The devil takes advantage of E.J.'s legal dilemma

Days of our Lives Recap for Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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The devil takes advantage of E.J.'s legal dilemma | DAYS Daily Recaps (Wednesday, January 12, 2022)
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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

by Mike

Nicole was just about the head inside the Brady Pub when Rafe approached with Ava, who called out a greeting. "What a surprise! You know, Rafe and I, we were just going in for some breakfast -- why don't you join us?" Ava offered. "I would love to...except...I'm running late, [so] I was just gonna grab something from Sweet Bits... Maybe another time?" Nicole responded before rushing off.

At the Horton Town Square, Tripp ran into Trask while en route to Sweet Bits. "Sorry to tell you -- looks like you wasted a trip...Tripp," Trask began. "Ha. Yeah. That's weird -- they should have opened, like, a half an hour ago," Tripp responded. "Yeah, I know when they should have opened... I also know that I just came all the way across town just to cool my heels for the last 20 minutes..." Trask grumbled. "Sorry?" Tripp offered. "It's not your fault..." Trask acknowledged.

Trask produced a cell phone and started writing a review for Sweet Bits -- "Adequate baked goods, completely unprofessional management" -- but Tripp objected to the idea of posting it online. "Why shouldn't I?" Trask wondered. "Well, for one, it's not true -- and, mainly, it's not fair; you have no idea why they're late," Tripp answered. "And you do?" Trask translated. "Yeah, kind of -- and, look, I'm telling you...this morning, Chanel doesn't need any more grief, okay?" Tripp elaborated.

At the Price condominium, Allie woke up in Chanel's bed -- then groaned while remembering what had happened the previous night. "Wasn't a dream..." Allie muttered. "You're freaking out," Chanel observed. "No!" Allie insisted. "You're playing with your hair -- you only do that when you're freaking out," Chanel argued, prompting Allie to stop fidgeting.

"I know last night was your first time with another girl... [So], you're weirded out, aren't you?" Chanel guessed. "No, not really -- being with you last night, it felt...natural; [I mean], we made love, [and] in the moment, it was so wonderful... [It's just]...this morning, I just can't help thinking about --" Allie tried to clarify -- and, as if on cue, Tripp called just then.

"I stopped by the bakery to see you, but it's closed," Tripp began when Allie answered the call. "Yeah... I knew Chanel was not gonna be in any shape to work today, and I just didn't feel like running things by myself -- it was kind of a long night..." Allie explained. "So, where are you now?" Tripp wondered. "Home," Allie claimed. "Great -- I have some time before work; I'll come right over and see you --" Tripp decided. " running out the door, 'cause I'm gonna go check on Chanel," Allie backpedaled before trying to wrap up the conversation. "I love you," Tripp stressed after getting the hint. " you, too..." Allie responded.

"Was he suspicious?" Chanel wondered after Allie ended the call. "No, not at all -- he was completely understanding, which just makes it clear that I am the worst person on the planet," Allie fretted. "You're being too hard on yourself," Chanel argued. "I cheated on my boyfriend!" Allie stressed. "I cheated on my husband! Not that he gives a damn..." Chanel countered.

Allie wanted to tell Tripp the truth right away, but Chanel didn't think that was a good idea. "What happened between us last night, it was a one-time thing, and it was special -- you were there when I needed you -- but you still love Tripp...[and] -- don't you dare laugh -- I still love Johnny," Chanel reasoned. "No -- I have to tell Tripp; I don't have a choice," Allie maintained, recalling what had happened when Sami had tried to keep a similar situation hidden from E.J.

"I want you to know that what happened last night, it wasn't planned -- when I asked you to stay, I did not intend for that to happen," Chanel stressed. "I know," Allie responded. Allie assured Chanel that what had happened wouldn't ruin their friendship.

Ava ran into Tripp while en route to Sweet Bits. "Now that you are a full-fledged doctor, I feel like I never get to see you anymore!" Ava fretted while hugging Tripp.

Tripp told Ava that Sweet Bits was closed -- then explained why. "Wow -- poor Chanel... You know, I'm a Vitali, and I even think the DiMeras are cruel bastards," Ava declared before warning Tripp to keep an eye on Allie and Chanel, since there was some history between them that went beyond friendship. "That little tirade sounded pretty personal -- is everything okay with you and Rafe?" Tripp wondered. "Perfect -- [but] it is personal, because you are my son, and I don't want anyone hurting you," Ava responded. "You don't have to worry about me, Mom, all right? Chanel is not a threat -- Allie and I are in a really good place," Tripp insisted.

Later, at the hospital, Tripp received a visit from Allie. "You seem pretty upset," Tripp observed. "I am -- last night, Chanel and I..." Allie tried to confess. "Go on," Tripp eventually prodded Allie. "We had a really long talk, and the more she was talking about Johnny, the more that I realized that I am so lucky to have you -- [and] I feel like I don't tell you that enough, and maybe I sometimes take you for granted," Allie backpedaled. "You don't have to tell me anything -- I mean, when it's the real deal, you just know; no words necessary," Tripp insisted before hugged Allie.

