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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on GL
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Monday, March 17, 1997

Jeffrey showed up to take Henry home. Buzz and Jeffrey began fighting. Buzz said he knows the truth about Henry now. Jeffrey asked why Buzz was so angry at him, since he has taken care of Henry for so long. He said the truth is that Henry loves Jeffrey. Buzz said he appreciates that Jeffrey took care of Henry for so long. Jeffrey said he thinks Buzz only wants to be with Henry so he can be with Jenna. Jeffrey started to tell Buzz about how he met Jenna. Jenna had been going from one boarding house to another, living hand to mouth. When Jeffrey found her, she was trying to steal from him, to feed Henry. Her story made an impression on Jeffrey, and he gave her money and a place to stay. He said it was her own idea to go back to stealing. Jeffrey said that Jenna is his wife, and just because Buzz is Henry's biological father means nothing, Henry is still his son. He said that Jenna just told him she still loves him. Jeffrey said the Jenna Buzz knew is gone forever, she is now a wife and mother, and she belongs with him. He began telling Buzz about an experience in Copenhagen when he and Jenna fell in love, and said they are still in love. Buzz said that Jeffrey may still love Jenna, but that Jenna doesn't love him. Jeffrey said that Jenna does not lie to him, that it is Buzz she lies to, and always has. Jenna came in, and Jeffrey told her that Buzz has some questions for her, then he left. Buzz asked Jenna if she is in love with Jeffrey.

Annie told Josh that HB is ill. Josh said he was just with him over New Years. Billy came into the room and said that HB had a heart attack, and that it was serious- that he was not expected to make it. Billy said it would take a miracle to save HB from this heart attack. He had been playing poker, and when he got home from that, he had the heart attack, and called for the ambulance himself. When he got to the hospital, he went into cardiac arrest. Trish and Mindy had been traveling with him, but were at a fashion show at the time. Josh decided to go with Billy to HB right away. Annie had Josh's bags ready for him, and as he left, he asked Annie to call Reva and let her know about HB.

Reva was in the cemetary with Charity, where Dani used to hang out, looking at the headstone where she used to lay down, and Reva noticed the name on the headstone was Dutton. Reva said it was weird because she knows someone in Springfield with the last name of Dutton, but it is a common name, and she is sure that Annie was raised by her grandmother, but she doesn't know in what part of the country. Charity said she sees an expression on Reva that she used to see on Dani, the way she would get when her cage had been rattled. Reva said she was just surprised by the coincidence of the last name. Charity told Reva not to worry, that she had a hunch that Reva would find Dani. Reva said she didn't know how it would happen, but that she did intend to find her. Reva got a call from Annie, and told her about HB- that he had a heart attack and it is very serious. Reva kept insisting that he would be okay, but Annie said the doctors said he probably wouldn't. Reva and Charity left the cemetary. Annie put the cameo onto a sweater and hung it over a chair. Reva came to the house and asked of word of HB. Annie said there wasn't any word yet. Reva began talking about her past experiences with Josh and HB. She said she can't even talk about him without a smile. Reva asked how Josh had taken the news, and Annie said Billy helped him. Annie told Reva about how the heart attack happened. Reva said she never felt safer that when she was in HB's arms. Annie said it was getting cold in the house, and went to get a sweater. Reva saw the cameo, and said she had never seen Annie wear it before. Reva asked if it was new. Annie said she has had it forever, but she can't remember where it came from, she just remembers always having it. Reva left, and asked Annie to have Josh call her as soon as he knows about HB. Reva was standing outside on the porch saying to herself that it just can't be that Annie is her sister.

At company, J was talking with Nola. She accused him of being out late the night before, without calling her. He told her he had been with Michelle. Michelle came in, and said hello to J, and J walked away without answering her. He went and sat down with a friend, who told him that a professor in a photography class was going to have nude models in the class that afternoon. Nola was talking to Michelle, and said that J had told her about the party. Nola said the party should never happen again. Wendy came in and introduced herself as having been at the party the night before. Wendy said she had seen Michelle go off with Brad, and asked if Michelle knew that Brad has a girlfriend. They talked about college the next year. Wendy told Michelle that she was supposed to be the one posing nude for a photography class, and that she really needed to be somewhere else. She asked Michelle to fill in for her. She told Michelle the pay is good, and she could meet alot of guys. J was at the photography class, and the nude model was introduced. It was Michelle.

