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Nina Reeves
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Actor History
June 17, 2019 to Present

Born March 12, 1970 [according to computer records shown on Mar 3, 2014]

Presumed deceased after Madeline Reeves announced on March 26, 2014 that Nina had died from pneumonia (death certificate listed a date three weeks earlier)

Revealed to be alive on May 1, 2014

Other Names

Nina Franco


Editor in chief of Crimson


Wyndemere Castle, Spoon Island, New York

Formerly Metro Court Hotel, 1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles, NY 16543, New York

Formerly Shadybrook Psychiatric Care Facility

Formerly 829 Hawthorne Drive #82, Port Charles, New York

Formerly Creighton-Clark Clinic Room 306 in Scarsdale, New York

Formerly New York City

Marital Status

Single/Engaged to Valentin Cassadine

Past Marriages

Silas Clay [1991-Mar 2015; divorced (Revealed January 8, 2014)

Ric Lansing [May 18, 2015 to Aug 2015; annulled]

Valentin Cassadine [Married: Dec 31, 2016 to Sep 2018; divorced]


Madeline Westbourne (mother)

Mr. Reeves (father; deceased)

Edith Vandergeld Reeves (paternal great-grandmother; deceased]

Nathan West (maternal cousin; raised as siblings)

Liesl Obrecht (maternal aunt)

Britt Westbourne (maternal cousin)

James West (nephew via adoption)


Unnamed daughter with Silas Clay who Madeline Reeves gave away on the black market in 1992 [revealed Aug 20, 2018]

*Kidnapped Ava Jerome's child and believed that the baby belonged to her (Nina named the child Jaime Sommers)

Flings & Affairs

Franco Baldwin (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Shoved her mother down a flight of stairs as a child [revealed Oct 16, 2014]

Broke into the apartment of Silas Clay [break-in occurred Mar 25, 2014; revealed Jun 20, 2014]

Fraud; feigned being paralyzed [Jun 2014 to Oct 2014]

Blackmailed Rosalie Martinez to be her accomplice [Jun 2014 to Oct 2014]

Slapped a physical therapist [Jun 30, 2014]

Bribed a physical therapist to pretend that she required the use of a wheelchair [Jun 30, 2014]

Aided and abetted Rafe Kovich in evading the police [Jul 2, 2014]

Drugged Silas Clay with an unknown prescription medication supplied by Nina's nurse Rosalie [Jul 25, 2014]

Bashed Silas Clay on the head and knocked him out [Oct 16, 2014]

Slapped Madeline Reeves [Oct 29, 2014]

Broke into a waterfront property [Oct 31, 2014]

Injected Ava Jerome with a paralytic substance [Oct 31, 2014]

Injected Ava Jerome with a substance to induce labor [Nov 3, 2014 (Oct 31, 2014 on the show)]

Delivered and kidnapped Avery Jerome Corinthos [Nov 5, 2014 (Oct 31, 2014 on the show)]

Knocked Madeline Reeves unconscious with a lamp [Nov 10, 2014]

Evaded the police [Oct 31, 2014 to Dec 12, 2014]

Framed by Madeline Reeves for the murder of Silas Clay [Aug 24, 2015]

Covered up her role in Cassandra Pierce's overdose that left Cassandra in a persistent coma [Jan 3 and 4, 2018; revealed Jan 10, 2018]

Aiding and abetting; Didn't report Liesl Obrecht to the authorities for abducting Peter August [Jun 11, 2018]

Health and Vitals

Injected with an overdose of antidepressant that left her in a coma for 22 years [1992 to 2014; revealed Jan 8, 2014]

Delivered a baby girl during her coma [1992]

Pneumonia [2014]

Slashed her face [Jul 3, 2014]

Hallucination [Jul 14, 2014]

Anxiety attack while trapped in elevator [Aug 14, 2014 to Aug 18, 2014]

Diagnosed with early menopause and infertile due to coma [Aug 29, 2014]

Suffered a hallucination of Silas Clay [Nov 12, 2014]

Used as a human shield and tasered by police officer [Mar 9, 2015]

Manipulated into admitting herself into Shadybrook for treatment [Jul 2015]

Held hostage by Landon Dixon in a church [Feb 23 and 24, 2016 (Feb 19, 2016 on the show)]

Brief Character History

Nina Reeves was the only biological child between socialite Madeline Reeves and her wealthy husband. However, Madeline had secretly adopted her sister's son, and raised him as her own, passing the boy off as her husband's child. Nina doted on her baby brother James, and she was devoted to her father, but Nina's relationship with her mother had always been strained. According to Madeline, Nina had been a mercurial child prone to violent outbursts. After Nina had pushed her mother down a flight of stairs, Madeline had hoped that therapy would help, but Nina's temper tantrums continued.

