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Cameron, the new Cory chauffeur, obsessed over Amanda. Carl rearranged Cory Publishing so Matt and Amanda could not do anything without his approval. Sophia told Nick she wasn't sure she still wanted to get married. Carl's health began to deteriorate.
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Another World Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on AW
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Monday, April 13, 1998

At Bay City General, Vicky was in the hallway crying after hearing her father's touching words on his Videotaped Will. Jake finds Vicky in the hall crying and takes her in his arms and holds her. Lila comes around the corner witnessing this embrace and watches Vicky and Jake in shock and disgust. She then decides that Jake needs to be reminded of just what kind of a person Vicky was and proceeds to confront them. However, Cass grabs her and drags her off back into the room he had her held captive in. Lila told Cass this isn't the cavemen days and demands that he let her go. Cass told her to leave Vicky and Jake alone. She covers by telling him that she was going into the room where Michael's last Will and Testament if being viewed and she has every right to be there. Cass warns her again of the consequences he will take if she does not leave the Hudson Family alone. He then told her he has to go and make a phone call and when he returns, he was taking her home. After he is gone, Lila told herself that Cass can't stop her and proceeds again to go and confront Jake and Vicky. This time though, she never makes it out the room, because Dr. Nolan shows up. He asks her how she was doing and reminds her that they still haven't set their dinner date. Lila plays coy and told the Doctor that she was doing fine and can't speak right now because she has an appointment. She tries to leave, but Dr. Nolan told her that she owes him a dinner date for letting her switch her sonogram with another patients. Dr. Nolan then told her to cancel her other dinner plans for tonight, because he won't take no for an answer and he'll be waiting for her tonight, and then he leaves. Cass returns at the tail-end of there conversation and asks Lila what that was all about. Lila says it was just her OB-GYN checking up on her and tells him she was ready to go. Cass takes Lila home and Cass knows that something was going on and Lila admits that she likes to see Vicky suffer because she deserves it. Even though Cass told her nothing she can do will hurt Jake or Vicky, Lila says she will make sure Vicky suffers. After Cass leaves, Dr. Nolan calls Lila and told her to meet him at the Harbor Club this evening.

Over At The Cory's, Rachel and Carl are in the family room and Rachel presses Carl to reveal whatever it was he's been hiding from her in recent weeks. Carl tells Rachel that his motives for restructuring Cory Publishing have to do with Matt and Amanda. Rachel ask Carl why he couldn't tell her about all of this, especially since she has never questions his business decisions before. Carl told her that was true, but he know how protective she was about her grown-up kids. Rachel told Carl that she loves her children, but when he keeps secrets from her it makes her feel like he was leaving her out. Carl tells her he has made was clear that neither Matt or Amanda can't make any Cory decisions without consulting him first. Rachel told Carl that she can understand why he was doing that, especially after what Matthew and Amanda done to them. Rachel then told him that she just wished he would have told her from the beginning, instead of feeling like he had to hide it from her. As the two kiss and make up, one of the housekeepers comes in and told Rachel that she has a phone call. As Rachel takes her call, Carl excuses himself to go take care of some business of his own.

Upstairs at the Cory's, Cameron was looking over his briefcase of guns and rifles when Amanda shows up and told him through his door that she won't leave until he talks to her. Cameron closes up his briefcase and told Amanda just a minute, he has to get the door. Amanda says she can do that and she walks into his room. Cameron manages to put away his gun before Amanda walks in and told her he doesn't like women walking into his room. Amanda tells Cameron that his attitude towards her was unacceptable, she only wants to be his friend. Amanda demands to be treated with respect in her own house. Cameron told her that he hasn't disrespected her, he just doesn't appreciate her overtures. Amanda confronts Cameron about his change in personality since they met in the park. Cameron told her they where strangers then and now that they are employee and employer things are different. Amanda told him that she wants him to be honest with her, since he cared enough about her in the park to ask her if she had some place to stay. Cameron told her that she must not have much of a life if all she does was think about an incident that happened in the park one day. They start arguing and Cameron told her that they are too different for anything other than a professional relationship and suggest that when she looks at him all she needs to see was the chauffeur. Carl comes in to see Cameron and told Amanda that he needs to speak with Cameron about yesterdays incident, so Amanda leaves. Carl then told Cameron that Amanda was never to enter this room again, because it could be all over if she learned the truth. Carl then asks Cameron to show him his equipment. Cameron shows Carl his rifles in his duffle bag and he asks Carl who it was that Carl wants knocked-off. Carl laughs and says what makes him think he wants someone knocked off. Cameron naturally assumed that was what he wanted him to do. Carl tells Cameron that he just wants him to spy on Matt and Amanda and to protect his children.

