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Stark involved Alli in his plan to stop Amanda's marriage to Cameron. Joe saw Paulina with Tito and was upset when Paulina lied about it. Stark, as David, gave Amanda a mysterious key in hopes in might jog her memory. Matt told Lila it was time they started acting like husband and wife.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on AW
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Monday, January 11, 1999

Felicia and Cass discuss Lila. Cass fills her in regarding the events with Matt on New Year's Eve. Felicia says that Matt may be developing feelings for Lila, but Cass says he didn't even kiss her that night. They decide to go to the Cory home, where Felicia can distract Matt while Cass talks to Lila. Meanwhile, Matt lectures Lila about how much money she spent on the party. He talks to her like she's a child, but it doesn't bother her... she's thinking about Cass. Matt sees her smiling, and went into his jealous routine. She admits her thought of Cass, but says it's because her husband can't stand to touch her. Matt responds to this comment with a kiss. Lila pushes Matt away and asks him what he's doing. He says it's called kissing. She says he took her by surprise, but when he tries again, she still resists. He gets angry because first she complains he never touches her, then she stops him when he does. He told her that if she wants their marriage to work, she has to stay away from Cass. Then he leaves the room.

Jordan has involved Alli in his plan to stop Amanda from marrying Cameron. Zak reminds Jordan that they can't alter the course of true love, but Jordan claims that Amanda's blue-collar Romeo was a passing fancy, and that they'll be saving her from making a tragic mistake. He sends Zak to the Cory house to stop Amanda from leaving. Then he transforms himself into David Halliday. As soon as the transformation is complete, Rachel enters the office, looking for Jordan. He transforms back to Jordan while his back was to her. He told her it's not a good time for a visit. She says she could have sworn he was someone else when she walked in. Later, as she sculpts Jordan, Rachel tries to get more information about what happened to Matt at Lumina. He doesn't give her the truth when he answers her questions. He tries to get some information about other members of Rachel's family, especially Amanda. He tries to convince Rachel that she should be concerned about her daughter marrying someone with Cameron's background.

Paulina lets Tito stay in the basement at Carlino's. When Remy sees him there, she asks why he didn't leave town. He says he decided he likes Bay City and wants to stay. She warns him that the police are on to him after his con job at the bowling alley. She told him to find a new town and start over, without her help. He says he will, but was hurt and angry at her attitude towards him. He leaves a note for Paulina and leaves the restaurant. Paulina reads the note, explaining that he'll be at the docks. She leaves Carlino's in a hurry, dropping the note on her way out. Joe wonders where Paulina went. He finds and reads Tito's note.

Zak arrives at the Cory's and told Lila that Jordan wants her to stall Amanda from leaving with Cameron. She uses guilt to try to persuade Amanda to stay by saying that Rachel would be hurt to be left out of the wedding. Amanda was too determined to let this sway her. Felicia and Cass arrive. When Lila was alone with Cass, she asks him to help her keep Amanda from leaving the house. Cass tries to refuse, but he can't stand to see the fear in her eyes, so he agrees. As Amanda and Cameron are about to leave, Cass blocks the way. He makes up a story about Amanda needing to sign some papers for Brava. He manages to stall her for Lila. Matt returned and flips out because Cass was there. Felicia manages to force him to discuss business. This gives Cass and Lila a little time together, but it's interrupted by Amanda, who wants to know if the papers have been faxed over yet. Cass pretends to call Tyrone, and Matt takes the opportunity to possessively hug Lila. Cass continues his stall tactics, which leave Matt and Amanda very annoyed. Amanda eventually loses her patience, and says some things are more important than work.

Paulina brought Tito some food at the docks. She feels guilty that she can't do more for him, so she gives him the key to the basement of Carlino's. Joe watches the two of them together, from a distance. When Paulina gets back to Carlino's, Joe asks her where she was. At the drug store, then straight back, she told him. Then she adds that she also went to the deli. Joe looks hurt, because he knows she's keeping something from him. He asks her if they can talk for a few minutes, but she says she has to work on tomorrow's specials.