Nina's father, who had spent long hours at work, brushed off Nina's behavior and spoiled her to keep her content. As Nina grew older, she went to college and met a medical student that her mother didn't approve of. Against her mother's objections -- and the threat of being cut off financially -- Nina married Silas Clay. What Nina didn't know what that Madeline had initially paid Silas to date her daughter in the hopes of keeping her from being targeted by a gold-digger. However, Silas had fallen in love with Nina, and by all accounts his marriage to Nina had been a happy one in the beginning.

In 1992 Nina's marriage had started to crumble because Silas worked long hours a doctor. Adding to the strain, Silas became involved with a woman named Ava Jerome. Nina hoped that a baby would save her marriage, and she was elated to learn that she was pregnant. Madeline had other ideas. She decided to inject Nina with a large dose of Nina's antidepressant because Madeline had discovered that one of the side effects was a potential for a miscarriage. Madeline hoped that losing the baby would be the final blow to the failing marriage, and free her daughter from Silas.

Madeline's plan went awry when Nina slipped into a coma. Silas found his wife, and he assumed that she had attempted suicide because she had learned about his affair. Madeline preyed on Silas' guilt and took control of her daughter's care as Nina was transferred to a long term care facility. Later, Madeline informed Silas that her daughter had miscarried the baby. Silas broke things off with Ava then threw himself into his career.

In early 2014, Detective Nathan West appeared in Port Charles and began asking questions. Nathan was Nina's brother, but he had taken his mother's maiden name and dropped his first name to hide his relationship to Nina. Nathan was certain that Silas had been responsible for his Nina's coma.

Silas, who had moved on with his life, was dating a private detective named Sam McCall, and he had recently learned that Ava had given birth to his daughter a few months after he had broken things off with Ava. Silas enlisted Sam's help to find out where Nina's parents had moved his wife.

In March 2014, Silas and Sam went to the Crichton-Clark clinic looking for answers, but they walked away with more questions instead because Nina had vanished from the facility without explanation. Silas feared that his wife had died, but Sam was certain that Nina's mother would have told him. Adding to the mystery was the sudden suspicious death of the man who had filled Nina's prescription for the antidepressant on the night that she had overdosed.

A few weeks later, Madeline arrived in Port Charles to break the news to her son that his sister had developed pneumonia and passed away. Grief-stricken, Nathan was determined to charge Silas with murder, but Madeline had lied. Nina was very much alive -- and awake. Nathan learned the truth when his mother was arrested for the pharmacist's murder. Madeline had killed Mr. Nakamura in an attempt to cover up her role in Nina's overdose. Mr. Nakamura had given the prescription to Madeline not Nina.

In June, Silas and Sam were in the park celebrating her son's birthday when Nina crashed the party. Silas was stunned to see his wife awake and sitting in a wheelchair. Nina appeared not to realize that Silas and Sam were in a relationship, as she asked about Silas and Ava. Silas revealed that he was no longer with Ava, which delighted Nina almost as much as learning that he had never filed for divorce. She confessed that she had been unsure how to reach out to him, so she had decided to send him a replica of her wedding bouquet with a card that she had hoped would make him realize that they had been from her.

Sam had overheard the overheard the exchange, and she admitted that Silas had assumed that Sam had sent the bouquet. Sam added that they were celebrating her son's second birthday, which was a monumental milestone because Danny had battled cancer. Nina's smile faded as she announced that she was tired and wished to go home. It was clear that she expected Silas to take her back to his place even though her brother lived in town. Sam encouraged Silas to take Nina home, so Silas reluctantly complied.

From the onset, it was evident that Nina's mental state was fragile, and she had difficulty grasping that 23 years had passed since she had slipped into a coma. For Nina, it had felt like it had just been days. Nina's emotional state was further tested when she ran into Silas' ex-mistress, Ava Jerome, and she met Silas and Ava's daughter, Kiki. Nina was devastated that she had miscarried her baby, and she was eager to start a family with Silas. Silas gently explained that he was in love with Sam, but Nina was certain that she could win her husband back.