Billy and Josh were on the plane going to HB, and they were showing flashbacks of HB.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Jenna and Buzz argue about Jeffrey and just what he means to Jenna. Buzz asks Jenna if there is more going on with Jeffrey than just their business arrangement. Jenna says yes, how can Buzz expect her to be married to someone for more than two years and gave her son a name on his birth certificate, and not mean something to her. Buzz says he thinks it just a typical love- hate relationship between the two of them, and that Jenna must have had felt a real thrill when she got baby Coop way from Jeffrey.

Rick shows up at Blake's to help take the boys to the doctor. She remarks that Mrs. Murphy has her beat getting the boys ready to go away. When Rick asks whom, Mrs. Murphy is, Blake says she is a single mom she met on the multiple-birth chat-line who has quintuplets (something this recapper thought was cool). Rick and Ross both ended up at the house to help Blake take the twins to the pediatrician for their checkup and DPT shots. While Blake is getting their bottles ready, the two dads verbally spar. First they disagree on the way Ross is trying to burp Jason. Rick says he just trying to help. Ross says to Rick, "that seems to be your motto." Ross then says to Rick that he has been reading up on the possible dangerous side effects of the DPT shots and doesn't think Jason should have one. Rick says they are perfectly safe and the side effects are minimal. When Blake comes back to the room, Ross says he wishes he had known Rick was going too. Blake says she thought the boys health was what was most important. Blake says if he doesn't think he should go, then don't - she challenges. Ross goes too.

J gets a big surprise when he goes to his photography class to photograph a nude model. It is Michelle. The class starts photograph Michelle in her robe, as far down as the robe down around her shoulders. J is taking a reading for light and whispers to her, "what does she think she is doing?" She says it pays $30.00 an hour. J is not happy.

Daliah and Marcus are in the park. She asks Marcus if he wants her, and why he has never asked her to sleep with him. Marcus allays Daliha's fears, and says when he sees her search a crowd of people he cannot believe this "Angel" is actually searching for him. (He's so smooth) She just cannot believe after "all" the women he's had with more experience than she, it is her he actually wants. Marcus reaffirms his devotion to Daliah.

At Dr. Gootleib's, the pediatrician, Ross and Rick continue with their verbal jabs, with Blake in the middle - trying to attend to both of the boys. Dr. Gootleib remarks that both of them are the fathers?! He weighs the boys. Kevin weighs 15 lbs. and Blake says he has not been sleeping well and is cranky. Rick tells her he is just teething and will be fine. Jason weighs 20 lbs.! (these are big boys!) Ross asks if Jason's weight is fine for his age, and the doctor assures him that he is fine. Then the twins get their shots (neither cry--how lucky can you get). Ross gets his jab in that Jason takes after his dad (Ross) and is has a "high tolerance to pain." Ross then remarks about spring training is over (baseball) and it is time to get their White Sox tickets. Ricksaid he thought they were going to be raised Cub fans . . . Ross says no. Rick then gets paged on his beeper for ER (thank goodness for Blake's sake!) at the hospital, and thanks the doctor for being so good to his son.

Jenna and Buzz continue to go at it. Buzz wants to take Coop outside for a bit. Jenna puts her foot down so he has to listen to her. Buzz then begins to throw her life style the past two years up in her face . . . blowing into different cities for different galas, hiring health care providers to look after "his son," pulling another heist, and then leaving town. "How dare he throw that up in her face", Jenna cries. Buzz tells her she's lied so many times, he doesn't know if he can ever believe her again, or if he even wants too. "Poor, Buzz" to be strapped with having to stay with her night and day for the next 80 days while she is on probation! "Always standing in the wrong place at the wrong time", Jenna says. Jenna yells at Buzz that she'll be sure to get his permission as to when she can, eat, sleep, breath, and bath Coop ..."My, Lord" she ends to Buzz. Jenna stomps upstairs, Buzz is smiling. (I think he enjoyed that a little too much!)

