Another World Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on AW
Jake distracted Grant while Gary secretly put the tape back into trash. A frightened Paulina decided to flee with Dante. Cass found Felicia with her head in the oven.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on AW
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Monday, March 30, 1998

At Vicky's Place, Vicky told Etta Mae about what had happened at Lila's and was puzzled by Matt's involvement with Lila. Suddenly it hit Vicky, and she told Etta Mae that Lila had been spreading a little southern comfort out to Matt. Etta Mae agreed, and Vicky told her that Lila would have pulled every dirty trick in the book to get Shane, including trapping him into a pregnancy. She finished by telling Etta Mae that Shane would never have touched Lila, so that was where Matt factored in: Matt was the donor.

Etta Mae told Vicky not to worry whether Lila's baby was Shane's or Matt's but instead to worry about how to get Jake back. Vicky said she didn't see how wasting time on something that wouldn't happen would do any good. Etta Mae told Vicky that with that attitude, she'd never get Jake back. Etta Mae said that Vicky should tell Jake how she had saved him by handing Shane's estate over to Lila. Vicky said she couldn't go see Jake, especially not at the Herald. Etta Mae eventually persuaded Vicky to go see Jake and wished her luck.

At Grant's penthouse, Jake was there to warn Grant to stay away from Vicky and to distract him while Gary sneaked into his place to put the tape back into the trash. Outside the penthouse, Jake had Grant in a chokehold until Grant elbowed Jake in the gut to free himself from Jake's hold. Grant was about to go back inside, but Jake knew Gary was still inside, so he stalled Grant some more by telling him his visitation days were the only days he wanted to hear about Grant being at Vicky's.

Grant told Jake he thought Jake didn't care about Vicky anymore. Jake told him just because he'd moved out didn't mean that he didn't care, and his problems with Vicky were none of Grant's business. Grant told Jake that it was too bad that he couldn't hold on to his wife, but he would see Vicky wherever and whenever he wanted to because they shared a son -- a bond that Jake and Vicky would never have.

After hearing that, Jake had a flashback to him and Vicky at the park, discussing having a baby. Grant snapped him out of it by telling Jake that he had known Jake would never be able to satisfy Vicky. As they continued arguing, Gary slyly slipped back out of Grant's place. Once his friend was clear and out of sight, Jake told Grant he was not worth it and let him go.

Over at the Hideout, a frightened Paulina decided to take Dante far away, where no one would find them. Later, when she was sleeping, she had a nightmare about the night of the fire and imagined hearing Dante crying. Spooked, Paulina popped up out of her sleep and ran to the crib to check on a peacefully sleeping Dante. Relieved that it had only been a dream, Paulina vowed that no one would ever take Dante away from her -- no one.

At home, Joe stepped out of the shower, dripping wet, and after wrapping a towel around himself, entered his room and was startled to find Cindy sitting there in a chair. Cindy told Joe that she had heard he had been looking for her. She then told him that she knew where Paulina was hiding. Joe asked her how long she had known. Cindy told him since the beginning, adding that Paulina had needed somewhere to hide, and she had been the only one Paulina could turn to.

Joe said that he had been on his way to meet with her until Cindy had intervened. He threatened to run her in for aiding and abetting. Cindy told Joe that he could threaten her all he wanted, but the truth of the matter was that if he ever wanted to see his wife and son again, he would listen to her. Joe told her to start talking. Cindy told Joe that she wanted the tape. Joe played dumb, but Cindy told him she knew he had it, and if he didn't turn it over to her and drop the charges against Grant, he would never see Paulina and Dante again.

Joe told Cindy she had to be kidding. Paulina was the only friend that she had, and Joe was stunned she would repay her with blackmail. Cindy told Joe that she cared about Paulina and wanted her to be happy. She said she would tell him where Paulina was, but she didn't want Grant to go to jail. Joe yelled at her that Grant had burned down his house and almost killed his wife and son, and he was stunned that Cindy had the nerve to ask him that. Cindy said that the fire had just been an accident, and Grant had changed.

