Stefan's revenge scheme goes awry after Gabi interferes

Days of our Lives Recap for Thursday, January 26, 2023
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Days of our Lives Daily Recaps (Thursday, January 26, 2023)
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Thursday, January 26, 2023

by Mike

Alex was lifting weights in the study of the Kiriakis mansion when Allie passed by the room's open set of doors. Allie ogled Alex's naked, sweaty torso as the workout continued. Alex eventually noticed Allie and set aside the dumbbells. "What, you don't have a gym?" Allie teased. "Sadly, we do not. Victor thinks exercise is a waste of time," Alex grumbled. "I came to drop Henry off to see his Uncle Will...but I'm actually really glad that I ran into you," Allie declared before apologizing to Alex for what had happened the previous night. "With me, you are never going to have to apologize for offering up a threesome -- that is my solemn vow," Alex assured Allie while donning a shirt.

Allie rewarded the joke with a sarcastic laugh then acknowledged that dragging Alex into the situation had been an unfair move. "Don't worry about it, seriously -- but keep me on the list for future invitations," Alex responded, drawing a more sincere laugh from Allie, who soon began venting about everything that had happened since their previous conversation. "And I'm upset about my grandma, too, but you don't see me making out with the person standing right in front of me!" Allie concluded, prompting Alex to release a groan of frustration as that person. "I have seen you and Chanel together -- more than most people, probably more than anybody ever --" Alex noted, making Allie laugh yet again.

Alex forged ahead, assuring Allie that everything was going to be okay. "You are beautiful, you are smart, you are funny, and you are way hotter than your brother," Alex stressed. "Probably the hottest girl I've ever been with -- and I've been with a lot of girls," Alex continued. "She loves you -- she adores you -- and that's why she chose to be with you," Alex concluded. "That actually makes me feel a lot better," Allie admitted, referring mainly to the part about Alex having never been with a hotter girl. "Very good -- so, why don't you go home and make up with your girlfriend," Alex responded, drawing a nod of determination from Allie, who rushed off after expressing appreciation for the pep talk.

Chanel tried to chase off Johnny after revealing that Wendy wasn't at the Horton apartment at that time. "If you want me to go, I'll go, okay? But I can see that you're upset about something, and we're friends...right? We're good friends! So, if you want to talk, we can talk -- about whatever is bothering you," Johnny offered before guessing that the issue was that Chanel was still on the outs with Allie. "Last night, when I got home, Alex was here with Allie, and she wanted to have another threesome --" Chanel began to explain. "Another?" Johnny sputtered. "But the only reason she said that was because she wanted to get back at me," Chanel concluded.

Johnny started to rush off in search of Allie, determined to claim sole responsibility for what had happened and therefore settle the matter, but Chanel refused to take the out. "I didn't stop it -- and if I'm being totally honest with that moment, I didn't want to," Chanel explained. "So, then, what are we gonna do about this lingering attraction?" Johnny wondered. "Well, normally, I would just ghost you...but, seeing as I'm in love with your twin sister, I don't really see that happening," Chanel conceded. "And, really, I'd prefer not to be ghosted, regardless of how complicated this may be," Johnny responded, drawing a laugh from Chanel, who summarized that they would therefore just need to be more careful around each other in the future.

Johnny hoped that Chanel would be able to work things out with Allie. "I don't want to come between the two of you again -- and besides, I think this thing with Wendy could be really good," Johnny stressed. "I'm happy for you," Chanel declared.

Chanel and Johnny ended their conversation with a hug -- and Allie entered the apartment just in time to witness the embrace.

Sloan continued antagonizing Nicole with comments about Eric's misplaced cell phone while they were all standing outside the Brady Pub. "I'm not surprised you left it at my place. We made quite the mess, didn't we? I found it lost in a tangle of clothes and sheets on my bed," Sloan explained to Eric with a wink before flashing Nicole a smirk then starting to saunter off.

Nicole stopped Sloan after realizing that Eric wasn't going to say anything about what had just happened. "Instead of handing Eric his phone discreetly, you decided to broadcast it to not only me but to every Salemite within a five-mile radius that you are a pathetic slut?" Nicole spat at Sloan on Eric's behalf. "I'm 'pathetic'? For enjoying and not feeling ashamed about my sex life? Meanwhile, you're out here throwing around very hurtful, antiquated slurs against women -- real progressive!" Sloan countered before giving Nicole a sarcastic round of applause, ignoring Eric's halfhearted attempt to intervene.

Sloan wondered if the people of Salem had a designated town crier who could help Nicole spread the word about a sinner in their midst. "You know what? I don't care who you sleep with -- or how many whos there are. Just have some class -- keep it to yourself," Nicole advised. "You care very much about who I sleep with," Sloan countered. "Oh, sweetheart, you don't know anything about me --" Nicole insisted. "But, as previously established before, I do happen to know Eric -- rather intimately -- and I know that he doesn't want you, so I think it's best for all parties involved if you stop being so desperate --" Sloan responded.

Nicole silenced Sloan with a slap and was rewarded in kind, prompting Eric to finally make a more serious effort to put a stop to the fight. "Eric, I know you're grieving, and maybe that's what's affecting your judgment, but there is no excuse for the horrible person that you've become! And if you ever break whatever spell you're under, I have no doubt that you will regret laying eyes...or any other body part...on her -- she's a loathsome, awful bitch!" Nicole declared before again offering condolences then storming off without waiting for a response from Eric or Sloan, who both seemed unfazed and were soon eating breakfast together.

