Steffy asserts that the Logans and Forresters are at war

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Thursday, January 13, 2022

In the CEO's office, Carter and Ridge discussed the success of the Foundation. Ridge said Paris had been a good employee recommendation. Carter replied that he'd just had a feeling about her. Ridge remarked that she was special.

As Carter repeated what Ridge had said, Paris walked into the office. Ridge and Carter inquired about Grace, who Paris said was resting at Paris' place after the long flight. Ridge suggested having a formal dinner for Grace. As Ridge turned to leave, Carter commented that he'd been looking for Brooke. Ridge replied that Brooke wouldn't be there. Carter expressed concern, and though Ridge said everything was okay, in the hallway, Ridge paused in thought.

Later, Paris and Carter were alone, talking about how her mother had found her place charming, even if there wasn't enough food stocked up for Grace's liking. Carter figured Grace was proud of Paris for having a place. Paris was hoping to keep Grace there for good.

Carter was surprised with how friendly Grace had been to him after what had gone on with Zoe. Paris figured Grace knew that he hadn't been treated the way he'd deserved to be, and if Grace didn't know it, Paris would make sure Grace did. He was glad to know Paris had his back.

Paris' plan was to make Grace fall in love with Los Angeles and stay forever. Carter said Paris was a selling point, and every hospital was clamoring to hire Dr. Buckingham. Paris figured that things with her mom would fall into place. Next, she had to figure out what to do about Zende.

Paris felt that she had a lot to experience before marriage. She was just starting out. She wanted to travel and hold onto every bit of her independence. She wasn't cut out to be tied down right then. Carter figured that it had been a good thing that Zende had decided against proposing marriage to her. Not wanting to lead Zende on, Paris didn't know what to do. Carter said Zende was a solid guy, but she had to follow her gut. Carter figured that she'd figure it out.

At the cliff house, Steffy asserted that Ridge and Taylor loved each other. Steffy believed she and Taylor had to help him get out of "there." Taylor hated to see Steffy so upset but said it was what it was, and she and Steffy had to accept that Ridge's life was with Brooke and the Logans. Steffy said that Taylor couldn't give up. Taylor replied that she didn't intend to spend the second half of her life hoping that things turned out differently.

Steffy reasoned that it was a new chapter. They could save Ridge from all the drama and reunite their family. Steffy was convinced that something big was going on with Brooke. It would come out, and that was when they'd bring Ridge back "here with us," Steffy concluded.

Steffy believed that Ridge was happy to have Taylor back, and they obviously cared for each other. Taylor said it hadn't been easy, but she and Ridge had managed to remain friends over the years. Steffy thought it was more than a parenting connection, and Ridge and Taylor had a "dance" in their eyes when they looked at each other. Taylor giggled. Steffy said it was good, pure, and beautiful, and it highlighted what they'd been missing -- Taylor.

Taylor admitted she'd missed time with her kids and grandkids. Steffy asked Taylor to think of what it would do for the grandkids to see their grandparents reunited as a strong, powerful Forrester family. Steffy felt that they'd been wonderful as a family, and Ridge wasn't in a healthy relationship because of Brooke. Taylor said that she and Brooke had their differences.

Steffy claimed that Brooke had robbed Taylor, like Hope had robbed Steffy. Steffy claimed that she was happy to be married to Finn and that they had a baby together, "But let's be real. She took Liam away from me -- just like Brooke took Dad away from you."

In Steffy's mind, it was a sick cycle, perpetuated by the Logans. "True," Taylor said, but she decided that she and Ridge had grown apart. Taylor wouldn't blame Brooke for all their problems. Steffy said that if Brooke wasn't in the picture, Taylor and Ridge would be together right then, living in that house in Beverly Hills. Steffy asked if she was wrong, and Taylor looked away.

Steffy insisted that the Logans kept infiltrating their lives, and Hope just put on a sweet act to get what she wanted. Taylor replied that Hope had some good qualities. Steffy said that Hope was a good mother and great with Kelly, but Brooke had molded Hope since Hope had been a child. There was something seriously wrong with them, and there was trouble brewing at Brooke's house.

Steffy couldn't accept the Logans winning out in the end. Taylor said that Ridge was committed to his wife. Steffy said he was paying the price with his own sanity. Taylor replied that it was hard to have two families, but Ridge was doing the best he could. Steffy said her parents had taught her to take the high road when the "Logans" would manipulate and take what they wanted.

In Steffy's view, the Deacon situation had gone beyond. Taylor remarked that Ridge had been a saint. Steffy claimed that Ridge was being made to feel like a guest in his own home while Deacon worked his way in. Steffy and Taylor were shocked that Deacon had been allowed to be there on New Year's Eve. Taylor thought Brooke felt caught between Hope and Ridge.

Steffy had had enough. "Don't you want to get back at Brooke?" Steffy asked, saying Brooke didn't even care that her actions affected Taylor. Taylor said Brooke never would. "We are in a war, Mom. The Logans vs. the Forresters," Steffy said. She believed the best days were ahead, and the Forrester family would triumph. Steffy and Taylor hugged.

At Brooke's house, Hope pressed to find out why Brooke didn't want Deacon around and wondered if something had happened between Brooke and him. Brooke didn't want to get into it, and Hope questioned Ridge's role in the decision. "Ridge isn't the one who's done anything wrong," Brooke stated. Hope said Brooke hadn't done anything wrong, either. Hope knew that Brooke was disappointed in herself, but drinking wasn't unforgivable.

Later, Hope wondered what it was about New Year's Eve that haunted Brooke. "Everything," Brooke replied. Hope asked if it had been something more -- if it was Taylor's return or Hope's pressure regarding Deacon. Brooke said those things weren't it. Hope wanted Brooke to know that she could talk to Hope, and it would stay between them.

Ridge arrived and sensed he was interrupting something. Brooke told him that he hadn't had to return home early. He claimed that he'd wanted to order food, but Brooke insisted that he hadn't needed to check on her. She was okay, and "it" would never happen again. Hope affirmed that she and Ridge wanted to be there every step of the way. Ridge volunteered to keep going to meetings with Brooke and said they'd handle it as a family, no matter what.

Hope said Deacon had struggled with drinking, and Hope had just been asking Brooke something. Before Hope could say what she'd been asking, Ridge asked why they were talking about Deacon. Hope explained that Deacon had been MIA, and she'd wanted to make sure that everything was okay. Ridge raged that Deacon had been MIA for large chunks of Hope's life, and it was what he did.

Brooke didn't want to talk about Deacon. Instead, she wanted to thank Hope and Ridge for their support. She said they shouldn't have to put up with it. Ridge and Hope wouldn't hear of it. They wanted to put up with it. Brooke felt lucky, and she didn't want to lose them. She didn't want to lose the beautiful family she had.

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