Nina had hired a nurse, and blackmailed Rosalie Martinez, into doing her bidding. Nina was determined to use her disability to her advantage by preying on Silas' guilt and monopolizing his time. Nina's efforts were effective because her presence had put a strain on Silas' relationship with Sam. Nina was also resentful of Silas' daughter, and the two traded words on more than a few occasions.

One night after Silas left for a date with Sam, Nina stood up from her wheelchair and walked around the apartment as she recalled breaking into Silas' apartment weeks earlier when it had been ransacked. In July, Sam's troubled foster son, Rafe Kovich, caught Nina out of the wheelchair. Nina gave the troubled boy money to keep quiet. Later, he bought drugs then took Molly Lansing-Davis hostage before crashing the car. He died a few days later when a blood vessel burst, and he was declared brain dead. A toxicology report revealed that Rafe had been on heroin at the time of his crash.

Nina had an attack of conscience, and she was tempted to confess, but she had a change of heart when she overheard an argument between Silas and Sam. A few weeks later, Sam ended things with Silas because of the distance that had grown between them since Nina's arrival. Elated, Nina made plans to have a baby, but her hopes were crushed when her cousin, Dr. Britt Westbourne revealed that Nina's coma had triggered early menopause, and Nina was unable to conceive a biological child. Adding to Nina's heartache was the discovery that Silas' ex-lover, Ava, was pregnant with her second child.

Nina's grasp on her sanity began to slip as Silas pulled away, and Rosalie cut ties with her. The only bright spot in her life was her relationship with Nathan, whom Nina continued to refer to as "James." The siblings were close, even after Nathan learned that Liesl Obrecht was his biological mother.

In the beginning of October, Madeline returned to town. She was a free woman thanks to her legal team, but the widow was destitute because Nina had taken control of Nina's trust fund, then Nina had cut Madeline out. Nina used Madeline's desperation to her advantage by coercing her mother to help Nina steal Ava's baby. Madeline tried to dissuade her daughter, but Nina insisted that her mother owed her. Reluctantly, Madeline complied.

On Halloween, Nina put the plan into motion. After Madeline secured the medications, Nina slipped into the brownstone where Ava was hiding out, injected Ava with a paralytic drug that prevented Ava from moving, but still able to feel everything. Next, Nina injected Ava with a drug that induced labor. Desperate to save herself, Ava revealed that Madeline had paid Ava to seduce Silas away from Nina. Madeline denied the allegation, but it was clear that Nina believed Ava.

After Ava delivered a healthy baby girl, Nina wrapped the infant up then with Madeline's help went on the run. Ava survived the ordeal, and the police were alerted to the identity of the kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Nina's grasp on reality continued to deteriorate. At a rundown motel on the outskirts of town, Nina waited for Silas to join her and the baby. She demanded that Madeline call him, but Madeline only feigned the call asking Silas to meet them at the Rendezvous Motel. Nina saw through the ruse, and she bashed her mother's head with a lamp in a fit of rage. A short time later, Anna Devane and Nathan arrived at the motel, but Nina and the baby were gone.

Madeline was taken into custody, while Nina ended up on the piers with the baby, and her new friend, Franco Baldwin. He helped Nina flee the country. Franco took Nina to Prince Edward County in Canada where he had a secret hideout. Franco realized that Nina was deeply troubled, so he took care of her and the baby. As Franco spent time with Nina, he began to developed feelings for her, and he decided that he and Nina could raise "Jaime" together.

On December 12, the law caught up with Franco when Detective Dante Falconeri, flanked by Canadian Mounties, confronted him outside the hideout. Dante demanded that Franco hand over the baby, but the blanket that Franco had been holding turned out to be empty. Franco had been biding his time to give Nina an opportunity to flee with the baby.

Dante stepped away to check the address where Franco and Nina had been hiding. Nina answered the knock at the door, and she smiled when she saw Silas. She happily handed the baby to Silas, but her joy turned to horror when Ava arrived, and Silas gave the baby to Ava. The man that Nina believed was Silas had in reality been Dante.

Nina and Franco were arrested then returned to Port Charles. At Nathan's request, Alexis Davis agreed to represent Nina, but Nina insisted that Alexis also help Franco. Nina became upset when the judge ordered that Nina undergo a psychiatric evaluation, but Franco assured her that it was better than jail. Franco was deemed a flight risk, so he was sent to Pentonville.

