying he's not most guys and she's carrying a baby who's future is at stake and if he's the father he intends to be very involved. Lila tells Matt that Shane was the father and asks him to stop pressuring her because it's not good for the baby. Matt doesn't push for the paternity test, but makes it clear he will want it later. As Matt exits, Lila vows there will be no paternity and puts her wheels in motion to see it through.

Back at the Michael's funeral, various family members and friends take turns speaking about Michael. When it comes time for Vicky to speak she doesn't think she can go through with it, but Jake convinces her to. Vicky says final moving words that touches everybody. The coffin was carried to the burial spot and Nick was upset that Marley left so abruptly and begins to ask questions. Donna told Nick that Marley was very fragile right now, but Nick adds that it is still no excuse for leaving. Vicky tries to explain that Marley blamed her for Michael's death. Scared Vicky was going to confess the truth to Nick also, Donna covers by saying Marley needed to gather her thoughts. Nick claims it's his fault Michael died, but Donna told him no one was to blame and soon as Marley settles down she'll realize that too. Once everyone has almost gone, Donna wonders why Vicky told Marley the truth. Vicky explains to Donna that Marley new something was up once she looked at her. As the two discuss Vicky spilling her guts out to Marley, Jake walks up in the middle of their quarrel and asks them what the truth was about. Vicky almost told Jake the truth, but Donna cuts in sugar coating everything again. Explaining that Vicky was the one who had to tell Marley how Michael died. Paulina arrives to ask Jake and Vicky about going back over to their home to setup everything for the guests. Vicky went back over to her father's coffin and told him she was so sorry for everything. Jake was just a little ways away from her, but he obviously hears Vicky and wonders to himself. Donna stays behind in the church by herself and finally breaks down and cries telling Michael of her anger for leaving her that day. Cass comes into the church unnoticed, and then gets Donna to cry on his shoulder.

Over at the Cory's, Rachel explains to Felicia why Matthew was no longer welcome in her home. Rachel told Felicia about Chris Chapin's suicide and how she had no choice but to put Matthew out of her house and life. Carl further explains Matthews obsession with bringing him down. Shocked by all this, Felicia told them it's a shame, especially when they use to be so close. Carl excuses himself to go upstairs and look in on the twins. As Rachel and Felicia continue to discuss Matt's past deeds, the doorbell rings with a delivery person with a package for Calr from Denver. As Rachel signs for it Carl comes downstairs and Rachel shows him the package.

Over at Jake and Vicky's, Sofia tries to be there for Nick, but he wants to be alone. Grant brought Kirkland over and Vicky was upset because Grant took Kirkland without telling her. Grant explains that he thought that Kirkland needed a little diversion, so he took him for an ice cream. Vicky told Grant he can stay if he likes, and Grant responds by saying they need to talk about Kirkland. Vicky ask Paulina where Jake has gone. Paulina told her Jake had to step out for a minute. Vicky told her she wishes Jake were there, because she really needs him right now. After everyone has left, Vicky turns around to find Grant still lurking about. He explains that they need to talk, but Vicky told him does it have to be today of all days. Grant then told her they need to discuss the welfare of their son. Marley returns to the funeral site and stops by her father's coffin to say her final goodbyes. She tells Michael she loves him and vows that she will never forgive Vicky for killing him and destroying their family.

Marley arrives at the airport, packed and ready to return back home when Jake catches up to her and demands to know what was going on between her and Vicky.......

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