Rachel leaves Jordan's office and Zak returns. Jordan demands to know if Amanda was delayed. He yells at Zak that they need to make this work. Meanwhile, Amanda promises to call Cass with a fax number where he can send the papers once he has them. Matt asks where she's going, but she won't say. When she opens the front door to leave, Alli was standing there.

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

Alli was home and everyone was very surprised, although she was not very happy to see Cam. When Amanda asks how she got there, Alli says that Lila sent her plane tickets to come. Lila makes up a quick lie and says that since she couldn't be home for Christmas and her mom was so sad, she thought it would be nice for her to be home now. Lila accidentally lets it slip that Amanda and Cam were going to elope. Alli was hurt that her mother was planning stuff without her. Rachel was also hurt that she didn't know about this, either.

Tyrone was talking to Marley and Jake comes up. He was very upset with Tyrone for talking to Marley after what she did to Vicky. Jake says there was no way that he was going to let Marley get out of jail because of a psychiatrist. He says she was going to pay behind bars not in a mental institution. Then Tyrone told Jake he was Marley's lawyer and this makes Jake even more ticked. Joe comes in and told Jake to come with him and told the guard to take Tyrone and Marley into his office.

Back at the Cory mansion, Alli has come down from seeing the twins and told Amanda she was going back to Switzerland. She was very upset that Amanda doesn't tell her things. Cam tries to get her to stay but it doesn't work. Finally, Matt gets her to stay by telling her she needs to see Jasmine. Zak comes by to see how Lila managed and Cass overhears. He comes out so Zak will leave. He asks her what it was Starks wants her to do. She told him to go away and he grabs a hold of her. She starts squirming and Matt comes down and gets Cass away. He yells at him to leave his wife alone.

At the police station, Grant told Joe he wants to know everything on this case. Joe told him he'll find out who shot him then leaves to talk to Marley. Jake confronts Grant and asks him about the tape. Grant says he doesn't know what he was talking about and leaves. Joe went to talk to Marley and questions her about the shooting and the tape. Tyrone won't let her answer anything so Joe leaves. Jake comes in to talk to Marley and told her that if she gives Joe the tape then that would be a way to help get the hatred out of her eyes. Marley went back to her cell and was visited by Grant, who told her hat he can get her out of jail if she gives him the tape.

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

At Carlino's, Joe was questioning Nick in order to find out more about Marley. When Joe got a phone call and walked away, Nick read the flyer about Tito. He just knew it had to be the same guy who broke into Remy's apartment. Tito, who was listening from the kitchen, was not happy about Nick's revelation. Just then, Paulina came into the kitchen with Dante through the back entrance. "Are you crazy? Joe was out there," she asked. Before Paulina could say anything further, Tito left. When Joe came into the kitchen, Paulina acted like nothing happened, but Joe knew better. Paulina pretended that her problems were restaurant related. Joe reluctantly, accepted her story. When Joe left for the police station, Paulina decided that she needs to go home. Nick and Remy argued about the flyer. Nick thought for sure Remy was trying to hide the flyer and that she was going to throw it away without showing it to Joe and Paulina. Remy assured Nick that he couldn't be more wrong. Nick, who knows of Remy's dishonest past, was doubtful and thought she was trying to cover for the crooked con man. The two argued about Remy's true intentions. Then Remy managed to put the blame on Nick for his not trusting her which changed the whole meaning of their conversation. Nick apologized for his overbearing concern. The two had a heart to heart talk and made up. Paulina went inside her home. She heard a noise coming from outside that turned out to be Tito. She let Tito in and let him know that she didn't want Joe to find him there. She didn't know what Joe would think. Paulina tried to be helpful and offered Tito a sweater to keep warm. When she left the room to get the sweater, Tito snooped through some of Paulina and Joe's belongings and found the flyer. He quickly put it back when he heard Paulina coming. Tito informed Paulina that he had something to tell her. When Paulina asked Tito what it was he had to tell her, he said that he was a thief. He told her he steals to get by, and that he's been stealing in Bay City as well. He told her about his scheming tricks. Paulina tried to give words of wisdom and advice to try to help the boy she thinks was her son. Eventually, Paulina did just what Tito probably expected her to do, gave him money. Tito then turned on the tears and was once again scheming poor Paulina. Paulina thought she got through to Tito especially when he started to cry. Paulina and Tito seemed to have a bonding moment. Paulina and Tito hugged just as Joe came home to find them. Tito and Paulina quickly broke away surprised that Joe had come home.

