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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

At Jordan's request, Dante stepped into her office at the police station in order to provide her with updates into Peter's disappearance. He told her about the disabled cameras at the hospital and that the pilot's description of the other person on the roof had been vague. Jordan reported that the cameras had gone down again that day, according to Monica, and they wondered if Cyrus' people were behind it.

Portia and Curtis made out on the sofa at Portia's house. She expressed her amazement that they were actually real. Portia explained that she'd told Trina about them because no one else had ever been as important after her divorce as Curtis was. Curtis was touched and surprised as Portia poured glasses of wine. Portia noted that Trina had felt weird, but she'd wanted Portia to be happy.

Portia confessed that if things had turned out differently with Trina, she would have done her best to convince her daughter otherwise. Curtis wanted to take Portia and Trina out to dinner when they were ready. Portia promised to take him up on it after they had a chance to spend more time together -- and after he told Jordan about them.

Curtis asked Portia if she'd told Trina about their previous affair during the time that Portia had still been married to Taggert. Portia said that she had not because it would have broken Trina's heart. Curtis thought that Trina would be able to handle it, but Portia didn't understand why Trina needed to know. Curtis felt that secrets had a way of coming out. The couple strongly disagreed with each other, but Portia assured him they weren't fighting. She looked forward to dinner, candlelight, music, and whatever followed once he spoke to Jordan.

At the Metro Court pool, Trina and Josslyn indulged in some new, non-alcoholic drinks. Josslyn expressed how nice things were without Spencer, although Trina thought he could be nice. "Proceed with caution," Josslyn urged her friend. Trina was thinking more about the mother-daughter talk she'd had with Portia. She couldn't believe that Portia was dating someone, and it had been the first time that Portia had ever said anything along those lines.

Trina thought it seemed weird, and the girls talked about how fast life had been changing. Both of their mothers seemed to be going forward in new directions with their own lives as the girls had been preparing for college. Eventually, Trina informed Josslyn that Curtis was the man that Portia was dating, and Josslyn was surprised. Trina had had a feeling that the couple had been dating for a while, although she'd learned that Jordan and Curtis' marriage had ended due to Jordan's keeping secrets.

Trina added that she had seen Portia helping Curtis to remove his wedding band, but Ava had told her not to worry. She still wondered if Portia and Curtis had been involved earlier and if Curtis had cheated on Jordan with her mother. Josslyn noted that parents made mistakes, but Trina confessed that she felt unsettled. She was worried that Curtis could do the same thing to Portia that he might have done to Jordan. Josslyn maintained that they were adults, and it was none of their business. Trina said that Josslyn was wrong, and she jumped into the pool.

After a swim, Trina and Josslyn emerged from the pool. Trina vowed to keep an eye on Curtis, and she suggested that he'd better treat her mother well.

At Metro Court, Brando and Sasha sat at a table with non-alcoholic drinks. Brando wanted to share everything from the drinks to the labor pains. He revealed that he had told Carly that he wasn't interested in Sonny's business, and she had seemed relieved and happy for Brando. Sasha noted that Carly had helped and supported her through her trying time. She wondered where she and Brando would go from there.

Brando wanted to spend more time with Sasha. Just then, Sasha received a reminder on her phone. She was scheduled to look at apartments because hers would be too small with the baby. Brando replied that he had to baby-proof his place, and he hoped that one day, the three of them would be there. Sasha wondered if he was referring to Gladys or to the baby.

At the bar, Carly flashed back to removing her wedding rings and receiving the new ring from Jason. She was startled when Laura approached her and announced that she wanted to celebrate Carly's engagement. Gladys showed up and congratulated Carly and declared that she would mark her calendar. Carly and Laura exchanged unamused looks. Carly informed Gladys that no date had been set and that Gladys wouldn't be invited.

Gladys insisted that Sonny would want certain people there, and she thought that would be better than Carly dancing on Sonny's grave. Brando walked over and asked Gladys to join him and Sasha for a drink. Gladys complained that the drinks were too expensive, especially after Brando had chosen not to work for the Corinthos family. She proceeded to go off, and Brando pulled her away from the bar. Carly and Laura began to giggle.

Carly made it clear that Gladys's comment about dancing on Sonny's grave was wrong, and Laura told her not to let Gladys get into her head. They shared a toast. Carly said that she had no second thoughts. She had loved Sonny for a long time, and she missed him. Jason had been grieving for Sonny, also. Laura stated that a part of Carly would always be with Sonny, and it was natural for good friends to develop into something more.

Carly spoke about wanting to marry Jason in the past when Michael had been a baby. Laura assured her that she and Kevin had started out as friends, and they had only gotten closer. Carly thought that Laura was lucky, and Laura noted that she wouldn't have been able to get through the tragedy with Lulu if not for Kevin.