Joe told Cindy that Grant hadn't changed; Grant was Grant, and the next time he wanted something, he would stoop to great lengths to get it like he always did. He then asked Cindy why she was going out on a limb for Grant. Cindy told him that she loved Grant as much as Joe loved Paulina. Joe still couldn't forget that Grant had almost killed his wife and son, but Cindy said that Grant was torn up about that and was sorry. Cindy pointed out that Paulina had almost killed Kirkland, Grant's only son, and that Joe's anger for Grant was equal to Grant's anger at Paulina.

Joe said that Paulina hadn't meant to hit Kirkland, but Grant had meant to hurt Joe's family as a part of some scheme, and Cindy couldn't compare the two incidents. Cindy asked Joe why not and then told him it had been an accident, and she would not stand by and watch her husband lose everything. Cindy told Joe that they could stand there and argue forever, but the fact was Paulina was leaving the country the next day. Either Grant would go free, or Joe would never see his wife and son again.

At the Bay City Police Station, Gary and Jake showed up, and Josie asked them how it had gone. Gary told Josie how Jake had successfully distracted Grant so Gary could replace the tape in Grant's trash can. Certain that Grant was about to get what he so richly deserved, the threesome couldn't wait until Grant was dragged into the station. Jake added that he couldn't wait to see their esteemed mayor behind prison bars. Gary agreed, and Jake told them he had to go. Gary asked if Jake wanted to be there when they took Grant in, but Jake said he needed to get to the Herald to set things up for the next day's headline story starring Grant.

As Jake left, Gary grabbed Josie up and hugged her with joy, glad that after so many years, they would finally have Grant where they wanted him. Secretly, Josie worried that Gary was getting too invested in revenge against Grant. Gary told her he just couldn't wait for the whole world to see what kind of a "real bastard" Grant was. Josie told him that getting Paulina to return home was the important thing, but her statement fell on deaf ears to an overzealous Gary.

Just then, Joe arrived with Cindy in tow. Upon seeing it, Gary taunted Cindy about ratting Grant out and saving her own neck. Cindy said nothing and just followed Joe into his office. As Joe handed Cindy the tape, Gary peered through the blinds outside the office, watching in utter disbelief as Joe handed their evidence over to the suspect's wife. He then rushed in, screaming, "No!" and asked Joe what was he doing. Cindy told Joe to burn the tape.

Josie followed behind Gary to also see what was going on. Joe told them that she knew where Paulina was, and it was the only way she would tell him her whereabouts before Paulina left the country. Josie told Gary that it wasn't about Grant; it was about Paulina. Joe burned the tape, and Cindy called Paulina and claimed to be heading over with the passports and airline tickets. Cindy kept her word and gave Joe the address where Paulina was staying. Joe told her it had better be on the level and headed off.

Gary was freaked out that Grant had gotten away again, but Josie told him it was more about Paulina than Grant. She then told him she had to go call Jake and have him put a halt on the story. Gary told her Jake wasn't going to be any happier about the latest news than Gary was.

Over at the Herald, Jake was telling Chris about the Grant situation when Vicky arrived. She greeted everybody and told Jake that she had to tell him something. Jake headed to his office, and Vicky followed. She started by telling Jake that when she entered she had seen a smile on his face, and it made her feel good because she hadn't seen one in a long time. Jake told her he hadn't had much to smile about lately, but he'd gotten some good news.

Vicky told Jake she also had good news, and that was the reason she had stopped by, but she asked Jake to share his good news first. Jake told her that they might have found Paulina, and she'd be returning home soon. Vicky told him that was great news and got ready to sit down, but Jake told her not to. He then informed her that he had not stayed in Bay City for her; he had done it for the boys. Vicky said she shouldn't have gone there, so she'd just say what she had to say and leave.

Vicky told Jake that she had taken care of Lila's suit against him, but he didn't seem moved. Jake asked if she had expected a thank you, and Vicky said she had just wanted him to stop paying for her mistakes. Jake said nothing, and the phone rang. It was Josie calling to tell Jake that Joe had found Paulina. Jake was happy -- until he learned that Grant had been let off the hook again.