Jordan continued to hope for Amanda to realize who he really was and to appreciate his journey toward their return to each other. The magic key once again turned him into David Holiday. He wondered if Amanda would recognize the key if he gave it to her.

Amanda expressed her concern about Alli to Cameron. Cameron tried to convince Amanda that Alli would be okay. The two embraced and shared a kiss when Alli entered the room. Alli was quite hostile towards her mother and Cameron. Amanda and Cameron tried to include Alli on the wedding plans and told her that they want her to come with them when they run off and get married. Alli declared that as far as she was concerned, Cameron was just another one of her mother's boyfriends. A strong-willed Amanda couldn't tame her outspoken daughter.

Alli expressed her disappointment that she had to learn about her new father over the telephone. The bratty teen then let it slip that when Amanda shipped her off to boarding school the year before, she was in love with Jake. Cameron was shocked to learn that Jake McKinnon was the object of Amanda's desires. When Alli realized that she struck a sensitive spot with Cameron, she proceeded to reveal all of the men that with whom Amanda was involved, Grant (her ex-husband) and Evan Frame. Amanda firmly reminded Alli that she told Cameron about Grant and Evan, and then asked Alli if she was finished embarrassing her.

Cameron decided it was time for him to leave. Amanda tried to stop him but was more eager to scold her daughter. Cameron exited and David Holiday entered. Amanda introduced David/Jordan to Alli and let him in. When David saw that Alli was leaving, he offered to let her use his car and chauffeur to go to the mall. Amanda and Alli found reasons to fight about that too as with everything else in David's presence. Amanda graciously thanked David for his accommodations. Amanda shared with David that it was probably best that they postponed the elopement. David said he was glad that they did. Amanda was puzzled.

Amanda asked David why he would even care about when she would marry Cameron. Quick-thinking David said it was because he wanted her undivided attention when it came to running Brava magazine. Amanda discussed her plans for Brava, her Valentine wedding to Cameron, and her uncontrollable daughter. She then asked David if he was married. He said he was married once. He told her that his wife disappeared a long time ago, and that he missed her very much. Amanda sympathized with his pain.

David quickly put himself together and gave Amanda a wedding gift. Amanda was moved by his generosity and was excited because it was their very first wedding gift. Amanda opened the box. She didn't know how to react when she saw the key. David told her that the key was over 200 years old. Once Amanda got passed the oddness of the key, she appreciated its symbolism. David tried to tell her what the key represented in the form of poetry but was unsuccessful. Amanda knew what he was saying which made her appreciate the key even more. While David was talking, he pulled out his pocket watch that he had in his pocket. Just when he and Amanda were bonding, David dropped the pocket watch. Amanda picked up the watch and gazed at it as if she had seen it before.

At Carlino's, Alli walked in with David's chauffeur. She went over to Cameron who was sitting at a table. She casually enlightened him that she thought David and her mother wanted to be alone. Alli eventually joined Cameron at his table. The two had a civil conversation without the high and mighty attitude (for the most part). Cameron called Amanda to let her know that Alli was with him, and she was being very polite. Amanda praised Cameron for creating miracles. When Amanda hung up the phone, she thanked David for his help, too. When Amanda showed up at Carlino's, Alli regained her hostility toward her mother. She did, however, smile at her mother which made Amanda happy.

Back at the Lumina Foundation, Jordan stared into his machine where he saw Amanda's face. He vowed to be with Amanda again as soon as he got rid of Cameron.

