Another World Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on AW
Gary became suspicious of Josie. Donna found the journals Lila had forged to make it look like Shane and Vicky had carried on an affair. Marley and Donna were determined to keep Jake away from Vicky. Sophia and Matt had to share a hotel room in New York.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on AW
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Monday, May 4, 1998

Atop The Hill Overlooking Bay City,
Amanda was there taking in the sites when Cameron comes up behind her. Cameron tells her that she shouldn't be up here. Amanda asks him if she needs a license to look at the stars. Cameron told her she needs a keeper or a leash. He then asks why does a woman like her give into her curiosity and come up to a dark and lonely place like this with someone who could be a murderer. Amanda tells him that she lives with a step-father who was downsizing people into their graves, next question? Cameron told her that he thought she would be the one with the questions, like does he know why the doctor did a jack-knife from the 6th floor of his building. Amanda asks him does he and he told her that he already told Joe that he doesn't know how the doctor died, but he knows Amanda thinks he killed the doctor. Amanda told him that she's not afraid of him or Carl and if he killed that man she hopes he went to prison. Cameron told her she probably wishes he was still back in jail, but adds that he didn't do it and if Carl did then he hired someone else. Cameron tries to persuade Amanda to leave Bay City. Amanda told him to stop trying to scare her because she can take care of herself and she leaves.

At Gary and Josie's Place,
A man arrives at the door with a bouquet of yellow roses. Josie accepts them and told Gary how thoughtful, but Gary told her that he didn't send her any roses. He went to read the card, it says "Remembering Yesterday, Waiting for Tomorrow." He then asks Josie what does it mean. Josie plays it off like she doesn't know who sent it and told Gary that it was probably sent to them by mistake. Suspicious, Gary calls the florist, but the woman who handles deliveries isn't in so Gary told her he will call back later. Josie tries to squash Gary's suspicions by insisting she doesn't know who could have sent her the roses. Gary told her first she starts behaving strangely and keeping things from him and now a bouquet of roses have been delivered to her with a cryptic note attached. Josie told Gary that she thought he trusted her. Gary tells her that he does, but...Josie cuts him off saying then trust me, because I have to go out. Gary asks her where was she going, but Josie just told him to trust her, she won't be long and leaves. Meanwhile, Josie shows up atop the hill overlooking Bay City and confronts Cameron about the roses. Cameron admits to her that he sent them, adding that he just wants to keep Gary off his back. Josie was angry at him for trying to ruin her marriage, but Cameron tells her he doesn't care about her marriage, he only wants to get out of prison and doesn't care what he has to do to make it happen. Josie warns Cameron again to stay out of her marriage......Back at the Sinclair's, Amanda shows up to ask Gary about what Carl hired him to do last year. Gary tells Amanda that Carl asked him to investigate Alexander Nikos. Amanda asks Gary if Carl said anything about upgrading security at the Cory Mansion, but Gary tells her that he doesn't know about that. Amanda thanks Gary and then leaves. Josie returns home and lies to Gary that a friend sent the roses. He doesn't buy her story and resolves to uncover the truth himself.

On Shane's Boat,
Lila was there ready to play out her role. She hears someone coming and goes into her act and begins crying over the journal, but to her surprise it is Donna that shows up, not Jake. Donna asks Lila what she was doing, since she sees her standing there getting ready to take a match to whatever she is reading. Lila told her to go away, this doesn't concern her. Donna told her this was Steven and Kirkland's boat and asks Lila what she was trying to destroy in her hands. Lila starts moving away from Donna and told her to go away. Donna grabs a fire extinguisher and chases Lila around the room trying to prevent Lila from burning the journal. When Lila doesn't show Donna what it is, Donna hoses Lila down with it from head to toe. (LOL) Drenched in fake snow, Lila told Donna that she has had her fun, now go away. Donna told her that anything on this boat belongs to Steven and Kirkland and then tries to get the book from Lila. As the two women struggle, Donna prevails and wrestles the book from Lila's hands. Lila tries to get it back, but Donna tricks her by yelling "Jake help." Lila falls for it and looks around to see if Jake is standing behind her. Donna then makes a run for it and knocks a chair down in her path so Lila won't be able to catch up to her while she makes her get away. Steamed and wet, Lila calls Grant to tell him the latest.