Belle ended an emotional phone conversation about Marlena's funeral arrangements then entered the town square and ran into Paulina. "I just spoke to my sister, Tammy, earlier -- your mom's old college roommate -- and she's devastated, like all of us," Paulina revealed before offering Belle condolences then starting to rush off to a meeting with a lawyer.

Belle was surprised to learn that Paulina was having legal troubles again. "Sloan Petersen -- that sadistic little witch -- has slapped me with a civil suit," Paulina grumbled. "Why didn't you come to me?" Belle wondered. "After everything you've been going through?" Paulina sputtered. "I appreciate that...but work actually helps me deal with all of it -- it gets my mind off things," Belle declared.

Paulina offered to treat Belle to breakfast at the Brady Pub, where Sloan had just admitted to feeling somewhat jealous of Nicole and Eric's relationship and was trying to determine whether there was still a chance that it could be rekindled at some point. Paulina and Belle approached while Eric was dodging Sloan's question. Eric was stunned to learn that Belle had just agreed to help Paulina deal with Sloan's lawsuit. "You're out ambulance-chasing?" Eric sputtered. "Where is there an ambulance? This is an attack on good people and a frivolous lawsuit with absolutely no merit whatsoever!" Belle argued. "Sloan is the injured party here!" Eric countered.

Belle and Paulina exchanged looks of disbelief as Eric continued defending Sloan. "Having lost a mother too soon, I can relate -- and so should you!" Eric snapped at Belle. "It has done irreparable harm. To Sloan! Not the other way around!" Eric continued. "Chanel took her mother away, and Paulina covered it up -- that's end of story!" Eric concluded.

Paulina resisted the urge to lash out at Eric, not wanting to disrespect one of Marlena's sons during such a difficult time. Belle gave Eric a glare then headed off to Julie's Place with Paulina. "I don't want to be the person that comes between you and your sister --" Sloan fretted once the coast was clear. "It's nothing that I can't handle -- and besides, I like having you around," Eric responded.

Gabi peeked inside the foyer of the DiMera mansion to make sure that the coast was clear then apologized while dragging Stefan's motionless body toward the false panel in the living room that led to the secret tunnels. "Trust me -- someday soon, you're gonna thank me," Gabi insisted -- just as E.J. called out to Stefan from the foyer. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing in here?" E.J. snapped after entering the living room seconds later -- and Gabi, who had managed to drag Stefan outside during that brief window of time, feigned innocence while moving away from the terrace doors.

E.J. interrupted to guess that Gabi had broken into the mansion to force Stefan into yet another conversation about reversing the brainwashing. "I don't think I broke anything --" Gabi tried to protest. "You're transparent," E.J. countered. "Okay, fine, you caught me -- that's exactly why I'm here," Gabi admitted. "I guarantee you, Stefan will never submit to deprogramming," E.J. declared before chasing Gabi out of the mansion through the front door. "The things we do for love," Gabi grumbled while reentering the mansion through the terrace doors then continuing to drag Stefan's motionless body into the secret tunnels.

E.J. headed upstairs in search of Stefan then returned to the living room and found Nicole there. Nicole started venting about what had just happened, prompting E.J. to grab the mimosas Stefan had prepared earlier. "He seems to have disappeared," E.J. explained while handing Nicole one of the mimosas, unable to detect that Stefan had spiked it with something. "I can hold my liquor," Nicole assured E.J. while preparing another drink a few minutes later. "Perhaps that's overdoing it a little bit --" E.J. objected when Nicole tried to prepare a third drink -- and, as if on cue, the glass fell to the floor just then, and some of the remains ended up near a vial Stefan had dropped during Gabi's attack.

E.J. stopped Nicole from cleaning up the mess, pointing out that Harold was being paid to handle such tasks. Nicole soon started fantasizing about getting into another fight with Sloan, prompting E.J. to joke that impulse control was overrated. Nicole leaned in to seize a kiss from E.J. as a way of agreeing with the comment but nearly collapsed in the process. E.J. led Nicole upstairs to get some rest. "I usually hold my liquor with the best of them -- I just don't know what's wrong with me!" Nicole grumbled. "There is nothing wrong with you, Nicole -- you are a smart, dynamic, and very beautiful woman, and Eric Brady is a fool who never should have let you go," E.J. countered.

Nicole thanked E.J. for the kind words. "You know what? To hell with Eric -- Sloan can have him! I don't need him anymore -- not when I have you!" Nicole declared before kissing E.J.

Gabi tied Stefan to a chair in one of the rooms in the secret tunnels. Stefan soon regained consciousness and demanded to know what Gabi was trying to accomplish. "Whether you like it or not, we're gonna fix that thick skull of yours -- and then we're gonna see where your heart lies," Gabi explained. "See, this is exactly why I abandoned any possibility, however slim, of ever getting back with you -- your psychotic drive to take what you want, your incessant need to get your way --" Stefan snapped. "That's what you loved about me!" Gabi countered. "How is this gonna work? Marlena is dead, and Rolf has disappeared -- your husband, Li, saw to that --" Stefan argued.

Gabi silenced Stefan with a strip of duct tape then produced a cell phone. "Yes, we don't know where Rolf is -- but, as you just said, we do know somebody who does," Gabi teased before phoning Li and requesting a meeting.

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