Carter meets Paris and Zoe's mother, Grace

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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Carter meets Paris and Zoe's mother, Grace | B&B Daily Recaps (Wednesday, January 12, 2022)
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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

At the cliff house, a defiant Hope warned Steffy and Taylor not to try to take advantage of the "challenging time" that Brooke and Ridge were facing. As the temperature rose, Taylor stepped in to try to cool things down. Taylor said that she was unaware of what was going on with Brooke but promised that she would be there if Brooke needed her.

Hope thanked Taylor for her offer, but she said that the only thing Brooke needed was "stability and security." Steffy offered her own translation of what Hope had said and suggested that Brooke felt threatened by Taylor being back in town. Hope insisted that was not the case.

Steffy reminded Hope that Ridge had two families. Hope countered that she had thought they were all "one big family" because that was what they had been telling their kids. Taylor again interrupted the bickering. She told Hope that she was back in Los Angeles and would inevitably cross paths with Ridge. However, Taylor asserted that she had not returned to Los Angeles to break up Ridge and Brooke.

After Hope left, Steffy apologized to Taylor for squabbling with Hope. Steffy blasted the way that Brooke seemingly flaunted Deacon's return to Los Angeles. Steffy insisted that Ridge could not be happy in his marriage to Brooke. Steffy questioned why Ridge did not want to get back together with Taylor.

Taylor did not take issue with Ridge wanting to help with whatever Brooke was going through. Steffy said she did not want anything bad to happen to Brooke but quickly added that "odds are [Brooke] brought it on herself." Steffy said that she wanted and needed Ridge and Taylor in her life. Steffy assured Taylor that she was not asking her to "compete for a man," but she urged Taylor to fight for her family and Ridge. "He needs to be with you, me, [and] Thomas," Steffy said. She added, "Not the Logans. Dad needs to be with the Forresters."

In the living room of her home, Brooke pleaded with Ridge not to reschedule his appointments. She insisted that she did not need to be babysat. Ridge repeated his vow to never leave Brooke again. Brooke assured Ridge that "what happened on New Year's [was] never going to happen again."

Ridge eventually agreed to head to the office. Before he left, he told Brooke that he was glad that they had a marriage in which they told each other anything. Brooke thanked Ridge for his love and support. Outside, Hope listened in on the conversation and watched the couple through the curtains.

At Forrester Creations, Grace marveled at how amazing the sprawling fashion house was. She also gushed about how "charming and handsome" she found Eric Forrester. Paris rolled her eyes. Carter entered the office and closed the door behind him. "Carter. Carter Walton. We finally meet," Grace said as the smile disappeared from her face.

Carter extended his hand to Grace, but she stood in place, staring at him. Grace eventually shook his hand and mentioned that she had heard a lot about Carter -- from both of her daughters. Carter said that he hoped Zoe was doing well. Grace confirmed that Zoe was doing quite well and was working, traveling, and "moving on with her life."

Grace said that she had missed Paris and had decided that a visit to Los Angeles had been in order. When Carter commented that Paris missed having family around, Grace shot him another glare. Paris informed Carter that her mother was thinking about staying in Los Angeles. Grace stated that she had been fielding some "interesting offers."

Carter praised Paris' work on the foundation and said Paris had a "huge fan club" at Forrester. Instead of celebrating the kind words, Grace seemed concerned by the looks that Carter and Paris were giving each other.

A chipper Ridge breezed into the executive office because he wanted to meet the "special guest" Eric had told him about. After Paris introduced them, Grace offered an apology for her ex-husband Reese's involvement in the baby-swapping debacle. Ridge thanked Grace for the apology and told her that they had all moved on and decided to focus on more positive things.

Paris refused to let her mother stay at a hotel and invited Grace to stay with her. Grace was thrilled to be able to spend even more time with her daughter. As the two women exited the office, Grace once again gave Carter a stern glance.

After Ridge headed to Forrester, Hope and Brooke sat down in Brooke's living room and had a cup of tea together. Hope denied that she had stopped by out of any sense of obligation to keep watch over Brooke. She did, however, say that she felt that Brooke was not telling her everything. Hope said that she had not heard from Deacon since New Year's Eve. She asked if Brooke somehow blamed Deacon for her relapse.

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