At the DiMera mansion, the demonic presence grinned at Stefano's portrait while alone in the living room. "So, last night -- now, that is what I call 'a party'; Champagne, caviar, chaos, pain... Oh, but that is just the beginning -- oh, Nonno, wait 'til you see what I'm gonna do next..." the demonic presence teased.

"Johnny? Who are you talking to?" E.J. called out from the living room doorway. "You caught me -- sometimes I talk to Nonno... Crazy, right?" the demonic presence responded as Johnny. "Only if you hear him answer back," E.J. argued before guessing that "Johnny" had been telling Stefano about what had happened the previous night. "You think I was...indiscreet?" the demonic presence wondered as Johnny. "Indiscreet, melodramatic, self-indulgent... That would be your mother in you," E.J. declared. "Eh, it might have been a little melodramatic...but effective!" the demonic presence insisted as Johnny. "Effective, calculated...and, although there were moments where you did seem genuinely contrite, it was still very cruel," E.J. noted. "And that would be my father in me," the demonic presence countered as Johnny. "Touché," E.J. muttered.

"I just hate those long, drawn-out postmortems -- 'It's not you; it's me!'" the demonic presence explained as Johnny before changing the subject, admitting that E.J. had been right about not only Chanel but also the idea of pursuing a career as a filmmaker. "I was just telling Nonno, right before you walked in, what I'm about to tell you now -- [that] I've been running from my legacy, [and] my place in this world is not in Hollywood; it's here, at DiMera," the demonic presence announced as Johnny while pacing around the living room. "Damn it, Johnny, would you sit down? I feel like there's a vulture circling overhead!" E.J. fretted.

"[Now], as swell as that is to hear, your timing is unfortunate -- if the D.A. has her way, you'll be visiting me in Statesville," E.J. added. "But wouldn't it be nice to have someone looking after your interests at DiMera? [And] my interests are very closely tied with your interests," the demonic presence countered as Johnny while playing with one of the chess table's black bishops. "Would you please stop fiddling with that? Put it down!" E.J. demanded. "Sorry -- I was just thinking about Nonno, chess, strategy, the move after the next move..." the demonic presence explained as Johnny. "My God, you're so full of DiMera this morning!" E.J. observed.

"I am -- and I'm thinking...if you do go to prison, I'm the only one left to get you out, deal with Fredo -- I mean, Chad -- and make damn sure that DiMera Enterprises has a triple-A buy rating by the time you get out and I hand you back the reins. [Now], I haven't worked out all the details yet, but I know where it starts -- you need to sign all your shares over to me, [because] if you go to prison, the second you enter that cell, Chad's going into action, [and] I'm gonna need the power to vote your shares in order to fend him off," the demonic presence advised as Johnny.

"You already have shares of your own -- and, on your last birthday, you became old enough to vote on the board, so --" E.J. tried to argue. "That's not enough to counteract any moves Chad might make -- and tell me you don't believe Uncle Tony and Kate are gonna be angling for all they can get," the demonic presence countered as Johnny. "When I gave your mother power of attorney, she used it to screw me and take over DiMera --" E.J. recalled. "Trust me -- I will look out for you and Sydney, and I will make sure that when you're out, you can pick right back up where you left off. [Now], I know I'm asking you to have faith in me, and I also know that I haven't done much lately to inspire that faith...but, bottom line, I'm what you've got," the demonic presence stressed as Johnny.

"Okay, fine -- I'll sign them over, temporarily, and only if I actually go to prison," E.J. agreed after some thought. "Of course -- and I'm hoping that this entire conversation is moot, that you'll be cleared of all the charges...but we have to be prepared for the worst. [Now], I promise, you won't regret this," the demonic presence responded as Johnny before promising to be at the courthouse later to support E.J.

"That was almost too easy! Ah, everything is going exactly as planned..." the demonic presence bragged as Johnny after E.J. exited the living room. "And what plan is that?" Chanel called out from the living room doorway before tossing her wedding ring and mansion key at "Johnny" then storming off. "Go to hell!" Chanel spat while exiting the mansion. "Been there, done that..." the demonic presence joked.

At DiMera Enterprises, Chad finished signing the contracts that Belle had dropped off at the mansion the previous night. "I'm glad I caught you before E.J.'s trial -- you're going, right?" Belle began after Chad handed over the contracts. "I have to -- I'm a witness...for the prosecution," Chad responded. "I knew you and E.J. weren't getting along, testify against him -- that's pretty harsh..." Belle mused. "I don't really have a choice -- I'm the one that found the payments made to the goons who were guarding Sami, so..." Chad explained. Chad was stunned when Belle revealed that E.J. would probably be spending the next eight to ten years in prison if convicted. "It's a felony offense!" Belle stressed, surprised that Chad was surprised.