Nurse Raines sees Abby and said she heard she was cutting back on her hours at the hospital, and tells here she shouldn't do it. Abby tells Lillian she doesn't understand. Lillian says she does - that she knows what it's like to come to the hospital everyday and to work with someone you care about. Abby tries again to tell her she (Lillian) doesn't understand. Just then the EMT's come in with Phillip Spaulding close behind. Lillian remarks that the ER is under-staffed due to illness and tells Abby she may need to help. Abby follows her into ER. Phillip tells them there was a bad accident at the Spaulding warehouse - a forklift went haywire and knocked a shipping wall down. He tells Lillian he put a splint on the man's (Ronald Miller) leg. Rick rushes in and starts work on Mr. Miller while Abby is trying to comfort the man.

Back at the art studio, the professor says it is now time for the class to capture the "essence of a nude female" and asks Michelle to remove her robe. She thinks about it for 2 seconds and bolts! After class, J asks her why she did it - he knows she doesn't need to money. Michelle tells J its all his fault. When he asks her to explain, she tells him how she thought everything she needed to know was in a book. But J told way back then, the only way she would get experience was through living life. That's what she's doing. Michelle left him by saying, he didn't have a clue about women!

Daliah and Marcus had a bet going about a difference of opinion on jazz. If Daliah loses she has to polish his sax for a month, drive him around, and feed him Eleni's chocolate cake. Daliah says if Marcus loses he has to cut his hair! She goes to the record store to get her answer, and comes back to the park to tell he lost the bet. Marcus has already beat her and takes off the hat he's wearing - with a haircut. He said he went back to his house, saw he lost, and went and got his hair cut. (okay!) Daliah tells him she loves him with or without his hair. Marcus says what? She repeats it - and they kiss!

At the hospital, when it's time to take the twins home Blake tells Ross she'll call a cab! He tells her he won't let her wrestle those two bruisers (the twins) in a taxi. Blake sees this as a good and hopeful sign. After getting the twins home, she asks Ross if she can get him some coffee. He tells her not to trouble herself. Blake says it's no trouble. Wait, Ross says - he has something to tell her. She looks expectantly at him.

In ER, after Rick, Lillian, and Abby take care of Mr. Miller, he thanks them all for their help. Lilliantells Abby to think about her decision to leave. Alarmed, Rick, asks her to stay at the hospital to work and not let him be the reason for leaving. Abby is angry! She tells Rick not to flatter himself. That the reason she is cutting back as data entry operator is to study to become a P.A. (Physician's Assistant). Rick offers to help her - no thanks she doesn't need his help. Abby goes outside.

Phillip follows Abby outside. He tells her about going to the Marler's on Thanksgiving, determined to tell Ross the truth. He tells her that after seeing Ross with the twins and what a good father he was to them, he couldn't do it. Phillip tells Abby there is no right or wrong, no bad people in this situation. He asks her not to judge Rick so harshly. She tells Phillip she was raised with truth, loyalty, and honesty. She said she realized that when she first saw Rick she saw him as this super hero. Abby said when she first came to Springfield she was not only deaf, but also blind to those things around her that were wrong. No more she says. After Abby left Phillip, Rick came outside to talk to Phillip. Phillip told Rick not to give up, Rick vows to fight for Abby.

Buzz calls his son Frank and asks him to do a background check on Jeffrey Morgan. He tells Frank, he's afraid someone is making a huge mistake.

Wednesday, March 18, 1997

Phillip went to see Alan, and Alan told him that Alex is missing. He didn't call the police because he was worried about what the investors would think. Holly and Fletcher came in, and asked about Alex, they were to do an interview with her. Alan said she is just unavailable now, then when they left the room, Alan and Phillip began trying to figure out what happened to her. Alan said that something must be wrong because she would never leave without a note. Phillip said he thought she just needed to get away. Alan said that Alex would not just leave at such an important time, when Amanda and Roger are trying to take over Spaulding. Fletcher and Holly talked about what could be going on at Spaulding, and Fletch said it must have something to do with Roger, since he and Amanda are engaged now. Alan decided to go see Roger and Amanda, and Phillip tried to talk him out of it. Alan told Phillip to go to the airport, to see if Alex had tried to get the Spaulding Jet. Alan told Fletch and Holly that Alex would not be able to do their interview, but they said that they wanted to wait for Alex.d

