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Days of our Lives Recap for Friday, January 27, 2023
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Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Friday, January 27, 2023)
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Friday, January 27, 2023

At the Johnson townhouse, Tripp and Wendy played video games. Tripp thanked Wendy for the company. "I was happy to be here," Wendy said. "You sure? I saw you checking your phone," Tripp said. With a grin, Wendy admitted that she had hoped Johnny would call.

While Wendy was in the bathroom, Roman stopped by with food. "I'll make sure Dad eats," Tripp promised. Tripp explained that Steve and Joey were out making arrangements for Kayla's funeral. Wendy returned to the living room.

"I'm so sorry to hear about your wife and your sister," Wendy said. Roman thanked Wendy. With a chuckle, Wendy told Roman that she had met Kayla once in Hong Kong. "She was a total badass," Wendy said. Roman smiled. Roman looked at Tripp, and he asked about Tripp's black eye. Tripp assured Roman that everything was fine.

After Roman left, Wendy told Tripp that it had been nice that he had not ratted out Johnny. "[Johnny] apologized, so we're cool," Tripp said. Wendy asked Tripp if he intended to stay in Salem, and Tripp admitted that he was not sure. "If you ever need to talk or crush someone at 2K, feel free to hit me up," Wendy said.

Chanel and Johnny were hugging when Allie returned home. "Are you kidding me right now?" Allie complained. "This is not what you think," Johnny said. "So, my brother and my girlfriend weren't just about to cheat on me?" Allie said. "No!" Chanel yelped. Johnny stressed that Allie had walked in on a friendly hug.

"Obviously, there is something going on," Allie said. Johnny explained that he was there to see Wendy. "And since she wasn't here, you decided to throw yourself at Chanel?" Allie asked. "We were just talking," Chanel stressed. Chanel argued that she would not cheat on Allie.

"You wouldn't? Because you admitted to me last night that you and Johnny almost kissed, so how far would you have gone today?" Allie shouted. "Stop it," Johnny said. Allie argued that if she had not interrupted Johnny and Chanel, they would have had sex on the couch.

"Would you stop overreacting? Right before you just walked in here, I was telling Chanel that I'm happy you two were together," Johnny said. "And I was telling Johnny I was happy he found Wendy," Chanel added. Johnny explained that Allie had witnessed two friends wishing each other well. Allie told Johnny that she could not get past the fact that he and Chanel had almost kissed.

"It was a dumb, impulsive moment, and it will never happen again," Chanel said. "Why would I believe that?" Allie yelled. "Because it's the truth!" Johnny said. Johnny noted that Allie's jealousy made her sound like Sami. "You take that back right now," Allie growled. "Why would I? You are acting exactly like her. You're jumping to conclusions. You're throwing a tantrum. You're making it all about you," Johnny said. Allie countered that Johnny's behavior reminded her of E.J.

"And just like your father, you don't care about the relationships you ruin as long as you get what you want," Allie argued. Allie and Johnny took a step toward one another. "You don't get to criticize my father when yours is in prison for kidnapping Mom!" Johnny yelled. "You really think my dad has committed more crimes than yours?" Allie countered. Chanel stepped between the twins, and she told Johnny to leave.

"Will you tell Wendy I stopped by?" Johnny said. Chanel agreed as she opened the front door. "And I'll make sure to tell her that when she wasn't here, you hooked up with my girlfriend instead," Allie said. "What?" Wendy said as she stepped into the apartment. Johnny stressed that he had not hooked up with Chanel and that Allie had misread the situation.

"You don't need to explain yourself to me. You can do whatever you want," Wendy said. Wendy walked out. Annoyed, Johnny turned to Allie. "You're right. You're nothing like Mom. Thanks a lot, sis," Johnny said sarcastically. After Johnny left in pursuit of Wendy, Allie grabbed her coat to leave.