Thursday, January 14, 1999

After spending the night with Chris, Toni and Chris are in bed enjoying each others company when Toni realizes she has to go to work. She went to go gather her overnight bag and finds a woman's pair of high heel shoes in his closet and demands to know who the other woman is. Chris says that there was no other woman, the shoe was the Love Lady's. Toni think he's fooling around with the Love Lady and told Chris that the Love Lady looks like a Vegas call girl on steroids. Chris says that was harsh! Toni gets upset that he's defending her and Chris finally confesses to Toni that he was the Love Lady. Toni says that was the most ridiculous excuse she's ever heard and she's not that gullible. Chris says it was the truth and Toni says to please explain why he went around Bay City in drag. Chris says the short version was that Jake made him do it. Chris then explains why he was so defensive about the columns, and then puts on the shoe to prove it to her and does the voice. Finally, Toni believed him and laughed as they both share his embarrassment.

Joe walks into his house and caught Tito and Paulina hugging and demanded to know what was going on. Tito hastily concocts a story to cover for his presence in the Carlino house, and explains to Joe that he met Mrs. Carlino in the park today and Dante left his mittens, so he brought them back and she was just thanking him. Paulina chimes in with agreement that Tito's story was why he was there. Tito makes a hasty retreat, leaving with Joe's sweater on. Joe told Paulina that Tito just left with his sweater on. Paulina told Joe he never wears it and Tim/Tito doesn't have a real coat. Joe suspiciously told his wife that he knows something was up with her, because she didn't just meet that kid today, he saw them on the docks yesterday. A stunned Paulina asks Joe if he followed her and he says he found the note about the meeting and was worried about her. Paulina told Joe that she couldn't tell him who Tim/Tito was because she didn't know how. She becomes defensive and begins to cry. Joe then begins to think that he knows who Tito was, somebody who'd called Paulina a few weeks ago whose mother Paulina had known on Gold Street. He then asks Paulina if he was the kid of the woman she knew on gold street. Paulina leaped on that and agreed telling Joe that was who he was and she was just trying to help him out. Joe told her he knows she likes to help people, that was who she is, but she can't take in every kid on the south side. Paulina says she's really sorry and told Joe that she has to get over to Carlino's, then leaves with Dante. Outside, Paulina cries that she can't keep lying to Joe. Later, after Paulina left, Remy came by with Sofia's mail and found Joe there. Joe asked her about Paulina's new friend Tim and then describes Tito to Remy. Remy nearly chokes when she hears about Tito and Paulina and she realizes who it is, but says she doesn't know him. Outraged to learn from Joe that Paulina has been aiding a stray named Tim, Remy angrily leaves to go confront Tito.

Cass comes over to the mansion with news for Matt, Sofia's decided to sell C-Squared. There was also a letter from Sofia for him. Lila overhears this and accuses Cass of being up to something. Matt reads the letter and a worried Lila calls Jordan and says she's coming over. Matt calls Sofia in London, but the connection was poor. Lila told him that she has to go out and run some errands. Lila asks about Sofia letter and Matt says that Sofia was telling him about her trip and why she was selling the company. Matt then says that he needs to talk to Sofia about the company. As Matt keeps trying to get through to Sofia, Lila reads the letter, in which Sofia says she may be returning to Bay City to see him soon. Matt catches Lila reading the letter and she told him it was probably a setup by Cass. Matt says nobody can put Sofia up to anything. Matt then gets a call and Lila pulls Cass aside and told him that he was the sneakiest man she's ever met and that she was angry with him for interfering and accuses him of trying to get Sofia to return to destroy her marriage. Lila told him that she doesn't ever want to be with him as long as she lives. Cass was amused and reminded her that she has a "fulfilling life" with Matt, so she claims, and shouldn't be frightened about Sofia. Lila says she isn't, but Cass told her that she can't fool him, she was petrified about Sofia stealing Matt from her. He then told Lila that he'd seen how Matt reacted reading the letter and that no matter where Sofia was, that's where Matt's heart was. Lila assures Cass that pretty soon, Matt will want her more than he's ever wanted anyone and then storms out. After Lila was gone, Cass waited for Matt's signature and they bickered over the legitimacy of his marriage. Matt says maybe Cass did have Sofia write the letter. Cass told Matt that he did no such thing and then starts telling Matt that he only married Lila because he was Luminized, which angers Matt. Cass then told Matt that he has never been romantically interested in Lila, and that Stark was responsible for manipulating him. Matt couldn't really explain what had changed, but he knew it had. Cass admitted he really did care about Matt, he'd known him for years as well as Lila, and wanted to see things go right. He then told him that he shouldn't accept the fact that someone was messing with his mind. Matt told Cass that this was his life and what he does with it was of no concern to Cass. Cass leaves and Matt begins to think that maybe Cass was right and heads over to the Lumina Foundation for answers.