Roger and Amanda were talking and Amanda was complaining that her family had lied to her her whole life. Roger said she is just about to become the luckiest woman in the world, and went to answer their door, and Leo was there. They sat down, and Roger began explaing Brandon's will to her. He had left everything to his daughters Victoria and Alex. Victoria did not want her share, so Alex got all the money, before anyone found out that there was a third daughter, Amanda. Roger told Amanda that she is entitled to half of everything that Brandon had, or half of everything that Alex owns. Amanda wanted to go run and tell everyone right away, but Roger discouraged her. He told her that the time would come, but it is not time yet, because Alan would block her. Roger wants to get all the legalities taken care of first. Roger said that tomorrow she can confront them all at the board meeting. They want to freeze the Spaulding assets before Alex has a chance to learn what they are up to. Alan came to see Amanda, and asked if Amanda had see Alex. He said that he cannot find her and asked if Alex and Amanda had argued. Amanda and Alan began arguing, and Amanda blurted out that Alan is not her father and never has been. Roger came in and yelled for Amanda to stop.

Rick and Abigail were talking, and Rick said that he thinks she is a hippocrite. Rick told Abby that she is not perfect, and that she is as capable of making mistakes as he is. Rick asked her to just listen to him. He told her that her standards are so high that no one can live up to them. Abby reminded him that she was afraid to agree to marry him because she was not perfect. Rick said that he never said he was perfect. He asked Abby to let go of the anger she is feeling. Rick said that he just wants them to try to work through this together. He told her that he loves her, and asked her to give him another chance. Abby left. Rick was then approached by a hospital administrator, who said that Rick had been giving treatment to indigent patients, patients who cannot pay for treatment. Rick defended his actions. They kept arguing, and Rick punched the administrator in the face. The administrator threatened to suspend Rick.

Blake told Ross that she is not going to the meeting he has arranged, because she does not have an attorney. He told her that he is trying to help her, but she said she thinks he is trying to punish her. Blake began reminding Ross of what they have meant to each other, and asked Ross to start forgiving her. He said things just don't work like that. Blake said that she can't change what happened yesterday, but that she can fight for tomorrow. She said she will not give him the divorce. Ross was getting ready to leave, and he told Blake how before all this, he had the perfect life, that it was all he could ever ask for. He said he does not have all that anymore. He said everyone is laughing at him now. He said she cannot make that hurt go away, then he left. Abby came to Blake's door, and went in and told Blake that she cannot hate her because it is making her feel worse. Blake asked Abby not to blame Rick for what happened. Blake said her night with Rick was the worse mistake she ever made. Abby asked her to explain it to her so she could understand. Blake said that she and Abby are so different in the way they look at life. Abby sees wonderful things waiting for her, and Blake waits for terrible things to happen. Blake said she does not believe in good things, she makes bad things happen just by trying so hard to avoid them. She told Abby how scared she was, and that that was why she lied. Blake told Abby that Rick wanted to tell Abby the truth from the beginning. Blake brought Kevin down, because he was crying. Abby acknowledged that he is Rick's son. Blake asked Abby to hold Kevin while she called the pediatrician. Abby took the baby, and told him that he looks like his father. Blake came back from making a phone call and found that Abby had left.

Ross was back at the office when Griffin came in to see him. Griffin presented papers from a client of his who is in litigation with a client of Ross'. They began talking, and Ross eventually asked Griffin to represent Blake in the divorce. Griffin agreed to do it.

Thursday, March 20, 1997

Reva is talking to herself about the cameo that she saw Annie wearing. She can't believe it is the same one that her mother owned. <p><br>

The kids come down with a trunk and ask if they can look at the stuff in it. Reva agrees but tells them to be careful because the stuff in it is really old. Reva thinks back to playing dress up with her brother and using the cameo.P>

Josh calls Annie and tells her that H.B. is being ornery because he yelled at them when he came in. Josh asks Annie if there is anything new there. She fondles the cameo and tells him that "as a matter of fact, there is

Alan is screaming at Amanda and asking her what she means that he is not her father. Holly sneaks in to listen. Amanda tells him to cool off, we are still related she says, except that you are not my father, Brandon Spaulding is. Roger is trying to stop the argument. Alan keeps telling her that this is impossible. Amanda tells him that it is true. Amanda shows him her birth certificate. Alan looks at it and is shocked. Holly walks in and asks if it would be overstating the case if she says that this comes as a surprise to everyone? She asks if anyone has any comments? Alan, Amanda and Roger stare at her in shock.

