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General Hospital Recap for Friday, May 26, 2023
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General Hospital Daily Recaps (Friday, May 26, 2023)
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Friday, May 26, 2023

At Sonny's penthouse, Diane was chilly and hostile toward Nina. Nina mentioned Willow, and she asked if Diane had anyone special in her life. Diane told Nina that the two of them weren't friends and that it was none of Nina's business.

Sonny appeared, and he said that the authorities were hoping to force Carly to turn on him. Sonny vowed that Carly would never turn him in. Nina told Sonny that she loved him, and she left to meet Olivia at Metro Court.

After Nina left, Sonny asked Diane to find out how -- and why -- the authorities had gotten involved in Carly and Drew's case. Diane said she had exhausted her resources. Sonny asked Diane to appeal to Robert for help. Diane left for Metro Court. Afterwards, Sonny ordered one of his men to bring a car around.

At Metro Court, Anna asked Robert about Holly. Robert said that Holly had left town, and he shared that he and Holly had said their farewells to one another -- perhaps for good. Anna said that Holly still cared about Robert, and she asked what the real reason had been for Holly's departure.

Anna mentioned Diane, and she suggested that Holly might have done Robert a favor by having left town. Anna reasoned that Holly had "freed" Robert to move forward with Diane. Robert said he wasn't sure that Diane was interested in him. Anna spotted Diane nearby. "Ask her yourself," Anna suggested.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Drew demanded a reason to believe that Ned hadn't contacted the SEC about Drew and Carly having engaged in insider trading. Ned and Drew started to argue, and Brook Lynn stepped between them. Tracy praised Brook Lynn for trying to broker peace. Olivia said that Tracy had to have an ulterior motive for having helped Brook Lynn and Chase reconnect.

Drew dismissively referred to Tracy as Brook Lynn's "fairy godmother," and he heavily implied that he hoped Tracy would go back to Amsterdam. Tracy happily told everyone that she had no intention of leaving town soon. Brook Lynn was the only person who said they were grateful that Tracy wasn't leaving.

Olivia started to leave after hurling snide comments at Tracy. In the foyer, Olivia continued to accuse Ned of having contacted the SEC about Carly and Drew. Olivia claimed that she was "doing my best" to support Ned.

Ned surprised Olivia with a kiss. Olivia responded by telling Ned to not "do anything stupid." Olivia left, and Tracy appeared in the foyer. Tracy said that Ned had nothing to be ashamed of for "dropping a dime" on Carly. "Even if Drew goes down with her?" Ned asked. "That's what he gets for slumming," Tracy shot back.

Ned scoffed that Tracy was "all heart," and he reminded Tracy that he hadn't contacted the SEC. Ned asked if Tracy planned to stay in Port Charles long term. Tracy said that she planned to stay busy. "That's what I'm afraid of," Ned quipped.

Nearby, Drew had been trying to coax Brook Lynn into giving him inside information about Tracy -- presumably, Tracy's role in Chase having been reinstated to the PCPD. Tracy reappeared, and she said she needed to speak with Brook Lynn in private. Drew stared back at Brook Lynn on his way out.

Later, at Metro Court, Olivia told Nina about Olivia's rift with Carly. Olivia was surprised when Nina said that the government might be using Carly and Drew's legal troubles to get to Sonny.

At Carly's mansion, Josslyn asked Carly why Sonny had stopped by. Carly said that Sonny had gone to visit Avery. Josslyn told Carly about her argument with Michael. Carly asked why Josslyn had gone to see Sonny about Dex.

Josslyn claimed that she wanted Sonny to fire Dex. Carly sided with Sonny, and she said that Dex should be the one to tell Sonny that Dex wanted out. Carly reminded Josslyn that Michael and Willow needed them, and they left for the hospital.

At the hospital, Michael, Wiley, Amelia, and Sasha gathered to support Willow, who was scheduled to receive her bone marrow transplant. From outside the isolation room, Sasha tried to boost Willow's spirits. Sasha called Willow a "soldier," who "lives to fight for every second and win."

A short while later, Michael visited Willow. Michael and Willow said that they loved one another. Michael left, and afterwards, Willow flashed back to happy memories of her time with Michael and Wiley as T.J. started the treatment process.

Back in the waiting area, Carly and Josslyn reassured Michael that Willow would be okay. As Carly hugged Michael, the three of them turned and saw Sonny.


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