At The Harrisons',
Grant has returned home to Cindy's welcome arms. Cindy asks Grant how was her man doing today. Grant was a little surprised by her attitude and told her he is fine. Cindy sits him down and fixes him a drink and asks if there is anything else she can get him. Grant told her no and then starts to lie about his whereabouts. He told Cindy about Dr. Brogan's mysterious death and adds that he doesn't want Bay City to be know as a murder capital city. Cindy listens intensely, as she massages Grant's shoulders thinking to herself that Grant has probably been out buttering up Vicky or scheming with Miss Southern Belle Lila. Nevertheless, she will have her revenge. As Grant babbles on about his day, Cindy's massaging gets more intense listening to her husbands lies, and she tries to snap Grant's neck. Grant told her that was a little rough and Cindy apologizes. Grant jumps up from his chair and asks her if she would like something to drink. Cindy told Grant to surprise her. While Grant is fixing her drink, he thinks to himself that McKinnon should be arriving on the boat just about now. However, the phone rings and Grant snatches it up before Cindy can. It's Lila telling Grant that their plans fell through. Grant tells her he'll be right there and then lies to Cindy about an emergency he needs to take care of. Once he was gone, Cindy follows him.

At Vicky's Place,
Jake was in the shower and Vicky walks in on him. Jake was surprised, Vicky tells him not to resists and they begin to kiss. Vicky told Jake that she has missed him so much and even though she knows he doesn't want anything to do with her, she wants him to make love to her one last time. Jake told her that, although he told her he didn't want anything to do with her, she told him she would get him back and now, he has decided to stop fighting her. Overjoyed, they begin to kiss each other passionately. Cut to Jake opening the door to find a fully clothed Vicky standing there looking at him. Vicky goes to leave, but he asks her to talk to him. Vicky says there was nothing to talk about. They try and talk but begin to argue. Vicky asks to please pretend for a little bit that everything was all right. Jake told Vicky that they are getting a divorce. Vicky told Jake that she knows and she won't bother him again and leaves. Meanwhile, Donna was at home reading Shane's forged journal. She was shocked and disgusted by what she was reading. In the journal Shane writes about how the excitement of cheating and not getting caught turned him and Vicky on, but she later felt a twinge of guilt and decided to go back to Jake and make a go of their relationship. Upset, Donna prepares to head over to Vicky's to confront her about the affair.

Back On Shane's Boat,
Grant shows up and ask Lila what went wrong. Lila told him what does he think went wrong. Grant ask her if she let Jake get the journal. Lila told him that Jake didn't show up. Panicked, Grant thinks Victoria showed up and got the journal, but Lila told him it wasn't Vicky it was Donna. Mad to learn that Lila let Donna escape with the journal, Grant told Lila she can't do anything right. Lila told him it wasn't her stupid idea to write in the journal from the first place. Grant told her to calm down and remember their goal and that is to keep Jake and Vicky apart. Lila told him that she still wants that and they deliberate about what Donna was going to do with the journal. Grant guesses that Donna will destroy the journal rather than show it to Jake. As they continue to argue, Cindy shows up behind Grant and listens in as he and Lila bicker about the journal. She then sets the boat adrift with Lila and Grant on board.