Jake had Chris kill their story on Grant and asked Chris to show Vicky out. Vicky suddenly became short of breath, but Jake was unmoved by her health crisis. Chris told Vicky he'd take her home, even though she insisted she could drive herself. When they left, Jake called Marley and left a message stating that Vicky needed her.

Back at the mayor's penthouse, Cindy returned home to Grant, who was furious because he had been calling all over town for her. He then told her about Joe Carlino's suspicions and that he had been closing in on them. He informed her that the tape she had kept on him as an insurance policy had been stolen by the police, which could spell the end of his career thanks to her. Cindy told Grant to hush because it was all over, and he didn't have to worry about the tape anymore. Grant asked her what she meant by that. Cindy told him the tape was history.

Meanwhile, back at the station, Josie tried to calm Gary by telling him that Joe had secretly told her it was not over yet. As Josie told Gary that Joe had to keep everything from them so Cindy could see how upset they both got when he burned the tape, Cindy explained everything to a very loving Grant and told him that Joe had burned the tape in front of her. At the station, Josie told Gary that Joe had burned the tape in front of them so that Cindy would think she had won. Gary confirmed it, telling Josie that Cindy had forgotten about the original at home in her trash can. Josie then told Gary she was headed over to Grant's to do a follow-up on the break-in.

Back at Vicky's, Chris and Vicky arrived, and Vicky didn't look so good. Etta Mae was still there and told Vicky to go upstairs and get some rest. Once they were alone, Chris told Etta Mae that it was bad. Etta Mae told Chris it was all her fault; she was the one who had talked Vicky into going to see Jake.

Chris told Etta Mae about how coldly Jake had treated Vicky and explained about Vicky's health crisis episode. Chris told her that Vicky's health crisis was real, and she had looked really bad when they had left. Chris said that Jake had just stared at Vicky like he hadn't felt anything at all. Etta Mae told him that she prayed they would be able to find their way back to one another.

Back at the penthouse, Grant professed his undying love for Cindy as they celebrated the threat of the tape being lifted from their heads. Josie showed up knocking at their door and told Grant that she was there to do a follow-up on the break-in. Grant told her he had thought the Bay City Police Department didn't think anything had been stolen. Josie told him she had to do a follow-up, anyway, and it would only take a second.

Josie headed straight to the trash cane, but Cindy told Josie that the back-up tape was gone. Cindy told Josie she had figured out that Joe had planted a copy of the tape in the trash, but Cindy said it was not there. Josie told Cindy that it was not over, and she walked out.

After Josie had gone, Cindy said that it was over as she and Grant celebrated their victory over the Bay City Police Department. Cindy professed her undying love for Grant, and he was grateful. As they got ready to make love, the phone rang. Cindy happily answered the phone and sent Grant off to the bedroom to wait for her but was dismayed to find that it was Vicky on the phone, upset and wanting to speak with Grant. Josie returned to the station and told Gary that Cindy had found the other cassette, and they had gotten away with it.

Back at the hideout, Joe went to the place where Paulina was hiding and knocked on the door. Paulina panicked when she learned that it was Joe on the other side of the door, not Cindy.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Josie arrived at the station and told Gary that Cindy had beaten them to the other tape. Gary (now played by John Littlefield) was very upset at the news. Josie ask why he was so upset. She asked if there was something else bothering him.

Cindy intercepted the call from Vicky and hung up on her. Cindy and Grant were very happy at the developments. Cindy wanted to know how Grant felt about her help. He said, "Let me show you," and Cindy said, "Show me how much you love me." They headed for the bedroom.

Joe arrived at the hotel that Paulina was hiding out in. Paulina panicked when Joe said it was him. Paulina was afraid to open the door and looked for an escape route from the room. Dante started crying, and Joe pleaded with Paulina to open the door. He told her about Grant's involvement, and Paulina was still unsure. Joe told her that he believed in her and that he trusted her. He added that while she had been missing, he had learned that he really did trust her.