"I thought you said you came home to work things out with me?" Chanel asked. "Yeah, and then I saw you in my brother's arms," Allie countered. Chanel argued that the hug had been innocent. "You knew that I was really upset about the two of you almost kissing last night. Why would you think it's okay to have him over and give him a hug?" Allie shouted. Chanel reiterated that she and Johnny were just friends.

"You have nothing to worry about," Chanel said. "That's what Alex said," Allie muttered. "You were upset with me hanging out with Johnny, while at the same time, you were being consoled by Alex Kiriakis? One of the biggest players in town," Chanel argued. Allie stressed that she had just talked with Alex. "Yeah, like Johnny and I were just talking," Chanel said. Chanel called Allie a hypocrite.

"I trust you, Horton. So why the hell can't you trust me? I mean, I'm not the one who's cheated before," Chanel said. "That was really unfair," Allie said. Chanel apologized. With a sigh, Allie admitted that she should not have accused Chanel of cheating. Allie and Chanel agreed to give one another space. Chanel packed a bag to stay at her mother's place. "Maybe you should take the next few days off from work, too, [to be with your family]," Chanel suggested. Allie agreed.

Johnny caught up with Wendy in the park. "I told you, you don't need to explain anything," Wendy said. Johnny reiterated that he had not hooked up with Chanel. "[Allie] wanted to mess things up with you to hurt me," Johnny said. "So, there's nothing going on with you and Chanel?" Wendy asked. Johnny admitted that he had almost kissed Chanel.

"No wonder why your sister is mad at you," Wendy said. Johnny explained that he had been upset about Marlena's death, and Chanel had comforted him. "I was the one who instigated it," Johnny confessed. Johnny explained that Chanel had once been his wife. "I needed to feel close to someone," Johnny said. Wendy asked Johnny if he still had feelings for Chanel, and he said no.

"If I'm being honest with myself, there's probably something a little unresolved between us, but that doesn't matter," Johnny said. Johnny stressed that Chanel was committed to Allie. "And I really like you," Johnny said. "You do?" Wendy said. With a nod yes, Johnny asked Wendy if she would go on a date with him. Johnny and Wendy agreed to give each other some time before they went on a date together.

At the Brady Pub, Sloan furiously cut up her breakfast. "Why do I let Chanel's mom get to me every time?" Sloan grumbled. Sloan muttered that she had lost her appetite after her fights with Nicole and Paulina. "I'm really sorry," Eric said. With a shrug, Sloan said that she hoped Nicole understood that Eric had moved on. "And hopefully, she realizes that it's time for her to do the same," Sloan added.

As Sloan continued to pick at her food, Eric offered to get her a bowl of clam chowder instead. "For breakfast?" Sloan asked. "Consider it an early lunch. It will warm your soul," Eric said. Sloan reluctantly accepted the offer. After Sloan took a tiny bite of her clam chowder, she forced a smile.

"Seriously, you've never had clam chowder? It's good, right?" Eric asked. Sloan forced down a swallow. "It's substantial," Sloan said. Confused, Eric asked Sloan if she meant that she did not like the chowder. With a shrug, Sloan confessed, "Warm milk and clams, not really my thing." Sloan dramatically let a spoonful drop into the bowl with a plop. Eric shook his head in disbelief.

"I completely misjudged your character. I don't think we can be friends after this," Eric joked. "I didn't realize you took your chowder so seriously," Sloan said. Eric mocked indignation. Eric told Sloan not to let his father know that she hated it.

"Yeah, you certainly wouldn't want him to hear that," Roman said as he approached the table. Eric introduced Sloan, and she offered her condolences to Roman. Sloan clarified that she hated all clam chowder. "I hope you don't hold it against me," Sloan said. "Of course not. What I do hold against you is the way you've gone after Paulina Price and her daughter," Roman countered. Roman explained that Paulina was married to his best friend. "There is nothing more important to me than family," Roman stressed.