Back At Vicky's Place,
Vicky ends up turning on a ton of appliances and blows a fuse. Jake smells smoke and finds a wire without insulation. Vicky told Jake that he was going to fix it, adding that they where going to fix a lot of things around the house. Jake acknowledges and fixes it. Suddenly Bridget's bowl falls off the shelf and when the wing chimes blow, Vicky was positive that Bridget was there. Jake asks her what Bridget had to say and Vicky told him "What was broken can be mended." Jake agrees to stay for some soup, which Vicky makes. Vicky turns on the radio and a song from their past was playing, which brought up memories of Lassiter. Jake's head starts telling him to put up a wall or he'll end up falling for Vicky again. Jake told Vicky that he has to go. Vicky asks him if she's that awful to be with and Jake told her that he's not over her. Vicky and Jake end up dancing and kissing. Suddenly, Donna shows up and interrupts their kissing. Donna told Vicky she needs to speak with her. Vicky looks at her like she was crazy and says now. Donna told her yes now and asks Jake to leave so she can talk to Vicky. Donna told Vicky that she sent Jake away to save him from her. Vicky doesn't understand and thinks Donna was referring to the Michael incident again, but Donna told her to just forget it she just want's her daughter back. She then says her daughter Marley and storms out of Vicky's house leaving her speechless and bewildered.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Darcy Dozark

On today's show Lee has returned back from the past. Who is married to Jenna. He was known as a bad boy back then. He and Matt Cory ran into each other at the night club. Getting ready to meet the new Rock singer. Matt and Lee are talking about the past when Matt and Donna were together.

Sofia and Nick are arguing over the trip and their future and then Matt called to talk to Donna and of course Nick thinks he was calling to check up on Sofia. As Sofia and Nick are fighting, Sofia blurts out "why do I have to babysit Donna," just then Donna walks in the door with a shocking expression, Sofia turns away with guilt. Sofia 's mind is playing tricks on her. She was visioning Matt and listening to Donna saying whatever you do don't get married. She has an angry but confused look. Donna triggers a button in Sofia and Sofia turns to Donna and Nick and says, "you don't want me here and I am missing the biggest opportunity of my life!" and then she leaves. Guess where she was going?

While Lila and Grant our going at it Cindy was saying Bon Voyage and untied the rope to the boat. Now Grant and Lila alone on the water. Cindy was contemplating on who to contact about the situation with her "Lambkins" and Lila Bell. Cindy has chosen to call Jake and she is pretending to be a lady from the marina. She has told him that the boat is missing and seems to have floated off onto the lake and asked him if she should call the authorities and you knew his answer. So off to the rescue Jake flees to the boat. He was about to discover some surprising sights.

Jake and Chris are having lunch at Carlino's talking about Vicki and why Jake should even spend time with Vicki. Jake was trying hard to get Vicki out of his mind but Chris was giving him advice on spending time with her, which of course Jake just doesn't want to Hear.

Also at the Carlino's, Toni just got there and Gary came in right behind to play dumb on who sent Josie those yellow roses, but of course Toni did not fall for it. Every time Chris was looking over at Toni you can see the jealousy. When Toni looks over at Chris you can see the hurt and the painful heartache she feels for Chris.

While Lila and Grant are trying to figure out how to get back to shore, Grant was trying to hush up Lila to hear a little motor boat coming there way. Come to find out Lila says, "It's Jake." Grant turns more green and loses his lunch!

Lila thinks of something to distract Jake, while Grant went out the back of the boat. He was just wondering why she was in the boat and why it was trashed. He confronts her and asked what she has found and then she will get the boat keys. Lila pauses. Lila was playing Jake like a fiddle and saying she now knows the whole truth about Shane and Victoria. Jake insists they get off the boat now!

Gary pops by Grants and finds Cindy alone and mentions Vicki's name and she last it. Gary was about to leave and Cindy cries out "Wait." Just as Cindy was about to confess to Gary guess who walks in. Then she changes the subject to help her husband out. Grant of course tells a lie on where he was. He claims he was out helping people in house fires and Gary was interrogating him and hit a nerve. Cindy asked him to go. Gary says to himself outside the door "Now we are getting somewhere." Then Cindy turns to Grant after he said "will you tell me why he was here?" Then Cindy said, "Lets talk about where were you, Really?" (Grant looks and Cindy with a stunning shock expression.)

Cass bursts into Carlino's and says to Toni (while sitting with Chris) has there been any news and she says no. Cass wants his daughter back ASAP. Chris of course says something about Carl and Toni says to Chris don't you ever stop?