After leaving DiMera Enterprises, Belle headed over to Basic Black to get Nicole to sign the contracts. "Reading about E.J.'s trial?" Belle observed as Nicole set aside a tablet computer. "I just can't stop thinking that E.J. should not be representing himself," Nicole explained. "I think he's having the same realization -- last night, he asked me to represent him," Belle revealed. "Are you going to?" Nicole wondered. "No!" Belle insisted.

"'Sami would lose her mind' -- [that] seems to me like a really good reason to do it," Nicole argued while Belle was justifying the decision to turn down E.J.'s request. "I wouldn't take E.J.'s case just to spite my sister," Belle declared. "Then how 'bout a more noble motivation -- how 'bout stopping an innocent man from being railroaded?" Nicole reasoned. "You think E.J. is innocent?" Belle translated. "I know that E.J. is more than capable of kidnapping Sami...[but] I also know that if he had, he would have never let Sami escape, and he sure as hell wouldn't have left a paper trail at DiMera Enterprises. [And] this is coming from a woman who really freakin' hates his guts right now," Nicole explained.

Nicole vented to Belle about E.J.'s betrayal. "Being the kind of gal I am, I want E.J. to pay for what he did to me...but he didn't kidnap Sami, and he shouldn't have to pay for that," Nicole concluded. "I get that the execution was a little clumsy, [but] that guard, Jason, said it was E.J. --" Belle protested. "You don't think Jason said what the highest bidder told him to say? I mean, come on, the 'giant sleuth' that 'cracked the case' was Chad -- the little brother, the co-CEO that E.J. effectively neutered...oh, I'm sorry, 'marginalized'..." Nicole responded. "You think Chad is setting him up?" Belle translated. "I'm not sure it was him...but I am sure someone's orchestrating things to frame E.J. -- and I'm also sure that if E.J. is not careful, it's gonna work," Nicole fretted.

At DiMera Enterprises, Kate joined Chad in the CEO's office. "Good morning, Hamlet -- something is rotten in the state of DiMera?" Kate began. "You know there is," Chad responded. "No, I don't know that -- E.J. may be facing trial for something he might not have done, but in the history of DiMera family business, that's like pilfering office supplies," Kate argued. "We both know he didn't do it -- and that I'm the primary reason he was charged," Chad fretted. "Yes, well, I suggest you wait and see if he's convicted before you don your sackcloth and your ashes," Kate countered. "Oh, he's gonna be convicted -- for one thing, he's defending himself, like a..." Chad stressed.

Chad settled on calling E.J. "an idiot" instead of succumbing to the urge to use a harsher term -- then told Kate about Belle's take on the matter. "You knew that I had qualms about this from the very beginning, and you convinced me to keep quiet... [Look], if you tell the truth, Lucas is going to be in that prison --" Kate noted. "The difference is, Lucas actually committed the crime, so maybe he's the one that should pay for it," Chad reasoned. "I know what Lucas did was misguided --" Kate conceded. "'Misguided'? He locked up Sami for three months, and now she's traveling the world with her kidnapper -- I think that deserves a word a little stronger than 'misguided'!" Chad argued.

"'Criminal'? 'Sociopathic'?" Chad suggested. "Stop!" Kate snapped before reminding Chad about what E.J. would likely do to Lucas if the truth was ever revealed. "Okay -- I'll say that I planted the evidence, and I'll keep Lucas out of it," Chad decided after some thought. "You're gonna lose your job if you do that," Kate warned. "Maybe I should -- maybe that's the only way I can keep myself from turning into E.J., into Father... [But] I have to do what's right [and] take my chances, [because] E.J.'s been a real son of a bitch since he got back to town, but he's my brother, and he welcomed me into the family when he didn't have to," Chad reasoned.

At Basic Black, Nicole received a visit from Ava, who insisted that it was time for them to stop avoiding each other -- and also insisted that they were going to have dinner together that night. "But it may just be you and me, because, ugh, Rafe -- his job, it's...ugh, poor guy, he never knows what may come up next..." Ava fretted.

At the police station, Rafe received a visit from Trask, who revealed that a serious allegation was being investigated. "That you planted evidence to get a conviction," Trask elaborated while showing Rafe two formal complaints that had been filed. "I already forwarded the matter to Internal Affairs," Trask warned as Rafe vehemently denied the accusations. "What the hell is going on here?" Rafe muttered after Trask stormed off.

Trask headed over to the courthouse and joined E.J. in one of the courtrooms. "I'm actually glad you decided to represent yourself -- I'm actually looking forward to going toe to toe with the infamous E.J. DiMera," Trask admitted. "Some other time, perhaps -- today, you'll be dealing with me," Belle called out from the courtroom doorway.

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