Over At The Farm, Jake and Vicky go out to the barn to see what Michael left them. They go into the barn and see that Michael left them a crib, which Michael made himself. There was a letter inside of the crib in which Michael tells them that this crib was a wedding gift. Vicky told Jake that she wishes they could make Michael's dream true about them having a child. Jake says no matter how hard she wishes, it won't come true. Vicky confronts Jake with the fact that he called Marley to come home and she says that proves that he still cares for her. Jake says that even if they still love each other, it was over for them. Jake told Vicky that he's going, but he'll call her a cab. Vicky stops him and told Jake Michael was right about how they had something beautiful, but she broke it. As Jake gets set to leave, Vicky gets upset again and Jake takes her in his arms and told her that he can't leave her when she needs him. Shockingly, Vicky says no, it's not right for things to be like this.

At Lila's Place, Cass and Lila finally arrive at her place and Cass told Lila that he knows that something more was going on with her. Lila still continues to tell him that she was at the hospital to hear Michael's last words to Shane's unborn child, but Cass told her that was a load up crap. He then tells Lila that he saw how upset she was when she saw Jake and Vicky embracing in the corridors and ask her why does she hate Vicky so much. Lila finally admits that she does hate Vicky and wants her to suffer for taking Shane away from her. Lila then bitterly complains to Cass about how Vicky never has to pay for any of her misdeeds, but Cass says nothing but stands there with a bored look on his face; as he places his hand over his mouth in a this is boring me yawn. Lila then asks him to say something. Cass told her that nothing she can do will ever hurt Vicky , because the real person she was angry with was Shane for loving another woman. Lila looks startled for a moment, but then continues to rant and rave about Vicky which causes Cass to get up and head for the door. Before he leaves he told Lila that Shane was "all wrong" for her and she needs to cut the phony act and quit acting like she was Lila O'Hara from Tara because she was far from it and then leaves. Dr. Nolan then calls and told Lila that they have reservations at the Harbor Club and he expects to see her there.........Later at the Harbor Club, Lila shows up to meet Dr. Nolan and runs into Cass.

Back At The Cory's, Amanda comes downstairs and told Rachel that she thinks that Cameron was rude. Rachel told her that he was a bit arrogant. Amanda tells her that he was nothing like that when they met in the park, he was kind and gentle. She then told her mom that she thinks Cameron was hiding something. Carl also returns back downstairs as Rachel told him that Cameron was very rude to Amanda earlier and she doesn't want him treating any of them like that and if he doesn't obey, then she doesn't want him here. Carl promises Amanda that Cameron will change his act. Later, Amanda finds Cameron and told him to bring the car around to the front of the house. Cameron leaves and Amanda vows to find out who he is. Out on the patio, Rachel asks Carl if he's setting up a situation at Cory where she has to chose between him or her children. Carl tells her of course not.

Tuesday, April 14

Vicky was in her father's barn where she sees the cradle that was left to her and Jake. Jake takes her in his arms and she was sobbing. Jake pulls away and says he was only there because she was in such pain. They have words and Jake wants to know one thing: did she want to sleep with Shane that night. Vicky said yes, just for a moment, but she chose Jake over Shane cause she knew she loved him. Jake starts to leave and Vicky told him not to be stupid. Jake turns and says not to ever call him stupid again. He says it was stupid to believe her and to marry her but not stupid to leave her. Vicky says she doesn't want him for his pity of her but vows to get him back, but it has to be his choice. He told her that it was his choice to just walk away, and he does.

Donna and Cass run into Lila and her date, the doctor. While the doctor was away from the table, Donna told Lila she belongs on the street with the rest of the tramps. When her date returns, Lila says she would rather eat at Carlino's so they leave. Cass says Lila must be after the doctor because his money; Donna agrees.

Carl and Rachel are talking about the new driver and the kids when Joe comes in to tell them he did a check into Cameron's background and that he was clean. He wants to know why Carl hired him. Why all the concern over security when Carl hasn't even mentioned it to him. Carl says that Joe was family and he was looking out for all of them. Joe says he just doesn't understand how the family works with Carl and Rachel.