Paulina wanted to think about all of it and refused to open the door. She said she needed time to think about everything and asked Joe to please leave. She promised to talk to him before she did anything. She said if he trusted her then he would leave. Joe hesitated only a second and said he was leaving. He was walking away when Paulina opened the door and called him back.

Grant and Cindy were in bed and Cindy was so happy that she wanted to see what she looked like that happy, so she went to the bath to look at herself. Grant used that time to call Vicky and check up on her. Cindy returned, and Grant said the next time Vicky called to be sure to let him know it. He said he had to go over there because Kirkland had had a bad day at school.

Cindy threw a fit at the interruption of their victory over Joe. She said a lot of things that Grant did not like and called Kirkland a snot-nosed kid. That made Grant very mad. He went to dress, and Cindy cried.

At the station Gary was upset about their failure to make Grant face justice. He went to the gym to work out, and Josie followed him. She wanted to know what else was bothering him. Gary said nothing was. While they were there, another officer arrived to tell Josie that a guy named Jeremy had called her and that he had made it sound important. Josie said she has to take the call.

Josie talked on the phone to the guy named Jeremy and said it couldn't be that soon. She would have to make plans and pack, and she would choose the place. She hung up. Gary had returned, and he asked where she had to go. Josie looked guilty but said it was Tony and that they had plans to get together later.

Joe and Paulina talked, and Joe asked if he could hold Dante. Paulina let him but got between the door and Joe and Dante. Joe noticed that and told her that he would never take Dante away from her. He handed Dante back to her. Paulina told him he didn't know what it was like to not be trusted, and she expressed frustration that she always had to prove herself.

Joe said he wanted to start over and get to know Paulina again. Paulina was unsure about that, and Joe said he understood how it felt to be untrusted because Paulina still didn't trust him. Joe asked to hold Dante again and then turned around and gave Dante back to Paulina, showing her that he trusted her, and she could trust him. He got on his knees and asked her to start over with him. Paulina was hesitant but gave in and said, "Okay, let's start over." They kissed.

Gary left Josie at the station and went to a bar. There he sat thinking about all the injustice in the Grant situation, and he ordered a double bourbon.

Grant told Cindy he loved her and left to go to Vicky's. Cindy said to herself that he would be back only when Vicky was finished with him. Cindy said she would stay home in her bed until Vicky snapped her fingers. Cindy said perhaps Grant needed to remember just who he had married. She struck a match and stared at it.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Lila triumphantly informed Donna that she had forced Vicky into total surrender. Josie confided to Toni a fear that her husband might have fallen off the wagon. Meanwhile, Gary ordered the bartender to line up a row of double bourbons and to keep pouring.

Paulina and Joe happily celebrated their reconciliation. Cass explained to a skeptical Felicia and Rachel why he was so sure Wally was bent on revenge. Distracted by a headline about Grant's new "honesty" campaign, Gary left the bar without taking a drink.

Donna taunted Lila about losing her looks as her pregnancy progressed. Returning home with Joe, Paulina enjoyed a warm reunion with Sofia and the Corys. Cass cast a suspicious eye on Lila after she became the unwitting accomplice of the person who had been stalking him. Felicia convinced Gary to continue staying sober one day at a time.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

Cass and Donna talked together, and Donna accused Cass of messing around with Lila. Cass denied it and accused Donna of being the one behind his mystery. Donna did not know about the mystery, and Cass told her about it and the music box being at Lila's. Donna said only someone who knew where Cass was going to be could have planted the music box that played "Greensleeves." Donna suggested Felicia.

In the meantime Felicia suffered writer's block at home. She was wearing her famous white feather boa. She was exasperated and fell on her sofa.

Nick was at the cemetery, and Vicky showed up. Vicky wanted to talk to Nick, and he didn't want to hear her say she was sorry because he had seen with his own eyes Vicky all over Shane at one occasion and didn't believe her. He said that when he had seen Vicky with Shane that time, it had made him doubt his own love for Sofia because he believed Jake and Vicky were perfect together. He told her that she was selfish and mean -- exactly what her father had said she was not. Vicky started to leave, and Nick stopped her. He gave her the article Jake had refused to publish.