"I feel the same way, which is why I won't stop until Paulina and Chanel have both paid for their crimes," Sloan said. Eric said he understood that Roman's loyalty was with Abe's family but that the situation was complicated. "I'm not saying it isn't," Roman agreed. Eric noted that Chanel had pushed Sloan's mother off a building.

"From what I understand, that was self-defense," Roman said. Sloan argued that Chanel and Paulina had lied. "Scotland Yard didn't think so," Roman countered. Sloan said she believed her civil suit in the US would vindicate her and her parents. Roman encouraged Sloan to drop her vendetta and move on with her life.

"Sloan has every right to pursue the case," Eric said. "The hell she does! All she's doing is causing more pain. Haven't we all had enough of that?" Roman said. With a nod, Sloan announced she would leave. Eric asked Sloan to stay, but her phone rang. Sloan told Eric that she needed to talk to her client and that he should take the time to talk to his father.

While Sloan was outside, Eric asked Roman to give Sloan a chance. "You two getting serious?" Roman asked. "No, but I like her," Eric admitted. Roman asked about Nicole. Eric said his relationship with Nicole was over. "Are you sure this time?" Roman asked. Eric stressed that there was nothing left between him and Nicole. When Roman questioned Eric's dating choice, Eric changed the subject to funeral arrangements. Roman explained that everything had been handled.

When Sloan returned, Roman gave Sloan a salad, and she happily dug in. "I'm glad you're finally satisfied," Eric said. With a grin, Sloan said, "If you'd like to satisfy me, maybe you could come back to my place tonight."

In Nicole's room at the DiMera mansion, E.J. and Nicole kissed passionately until E.J. pulled away. "What are you doing?" E.J. asked. "Make love to me," Nicole whispered. Nicole kissed E.J. again. After a moment, E.J. jumped away from Nicole.

"I don't think this is a good idea," E.J. stammered. Nicole asked why. "For one thing, you're still upset about Eric," E.J. noted. "I don't care about Eric. And obviously, he doesn't care about me," Nicole said. Nicole grabbed E.J., kissed him, and shoved him back onto the bed. Nicole climbed on top of E.J., but he pushed Nicole away.

"What is the problem? On New Year's, you were all about us getting together," Nicole said. "And you put the brakes on, remember? You said you wanted to stop making impulsive decisions" E.J. countered. Nicole argued that she had waited a month.

"Now I am ready, and it looks like you are, too," Nicole said as she unbuttoned E.J.'s pants. E.J. squirmed away. "Don't you want me?" Nicole asked. E.J. gently kissed Nicole. "Of course, I do," E.J. said. E.J. explained that he did not think Nicole was sober enough to make an informed decision. Nicole pointed out that she had only had two drinks. As Nicole spun around to show that she was fine, she covered her mouth.

"I'm going to be sick!" Nicole said. Nicole raced into the bathroom. When Nicole exited the bathroom, she admitted that she was embarrassed that she had hit on E.J. "I'm flattered that you wanted to be with me. And trust me, it was hard to turn you down," E.J. said. "Then why did you?" Nicole asked. E.J. reiterated that Nicole had been too drunk to consent to sex.

"This doesn't make any sense. I mean, I only had a drink and a half," Nicole said. E.J. reminded Nicole that she had not eaten breakfast. With a laugh, Nicole joked that restaurants would not serve her bottomless mimosas because of her well-known tolerance for alcohol. After a moment, Nicole wondered aloud if there had been an issue with the Champagne.

"Maybe, but I had some, and I'm fine," E.J. said. As Nicole curled up on the bed, E.J. retrieved tea and toast from the kitchen for her. Nicole thanked E.J. "I want you to know that not everything I said and did was because of the alcohol," Nicole said. Nicole admitted that she was tired of pining for her ex.