In the early days of 2015, Nina befriended Heather Webber in Shadybrook. Heather was Franco's biological mother, and a homicidal maniac. Meanwhile, Franco joined an unlikely alliance with Sonny Corinthos, Julian Jerome, and Ave Jerome to break out of Pentonville. Franco made his way to Shadybrook in time to save Nina from his mother's diabolical intentions. He realized that the only way that he could ensure Nina's safety was to stay with her, so he injected himself with a massive dose of LSD that Heather had intended for Nina.

Nina was deeply moved by Franco's sacrifice, and she watched over him as the LSD flowed through his system and ravaged his mind. Franco vowed that he would fight his way back to Nina. At the end of February, Nina was scheduled to be released from Shadybrook, but she faked a breakdown to stay with Franco. She confided the truth to him, and he revealed that he'd been faking his breakdown too.

A few weeks later, Scott Baldwin secured his son's release, and the charges against Franco were settled. Nina was also released from Shadybrook. Both tried to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives, but Nina was heartbroken when Franco suspected her of being responsible for the brief disappearance of Avery Jerome. Determined to find someone who believed in her, Nina ended things with Franco.

On May 18, Franco was shocked when Nina announced that she was getting married -- to her new attorney Ric Lansing. Ric's misdeeds had caught up with him at the Nurses Ball, and he and Nina had struck up a conversation at the Floating Rib because they both knew what it had been like to be an outcast and the object of ridicule. Nina defended Ric's transgressions because he had acted out of love. Franco desperately implored Nina to give him a second chance, but Nina was determined to move forward with Ric.

Later that day, Nina and Ric were married by a justice of the peace, but Franco had been right to be concerned. Ric had been in cahoots with Madeline to get their hands on Nina's fortune. Ric and Madeline took steps to make Nina think that she was losing her mind by arranging for a crib to be placed in Ric and Nina's suite, then removing it before anyone else saw it. They also planted a replica of Avery's blanket in the suite, and a recording of a baby crying that Ric played to make it appear that Nina was hearing things.

On July 29, Franco learned that Silas had snatched Avery to give Ava a lifesaving bone marrow transplant. Franco was furious that Silas had let Nina "twist in the wind" as the prime suspect in Avery's disappearance. Silas admitted that he had been filled with remorse, and he had been prepared to confess. Franco was desperate to share the news with Nina, but Ric had persuaded Nina to check into Shadybrook for treatment.

Franco tracked Nina down, and he declared his love for her. Nina admitted that she loved him too, but she had kidnapped Avery despite not having any memory of it. Nina was stunned when Franco told her that Silas had been responsible for Avery's disappearance.

Determined to confront Silas, Nina stormed out. Franco raced after her. He caught up to Nina at Silas' apartment. Franco noticed that the door was ajar, so he slowly opened it the rest of the way until he saw Nina crouched next to Silas' body. A knife had been plunged into his back. Nina assured Franco that she hadn't killed Silas. Franco believed Nina, but he urged her to get back to Shadybrook before she was missed.

Franco confessed to Silas' murder to protect Nina, then Ric was arrested, but the killer was revealed to be Madeline. She had gone to Silas to ask him to relinquish his claim on Nina's inheritance, but Silas had recalled signing the papers a year earlier. Madeline had claimed that there had been a "legal hitch" with the original papers, but Silas realized that Franco had been right about Madeline and Ric' scheme to steal Nina's money. Silas threatened to tell Nina the truth, so Madeline had grabbed a knife from the kitchen then drove it into Silas' back.

Ric was able to get Madeline's confession on tape for the police in exchange for immunity, and she was arrested on August 31. Nina had her marriage to Ric annulled, and she and Franco were free to be together. Their relationship was everything that Nina had dreamed of except that Franco wasn't interested in parenthood. Nina longed to be a mother, so it was something that she wanted to explore once her life had settled down. She was certain that Franco just needed time, but Franco insisted that he was not cut out for fatherhood because of his homicidal past. Franco feared that he would do a child far more damage than good. Franco's inability to compromise on the issue eventually drove a wedge between the couple.

