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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on GL
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Monday, May 12, 1997

JOSH and REVA are at her place when FRANK arrives to arrest her for the murder of Annie's unborn child. Josh tells her that he will move back in with Annie in order to catch her in her lies. He will pretend that he believes her in hopes that she will slip up. They hire Griffin Williams to defend her (Reva). Josh will hire private investigators to get to the truth. Reva gets an idea--if Josh can find the cameo with the picture of Reva's mother, it might prove that Annie was lying.

BLAKE is already at ANNIE'S when ROSS arrives. Blake makes excuses as to why she was there. Ross is there to record Annie's story. At one point, she says that perhaps she slipped and it was just an accident. But then she acts as though she didn't really believe the fall was accidental. She describes how Reva really pushed her. When Ross leaves the room to make a phone call, Blake accuses Annie of making up the story.

RICK walks in on BILL and MICHELLE using his (Rick's) access into the hospital records. Bill quickly turns off the monitor and shoulders the blame, saying he was trying to get doctors' telephone numbers so that he could get some caddy jobs for the summer. Rick sends Bill out of the room and starts yelling at Michelle about how disappointed he is in her. ABBY interrupts him and suggests that he let Michelle go home and he can talk to her later. He realizes that he went overboard and after Michelle leaves, he shows Abby that they were accessing the organ donor list for the date that Michelle's mom died.

At the jail, Reva is fingerprinted, photographed and left alone in a holding cell.

At Annie's house, she spots the cameo on her sweater and realizes that she needs to get rid of it.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

BUZZ is impatiently listening from a balcony in an adjoining appartment while JEFFREY and JENNA are in the next room. Jenna tells him that she needs to hurry off to a hair appointment and leaves Jeffrey's passionate embrase. Jeffrey calls someone to follow Jenna. Buzz is waiting outside the door and surprises Jenna with a kiss. She bites him. Then appologizes. He startled her. They go to his appartment next door and they talk. Buzz tells Jenna that he is staying there, next door. Jenna tells him that he is risking blowing the plan. He tells her that he needs to protect her. Buzz tells her that he accidentally ruined the thumb print, so...they are back to square one. Buzz tells her he worries about what Jeffrey might make her do. Jenna tells him that she is Buzzes and only Buzzes. Buzz loves hearing this. Jeffrey talks to his spy...They can't locate Jenna. Jeffrey hits *69 to see where she called from..."Regency Hotel" a voice on the other end of the line says. Jeffrey hangs up. "She never left the hotel," he says. Jenna comes out of the bathroom with a different hair style. She hopes it will fool Jeffrey. They open the door a crack to find Jeffrey and his henchman in the hall setting out to search for her in the hotel.

REVA wants GRIFFIN to tell her how he's going to get her off. Reva complains about her living quarters and her situation. Reva tells Griffin that she thinks he's given up on her. Griffin tells her that he's listened to her, now she is to sit down and listen to him or he'll walk. Reva sits and listens. Griffin tells Reva that he thought he saw her push Annie too, but...It was a little to perfect. He tells her that they have to put Annie's trail of lies on display for a jury. Reva tells Griffin that she can't believe this all started with her Mother's dying wish. Griffin tells Reva to start at the begining and he'll use it all in court. She does. Griffin tells her they have to find that Cameo. Reva tells Griffin that all the people that she contacted to trail her long lost sister have since disappeared. Reva tells him that she thinks Alan Spaulding is involved and he backed the plan. Billy comes and posts Reva's bail. Reva appologizes to Griffin for being so hard on him. Griffin understands and leaves. Billy tells Reva that Josh has filled him in on what's going on. Billy and Reva leave the jail. Billy tells her that they are going out to celebrate. Reva's not quite sure she's up to that. Billy takes Reva to some hole in the wall joint and tells her to go through the curtain and leaves. Reva is hesitant, but reluctantly goes. Josh is waiting at a romantic little table in a quite little room all alone.

JOSH goes to ANNIE and makes her believe he's there for her, that he's come home to take care of her. Annie is thrilled. They talk about losing the baby. Annie tells Josh that no one will ever know the pain Reva Shayne has put them through. Josh takes it all in. Annie is buying the act. Josh tells Annie he'll fix some little trinket while she takes a hot shower. He uses the time to search for the Cameo. Josh finds the Cameo on the sweater under the bed. Annie catches him. Josh hands Annie the Cameo. Annie tells him that she knows he's doing all of this for Reva. Josh tells her that when he came across he Cameo ...he was curious. So he looked. There was no picture. He tells Annie that he is just trying to make sense of all that has been going on and he is sorry he doubted her. Josh tells her that he never said that him moving back in would magically fix things...He tells her that if she is telling him the truth, then they have a chance. Annie grabs him and tells him how much she loves him. He gets paged. Says it's a business deal and goes. Annie thinks things are all well and fine again. Annie gets the picture of Sarah Shayne out of her slipper toe and burns it.