Amanda was in the car while Cameron was driving; she wants to talk to him and demands that he lower the window between them. He does this but he was not interested in talking to her. He told her that his life was his and she won't learn anything about him by grilling him. She asks why Carl hired him, and she wants the real reason. He told her to go ask her father. This infuriates Amanda and she told him that Mac was her father. Never say that Carl was my father again. Amanda told him to stop at the Paper and she gets out with Cameron's help. Chris walks up behind Amanda and touches her shoulder and Cameron swings him around and pins him against the car. Amanda screams, Stop that; he was my friend. Don't ever do that again! Cameron apologizes to Chris when he sees how upset she is. Amanda told him to leave and starts talking with Chris. He was also mad and Amanda ask him to look into Cameron's past, something Chris says he would be happy to do.

Paulina and Joe are together and Paulina feels that she should tell Joe that she doesn't want their marriage to be based on any lies. Joe agrees and they get closer in their understanding of each other.

Lila and the doctor was at Carlino's and he told her he knows about the research project. He says that the father of her baby would have to be Shane's if she hopes to get her hands on the money. He as good as told her that he was blackmailing her. He wants her to go out with him, but keep this knowledge a secret. He then up and leaves her with the bill. She doesn't know what to do; she gets out all her remaining money and was crying desperately. Cass was watching her through the window. She leaves Carlino's, and Cass was mystified by her reactions in the restaurant.

Jake has gone to Paulina to talk about Vicky.

Vicky went to Donna and told her that she will not base her relationships on lies the way that Donna always has.

At the barn, Vicky rocks the cradle and remembers her and Jake discussing having a baby. She promises herself that she will get him back.

Rachel was watching Carl while he reads the paper. As he leans forward to put his glass on the table, he misses. Rachel was concerned about Carl and all his clumsiness of late.

Back at home Amanda was in the garden, looking up at Cameron's window. She remembers the first time they met. In his room, Cameron was very angry at the turn of events that happened with Amanda.

Jake was on a hillside. He was also remembering the talk he and Vicky had about having a baby.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

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Donna accuses Sofia of playing Matt and Nick against each other. Felicia fears that Carl is reverting back to some old and highly unsavory habits. At the Cory mansion, Cameron reports to his employer how he mistook Chris for an attacker after the reporter "aggressively" approached Amanda. Meanwhile, Rachel is disturbed to learn that Carl recently called Matt by Mac's name. Josie confides to Felicia how worried she was that Gary was hiding something from her. Sofia assures Donna she loves Nick and wants nothing more from Matt than a friendly working relationship.

Thursday, April 16

At Matt's apartment, Amanda has just arrived and starts to tell him "You won't believe what Carl has done now." He has taken over all power to Cory Publishing". Matt then told her " Mom was right behind you". Rachel says she trust Carl completely but she was suspect of them. They tell her they trust her so then they have to let it alone. Rachel leaves and Matt says he was just now getting her trust back and for Amanda to not push it with Rachel.

At the Cory mansion Carl was talking with the grubs and he was telling them not to trust anyone. He starts talking about a very bad man and the phone rings. It was Cameron with a report that Rachel was at Matt's and Amanda was there too. When he hangs up he told the grubs that he has all day to wait and see where their mom's loyalty lays. He says that the trouble with the home was there was too much Mac Cory in it. Felicia has arrived and found them on the terrace: she has heard this last statement and says to Carl that most people find comfort in that. She ask if he thinks much about that and Carl seems to be in his own thoughts. He was acting weird and Felicia was cautious. She says she came to thank him for the copy of the book Embers In The Snow. Felicia says she was going to give it to Cass and Carl gets out of control with his temper and told her that what was all the concern for safety of Cass and the happenings in the book. Felicia was taken aback. Carl then apologizes to her and says he can't help out with the mystery anymore. Felicia was concerned but leaves.

Nick shows Sofia the invitation to the wedding and surprises her. She was delighted that he has done the arrangements and told him she was not sure he still wanted to get married . Donna shows up and is surprised too. She says she just wants him to be happy. Sofia says she has to get to work and leaves. Donna ask Nick if he was rushing into it too quick but Nick told her no that he was anxious to start his new life on the farm with Sofia. Nick ask Donna to be like his mom and sit on the first row for him at his wedding. Donna was very touched and says yes and that was he sure cause Vicky said she (Donna) was interfering in Vicky's life that she didn't want to be like that with him. She tells him that he was just like his father.