In November, Julian Jerome hired Nina as the Editor-In-Chief of Crimson magazine. He hoped to use her failure to his financial advantage, but Nina and Maxie Jones worked with Dillon Quartermaine to launch a successful first edition. Franco was happy for Nina's success.

At the end of April 2016, Nina and Franco had decided to call it quits because Nina refused to give up her dream of motherhood, but they wished each other well, and they remained friends. Nina threw herself into her work, and she took steps to adopt a baby by hiring Curtis Ashford. She hoped that Curtis could use his private investigation skills to facilitate a private adoption.

On August 2, Nina met a handsome stranger as she returned to her hotel suite. Sparks flew immediately, and she had a passionate one-night stand with the man who had introduced himself as Theo Hart. However, a few days later, Theo Hart was arrested for the murder of Nikolas Cassadine. Theo Hart was an alias for Valentin Cassadine. Nina was stunned when she learned the truth, but Valentin assured her that he had not done what he'd been accused of, and he vowed to find a way back to her.

Valentin kept his promise, and on December 31, Nina and Valentin exchanged wedding vows. Valentin gave Nina everything that she had dreamed of including a young stepdaughter to raise. Nina and Charlotte bonded immediately over their love for horses, the arts, and fashion. However, Valentin had been keeping a secret; Charlotte's mother was Lulu Falconeri. Charlotte had been conceived in an unconventional manner with Lulu's stolen egg and Valentin's stolen sperm. Valentin learned the truth from the onset, so he had raised Charlotte from birth, but he hid the child's existence from her biological mother.

Everything changed when Lulu found out about Charlotte. Nina was forced to share Charlotte with Lulu. Tensions were high in the beginning because Nina and Lulu had different ideas on how to raise children, and Nina was reluctant to share the only child that she would have. However, Nina's love for Charlotte prevailed, and Nina and Lulu found a way to co-exist for Charlotte's sake.

Nina's marriage to Valentin struggled as well. Nina dearly loved her husband, but Valentin's habit of keeping secrets took their toll on Nina because she was unable to trust him. Nina often looked to her brother and his girlfriend, Maxie Jones, for support. When Valentin's ex-lover, Cassandra Pierce arrived in Port Charles, Nina warned Cassandra to keep her mitts off of Valentin, but Cassandra's interest in Valentin was purely financial. Cassandra forced Valentin to help her move a powerful opioid through Port Charles.

Valentin ended up working with Anna Devane to take down Cassandra. Nina knew that Anna had been Valentin's first love, and the woman that he had been obsessed with for years before his extensive life-changing surgery to correct the numerous physical deformities that he'd been born with. Nina didn't like the two working together, but Cassandra abducted both Anna and Valentin, which forced the duo to join forces to escape.

On January 4, 2018, Cassandra was found in an alley from an apparent drug overdose. She was in a coma, and she was not expected to wake up. The cloud of suspicion fell on Valentin, but there was no evidence against him. The following day, Cassandra was taken into custody by the WSB. Shortly afterwards, Cassandra's loyal henchman was apprehended, and he confessed to injecting Cassandra with the drugs in self defense when she had attacked him at Anna's house after injecting Dr. Hamilton Finn.

On January 10, Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford paid Valentin a visit to question him about his visit with Cassandra's henchman Eric. He claimed that he had wanted to tie up some loose ends, but Jordan wondered if perhaps Valentin had been behind Eric's confession. Valentin reminded Jordan that he had helped Anna build a case against Cassandra, but Valentin had been keeping a secret.

On the night of Cassandra's overdose, Nina had gone to Anna's house looking Valentin. The door had been unlocked, so Nina had cautiously entered. Seconds later, Cassandra had confronted Nina wielding a syringe. Cassandra threatened to kill Nina then Charlotte, prompting Nina to act in self-defense. The two women struggled, and Cassandra had been injected as they had crashed into the table and wall.

Nina had fled to Metro Court where Valentin had caught up with her. Initially, he had wanted to call the police, but Nina had reminded him that she had a criminal past and history of mental breakdowns, which she worried might be used against her. Valentin had decided to return to Anna's house. When he realized that no one had been there since Nina had left, he quickly made certain that nothing could be traced back to Nina then he removed Cassandra's body.

On the same night, another tragedy unfolded when Nathan responded to a call about a disturbance at Crimson, and he was shot in the line of duty by his own father -- Cesar Faison. Nathan died in his wife's arms before paramedics had arrived. Nina was devastated by the loss, but she took comfort in knowing that Maxie was pregnant with Nathan's baby.