RICK is sitting in the kitchen at home when MICHELLE walks in. She tells him that she has finals this week. Rick asks her if there is going to be a next time..if she'll try to break into the hospital records again to look for Maureens heart recipient. Phillip walks in and Rick jumps him. Phillip defends himself and his suggestion to find Maureens heart resipient. Rick tells Michelle has been acting up lately since Aunt Meta left. Nude Photography class, the party she had at the house. Phillip is surprised. Michelle asks if she'd be breaking some sort of law if she searches for the recipient. Rick tells her that's not illegal. Michelle complains that Bill wasn't even available for dinner. Rick says that he has get to the hospital. Phillip tells Michelle that if it's alright with Rick...He'll take her out to dinner. Rick O.K.'s it.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

Jenna and Buzz continue their NEVER-ENDING saga of trying to trick Jeffrey into thinking that Jenna loves him and not Buzz. Buzz came over to Jenna & Jeffrey's place. He & Jenna "faked" a conversation/argument about visitation w/Coop.They are in the hotel room across the hall from Jeffrey's suite trying to figure out how to get some evidence about Jeffrey. Buzz diverts Jeffrey's attention by banging on the door and demanding to see his son. Soon after he enters, Jenna "comes home" and tells Buzz to leave them alone. They stage this huge argument for Jeffrey while Jenna is stealing the ashtray that has Jeffrey's prints on it. They do a little cat and mouse around the room until Buzz has the ashtray in his pocket and is safely across the hall again. Jeffrey tries to trick Jenna by saying that she couldn't have been at the salon getting her hair done because he did call return and she was at the hotel. She counters, saying that she was downstairs at the hotel salon and he is welcome to check.

Roger and Amanda are in the Spaulding mansion when he explains to her that his family is more important to him than anything (meaning Blake). He wants to know why she chose Ross as the District Attorney. They get into the discussion about where they want to take Spaulding. Roger says that he wants to get into the Technology of the 21st Century. Plaster the Spaulding all over radio, tv, all the media. She agrees. He then gives her back the engagement ring and asks her to wear it again. When she asks him if it will be back to their old business arrangement, he assures her that they are more than business partners. They kiss passionately and then Roger asks if they should continue upstairs or if he should leave. When she doesn't really answer, he leaves. She smiles. Amanda was obviously secretly happy that Roger is giving her more attention.

Alan shows up at Annie's and wants to know what's going on. He says that she hasn't told him the whole truth and wants to know why. She says that she has told the truth and then tells him that Josh is coming home because he wants to give their marriage another try! She is elated. Alan seems upset. He doesn't like the part he has played in the night Annie was pushed down the stairs because he didn't really know it was going to happen. He tells Annie she can trust him, but she won't budge on the truth. Finally, he reminds her that he will have to be a witness in the trial and it would be easier to lie if he knew the truth. She finally breaks down, but only tells him that the baby she was carrying was not Josh's. She didn't tell him that she fell down the stairs intentionally.It was artifically inseminated. He leaves, telling her she can trust him. She wonders...

Blake and Ross were supposed to go out to dinner together, but the babysitter cancelled at the last minute, and they dined at home (rather Blake's home). Ross and Blake share a glass of wine while making dinner at home while the boys nap. They talk about missing their best friend (each other) and Ross finally gives in and tells Blake that he loves her. She says she misses him and needs him and he reciprocates. They kiss! Just as it is getting good, Roger shows up with an attitude and Ross leaves. He tells Blake that he'll call her tomorrow and gives her a sweet glance before leaving.

Reva realizes that Billy brought her to the bar to secretly meet with Josh. They are really excited to be together. They had a romantic evening complete w/passionate kisses. Josh told Reva that he found the cameo, but the picture of her mother was gone. He has vowed to keep pushing Annie for the truth. They scheme about how to get Annie to tell the truth. Josh needs to be VERY convincing that he loves her. Reva asks if he's told Annie he loves her yet and he says that he couldn't do it. Reva apologizes, but tells Bud that She called Rusty because she wants their kids out of the house and away from Annie. They agreed that it was in the kids' best interest to take them to Rusty's home in Tulsa. They hear a song from their wedding on the jukebox and start to dance while staring into each other's eyes. They kiss and hold each other close. Reva says that she was almost sure she was going to get something out of Alan. Josh wants her to leave it to him to get Annie's truth. After her leaves, she says that "Annie Damn Dutton" won't win this time. She smiles.

Josh returns home to find a crying and angry Annie holding a teddy bear and wanting to know why the kids are going to Tulsa with Reva's brother if he really trusts her again.

Alan returns home to find Reva sitting in him room.

Thursday, March 13, 1997

ROGER assures BLAKE that ROSS still loves her. Blake hints that their reconciliation will be thwarted when Ross finds out she helped Annie. Blake confesses to Roger that she lied for Annie because she had been blackmailed by her. She admits to breaking into Ross's office files, bugging his phone and spying on him to help Annie manufacture the lie about being Reva's sister. She struggles with telling Ross the truth, but after discussing it with Roger, decides to wait.