Cindy found Paulina at the studio where she and Joe were going to live. Cindy tried to get Paulina to forgive her, but Paulina would not. Paulina told Cindy off. She said that Cindy had sold herself to the devil, Grant. Cindy begged Paulina to forgive her and said that her latest betrayal had been for Paulina's good. Paulina said Cindy hadn't done it for her but had done it for Grant.

Grant went to see Jake at the paper and asked him to take Kirkland to his soccer practice Saturday. Jake wanted to know why Grant was giving up his Saturday with Kirkland. Grant said Kirkland had gone through enough lately and that it would mean a lot to Kirkland if Jake would take him, so that Kirkland would see that Jake had meant it when he had said he would be there for the kids.

Jake was sure Grant had a hidden agenda. Grant said he was a changed man and only wanted what was good for Kirkland. He also said everyone knew his reputation, and he wanted Jake to be a good role model for Kirkland. Jake didn't believe that for one minute. He asked Grant to leave after saying he would take Kirkland on Saturday.

At Felicia's, Cass and Donna went in, and Cass went to look for her. He yelled at Donna to help him quickly. They dragged Felicia out by the arms. Felicia was wearing her yellow rubber gloves and holding a duster. She was still wearing her boa and demanded to know what they were doing. Cass said that when he had found her with her head in the oven, he had thought the worst. Felicia said she had been cleaning.

Cass told Felicia of his suspicions about her. Felicia told him he had a big ego. Donna and Felicia asked who else had knowledge of his going to Lila's, and Cass took out a mini PC with his appointments on it. They both looked at him and asked if he transferred the information to his PC at the office. He did, and that led back to the break-in. They asked who had access to his computer.

Jake showed up at Paulina's and heard Paulina tell Cindy to leave. Paulina said the only good friend she had was Jake. Paulina told Cindy to leave and never return, or she would get a court order to keep Cindy away. Cindy left, and Jake and Paulina caught up on the happenings. Jake told her about Vicky and what had happened. Paulina told Jake to go back to Vicky because everyone made mistakes. Jake said no, so Paulina said she would go help Vicky fight Grant.

Cindy was waiting at Carlino's, and everyone stared at her oddly. Grant entered and wanted to order. Cindy wanted to leave because they were staring at them. The waiter gave Grant a hard time, and Grant finally agreed to leave, but he had to go somewhere. Cindy said that he was going to Vicky's, and Grant just left her there.

At Vicky's house, she was reading the article and read aloud. That night would divide the family forever. She was sitting on the porch when Paulina showed up.

Nick told Jake that he had placed his article at another source. Jake asked where, and Nick said he had given it to Vicky and that it had really been for her anyway.

Back at Vicky's, Paulina was comforting her when a knock at the door interrupted them. Paulina went to answer it. Grant was there, and Paulina just glared at him.

Friday, April 3, 1998

At Gary and Josie's Place, Gary was relaxing at home when Felicia dropped by to check on him. Gary told her he was doing fine. Felicia asked him if he had spoken to Josie yet. Gary told her no, but as soon as she got home, he was going to tell her everything. Josie entered, catching the last words Gary was saying, and asked him what was going on. Gary told her there was something he needed to tell her, but before he could, Josie told him she already knew he had been at a bar the night before.

As Josie went into the bedroom to put her things away, Felicia told Gary nothing would kill love faster than secrets. So whatever it was he had to tell Josie, she was sure Josie would understand. Then she hugged Gary and left. Josie asked Gary if Felicia had left on her account. He told her no; she had left to give them space. He then told her that it'd be good to have his wife home in his bed that night.

Josie apologized for not being there and told Gary she'd had to go to Chicago to escort a prisoner back to the area. Gary was not pleased but pushed his frustration aside. Josie wondered what had driven Gary to the bar the previous night and asked him if it had had anything to do with their relationship. Gary told her no; she was the best thing that had happened to him. He then told her he had been upset because Grant had gotten away again, adding that it reminded him of someone from his past.