Cameron was in the car when Rachel ask him to answer some questions for her. She ask why did my husband hire you and he says because of his bodyguard experience. She also ask when did he hire him and he tells her just after Christmas. Rachel was surprised by this last statement. When she arrives home she finds Felicia leaving. Felicia tells her about Carl's behavior and Rachel says there was nothing going on. Felicia says she sees it in her eyes that something was wrong with Carl. Rachel denies this and Carl comes out the door and hugs Rachel. She was swept into the house by Carl.

Sofia arrives at Matt's and was greeted with a hurried behavior by Matt. He tries to get rid of her and Sofia was stumped by this but leaves. Matt seems to be disturbed by her presence and the only way to not be interested in her was not to be around her.

At home Carl ask Rachel was there something wrong,. He was still holding her when she says yes. Rachel says that they can't deny it any longer she has seen changes in him and that he was not himself.

Amanda was out overlooking the City on a hilltop and Cameron comes up behind her and touches her shoulder. Amanda was startled and almost falls Cameron grabs her.

Friday, April 17, 1998

At Bay City Park
atop the hillside Overlooking Bay City, Amanda was taken in the beautiful view when Cameron comes up behind her and touches her shoulder. Amanda was startled and almost slips, but Cameron grabs her. She then asks him why was he following her around. He told her he was not following her he came up here to look at the stars. As he starts talking astrology to her, she decides it's time she headed back down to her car. Cameron told her he will walk her down, but she refuses telling him that she would feel safer with a mugger than with him. As she walks off, Cameron told her to be careful, she may get what she wished for. Just then he hears Amanda scream and runs down the hill to find that she has slipped and twisted her ankle. Cameron tries to help her, but she doesn't want his help and told him that she doesn't trust him. Eventually, Amanda realizes she will need his help to get home because she can't walk. Cameron says that her ankle needs wrapping, so he takes his shirt off to wrap it. Amanda says that she has to get home, but Cameron says she needs to rest her ankle for at least 15 minutes. Amanda told Cameron that she has to get home to call her daughter Allie. Amanda then asks Cameron why Carl feels they need protecting. Cameron doesn't answer her and Amanda says that she's bringing her daughter home soon, so she needs to know if the mansion was safe. Cameron tells Amanda not to bring her daughter to the mansion. Amanda asks why and he comes up with a lame excuse about how it would cramp her style and prevent her from bagging a wealthy man. Amanda knows Cameron was lying to her though. Amanda tries to walk away, but Cameron picks her up and carries her to the car.

At The Cory Mansion
Rachel told Carl that they need to talk. Carl asks her what was wrong and she tells him that she was concerned about his health. Carl told her that he is perfectly fine, while Rachel told him that she can no longer deny that there have been some changes in him. Carl gets defensive and told Rachel that he doesn't need to see a doctor. Rachel then brought up the headaches and tells Carl that he has been doing things lately that he isn't aware of. Carl thinks she was referring to the re-structuring of Cory Publishing and ask her if Matt and Amanda put her up to this. Rachel told him that it was not about Matthew or Amanda and she has no problem with him making changes at Cory this was about his health. Carl gets misty-eyed and told her that they are all plotting against him, but their plan was not going to work. Rachel swears she was not plotting against him with her children, but Carl says she's not loyal to him. Rachel told Carl about how he called Matthew, Mac and about him walking into doors and spilling his brandy the other day with out even noticing it. Carl tells her he did no such thing, but Rachel told him that she saw him with her own eyes and that was why she wants him to get some help. Carl's feelings are deeply hurt because he believes he was losing Rachel and they are trying to take him from her. Rachel tries to reassure her husband that isn't what is happening. Carl says that it's all been about Mac. Carl starts ranting about Mac and Carl told her that he doesn't know if her heart belongs to him or Mac Cory's dead memory. Rachel was looking at him sympathetically and tries to comfort his disillusions. Carl starts crying and gets another headache and tells Rachel to leave him. Rachel leaves and heads for Cass' to get help for Carl.