Carly wasn't used to being involved with her best friend, but she thought it was right. She hoped that Sonny would approve, and Laura thought that Sonny would understand and be grateful. Carly stressed that she didn't miss Sonny less. Laura pointed out that marriage was like a long-distance race, and it was an advantage to be with someone that one trusted and knew.

Gladys sat with Brando and Sasha. She stated that if the baby was anything like Brando, there would be lots of dirty diapers. Sasha assured her they'd be prepared. Gladys made it clear that there was no room for Sasha and the baby at Brando's place, but she was shocked when Brando declared that it was time for Gladys to move out. Gladys accused Sasha of putting Brando up to it, but Brando told her he needed the space for a nursery.

Gladys suggested that the baby sleep with Brando when it visited, but Brando was insistent. He told Gladys to get her own place, one that he would not pay for, and to get a job. Sasha smiled sweetly. Gladys turned up her nose and explained that all of her previous jobs had been hard work. Sometimes, she'd had extra money courtesy of Mike. Brando began to argue with her, and Gladys wondered who would hire her with her age and lack of skills.

Sasha offered to hire Gladys at Deception as an administrative assistant to answer phones and the like. Gladys thought it sounded tedious, and Brando shook his head. Sasha asked Gladys what she thought of when she thought of Deception. Gladys said it was perfect people, glamour, and beauty. Sasha said that people would think that Gladys had a glamorous job, and they would be in awe. She agreed to throw in free makeup at Gladys' request. Brando looked at Sasha admiringly as Gladys accepted.

Gladys took a gulp of her drink and announced that she had to leave to prepare. She noted that Sasha wouldn't regret it. Brando clapped his hands. "Bravo!" he said. He thought that Sasha deserved a gold medal, and he asked if she knew what she'd gotten herself into. Sasha hoped that she'd be keeping Gladys busy and out of their lives in order for them to gain some privacy.

In the General Hospital sub-basement, Anna and Finn opened the freezer. It was empty. Finn insisted that he had put Peter's body inside himself. They closed the freezer, and Finn asserted that no one else had known about the body. Anna suggested that someone could be protecting Finn, and she asked if Finn had been sure that Peter had been dead. Finn retorted that he would have known if someone had been dead, but Anna asked if he could have made a mistake.

Upstairs, Elizabeth was beside herself after Jason told her the freezer had been empty. She was also worried because she'd seen Anna and Finn together, and she thought Anna could be behind it. Jason was sure that Anna couldn't have gotten to the freezer before him, but he pointed out that Peter had had lots of enemies. Elizabeth asked if someone else could have taken the body.

Jason confirmed that Spinelli had taken down the cameras again that day. He received a message from Spinelli that stated that Spinelli had not seen anyone else in the area prior to the cameras going down. Jason pointed out that anyone could have taken the body. Elizabeth insisted that most people didn't even know about the sub-basement lab.

Elizabeth recapped the events from the time she'd found Peter's body. She acknowledged that there had not been a pulse, although she wasn't sure if Finn had checked. Jason suggested that perhaps Peter hadn't been dead. "Finn and I know what dead looks like," Elizabeth snapped. She thought that Finn and Anna might know something.

Dante and Jordan spoke to the head security man, Robert, regarding the cameras. The cops headed to the sub-basement and were surprised to see Anna and Finn. Anna claimed to be following up and retracing Peter's steps. She had discovered the elevator shaft on the roof. Jordan wondered why Finn was involved, and he explained that he had seen Anna and had offered to help.

Just then, Dante spotted some blood by the edge of the freezer. Anna and Finn quickly looked at each other as the cops began to develop their crime scene. Anna informed them that her and Finn's fingerprints would be around, as she hadn't thought to wear gloves. Off to the side, Finn thanked Anna for covering for him. Anna related that the police suspected that Peter was alive, and she wasn't sure that he wasn't. There was no body.

Anna offered to talk to the police, and she suggested that Finn check with Elizabeth. Finn took off. Jordan informed Anna that her top forensic specialists had been called in. Upon inspection, Dante found more blood and guessed that if it was Peter's, he had been badly hurt. Jordan was determined to locate the man who had been on the roof with Peter.

Elizabeth complained that she had been worried for nothing if someone had taken the body during the few weeks after Peter's death. Finn knocked on the door and was jolted to see Jason. Elizabeth stated that Jason knew everything, and Finn admitted that Anna did, as well.

Finn stated that there had not been a body in the freezer, and the police were there. No one was aware that Elizabeth had been involved. He added that Anna believed that someone had helped him, and the police thought that Peter was alive. Jason stated that they were off the hook for the time being.

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