Josh asks what Annie is talking about. Annie tells him that the kids want to spend time with Reva. Josh says that he has no problem with that. Annie tells him that Reva came over and she doesn't seem like herself today. She says that she told Reva the news about HB. Josh asks what Reva said. Annie tells him that Reva didn't say anything she just walked out.

Reva is playing with the kids. She looks through the trunk. She finds a crown for Shayne to play dress up with. She leaves the room to make another crown. The kids start fighting. Reva comes back and remembers a similar fight with Rusty when she was little.

Phillip catches Fletcher at Spaulding. He asks him why he has been following him all night. Fletcher says that something is not right around there. Fletcher tells him that Alexandra had scheduled an interview with him and that he and Holly waited for hours for her. Fletcher says that something is not quite right. Fletcher asks Phillip what is going on where is Alexandra. Phillip says that anything he tells him is off the record. He asks for Fletcher's word. Fletcher gives it.

Phillip says that the only reason he is telling Fletcher is that he knows Fletcher cares about her. Phillip says that he doesn't know where Alexandra is.

Holly starts asking questions. Amanda tells her to get out. Roger takes Holly outside.

Alan tells Amanda that he didn't know. Amanda says, "you really didn't, did you." Amanda asks him if he didn't know why did he treat her so badly? Alan asks her how she got the information. Amanda tells him that Alexandra had this information. Amanda says that Alexandra had been holding on to it as an insurance policy.

Roger tells Holly that what she heard in there is private and not to be printed. Roger tells her that she will destroy lives if she prints what she knows. Holly asks him why he cares so much she asks him if he is really in love with Amanda? Roger says that Amanda needs time to adjust to all this. Roger begs Holly not to cause Amanda any more pain. Holly asks him that if she agrees to hold off on the story, will Amanda give him an exclusive. Roger agrees.

Alan is having a hard time getting used to the fact that Alexandra, as well as his father, betrayed him. Alan says that when Amanda was born Brandon sent her mother away and put her up for adoption. Amanda says that it is poetic justice, what Alan has done to her all her life, now Brandon is doing to him.

Fletcher demands to know what Phillip means. How can he not know where Alexandra is? Fletcher questions him about Alex. They are talking about where she could be. Dinah walks in and demands to see Alexandra. Dinah tells him not to put her off, it is very important.

Reva is standing and thinking, looking sad. The kids ask what is wrong. She tells them that she is tired. Reva remembers that when she and Rusty were playing that he broke the clasp on the cameo. She remembers that her mother told them that the cameo was a very special piece of jewelry to her.

Annie comes to the door. She asks Reva if she is okay. Annie tells the kids to give her a hug. She talks to them about what they have been playing. The phone rings, it is Josh. He tells her that HB is doing much better. Reva tells him that it is not a good time to talk. She subtly lets him know that Annie is there. They hang up and he tells her that he will call back later.

Dinah tells Phillip that she and Alexandra had an appointment and that Alexandra never showed up. Dinah asks what is wrong with the two of them they keep looking at each other. Phillip asks if he can help. Dinah tells him that she does not like the plans for the new wing of the hospital that will be dedicated to Vanessa. Dinah shows him the plans. She says that there is no way she is putting Vanessa's name on the wing, because Vanessa deserves a lot better.

Alan tells Amanda that he doesn't know what to say. She says that that is a first. Alan says he doesn't believe it. Alan asks how they know it is true. She says that Roger had it authenticated. Alan says that they are still family, they need to deal with it within the family. Alan suggests that they go away and talk it out. He begs her to go with him.

He continues to try to talk her into going away with him. Amanda asks him if he is afraid of public censure or is it his attempt for her to get rid of Roger. He tells her that he has wronged her terribly. He tells her that his father hated him. He says that Alex tried to shield him from their father. Alan says that it hurt him so much. Alan says that even now he is hurt. He says that he is weak. If he was strong, he wouldn't have allowed his father's bitterness to guide his life. He says that her only mistake was having him as a father or whatever he is. He says that by going away they can salvage their relationship. He says that she could be the sister that wouldn't betray him. The sister that he could trust. He wants to go away so that they can put this terrible thing behind them. He says that their family should never be taken over by Roger Thorpe.