Valentin was a tower of strength for Nina, and they were closer than ever after both traumatic events, but that changed on May 21 when Robert Scorpio arrested Valentin during the Nurses Ball. Valentin had been in contact with Cesar's other son, Henrik. Nina was crushed because she realized that Valentin had had an indirect role in Nathan's death.

Later that evening, Nina returned to Wyndemere to collect her things. Valentin had secured his release, and he begged her to hear him out. He explained that he'd met Henrik, while doing freelance work for Faison. Henrik had been young and desperate for attention, but Cesar had mocked and treated the child poorly. Valentin had decided to befriend the boy because he'd seen himself and his own struggles in the young child.

Valentin assured Nina that Henrik had always tried to escape his father's shadow, but Nina was skeptical. Valentin conceded that he'd lost touch with Henrik for years until Henrik had reached out asking for help changing his identity. Valentin had helped Henrik become Peter August, and Valentin had protected Peter's secret when Peter had arrived in Port Charles.

However, Valentin hadn't told Nina everything. A few minutes later, Anna arrived to fill in the missing pieces. Anna was Peter's mother, and Valentin had taken Peter as an infant from his adoptive family then handed the child over to Faison out of spite because Anna had rejected Valentin's romantic overtures.

Valentin acknowledged that he'd made terrible mistakes, but Anna pointed out that some mistakes couldn't be taken back. Disgusted, Nina collected her things then followed Anna out the door.

A few days later, Nina made the shocking discovery that her aunt Liesl had kidnapped Peter. Liesl had kept Peter imprisoned in a remote cabin to physically and mentally torture him before ending his life. Nina tried to intervene and persuade her aunt to let Peter go, but Liesl was grieving the loss of her son. Liesl wanted Peter to pay for drawing Faison to Port Charles. Eventually, Liesl moved Peter to Spoon Island when a young scout found Peter then went for help.

On July 19, Nina realized that things had gone too far. She went to Spoon Island to free Peter. Nina entered the barn where Peter had been kept, but Liesl was close on her heels. Liesl appeared in the doorway holding a Molotov cocktail in her hand as she confronted Nina. She was disappointed in her niece, but she had expected Nina to betray her. Liesl lit the deadly cocktail then tossed it onto the barn floor. Flames shot up the walls as a fire quickly consumed the barn. Liesl ran out, just as Valentin arrived searching for Nina.

Valentin raced into the barn and rescued Nina. Peter was also recused, and the fire extinguished. Later, Liesl was apprehended and sent to Pentonville to await trial, but Nina avoided criminal charges when Peter claimed that Liesl had acted alone. Nina was grateful for Valentin's timely arrival, but she proceeded with her plans to divorce him.

On August 17, Nina and Maxie paid Madeline a visit in jail. They had hoped that Madeline had learned from her mistakes. They shared pictures of Maxie's baby James West who had been named after his father. Madeline was delighted to see pictures of her grandson, but she soon showed her true colors when she revealed that she might be up for parole and could use support when she faced the parole board. Nina and Maxie realized that Madeline hadn't changed. Nina was deeply disappointed because she couldn't understand how a mother could treat her own child as cruelly as Madeline had treated Nina.

After Nina and Maxie left, Valentin slipped into the room to have a chat with Madeline. Valentin wanted answers about Nina's baby because he had found an eight month gap at the beginning of Nina's stay at Crichton-Clark. He assured her that he would put her in touch with his attorney Nora Buchanan to help with Madeline's parole hearing. Madeline confirmed that Nina had given birth to Silas' daughter, and Madeline had adopted the newborn out on the black market.

Valentin wanted details, but Madeline decided to wait until she was a free woman. Valentin informed Madeline that he'd had a change of heart about asking Nora to help Madeline. Madeline was outraged, but Valentin was confident that he could find Nina's daughter without Madeline's help.

Later, Valentin asked Nina to give him 30 days to change her mind about the divorce. He promised that he would sign the papers without argument if she still wanted to go through with the divorce at the end of the 30 days. Nina agreed. After talking to Nina, Valentin met with Curtis to enlist Curtis' help finding Nina's daughter.