ANNIE argues with JOSH about sending the kids to Tulsa. Josh says he's doing it to protect the children from trial publicity. Annie says she misses having Josh hold her and as she goes to bed, Josh says "Wait!" and accompanies her. He serves her tea in bed and prompts Annie to tell him some stories about her childhood. Annie thanks him for being so attentive, but won't reveal anything personal from her past. She does reveal, however, that she never had any lasting female friends. Josh then asks her who her best friend in Springfield is, and Annie tells him it used to be Blake, but not anymore. Josh considers this....(will he put two and two together?) He asks her what happened to her friendship with Blake, but Annie is too sleepy to answer. After she falls asleep, Josh goes to the punching bag and takes his frustrations out there.

REVA is at ALAN's house begging him to tell her what he knows about Annie. She accuses him of hating her so much for not reciprocating his love that he'd lie just to hurt her. Reva accuses Alan of helping Annie send her on the wild goose chase to look for her sister, and though he doesn't deny or admit it, he says it is irrelevant to the case being tried. Reva says it's not; that it would demonsrate the lengths to which Annie would go to keep her and Josh apart. She pleads with him to help. She attempts to appeal to Alan's sense of decency. It doesn't work; he continues to side with Annie. Suddenly, it dawns on Reva that Alan might be in love with Annie. She accuses him of this, but he denies having feelings for Annie and asks Reva to leave. Reva reminds Alan that he served jail time and implores him to help her avoid it. He says he can't make her any promises, and before leaving, Reva kisses him gently "as a thank you in advance."

MATT and VANESSA talk online all night. He relates the story of a book "The English Patient" (a lovestory) . They are surprised at how much they have in common and how easy it was to stay up all night "talking" on the computer. DINAH shows up at Matt's house with Hart, angry that Matt stood them up at the Club -- He was supposed to meet them for a blind date and didn't show! Dinah chides Matt for "talking to a babe in a box" instead of going on a real date with a live woman. Meanwhile, Vanessa's physical therapist gives her grief over getting involved with a guy on the computer who "could be crazy." He points out that she doesn't really know this guy and that he only tells her what he wants her to know. Vanessa gets defensive and tells him to butt out! Dinah drives her point home by grabbing and kissing Hart. She then asks Matt, "Can you do that with Tess? (Vanessa)" Matt gets the point and promises to call the woman he stood up, smooth things over, and arrange another date. Dinah is satisfied.

Friday, March 14, 1997

Bill unknowingly talks to his mom via the Internet when "Tess" tries to contact "Robert" to meet her in the poetry chatroom.

Reva's preliminary hearing starts to find out if there is enough evidence to take the case to trial in the "shoving" of Annie down the steps and causing Annie to miscarry her child. Reva thanks Fletcher and Holly for their impartial story of her in the newspaper. They tell her they are planning to do a series of articles on the "real Reva Shayne." Reva talks to Alan Spaulding before the trial and asks him not to let her down in the courtroom. Blake also comes to the courthouse at which time Annie "reminds" her about their "little chat" they had.

Matt and Vanessa's alter egos talk about how many children they have. "Robert" tells "Tess" his stepdaughter is upset with him because she fixed him up on a blind date, and he was so involved with chatting with her (Tess) he missed the date. He tells "Tess" that his stepdaughter refers to her as the "other woman" and the "Babe in a Box."

In the courtroom, Annie is asked to testify about what happened and tries to throw in about Reva acting "crazy" and going "berserk" at which time the judge reminds her to just stick to the facts. When Ross asks her if the person who "pushed" her down the stairs is in the courtroom, Annie dramatically "points" the finger to Reva.

When Josh testified, he said he came upon Reva and Annie at the end of their argument and only saw Annie falling down the steps. The next witness was Blake who testified that she was paying so much attention to other things at the party (namely Ross's being named the new D.A.) she really did not notice things that were going on with Reva and Annie. Abby, Phillip, and Rick also testified. The prosecution rests.

Bill goes to Michelle with two names - on of which was the recipient of Maureen's heart. She tries to explain to Bill why finding this person is so important. When they call the first name on the list "Harry Mendel," Michelle gets cold feet and hands Bill the phone. He finds out the Mr. Mendel had received a transplant, but passed away four years ago. Michelle gets brave and calls the second person on the list "Cynthia Richardson." She finds out from Ms. Richardson's babysitter (remind me not to ever use this babysitter!) she is at work and a court reporter. Michelle and Bill head off to the courthouse to find her.

"Robert" asks "Tess" to fax him a photo of herself. She tells him she does not have any pictures of herself. She does tell him she 6'6" and weighs 295 lbs.!

Roger talks to a court reporter during a court recess and comments on her earrings. She said they were payment for a story she did on someone. (I'm sure this is supposed to be clue of some kind!)

Bill and Michelle get to the courthouse in search of her mom's heart recipient Cynthia Richardson.

It is the defense's turn to call their witnesses. Their first witness is Alan Spaulding. Griffin asks Alan to recall events that occurred several days before Annie's fall in which Reva got into a heated argument with Alan and Annie about duping her into believing that Annie was her sister. Before Alan answers, he remembers sitting on the porch with Annie and er telling him how much he means to her and how much of a friend he has become to her. She also told him she wishes Josh could be more like him. When Griffin asks him again to tell the court what happened, Alan answers "he does not recall" the incident.

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