Kristina Wagner to step back into role of Felicia

Posted Tuesday, March 06, 2012 1:11:44 AM
Kristina Wagner to step back into role of Felicia

Kristina Wagner will reprise the role of Felicia Jones this spring. Wagner originated the role of Felicia in 1984, and was last seen on-screen in January 2008.

Add Kristina Wagner (Felicia Jones) to the list of returning General Hospital favorites. After several days of speculation, a General Hospital spokesperson has now confirmed that the actress will be returning to Port Charles.

Wagner's return next month will mark the first time the actress has appeared on General Hospital since 2008. It took very little time for Wagner's co-stars to weigh in on her return.

"To answer some questions -- I'm very excited about Kristina Wagner coming back to GH," John J. York (Mac Scorpio) wrote on Twitter. "[C]an't wait to see her and work with her again!"

Wagner joined General Hospital in August 1984, but opted for what was called "an amicable split" with the show in June 2005. Shortly thereafter, soap vet Sandra D. Ferguson was cast as Felicia, though Ferguson remained with the show for only a few months.

Wagner will first air on April 27.

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