At the art studio, Amanda, Sofia, and Matt were all cleaning up Rachel's art studio and getting it ready to be inhabited by the Carlino family. While they cleaned, Matt emerged from out of one of the rooms, not wearing a shirt. Sofia noticed him and smiled but turned her attention back to her work. As they feverishly worked to get it completed, Matt found one of his old sketches of Sofia in the nude. Sofia asked him what he was looking at. Matt showed her the sketch he had done of her way back when they had first dated.

As Sofia looked at the drawing, she had a slight flashback to that day when Matt had been drawing the sketch. Matt also had the same flashback. Sofia told Matt she remembered that he'd had a thing for her hands. Matt told her he had a thing for her, and Sofia blushed. After they finished fixing the place up, Matt told Amanda and Sofia that he needed to go to the storage to drop off some of the things they were taking out of the studio.

Matt asked Sofia out to dinner at Carlino's to talk "business." Sofia accepted and, before leaving, told Amanda that the place was going to look just great for Joe and Paulina. Matt and Sofia left, and Amanda wondered if she'd ever get to do any of those things for herself. She then had a vision of the man she had seen jogging at the park. She headed out to the Herald.

Over at the Herald, Joe visited Jake and told him that he needed his real estate license and help in buying some property so he could build Paulina her dream house. He also told Jake how good it felt to have Paulina and Dante back in his life, and as he went on about being a father to Dante, Jake looked at the picture of Steven and Kirkland he had on his desk and felt just what Joe was talking about. Jake asked Joe if he could return the favor by dropping off a baseball glove he had gotten for Steven. Joe asked how it would look to Steven if Jake couldn't even drop the glove by because he couldn't face Vicky.

Joe then tried to get Jake to forgive Vicky about the Shane Roberts incident. Jake told Joe that he appreciated the advice, but he really didn't want to hear it at that moment. Joe said that he had been in the same situation, and if he could get past it, so could Jake. Jake told Joe that their situations were totally different and added that Paulina had never lied to him constantly. Joe asked Jake about Steven and Kirkland, adding that they still needed him. Joe tried to convince Jake that kids changed a relationship.

At Vicky's Place, Paulina and Vicky were visiting, and Vicky excused herself to get something she wanted Paulina to see. While she was gone, the doorbell rang. Paulina answered it and found Grant standing there. Grant entered and asked a shocked Paulina if Vicky were there. She said nothing.

Grant tried to tell Paulina how happy he was that she and Dante were back home. However, before he could fully get the words out, Paulina slapped him across the face and told him to never say her son's name after what he had done to them. Aware of the commotion, Vicky returned and asked Grant what he had done to them. Paulina looked at Grant and told him to please tell Vicky his colorized version of the story. Grant said it had been a mistake, but Paulina told him it had been no mistake. He had almost burned down her house.

Paulina told Grant to picture himself standing on the stairwell in a burning house with his child in his arms. She then told him to picture trying to get himself and his child out of the house, but he could barely breathe, and he felt very sluggish and was wondering how on earth he was going to make it out the door. As she talked, Grant was picturing in his mind what she had gone through because of him. Paulina then wished Grant the nightmare she had gone through trying to save Dante from the fire while being unknowingly drugged.

Vicky was appalled when she heard what Grant had done. Paulina told Vicky that Grant was there to do damage control and said to not let him con her. She then told Vicky she had to leave before she puked. Vicky asked Grant if he had done it. She demanded to know if he had almost killed two people she loved. Grant admitted that he had drugged Paulina because she had been planning to testify against him if he had tried to gain custody of Kirkland. Grant told her that it wasn't supposed to have gotten out of hand, but Vicky told him that they could have died.

Vicky told Grant to tell the truth and got him to admit to starting the fire. Vicky asked him if he wanted her forgiveness, but Grant said that he just didn't want Kirkland to ever know about it. Grant started telling her how much Kirkland enjoyed the time he spent with Grant. Vicky told him she knew, but Grant told her she didn't. He then told her that she just dropped him off and then in two hours, she was there to pick him up.

