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A native of Indianapolis, Kristina Wagner has had a penchant for performing since her earliest recollections. She was active in high school drama, dance and local theater before enrolling in Indiana Central University as a drama major. She then transferred to Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, where she majored in theater.

Kristina continued to study dance and took lessons to refine her speech. While in school, she performed extensively with the University Theater Group, and in her spare time worked in local commercials. On her brother's recommendation, she sent her picture and resumé to a modeling consultancy, which led to auditions for roles on All My Children, Ryan's Hope, and, eventually, the part on General Hospital -- Kristina's television drama debut. Kristina debuted on General Hospital in August 1984.

A self-proclaimed adventurous type, Kristina loves camping, river rafting and mountaineering, as well as ice skating, swimming and gymnastics.

"Africa was a very emotional experience for me," Ms. Wagner explains of her trip to Africa several years ago. As a result of that visit, Ms. Wagner has become an advocate for the protection of wildlife and is a board member of the Africa Wildlife Foundation.

Kristina has two sons, Petey and Harrison.

Acting Portfolio: TELEVISION
General Hospital
Felicia Cummings
August 1984 to February 13, 2003; March 1, 2004 to June 8, 2005; December 20, 2007 to January 23, 2008; April 27, 2012 to June 20, 2012 [recurring]
Awards & Acclaim
Soap Opera Digest Award Nominee, Exciting New Actress (1985)
Soap Opera Digest Award Nominee, Favorite Supercouple (with Jack Wagner; 1986)
Soap Opera Digest Award Nominee, Favorite Supercouple (with Jack Wagner; 1988)
Soap Opera Digest Award Nominee, Outstanding Supercouple (with Scott Thompson Baker; 1990)
Soap Opera Digest Award Nominee, Outstanding Supercouple (with Jack Wagner; 1991)
Soap Opera Digest Award Nominee, Outstanding Comic Performance (1993)
Soap Opera Digest Award Nominee, Hottest Female Star (1994)
Soap Opera Digest Award Hottest Female Star (1995)
Vital Statistics

PLACE OF BIRTH: Indianapolis, Indiana

DATE OF BIRTH: October 30, 1963

HEIGHT: 5'6"

HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Blue

MARITAL STATUS: Randy Malandro [1981 - 1985; Divorced]

MARITAL STATUS: Jack Wagner [Dec 18, 1993 - Jun 30, 2006; Divorced]

CHILDREN: Peter [Sep 4, 1990]; Son, Harrison [Dec 1, 1994]

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