Amands tells him that she won't go away with him. She says that if he wants to bond with a sister, find the viper Alex and bond with her. She says to ask Alex why she betrayed him. Amanda says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. She tells him to get out.

Alan opens the door and Roger comes in. Amanda asks him if he is going to tell her what Holly wanted or does she have to guess.

Dinah is telling Phillip that the plans are awful. Phillip tells her that the architect is one of the best. Dinah says that the building has no heart or soul. She tells him to hire a new architect. Dinah tells him that she is leaving. Dinah says that she is going to get Matt to do this. Phillip says that Matt is a contractor not an architect. Dinah says that Matt could draw something ten times better, he knew her mother and he is the man to do it. Phillip tells her that she can work with Matt if she wants to, but asks her to speak to Alex first. Dinah leaves.

Phillip says that he is worried now because Alex missed an appointment with Dinah and one with Fletcher. Phillip says that he put the Spauldings before his daughter and his wife. Now, the little family that he does have he is watching fall apart.

Fletcher tells Phillip to call him if he hears anything about Alex.

Phil picks up the phone and calls the police. He tells the person on the phone that he wants to file a missing person's report.

Reva is talking to the kids and Annie about playing dress up. Reva tells Mara that perhaps Annie will let them use her beautiful cameo.. Mara says that she has already asks and Annie said no. Annie says that she told her why she has had the cameo as long as she can remember and she didn't want anything to happen to it. <p><br>

Roger tells Amanda that he wishes that she hadn't told Alan. She tells him to shut up. He says that it is her life and it was her decision. They talk about Alan's reaction. She tells Roger that Alan asked her to go away with him. She says that she thinks Alan is really upset. Roger says that Alan is also completely self-serving. Roger tells her that she is not alone, she has him. He says that they are going to fight back with everything they have. He hugs her. <p><br>

Phillip is talking to the police. He tells them that Alex has just vanished and for more than 24 hours. He hangs us. Alan walks in. Phillip asks where he has been. Phillip asks if he is all right. Alan asks Phillip if he has heard from Alex. Phillip tells him no. Phillip asks if Alan is afraid that Alex is in danger. Alan tells him that Alex is not in danger from anyone outside the Spaulding family. Phillip looks shocked.

Annie and the kids are leaving Reva's. The kids are teasing and arguing. They hug Reva and they leave. The phone rings. It is Josh. Josh says that HB is better. Josh asks her if she found out anything in Chicago. She says that it is was pretty much a dead end. He tells her that he wishes he could be there to help her. She says that he needs to stay there and take care of his daddy. He asks what her next step will be. She says that she will think about it tomorrow. After she hangs up she says aloud, I'm sorry Bud, but I have to do this on my own.

She goes over and looks through some pictures and pulls out a picture of Annie and the kids, she says that she is going to find out once and for all who her sister really is.

Friday, March 21, 1997

Reva is at the grave that Charity showed her that has the name "Dutton." She is talking to herself and saying that she had to come back and be sure. She asks out loud to the grave if the child that they brought into their home was really her sister.

Charity arrives. She says that she was thinking that Reva might be there. She says that after she told her about the Duttons taking Dani in that she thought Reva might come back.

Alan is sitting in the Spaulding board room thinking. Phillip is in the office on the phone. He is telling the person on the phone that he has never seen Alan this upset. He tells the person that he will let them know if he hears anything about Alex. Annie arrives and asks for Alan. Phillip tells her that it is not a good time to talk to him. He tells her that Alan has been in the board room all night and he is not letting anyone in.

Alan is on the phone. He asks the person that if Amanda is really Brandon's daughter, then what are the legal ramifications. He says that he wants some answers. He talks to Brandon's portrait. He says that Brandon hated him and he took it out on Amanda. He says that Brandon is hurting people even from the grave.