"[Eric] is not the same person I used to love. And I'm ready to move on. And if you're willing, I'd like to move on with you," Nicole said. E.J. smiled nervously. "Are we talking about a relationship, or just a good old-fashioned roll in the hay?" E.J. asked. Nicole admitted she did not know. "I'm game for either," E.J. said. E.J. asked Nicole on a date, and she accepted. After Nicole fell asleep, E.J. put a blanket on her, and he caressed her face.

In the DiMera tunnels, Gabi called Li and asked to meet. "I thought you couldn't stand to be in the same room with me?" Li said. "Well, I just had a little run-in with Stefan, and it got ugly," Gabi said. Gabi agreed to meet with Li in his hotel room to talk. After the call ended, Gabi whispered, "Don't worry, Stefan. I'm going to get you deprogrammed, whether you like it or not," Gabi said.

When Gabi arrived at Li's hotel room, Li apologized for his sweaty state. "I was at the gym, working off my frustration over getting fired," Li explained. "Guess that's not surprising, but I'm sorry," Gabi said. Li asked about Stefan. Gabi told Li that she had talked to Stefan about deprogramming. "You don't give up, do you?" Li said. "No. It's not in my nature," Gabi said. Gabi explained that Stefan had called her a terrible person.

"I hate that he's doing that to you," Li said. Curious, Li asked Gabi why she wanted to talk. "I'm here to say that you're right. When it comes to Stefan, I'm wasting my time. The person that I should be with is you," Gabi said. Confused, Li reminded Gabi that she had dumped ice on him when they had last met. Gabi explained that she had been upset.

"Can you blame me after everything you did?" Gabi said. "I suppose not, but Gabi, that doesn't explain the sudden 180," Li noted. With a sigh, Gabi explained that she had thought about what Li had said. "You and I are the same. We both go to drastic measures for what we want. And that Stefan would never love me the way that you do," Gabi said. "You didn't want to hear it," Li said. Gabi said that after she had thought about it, she could not deny that Li had been right.

"What are you saying?" Li asked. "I'm saying I need to give up on Stefan and really give our marriage a try," Gabi said. Gabi kissed Li. After a moment, Li sighed with contentment. "I missed you so much," Li whispered. "I missed you, too," Gabi said. Li asked Gabi if she was serious about making their marriage work. Gabi pulled out her wedding rings, and she put them on her finger. Gabi told Li that she did not take her vows lightly.

"So, you're giving up on Stefan?" Li asked. "He gave up on me a long time ago. I just couldn't see it," Gabi said. Li asked if he was a consolation prize. With a shake of her head, she noted that she had fallen in love with Li before Stefan had returned from the dead. Gabi admitted that she had had difficulty accepting that her Stefan was gone for good. "I believe that we can get back to where we used to be," Gabi said. Li asked what they should do next. Gabi caressed Li's chest.

"We never did consummate our marriage," Gabi whispered. Li stammered, "Now?" Gabi told Li that when they had made love in the past, she had felt a deep connection to him. Li nodded vigorously in agreement. "And if we could get to being close like that again, it could go toward building our relationship. Don't you agree?" Gabi asked. When Li stared in disbelief, Gabi asked about his hesitation.

"I just want to make sure that this is what you really want," Li said. "I want to make this a real marriage. I want to commit," Gabi said. Li said he was ready. With a coy smile, Gabi asked Li to take a shower before they jumped into bed. Li eagerly agreed. "In the meantime, I'll get undressed," Gabi purred. "You have no idea how happy you've made me," Li whispered. Li kissed Gabi then he raced into the bathroom. Gabi wiped her mouth with disgust.

Gabi searched the room until she located Li's burner phone, and she called the number with the most calls. Dr. Rolf answered the phone. "I need your help, and I'm not taking no for an answer," Gabi said. Gabi advised Rolf to accept her offer so that the DiMeras would welcome him back into the fold. Rolf agreed to return to Salem. As Gabi started to leave, Li exited the bathroom. "Where are you going?" Li asked.

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