Sheila plies Deacon with drinks to woo him to her team

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Monday, October 11, 2021
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B&B Daily Recaps (Monday, October 11, 2021)
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Monday, October 11, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Ridge had gone, but Brooke and Liam were still trying to reason with Hope about Deacon, who'd shown up as if he had a right to be there. Hope replied that she'd invited him there after he'd gotten out of prison. Liam and Brooke guessed that Hope wanted to believe Deacon had changed, but they reminded Hope that Deacon had hurt her over and over again.

Liam brought up Deacon's role in "effectively ruining" the Italy wedding, but Hope said Bill had used Deacon. Brooke insisted that Deacon had proven himself untrustworthy. Having no illusions about her father, Hope reasoned that Deacon's time locked away from everyone had changed him, but Brooke thought that Deacon was the same old manipulator and con man.

Defending her decision, Hope asserted that it hadn't been impulsive, and she was entitled to want a relationship with her father. Brooke said it was about Beth, too. Deacon had wanted to see Beth. Brooke thanked God that Donna had the kids but asked what would happen the next time. Liam said Deacon wasn't a good influence. Brooke asked if Hope knew that Deacon couldn't be in Beth's life. "You know that, don't you?" Brooke asked.

Liam claimed that he didn't know much about Deacon because "most of it" had happened before he and Hope had met; however, it had freaked Liam out that Hope had been secretly corresponding with Deacon. Brooke asserted that Deacon and Sheila were dangerous. They each needed to be kept away from their families at all costs.

At the cliff house, Ridge arrived. Steffy said he had to settle for her because Finn was at the hospital, and the kids were asleep. She remarked upon how happy life was -- besides Sheila, and Ridge replied that Sheila wasn't the only unwanted guest to show up out of nowhere.

Ridge didn't even know where to start. He knew Hope had a great propensity for forgiveness, but he asked how she could allow someone like that in her home. Steffy asked who. "Her father," Ridge replied, and Steffy exclaimed Deacon's name.

Later, Steffy listened as Ridge repeated Deacon's claim that Hope's letters had supposedly changed Deacon's life. Steffy scoffed, but Ridge quipped, "Fathers and daughters, right?"

Steffy replied that Deacon was toxic. It sounded to her like the same kind of thing was happening with Hope as had happened with Finn regarding Sheila. Steffy hoped that Hope could reach the same conclusion as Finn had because Deacon had no place in Hope or Beth's life, just like Sheila had no place in Finn or Hayes's.

At the bar at Il Giardino, Sheila and Deacon slammed back shots, and he asked a nearby woman to go to Acapulco with him for the weekend. The woman cringed and walked off. Sheila laughed, but he believed he'd get his mojo back.

Sheila felt that Deacon wasn't focusing on what was important, but he insisted that he was. She clarified that she was talking about their children. Her mantra was "where there's a will, there's a way." She needed to know that he felt the same way about it.

Deacon didn't want any part of Sheila's schemes. He tried to leave, but Sheila pulled him back down into his seat. She ordered more shots. Deacon frowned, and she said it wasn't like he had anywhere to go. Sheila was sure Brooke had her place surrounded by guard dogs, but Sheila felt that all of that could change if Deacon would just hear Sheila out.

Deacon continued to flirt with the women around him, without success. Sheila laughed at him, and he accused her of cramping his style. Sheila ordered another drink for her "friend," but he said he wasn't her friend. She had a feeling it would end up that way sooner or later.

Deacon told Sheila that she was off her rocker. She asked if it was because she wanted to spend time with her son Finn. "As in Huckleberry?" Deacon asked.

Sheila explained that it was short for Finnegan, and the Finnegans had given Finn a stable home. Deacon replied that she "damn sure" couldn't have done that. She agreed that she wouldn't have been a good influence on him. It had been why she'd stayed away. "Until you found out that old Finny boy was getting hitched to a Forrester!" Deacon concluded.

Trying not to laugh, Sheila asked if Deacon was insinuating that she'd manipulate a situation. Deacon stated that he was saying it flat out; she was the Grand Poobah of manipulations. Sheila claimed it wasn't like that, and Finn was a good man. When she mentioned Hayes, Deacon recalled that name had belonged to Taylor, whom Sheila had pumped bullets into.

"Why does everyone have to bring that up?" Sheila asked. Deacon recalled how desperately Sheila had wanted to be in the Forrester clan. He said she'd finally done it, and that poor innocent baby was half Forrester and half her. Sheila smiled and chuckled. Deacon decided to drink to that, and he told her that it had been nice work.

Deacon went back to flirting with bar patrons, and Sheila refocused him on what was important. He quipped that it was what was important to her, and he didn't have time to listen to her drone on about the Forresters. Sheila reminded him that he'd been doing that himself because they wouldn't let him near his daughter.

Sheila stated that they'd each be seeing their children if the Forresters weren't preventing it. Deacon felt that he couldn't associate with a she-devil like Sheila if he wanted a relationship with Hope. Sheila didn't think that hanging out with an ex-con, has-been drunken liar boosted her reputation. He claimed to be a saint next to her.

Sheila decided that it was bad enough to have the Forresters on them; they shouldn't snipe at each other. She affirmed that Steffy was the problem. Deacon felt that Liam, Brooke, and Ridge had triple-teamed Deacon, and it was wrong because Hope had reached out to Deacon first.

Sheila began to suggest working together, but Deacon said that was nuts. He started to leave, but she said she was desperate. She doubted that they could do it alone, but together, they could do anything. "Anything," she repeated.

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