Brandon Spaulding (deceased)

m. Penelope Winthrop (deceased)
c. Alexandra Spaulding
        a. Eric Luvonaczek
            c. Brandon "Lujack" Luvonaczek (deceased)
            c. Nick McHenry Spaulding
                m. Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis (Divorced)
                m. Susan Bates
        m. Baron Leo von Halkein (Divorced)
            c. India von Halkein (Baron Leo's child with Unknown name)
                c. Dorie Smith (Adopted)
        m. Roger Thorpe (Divorced) (deceased)
        m. Cyrus Foley (Divorced)
c. Alan Spaulding (deceased)
        m. Elizabeth Granville (Divorced)
            c. Stillborn child (deceased)
            c. Phillip Spaulding (Adopted)
                m. Melinda Sue "Mindy" Lewis (Divorced)
                    c. Miscarried child (deceased)
                m. India von Halkein (Divorced)
                a. Meredith Reade
                    c. Baby boy Spaulding (deceased)
                m. Christina Blake Thorpe (Divorced)
                m. Elizabeth "Beth" Raines (Divorced)
                    c. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Spaulding
                        m. Jonathan Randall (Annulled)
                          c. Sarah Randall
                        m. Bill Lewis
                          c.Name and sex unknown (Lizzie was pregnant as of Fall 2010)
                m. Harley Davidson Cooper (Divorced)
                    c. Alan Cooper "Zach" Spaulding
                a. Beth Raines
                    c. James Spaulding
                a. Olivia Spencer
                    c. Emma Spencer Spaulding
                m. Olivia Spencer (Divorced)
                m. Elizabeth "Beth" Raines
        a. Lucia Renaldi (then Regina Tessori)
              c. Gus Aitoro (deceased) (Adopted by Joe & Angela Augustino)
                a. Natalia Rivera
                    c. Raphael "Rafe" Joseph Rivera
                        a. Daisy Lemay
                          c. aborted child (deceased)
                m. Harley Cooper (Divorced)
                m. Natalia Rivera
        m. Jackie Marler (Divorced) (deceased)
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
        m. Hope Bauer (Divorced)
            c. Alan-Michael Spaulding
                m. Harley Davidson Cooper (Divorced)
                m. Eleni Andros (Divorced)
                m. Christina Blake Thorpe (Divorced)
                m. Lucy Cooper (Divorced)
        m. Reva Shayne (Annulled)
        m. Olivia Spencer (Divorced)
        m. Elizabeth "Beth" Raines (Divorced)
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
            c. Peyton Alexandra Raines
        m. Doris Wolfe (Divorced)

a. Sharina Tamerlaine (deceased)
    c. Victoria Spaulding
        m. Unknown name
            c. Victoria "Vicky" Brandon Spaulding
a. Jennifer Richards (then Jane Marie Stafford)
    c. Amanda Wexler Spaulding (Adopted by Lucille Wexler)
        m. Gordon Middleton (Divorced)
        m. Ben McFarren (Divorced)
            c. Miscarried child (deceased)
        m. Roger Thorpe (deceased)

m. Married
c. Child
a. Affair
r. Rape


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