At Joe and Paulina's Place
Vicky shows up to see Paulina and she told her that she's scared for Jake. Vicky told Paulina about what happened in the barn and why she pushed him away. Paulina asks if Vicky was giving up, but Vicky assures Paulina that she will do anything it takes to get him back. Paulina asks Vicky why she went to see Shane that night any way. Vicky told her she really doesn't know why, but it wasn't until that night with Shane, that she realized how much she really loves Jake and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

At Bay City P.D.
Jake was brought into the station for speeding, resisting arrest, and for possibly driving under the influence. Joe sees Jake and asks him what the hell he's doing to himself. Jake hasn't been drinking, but he was driving a motorcycle over 100 miles an hour. Jake asks Joe if he's going to book him, but Joe told Jake that he's not going to book him, but he was taking him to the one person who can talk some sense into him. He uncuffs Jake and leads him out the door.

At Carlino's
Lila meets Cass to talk to him about Michael's Will. She asks Cass how much is she going to get from Michael's estate. Cass informs her that she'll get nothing, but her child will get a first-class college education. Lila isn't thrilled to hear this, but Cass has no time to listen to her complaints to day he has business to take care of back at the office and leaves. Once alone, Lila has the waiter bring her, her order to go along with some expensive wine. Her plotting mind kicks into full gear and she decides that she'll take the food and wine over to Cass' office to surprise and seduce him out of the money she needs.......Over at Cass' office, Cass was working when Lila shows up in a little sexy low-cut dress along with the food and wine she ordered. Cass senses a come on and asks Lila what was all of this. Lila told him that she just wanted to thank him for all his support. Cass doesn't buy it and calls her on it. He told her if she thinks she can just saunter in here and bat her beautiful blue eyes at him like Scarlett O'Hara did to Rhett Butler when he was in jail and she needed money from him, then Lila was sorely mistaken. Lila gets outraged when Cass has her number and told him this was the thanks I get for going through all of this. Cass told her she didn't go through nothing. She ordered the food, she didn't cook and as to going through all of this, that was her intention from the beginning. Lila was ready to walk out the door, when Cass asks her how much money does she need. Lila says $20,000 dollars and Cass chokes on his wine. Cass told her that she doesn't have that much money. Lila becomes angry and when Lila finds out Cass has expensive taste, but not money to loan, Lila pours the wine over Cass' head and leaves. Rachel catches the tail end of this and ask Cass who was standing there dripping in wine what was going on. Cass told her long story and then changes the subject to the reason she came to see him. Rachel asks Cass for the name of the doctor Cass saw when he was depressed. Cass ask who was this for and Rachel refuses to divulge any details as to who the patient is, telling Cass that she can't speak to any one about this.

Back At The Cory's
Cameron and Amanda arrive and as he was carrying her, she was ranting for him to put her down. He walks into the living room and plops her down on the couch. He then asks her if she needs anything else. Amanda told him that she could use something for the pain, but they don't have any aspirin. Cameron tells her a big house like this and not one bottle of aspirin. Amanda says nothing and Cameron told her that he'll go run down to the drugstore and pick some up. After he was gone, Amanda decides that she's gonna find out who Cameron really is. She hobbles upstairs to Cameron's bedroom and she finds a semi- automatic. Suddenly, Cameron shows up and was about to open the door to his room.

Back At Joe and Paulina's
Vicky and Paulina continue to talk about Jake and how she was not going to give up on their love, when Joe brought Jake home to see Paulina, unaware that Vicky is there with her. When Jake sees Vicky he thinks he's been set up by them all to get him to see Vicky. As they try to explain that was not what was going on, Jake doesn't give them a chance. He told them this was not I Love Lucy and Joe and Paulina are not Fred and Ethel. Jake then told them he was out of there and Paulina tries to stop Jake from leaving and Joe told Vicky to just stay out of Jake's life if she loves him. Vicky told Jake she was leaving, but they do belong together. Joe drives Vicky home and Jake told Paulina how hard it is to try and keep away from her. Paulina asks Jake if he can forgive her, but Jake says he can't. Paulina told Jake that he has to face the same choice she had to make, to either leave Joe or forgive him and work it out. Jake tells Paulina the she was right, he has to make a choice. Jake walks out and doesn't tell Paulina where he's going. At Vicky's place Joe tries to tell Vicky he thinks it would be best if she left Jake alone and gave him some space. Vicky confidently told Joe that she will never give up on Jake, because they belong together. As she went inside, Joe mutters under his breath that he doesn't think so and leaves. A little while later, Jake shows up and Vicky was ecstatic to see him outside her window. She runs to open the door and told Jake that she new he would come back to her, but Jake just stands there and says nothing.

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