Just as the new rock singer was about to be announced at the night club where Matt was the lights went dim and Sofia was standing in the only light that was on and they had eye contact with a mystery smile on both of their faces.

The new rock singer's name was "Billy Rush."

Grant calls up Lila and asked if Jake got the journal and Lila told him where to go. Just before they were about to hang up Lila's phone gets taken away and Cindy grabs the phone from Grant and says, "Fire Commissioner, huh?" Cass was the one who took the phone away from Lila and he asked her, "Why are you all dolled up?" Cass was asking her what stunt did you pull this time? Will it hurt Vicki or you? (Lila starts crying) Of course Cass wraps his arms around Lila and holds her.

Donna was talking to Michael about what was she going to do about Victoria and Shane. She believes that Victoria has been sleeping with Shane from the start. She doesn't know whether turn burn the journal or just let it go or she should tell Jake before Victoria she does anymore damage. Donna was blaming her self. Now she asked for a sign and guess who walks in the door? Jake walks in and said to Donna, "your door is wide open you should be more careful!" Donna looks at him while she is feeling the journal under her fingertips.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Matt was pleasantly surprised to see Sofia enter The Dive just as Billy Rush takes the stage. Vicky happily confides to Etta Mae how Jake seems to have had a change of heart. Meanwhile, Jake confronts Donna and demands to know what "truth" Lila was hinting at during their recent encounter on the yacht. Following Billy's first set, an excited Sofia urges Matt to sign the singer to their new record label immediately. Jake was baffled by Donna's sudden insistence that he keep his distance from her untrustworthy daughter. Fred warns a trembling Lila that if she doesn't agree to marry him and cut him in on half of the profits from Shane's research he'll tell the world how she lied about her unborn child's paternity. Feeling guilty about her newly awakened feelings for Matt, Sofia begins to see Nick everywhere she turns. Lila's bad night hits bottom when Felicia reads her the riot act about her friendship with Cass. Feigning a mob connection, Cass warns Fred to stop bothering Lila or risk having his kneecaps broken. Donna decides she must make sure that Vicky has hurt Jake for the last time. Meanwhile, Jake told Tyrone he can't go through with the divorce.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

Donna bitterly informs a stunned Marley that Vicky was having an affair with Shane even before she married Jake. Meanwhile, Jake encounters Vicky on the playground in Lassiter and reminds her that one kiss doesn't change anything. After reviewing his diminishing options, Grant gives Lila new instructions for getting their derailed scheme back on track. Certain Vicky lied to them all along, Marley advises her mother to burn the journal but an irate Donna can't stop thinking about how her daughter betrayed everyone's trust for months on end. In New York, Sofia's guilty conscience continues to haunt her as she wonders if her heart ever truly belonged to Nick. Vicky triumphantly informs Jake she knows he told Tyrone not to file the divorce papers after all. Later, Lila was irked to find Vicky and Jake heading for a cozy breakfast for two. An excited Sofia assures Matt she doesn't mind being forced to share his hotel room. Marley cancels her flight back to China and buys a one-way ticket to Bay City.

Friday, May 8, 1998

At Bay City Police Station,
Paulina shows up to bring Joe some breakfast and visit for awhile. She asks Joe if he wants to talk about the Dr. Brogan case, but Joe told her he can't discuss it and even if he did she wouldn't like it because he still thinks Carl hired a hit man and was involved in the Brogan case. Paulina told Joe that he was wrong about Carl. Joe told her that was why he didn't want to say anything to her about it because she can't be objective about the guy. Paulina tells Joe she can't be objective because she sees Carl for the man he is, a sweet and generous, caring man who couldn't possibly kill anybody. Joe tells her that a crime and murder has been committed and it's his job to investigate what has happened. Paulina told him that she knows that, but she can't understand why he has to investigate Carl, adding that Rachel has been through enough. Joe told her that he knows it's been very tough on Rachel and it'll be harder if his hunch....he stops short and then says was correct. He then tells Paulina that he has to go and thanks her for breakfast. Paulina tries to get him to stay so they can talk about this, but Joe told her he can't. Paulina ask Joe where was he going and he told her he was going to talk to Rachel to stop her from riding off into the sunset with a guy who might be a killer and then leaves out the door. Paulina calls after him to wait, but Joe's mind was made up as he leaves.