Amanda comes to Roger's door. He tells her that in just a couple of hours she will sail out of the board room the "Queen of Spaulding." She replies, "that was the idea." Roger looks at her and says "you are not going through with this, are you?." She tells him that she has been thinking about it all night. She does not want to air the Spaulding dirty laundry in public. She tells Roger that Alan was devastated. Roger says that it was an act. Amanda says that she believes that Alan was betrayed just like she was by his own father. Roger tells her that she is going to have to make a choice on who to believe the man who treated her like yesterday's newspaper, or the man who wants to marry her.

Amanda tells Roger that she and Alan had a good talk the day before. They connected as people for the first time in their lives. Roger says that the timing was deliberate. Amanda says that Alan acted like he really understood how she felt. Amanda says that nothing is black and white like it was in the beginning. She doesn't know what to do. She tells Roger that Alan asked her to go away with him. Roger says that he hoped she said no. Roger says that the two of them came from the same place, told over and over that they didn't measure up. Roger says this is to right the wrongs that have been done to them. He asks her what her decision is.

Alan is still talking to the portrait. Alan tells Brandon that he was a tough teacher. Alan says that they paid deeply for any sign of weakness. He says that he was willing to go through hell because he wanted to be like Brandon. "When will it all end," he asks. He thinks back to a conversation with Alexandra. He says to the portrait that Alex couldn't have lied to him Brandon is the only liar.

Annie bangs on the door and asks Alan to open it. Phillip tells her to leave him a message and he will give it to Alan. Phillip tells her that nobody can get him to come out. She says that maybe she can reach Alan, she is not a family member and maybe that will work. Phillip tells her that they are going to have a the biggest board meeting of the year in the room Alan is in and the last thing that they need is to have the board members find Alan locked in there.

Annie asks if they can postpone the meeting. He says that he can't. She asks if he knows what the problem is. Phillip says that he knows a lot of things going on, but he doesn't know what would cause him to do that. Annie keeps asking Alan to open the door. He finally opens the door. He tells her that it doesn't involve her and to please go away. She asks him to let her help him.

Matt is drinking coffee at his house. The door bell rings. Matt answers the door and Dinah barges in and complaining about the Spauldings and how arrogant they are. Matt asks her what she is talking about is she going to tell him about her problem today or next week he has things he has to do. She tells him that that is going to have to wait. Matt laughs and teases her and tells her that she is the arrogant one. She tells him that this is not about her it is about Vanessa. She tells him that the plans are terrible for the new wing of the hospital to be dedicated to Vanessa. Matt says that it is a little dull. Dinah says that she is not going to put Vanessa's name on it. She says that sick children are going to be in this facility and Vanessa would not approve. Matt responds that the kids won't care what the facility looks like and Vanessa is never going to see it. Dinah accuses him of being cold. She says that she will go to the Spauldings herself. She says that she came to him because she thought he would want to be involved. She says that she will go and find someone who cares. Matt tells her to go to hell. Bill walks in and asks what the problem is he can hear them down the block. He asks for a ride to school because his car broke down. Dinah says that she will in a few minutes. Matt tells her that they don't have any more to say. She tells him that they do.

Annie asks Alan to let her in so they can talk. He lets her in. Alan apologizes and says that he can't help her with Reva. She tells him that things are going well. Reva is believing the story that Annie is her long-lost sister. She thanks him for his help. Annie asks him what is hurting him. She says that she is his friend and wants to help him. Alan tells her that parents can hurt you worse than anyone they can even hurt your from your grave.

Reva and Charity are talking about the Duttons. Charity tells Reva that Dani told her the Duttons were very good to her. Charity says that the Duttons accepted her. Reva says that she just wanted to make sure that Dani was her sister. Charity says that Dani was happy with the Duttons for the first time.

Reva shows Charity some pictures. There is a picture of Annie and Charity asks her where she got this picture. Reva asks her if the woman in the picture is Dani. Charity says that she thinks so. Reva starts to cry. Reva thanks Charity and she leaves. Reva sits at the graveside and cries.

Alan and Annie are talking about Brandon. Alan says that he thought he didn't care. Alan says that caring is a waste of time. Phillip knocks at the door and tells Alan there is not much time before the meeting. Phillip asks him what he wants to do. Alan says that he will be at the meeting. Phillip says that he has a feeling that his father is starting to pay the price for who he is. Annie speculates that he is a man that loved too much.