Zak learns that Lila was coming over. Jordan told Zak that he will handle Lila because it's time he nipped this problem in the bud. Lila shows up and has to talk to Lila from the chair room while Stark hides. Lila told Stark that Sofia may be returning to Bay City and she needs him to make Matt love her. Stark says he can't make Matt fall in love with her any more than he can make her fall in love with him. He says no one can make someone love someone else. However, he can make Matt act like he loves her. Lila says that would do because she needs to convince certain people that she has a real marriage. Jordan told Lila to consider it done. Lila thanks him and then leaves. Shortly after she was gone, Matt shows up demanding answers from Stark. Jordan told Matt that it was good to see him again, but Matt says he has never seen Jordan face to face. He then demands to know what Jordan did to him the last time he was here because a lot of people have been saying that he has changed. Jordan says he did nothing and says his entire visit was on tape if he'd like to see what happened. Matt says all he remembers was hearing him through headphones and Jordan says that was the biofeedback tests. Matt was angry and asks if this biofeedback test would make him marry Lila? Jordan laughs and says nobody came make him marry someone he doesn't want to. Jordan shows Matt the video and then shows up to hypnotize him in the magic chair. He told Matt that when he wakes up he will remember nothing but that his family was in danger and the only way he can save them was by being a true husband to Lila. He told him to make love to Lila and the next time he sees her, he'll desire her with all his being.

Cass shows up at Carlino's and finds Lila there and demands to know where she went after she left the mansion, and asks if she went to the Lumina Foundation? Lila of course, denies going to the Lumina Foundation. Cass told Lila that Matt loves Sofia and it would take a miracle for him to fall for her now. Lila told Cass that she's fallen for Matt and will make him love her and make her marriage work. He says if she was really in love, she wouldn't be terrified Sofia will return and destroy her marriage. Lila asks Cass how he knows what Sofia's letter said? She then accuses him of writing it. He says he didn't write it, but he did read it. He then kisses her and told her that Matt will never kiss her like that. Upset by her emotions, Lila runs out. Alone, Cass writes Lila a letter professing his love for her and knows she loves him. He starts asking why she clings to Matt, was it because of his name? However, Cass ends up crumpling up the letter in the end.

Meanwhile, Tito was at Carlino's and was tasting some of the food. He says to himself that he got himself a mom who was rich and can cook. Paulina shows up and told Tito that what he did today was quick thinking. She says she wants to tell Joe the truth, but Tito says he understands why she doesn't want to tell him just yet. He then thanks Paulina again and told her he has to go take care of something and leaves. Outside, Remy found Tito and confronted him, by telling him that she knows he's planning to con Paulina. She declared when he messed with her life, she could deal with it, but now he was messing with Paulina, and she won't let him hurt Paulina. She then told him that she has to expose him and runs off. Remy went to the station to talk with Joe, but he's interrogating a suspect. Afterwards, Joe asks Remy what she wanted to talk to him about, but Remy says it was nothing, Paulina just wanted her to give him a message. She then has a flashback of Joe talking to the suspect and pictures him talking to Tito. After coming out of her flashback, Remy thought better of it, and headed back to Carlino's deciding to deal with Tito herself.

Back At Carlino's, Paulina was in Carlino's talking to herself about her baby and how she gave it up. She starts crying how sorry she was when Remy walks in and asks if she was okay. Paulina says she's fine. However, Paulina has her locket in her hand!

Lila returns home to find Matt waiting for her. He has prepared a romantic evening for her in her bedroom, having filled the bedroom with candles and flowers. Lila downs some champagne and can't believe what was happening. Matt pulls Lila in close and told her it's time they started acting like husband and wife and prepares to kiss her.......

Friday, January 15, 1999

Due to scattered pre-emption across the country caused by the Impeachment trial, NBC rebroadcast Thursday's episode. No episodes will be lost as a result of the pre-emptions.

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