At The Cory Mansion,
Carl was about to run out to take care of last minute details before he and Rachel move. Rachel told Carl not to worry about her, because she has plenty to do with all the packing and moving before they leave. Carl told her that it was going to be worth it, as he holds her and says their new home was going to be filled with sunshine love and infection. Rachel finishes and told him and a fresh start. Carl says, oh yes, this could be one of the most exciting times of their lives. Rachel told him just him, her and the babies, she then stops short and asks Carl if Cameron was coming with them. Carl told her no we'll have no need of men like Cameron in our new home. Rachel told him that he said they needed him. Carl told her yes he did say that, but once they are away from Bay City. Rachel finishes by saying, Oh what a relief and kisses Carl. Carl asks her where they ever comfortable living here? Rachel told him that he said it was necessary then and Carl told her he did, but now with all the pressures and accusations from Matthew and Amanda coming at him...Rachel cuts him off and told him that it doesn't matter now, he was her husband and she loves and believes in him. Carl told her thank you and that it's not over yet because family and friends are going to do there utmost to keep her from going tomorrow. Rachel kisses him and told him that it doesn't matter, because not any of them can keep them apart and she knows who he is. Overwhelmed, Carl and Rachel kiss and hold each other in their arms.

Outside at The Cory's, Cameron was testing the security system when Amanda walks up. Cameron ask Amanda was she gets some kind of kick watching the help do manual labor. Amanda told him she's just trying to figure out what he is doing. Cameron told her was just testing the high-tech security system, it's the most glamorous part of his job. Amanda ask him why would he be doing that since Carl was leaving. Cameron told her Mr. Hutchins asked him to stick around here for a while and keep an eye on things. Amanda says I see, and then icily asks Cameron how much will it cost her to get rid of him. Cameron tells her 2 thousand dollars. Amanda says fine and prepares to write him out a check. Cameron told her that he doesn't accept checks. Amanda told him fine then she'll go and get him a cashiers check and leaves for the bank.

At Lila's Place,
Lila told Grant that she was starting to believe there was no way to keep Jake and Vicky apart, short of killing them both. Grant told Lila the reason she can't carry out a simple plan was because she gets to emotionally involved. Lila told Grant it was not her fault, as they argue about her letting Donna get the journal. Grant told Lila from here on out if there was any chance of them pulling this off, he'll be doing it himself. Lila told Grant if he can make sure Vicky loses any chance of happiness with Jake like she lost with Shane, then she will be eternally grateful to him. Grant told her that first and foremost, they must retrieve the journal and then as far as Vicky's happiness goes...he just drifts off because Grant has other plans for Vicky. He then leaves to go and try to retrieve the journal from Donna.

