Carter and Quinn wonder if they should take Eric up on his offer

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, September 15, 2021
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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

As morning broke over Los Angeles, Quinn played back the previous night's events in her mind. She was roused back to the present when Eric approached with a desire to talk. Rather than talk about Eric's proposal, Quinn asked Eric if he'd made any appointments to see doctors or therapists about his erectile dysfunction. Eric indicated that he had not, and he was "being realistic" about both his chances to ever have sex again and Quinn's need to have sex.

Quinn offered to get some breakfast for Eric, but Eric turned her pancake and French toast talk into a discussion about how he could never give Quinn what she wanted and deserved. "Your sex life does not have to be over just because mine is," Eric said, assuring her that it would be the last time he said that to her. Eric gave Quinn a kiss on the lips before heading out to the office.

At the cliff house, Steffy, Finn, Liam, and Hope prepared for a much-needed beach day. Liam used binoculars to check up on Amelia, who he believed had her hands full with Beth and Kelly. Before they could head out, Finn had change Hayes's diaper. Finn returned a few moments later to reveal that Hayes had fallen fast asleep on the changing table. The couples decided to hang out at the house for a while instead of heading down to the beach.

Steffy, Finn, Liam, and Hope chatted about some of the things that had happened since Steffy and Finn's wedding day, including Sheila's most recent uninvited appearance when she'd collapsed and required hospitalization. Liam worried about Kelly being in the same orbit as Sheila, but Steffy insisted that the kids were safe. Hope then jumped in to make sure that Steffy and Finn knew that the kids were always welcome to stay with her and Liam.

Liam praised Steffy and Finn's bond. Finn called Steffy "fearless and fierce" and said that he'd never loved anyone as much as he loved her.

In his office at Forrester, Carter thought back to some of his intimate encounters with Quinn. As Carter zoned out, Ridge walked into the office and instantly recognized the expression on Carter's face. "You're thinking about her," Ridge said matter-of-factly. Carter was initially confused, but he calmed slightly when Ridge mentioned Zoe's name. Ridge flipped through the latest edition of Eye on Fashion and said that Zoe was "killing it."

Ridge asked Carter if he had any regrets. Carter confirmed that he did -- "about a lot of things." Ridge asked Carter to explain, but Carter didn't feel it was necessary to explain. As Ridge pressed for more details, Carter pointedly asked if there was something that Ridge needed. Ridge mentioned that Eric had had some sort of proposal for Carter and wondered what it might be.

Later, after Ridge left, Carter returned to daydreaming about Quinn. Quinn burst into Carter's office and announced that they needed to talk about what had happened the night before. Quinn said that Eric's attitude hadn't changed. Quinn said that she'd told Eric that she'd be willing to forgo sex just to be able to be his wife again. Carter then asked Quinn if she was being honest with herself. "What Eric is giving us permission to do... we can't possibly do what my husband is asking, can we?" Quinn asked.

Ridge was working on a sketch when Eric arrived. Ridge teased Eric for showing up so late for work. Eric countered that the office was his, the drafting table was his, and the company was his... and he could show up anytime he wanted. Ridge took a moment before saying that he had spoken to Carter about Eric's proposal and found it "a little strange." As Ridge prattled on, Eric realized that Ridge was referring to the acquisition of a Berlin boutique and not the proposal he'd made about Carter and Quinn.

Ridge accused Eric of being "fuzzy" and surmised it was from "reconnecting" with Quinn. Ridge asked if Eric was happy that Quinn was back in his life. Eric was surprised by the question, but Ridge felt it was a valid one. He reminded Eric that "five minutes ago -- no, two minutes ago" Eric had been upset that Quinn had had an affair. Ridge said that Eric had given no real reason for calling off the divorce to Quinn and rehanging that "ugly portrait back over the fireplace."

Eric insisted that Quinn would not be in his life if it were not what he truly wanted. Eric admitted that he had not forgotten about Quinn and Carter's affair. That statement drew even more questions from Ridge, who questioned how Eric could invite Quinn back into his bed. Ridge wondered if Quinn was holding something over Eric. Eric denied Ridge's assertion, but that didn't stop Ridge from demanding answers. He took his dad's hand, said how much he loved him, and asked Eric to tell him what was going on.

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