Grant explained that he had just wanted to try getting more time with Kirkland, but Vicky had insisted on going by the custody agreement. Grant felt he'd had to take action; that was all. He then explained that Paulina had been standing in his way, and he had just wanted to get her out of the picture.

Back at the Herald, Joe gave up on trying to talk some sense into Jake and went into the other room to get Dante. He thanked Jake and said he needed to use the phone. Jake said to go ahead, and Joe called Paulina at the house. Paulina answered, and Joe asked how was she doing. Paulina tried to sound light-hearted, but Joe sensed that she didn't sound so good on the phone.

Paulina told Joe about her run-in with Grant at Vicky's, and Joe told her everything would be fine. He asked her to find a sitter that night because they were going out. Paulina was okay with the plan and hung up. After her phone call with Joe, Paulina pulled a number out of her pocket and called to make an appointment with a therapist. While Joe prepared to leave the Herald, Amanda showed up and asked how her favorite nephew was doing. Joe told her good, but then explained that he was about to head out.

Joe left, and Amanda went into Jake's office to talk. Before she could get any words out, Jake reprimanded her for being late and told her she had work to do at her desk. Amanda told him that she had also been at a point in her life where she had felt like her whole world had blown up. She then asked Jake how people who had been through situations like that managed to bounce back stronger. Jake told her he thought she knew all the answers.

Amanda told Jake she had had two marriages that had ended in divorce and had a daughter who would rather be at boarding school than home with her. As Jake continued looking at Steven and Kirkland's picture, Amanda told him she knew he missed them. Jake admitted it and began to open up to Amanda. He couldn't believe he was doing it. He then took the baseball glove out of his drawer.

Amanda asked Jake whose glove it was. Jake told her it belonged to Steven and then tried to talk Amanda into taking the baseball glove over to Steven's for him. Amanda tapped into his ego and told him she would if he couldn't even handle returning a simple glove. Jake set out to prove her wrong and told her he could handle it. He'd just put it on the doorstep and leave. He told Amanda he'd show her who couldn't handle it, and then he left.

Once alone, Amanda called Allie at boarding school and told her how much she missed her. She then left and went to the park to be alone. While sitting on a park bench, Amanda started feeling very lonely and started to cry. The stranger she had seen jogging approached her and asked if she was all right.

Back at Vicky's, Grant begged Vicky not to tell Kirkland the truth because he couldn't bear it if Kirkland found out what a monster his daddy had become. Just then, Kirkland ran into the room and was happy to see his daddy. Grant hugged him, and when Kirkland saw his face, he wanted to know why Grant looked so sad. Vicky said that they had just been talking. Kirkland then told Grant about an event that was going to be happening at his school and asked Vicky if Grant could go too.

Vicky looked at Grant's pitiful face and told Kirkland that if Grant had any extra time off, he was welcome to attend. Kirkland then ran off to play, and Vicky told Grant that she didn't need Kirkland to be hurt anymore. Grant told Vicky that he had learned something about himself from the incident, explaining that it was more about him winning than his love for his son. He then told her he was the unfit parent, not her. Vicky said she just didn't know if she could trust him, and Grant told her she didn't understand. Vicky told him she could understand what it felt like to do something so awful that it was impossible to forgive oneself.

Grant asked how she was getting through it, and Vicky told him that she took care of her boys. Grant told her that McKinnon was a fool and then told Vicky that he wouldn't blame her if she refused to let him see Kirkland, but if given the chance, he would do what was best for him. Vicky still didn't know if she could believe him but told him she would never cut Kirkland out of his life. Grant was so moved and overjoyed that he hugged Vicky. Just then, Jake arrived to drop off the glove for Steven. He glanced in the window and witnessed Vicky in Grant's arms.

Gary and Josie were leaving Carlino's, and Gary wanted to tell Josie what had been upsetting him. Unfortunately, Josie had to work, so Gary went to shoot a few hoops at the basketball court to decrease the stress he had been feeling. Someone showed up, and just as Gary was about to shoot another basket, they put their hand on his shoulder, which caused him to turn around and almost slug them.

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