On August 28, Nina received word from Pentonville that Madeline had suffered a fatal heart attack. Nina was saddened, and she and Maxie arranged a private service for Madeline. Liesl, who had escaped, slipped into the church to say goodbye to her sister. She witnessed Valentin surreptitiously take a lock of hair from Madeline. Liesl was also suspicious of her sister's death because Madeline had been healthy, and Madeline hadn't had any of the risk factors that would lead to a heart attack.

A few days later, Nina received a box from Madeline's attorney. Among the personal mementoes and trinkets was a necklace that Nina recognized. Nina confessed to Maxie that she'd been obsessed with the musical Annie because it had been the first Broadway show that Nina's parents had ever taken Nina to. Nina recalled that she would sneak into her mother's bedroom and play with her mother's heart pendant necklace because Annie had half of a heart-shaped locket in the show. Nina didn't understand why her mother had cut the heart pendant in half until it occurred to Nina that it might be a message.

Nina's eyes lit with excitement as she realized that Madeline was letting her know that she hadn't miscarried; Nina's child was alive somewhere in the world, and the other half of the heart pendant was with her child.

On September 18, Curtis met a woman named Sasha Gilmore whom he suspected might be Nina's daughter. Sasha's mother had passed away, but she insisted that she was not adopted. However, she eventually consented to a DNA test that confirmed that she was Nina's daughter. A subsequent independent DNA test also confirmed the results of the first test. Nina was overjoyed, but nervous when she met her daughter for the first time. Sasha was less enthusiastic, but polite. The two women found that they both had a love for horses, but Sasha insisted that her life was in Chappaqua, not Port Charles.

Nina asked if Sasha had the other half of the heart pendant, but Sasha had no idea what Nina was talking about. Nina brushed it off, and she focused on getting to know Sasha. She introduced her daughter to Charlotte who took an instant liking to her new "big sister." However, Sasha and Valentin were hiding a terrible secret. Valentin had hired Sasha to pose as Nina's daughter in the hopes of winning Nina back.

Initially, Sasha thought Valentin's gesture to give Nina a daughter was romantic, but as she got to know Nina, Sasha realized how deeply the truth would hurt her. Sasha cared about Nina, and she was plagued with guilt, but Valentin warned Sasha to keep quiet because the damage had been done. Sasha agreed, but as her relationship with Nina flourished when Sasha moved to Port Charles and took a job at Crimson. Sasha also began dating Michael Quartermaine to Nina's delight. The guilt weighed heavier each day.

Despite going through with the divorce, Nina moved back into Wyndemere. Around that time, Charlotte began to have trouble at school when she was caught bullying Aiden Webber. Lulu and Valentin were concerned, and they had a talk with their daughter, but Nina was certain that Charlotte had simply been misunderstood because she was an intelligent and independent young girl. Nina also clashed with Willow Tait, Charlotte's teacher because she believed that Willow couldn't appreciate gifted children like Charlotte.

On February 12, 2019, Nina and Valentin announced that they were engaged. Sasha, Maxie, and Liesl celebrated the good news with the happy couple, but Liesl had grown suspicious of Sasha's connection to the family. Maxie had also had questions, and she enlisted Peter's help to get to the bottom of things. Valentin got wind of a third DNA test, which he made certain confirmed that Sasha was Nina's daughter.

When Charlotte was caught cheating off a student with better grades, Nina insisted that the other girl had cheated off of Charlotte. Lulu warned Nina that her defense of Charlotte would not help matters. Lulu took a firmer stance with her daughter by talking things through in an attempt to get to the root of the problem. Even though Nina and Lulu had different parenting styles, they never argued in front of Charlotte.

However, Nina's animosity towards Charlotte's teacher was another matter. Nina made it her mission to get the teacher fired, and she succeeded in her endeavors when Willow was informed that she would not be invited back when the school year ended. Elizabeth Webber and Lulu were stunned by the news, so they quickly put together a petition to save Willow's job that all the parents signed -- except Nina and another couple.

Nina had bigger problems to contend with because Jasper Jax had returned to Port Charles, and he had bought half of Aurora Media, which owned Crimson. Nina and Maxie were desperate to put out a successful September issue to save the fashion magazine. Maxie suggested that they put Ava on the cover because Kiki had been murdered by notorious serial killer Ryan Chamberlain, who had posed as Kevin Collins and romanced Ava. Nina agreed when Maxie added that they would show the world who Ava truly was by using Ava's own words to doom her.

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