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Julius Avant
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Actor History
Obba Babatundé
July 9, 2015 to present [recurring]


Former limousine driver

Resides At

A motel room in Los Angeles, California

Formerly in Evanston, Illinois

Marital Status

Married to Vivienne Avant as of 1981

Past Marriages

None known


Myron Avant (father)

Claude Avant (brother)

Alexander "Xander"� Avant (nephew)

Elizabeth Forrester (granddaughter)


Maya Avant (daughter, with Vivienne; designated son Myron at birth; 1980s)

Sasha Thompson (daughter, with Lucy Thompson; 1990s)

Nicole Avant (daughter, with Vivienne; 1990s)

Flings & Affairs

Lucy Thompson

Crimes Committed

Had daughter Sasha via affair with Lucy Thompson and included them in family outings [1990s]

Health and Vitals

No known conditions

Brief Character History

Julius Avant lived in Evanston, Illinois, with his wife, Vivienne Avant, and his children, Myron and Nicole Avant. Julius refused to discuss his son after Myron moved to Los Angeles and made the transition to Maya, a transgender woman. When Nicole followed Maya to the West Coast, Julius made the trip himself to get Nicole away from Maya. Julius, an out-of-work limo driver, lamented the loss of his son but hugged Maya and promised he'd try to accept her after Julius found out Maya was the fiancée of the very rich Rick Forrester.

Julius grudgingly watched lead model Maya headline a Forrester Creations fashion show featuring transgender models; after Rick proposed to Maya on the runway, Julius questioned Rick's sexuality. Julius awkwardly presented an expensive golf club to Forrester patriarch Eric Forrester and reaffirmed his intention to accept Maya, but Julius blamed Maya and her transition for his inability to hold down a job and called Maya's wedding a "freak show." Julius, who admitted he couldn't change his beliefs overnight, was asked to leave. Months later, Julius moved to L.A. with Vivienne, wanting to make peace with Maya. But Julius' goodwill was short-lived when he learned that Nicole had agreed to be a surrogate for Rick and Maya. Julius tried to get Nicole's boyfriend, Zende Forrester Dominguez, to talk Nicole out of carrying the child, but when Nicole's pregnancy took, Julius resigned himself to it.

Julius rejected Nicole's childhood friend Sasha Thompson, who visited from Illinois; Sasha was the result of a long-ago affair Julius had with Lucy Thompson. Julius told Sasha to leave town and scrambled to explain when Sasha outed herself to Nicole, who forced Julius to tell Vivienne. Julius apologized for the affair and for including Sasha and Lucy in Avant family events, but got himself kicked out of the Avants' motel room. Julius was shut out of the birth of his grandchild, Elizabeth Forrester, but after Sasha faked a pregnancy test to keep Zende and Nicole from reuniting, Julius included Sasha in a family meeting and called for everyone to forgive each other. Julius was happy when Vivienne agreed to try patching things up with him.

Julius was displeased when Sasha showed up at baby "Lizzy"'s christening, telling Sasha she was a painful reminder for Vivienne. But Julius got an earful when Sasha's friend, Thomas Forrester, said that Julius was the one who didn't want to be reminded. Months later, after participating in a golf tournament, Julius attended Nicole's lavish wedding to Nicole at the Forrester mansion. However, when Julius learned that Nicole may have been rendered infertile after giving birth to Lizzy, he stopped short at blaming Maya for Nicole's unhappiness. Learning there had been an error in Lizzy's adoption papers, Julius badgered Nicole to take back her biological daughter and faced the wrath of Rick, Maya, Zende, and Vivienne. Julius looked on disapprovingly as Nicole decided to sign the corrected papers and continue granting custody to Maya.

Julius shared his wife's surprise when Nicole and Zende were offered opportunities at Forrester International in Paris, but ultimately gave his daughter his blessing to move overseas. Julius was thrilled when Nicole visited at Thanksgiving and spent the holiday with him, Maya, and Vivienne at the Forrester's Thanksgiving feast. The next summer, Julius was on hand to greet Alexander "Xander" Avant, the son of his brother, Claude Avant, who had accepted an internship at Forrester arranged by Maya. Julius couldn't understand it when Xander announced he wanted to keep his English background and accent from the Forresters and wondered what Xander was trying to hide. Later that year, Julius was surprised when Maya came back from Europe without Rick and without any real reason behind their split.

In late 2020, Julius was on hand to advise Zende, who had just returned fresh from a breakup with Nicole; when Zende wanted to pursue a girl who already had a man interested in her, Julius told Zende to give it a shot.

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