At Vicky's Place,
Jake and Vicky are there having breakfast and Vicky asks Jake if he was moving back in since she knows he stopped the divorce proceedings. Jake told her he doesn't have to do anything. Vicky talks about some of the things they use to do in the past and as they reminisce, they almost kiss but Jake pulls away and tells her that he has to go get something. As Jake runs upstairs, Donna shows up to confront Vicky about the journal. Vicky told Donna that she must admit she's a little surprised to see after what she said to her the other night. Donna told Vicky that her feelings haven't changed. Vicky says alright what is the matter with you, what have I done now. Donna prepares to show her the journal, but before she can Jake returned downstairs holding his "Rely On JAKE" sign that he gave Vicky. Donna sees him and stops short. Vicky ask Donna what was it that she has to show her. Donna told her that maybe they should talk first. Jake told Vicky maybe he should leave and give them some privacy, but Vicky told him that he doesn't have to go anywhere, adding that he certainly doesn't have to leave every time her mother comes over to insult her. Donna says if you would just let me speak. Vicky told her she's suppose to drop everything now that Donna's ready to talk to her now, but when Vicky called and wanted to talk yesterday Donna practically hung up on her. Donna tells Vicky that she was upset. Vicky cuts her off and told her upset, you came over here yesterday and make some crack about Marley being your only daughter and then you walk out. Vicky told Donna that she has made it quite clear that she blames her for Michael's death. Donna told her that she has every reason to blame her for everything. Jake jumps in and told Donna that she just needs to lay off. Vicky told him it's okay, she can handle Donna. She then told Donna that she knows she blames her and whatever she was feeling can never be enough blame as Vicky herself feels, adding that she knows the only reason that Michael was on that road that night was because she was with Shane. As guilty as I feel about it and as horrible as you try to make me feel about it, she still has one thing that she can hold onto that helps her to get through all this. Donna ask her what was that and Vicky told her that she went up to that cabin that night to be a friend to Shane, she never sleep with him, ever. Donna yells Liar. Vicky says what did you say and Donna told her that she heard her, she was lying and she knows it. Jake jumps in again and tells Donna that she was crossing the line, because he knows what happened that night and what didn't happen an from where he was sitting the subject was closed. Vicky told Donna how dare she call her a liar, especially when she wanted to tell Jake the truth from the beginning, but it was Donna who insisted that she keep quiet about it or it would cost Vicky her marriage. Jake told Donna if she has something to say then to say it now or was this just some delayed reaction to Michael's death. Donna told Jake to stay out of it and it has nothing to do with Michael's death. As they all continue to argue over Donna liking Marley more than Vicky and always thinking Vicky was the bad twin. Donna told Vicky that she had her say and now she was gonna have hers as she prepares to show them both the journal. Before Donna can show them the journal, Jake told them obviously they both have some issues they need to work out and he thinks it would be better if they worked them out alone without him and leaves. Vicky told Donna that was nice, she just make Jake leave again. Donna told her that Jake needs to stay as far away from her as he possible can. Vicky ask her what was that suppose to mean. Donna told her she knows exactly what it's suppose to mean. Vicky looks at Donna astonished and ask her what did she mean by saying she was going to save Jake from her and what was going on with her. Why was she trying to chase Jake away, just when they are about to reconcile do you think I haven't suffered enough. Donna tells Vicky that she can cut the act because she knows the truth now. Vicky ask her what lies, because you know I told the truth. Donna told her that she told what she had to tell to keep Jake from going to jail, but if she thinks she can continue to lie about the rest and continue to hurt Jake then she is there to make sure that never happens. She then told Vicky that she really knows what happened between her and Shane that night at the lodge. Vicky tells Donna that she knows Donna knows what happened that night. Donna told her she is talking about what she was not telling and then she pulls out the journal and told Vicky that she can't lie her way out of this. Just then Grant shows up and witnesses Donna getting ready to show Vicky the journal from outside the window. He then says out loud, no, it's not suppose to happen like this.

At Winthrop and Montgomery Law Offices,
Tyrone told Cass that the miracle drug Shane thought he had invented and was trying to perfect has already been patented by a French Scientist. Cass ask Tyrone if he was sure about this. Tyrone told him that he was very sure and that means that Shane's estate was worthless, meaning that Lila won't get a cent. Shocked, Cass told Tyrone that Lila isn't going to like hearing this news. Tyrone told him that he kind of figured that, which was why he was hoping Cass would do the duty by breaking the news to Lila. Cass told Tyrone no way, he doesn't want to be the one to break this news to Lila. Tyrone tells him that he thinks Lila would take the news better if it came from him. Cass doesn't agree, but before they can debate about if some more, Lila shows up to thank Cass for handling the Dr. Nolan situation. Tyrone tries to make a quick exit, but Cass stops him and told Lila that Tyrone has something to tell her about Shane's Will. Excited, Lila ask if they are finally out of probate and is she gonna get her money. Tyrone looks back at Cass and they both start laughing nervously about the news they are getting ready to lay on Lila. Tyrone went on and told Lila that Shane's Estate was not worth a penny. Lila tells them that it must be some mistake because Shane's miracle drug was worth millions. Cass told her true it is, but not to you. Lila then curses Vicky and blames everything all on her to a shocked and astonished Tyrone and Cass. She then told them that she wishes Vicky where dead and storms out.