Roger tells Amanda that Alan doesn't need her he doesn't need anyone. Roger asks Amanda if they are one or off. She tells Roger that they are on.

Bill is looking at the hospital plans. Dinah asks him what he thinks. He says that he doesn't know anything about blueprints. He says that he has to get to school. Bill tells her that he agrees and that the plans stink. Bill gets ready to leave for school. Matt asks Bill to move back in, he asks him to think about it. Matt gets ready to leave for work. Dinah tells him that he is a coward. She asks if it doesn't make him mad that the Spauldings took it upon themselves to plan a building for the woman he loved more than life itself. Matt tells her that the Spauldings did come to him. He told them he didn't want to get involved. He didn't then and he doesn't now. Dinah says that she can't believe him she thought him of all people would feel the same way about it. She says that Matt told her that when Vanessa died it was worse than any hurt he could feel. Matt says that he knows what he told her. He says that he is living every day just like Vanessa just died, but he says that no monument or four walls and a roof are going to change it. He loses his temper and turns the table over. He storms out of the room. Dinah watches in shock.

The board meeting is beginning. Phillip is making small talk with the board members. Amanda and Roger walk in. Alan walks in and tells everyone that they have work to do. Phillip calls the meeting to order. Roger says that they should wait for Alex. Alan tells them that Alex cannot be there. The meeting begins. Roger says that he has a matter to bring before the board. Phillip turns the floor over to Roger. Roger brings up a motion to freeze all assets of Spaulding Enterprises, Amanda seconds it. Phillip asks them if they have lost their mind. Roger says that he is going to pass out two documents that will explain everything. He first passes out Amanda's birth certificate. Alan asks Amanda if that is how she wants it she says that this is how it is.

The board is in shock asking what is going on. Roger explains that Amanda's father is Brandon Spaulding. The second document is Brandon Spaulding's will. Brandon bequeathed all his worldly goods to his daughters. She says that the daughter in Barbados relinquished her holdings. That leaves Alexandra and Amanda. Amanda tells them that she is entitled to half of the Spaulding fortune.

Dinah apologizes to Matt and tells him that she didn't mean to push him so far. She says that the building is all she has left of her mother. He tells her that he knows. He tells her that he is sorry that he lost his temper. Dinah tells him that she knows he has a big empty hole inside him. She says that she guesses that he is right and it is not that important. He says that it is not that important for him, but for her it can be. She says that she needs to throw herself into something because she can't stand the grieving. Matt tells her that she is so much like Vanessa it is scary. He says that they both have an incredible sense of justice. When they believe in something that they hang on to something like a guardian angel. Dinah laughs and asks him if he really sees her that way. He says yes. She says that the only time that she has felt strong or brave is when she had Vanessa back in her life. She says that without Vanessa everything is wrong. She misses her.

Annie is talking to Josh on the phone about HB. She says that she is so happy that HB is doing better. Annie hears a car pull up. She hangs up with Josh. Reva walks up to the door and gets ready to knock.

Dinah and Matt are sitting and looking at the blueprints. Matt says that the plans are very unoriginal. Matt says that they can be reworked by someone who cares. Dinah asks "who." Matt says "you " and adds "and me." She asks him if he would really help her. He says ":why not, I'm not an architect, but I am a pretty good builder, why not." Dinah says that she is so glad that he came around. She asks him if he changed his mind because she got upset. She says that she wouldn't want him to work with her just because he feels sorry for her. He says that he never felt sorry for her a day in her life and he isn't going to start now. They laugh and she hugs him.

Phillip calls the meeting to order. He says that the meeting should be adjourned and the motion tabled. Roger says that there is a motion on the floor and they must deal with it. The board says that Alex is Brandon's other heir and that they must talk to her. Amanda tells them that Alex disappeared the minute she heard about this. Phillip says he doesn't believe that Alex knew a thing about it. The board members say that they are loyal to Alex. Roger says that Alex has know about this for a long time. Alan tells the board that his father may have betrayed him but his sister is completely loyal to him and would never betray him. Alexandra walks into the meeting.

Reva knocks on Annie's door. Reva tells Annie that she needs to talk to her. Annie asks her if she is all right. Reva notices that Annie is wearing the cameo. Reva tells her that she needs to talk to her.

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