Back at The Cory Mansion,
As Carl leaves to take care of some business, he runs into Joe who has come over to talk to Rachel. Joe told Rachel that Cass seems very happy. Rachel tells him that he was excited about the move. Joe told her that was why he came over to talk to her about. He then told Rachel that all of the leads he has concerning the doctor's death lead back to Carl. Rachel told him that is ridiculous. Joe then told her that someone in Bay City hired a hitman and he believes it was Carl. Rachel ask him why he thinks that and Joe told her about Cameron and his semi-automatic weapon he has under his bed. Rachel tells him that Cameron was a security expert and if there was a hitman, Carl probably hired Cameron to protect them, adding that she thought Joe checked out Cameron's record and it came back clean. Joe told her it came by a little too clean, like it had been wiped clean for a reason of a cover-up. Rachel is still not convinced and told Joe that she plans to leave Bay City with Carl and the twins tomorrow. Joe told her before he went that she should do herself a favor and not leave town with Carl until all the facts about Brogan's death are in. Shortly after Joe leaves, Paulina arrives and brought Rachel something to eat from Carlino's. Rachel told her that was so sweet of her to do. Paulina told her that Carl came over to the restaurant earlier and she feed him, she also told Rachel that Carl set up a trust fund for Dante. Rachel was thrilled and told Paulina that she wants her to do a favor for her. Paulina told Rachel she'll do anything for her. Rachel told Paulina that if something where to ever happen to her, she wants Paulina to help Carl out with raising the twins. Paulina was touched that Rachel would trust her so much and Rachel told her that she has always trusted her and will tell Amanda and Matthew this was her wish and they are to carry it out. Paulina told Rachel that she has to get back to the restaurant and leaves. Outside the Cory's, Amanda returns with Cameron's cashier check and told him this was all he needs to leave Bay City and not look back. Cameron takes it from her and then tears it up right in front of her face. Amanda asks him why did he do that. Cameron tells her that she can't buy him off. Amanda thinks to herself that maybe he can be trusted and ask Cameron to help her prove that Carl killed Dr. Brogan. Cameron told her he'll think about it and leaves to go on an errand. Amanda goes inside and Rachel told her that she has made a decision that if ever anything where to happen to her, she wants Paulina to help Carl in raising the twins. Amanda asks Rachel why was she doing this. Rachel told her that she trust and believes in Carl and living in this house with her and Matthew constantly attacking him, has brought a strain on their marriage. Carl returns from where ever he was at and walks in and has another one of his awful headache attacks. He sits down in one of the chairs in the doorway area and rubs his head.

Back at Vicky's Place,
Grant walks in and told Donna that she can't speak to Vicky that way. Donna puts the journal back inside her purse and told Grant that he has no business here and should leave. Grant told her that he was not going any where he is there for a scheduled visit with Kirkland. As they trade insults, the phone rings and Vicky went to answer it. She told the person okay and to calm down and hang up. She then told Donna that this was her house and she can't order people in and out of it. Donna ask her if she was sticking up for Grant now. Vicky told her that Grant was a better parent than she ever was because he loves Kirkland unconditionally and would never berate him like Donna and Marley are doing to her. Donna told Vicky that was because Grant wants something from her. Vicky ask Donna if Grant just can't come over here because he believes in her. Donna told her that she can't believe that Vicky has sunk so low and leaves. Grant tries to comfort Vicky while Donna watches from outside the window and then leaves. Vicky went upstairs and a curious Grant traces the phone call she just had and was surprised by the person's identity on the other end. Grant then leaves himself. Meanwhile, Donna was upset about the journal still and Vicky's lies so she was frantically driving up to the cemetery to Michael's grave site. As she approaches it, she sees Grant and Marley who she thinks was Vicky. Upset and angry, Donna screams NO! and punches her accelerator, speeding towards them......

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