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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on GL
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Monday, August 25, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

REVA is talking with ANNIE at the sanitarium. Reva agrees to confess to setting up the appointment with Annie's psychiatrist (even though she didn't do it) in order to learn information about her sister. Annie wants her to admit that she ruined Annie's marriage. The only admission Reva will make is that she is sorry Annie got hurt. Reva says that she and Josh were never together until Josh was sure his marriage was over. Annie doesn't believe it; she wants times and places--what they did and where they did it. Reva starts to leave but Annie says that she will never find her sister--not where she is now. Reva turns around and says, "You tell me where she is and you tell me now." Annie says she will spend the rest of her life in this place before she will tell Reva where her sister is. Annie says she has Reva exactly where she wants her. Reva pulls the Annie trick, putting Annie's hand on her shoulder and pulling on her, making it look like Annie is pushing her and causing her to fall backwards over a bench.

JESSE and MICHELLE are at the light house. She wants to tell the families that they want to be together. He wants to wait and leave together when she goes away to college. She thinks they ought to be honest and go to the judge to tell him how they feel about each other. He tells her that he loves her and that he has never said that before to anyone. She says that she loves him too. She declares that she is going right now to tell Rick about her feelings, so Jesse says he will tell his father also.

RICK is on the phone at the hospital trying to find Abby. A hospital lawyer comes in and tells Rick about the lawsuit against the hospital. He advises Rick to get a good lawyer. Rick hears a call over the scanner saying that there have been reports of a woman screaming for help at the address which Rick recognizes as Jesse's. He thinks it might be Michelle and rushes out.

ABBY and her assailant are struggling. She gets in some pretty good punches. He unbuttons her top and she slugs him and gets out the door. He chases her and brings her back to Jesse's place. He starts kissing her and she bites his hand. When he pulls back she grabs a tire iron and tells him to stay away from her. She hits his arm with it and then drops it. He throws her down and she is unconscious. He tries to awaken her but gets no response. A cop knocks on the door. The thug rolls Abby up in a rug. When the cop looks around he doesn't find anything. Jack tells him they were having a party here with some girls and it got pretty loud. The cop leaves and tells Jack to leave also. Jesse comes in and sees the mess that has been made by the struggle. He finds Abby and recognizes her just as Rick comes in.

CASSIE and JOSH arrive at the diner. Josh tries to get hold of Reva on the phone so she can join them. Cassie recalls her conversations with Alan and Annie. Cassie asks Josh why Lewis Oil stock has taken a dive. He says that Reva's trial took him away from the office and things didn't go so well. She goes to the restroom where she makes a call to Alan about a company that Josh is interested in. While she is gone Billy comes in. Josh leaves. Cassie tells Billy that she really wasn't up for dinner but Josh insisted. She says she felt uncomfortable about it. He says that Josh and Reva are rock-solid.

Michelle arrives at the hospital looking for Rick. She has a heart-to-heart with Lillian telling her how she and Jesse feel.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997

by Sarai

While Reva is visiting Annie at the mental institution, she is getting nowhere in her attempt to get info concerning her sister. Following exactly what Annie did to her several months ago, Reva provokes a loud argument with her, grabs her hand, puts it against her chest, and throws herself backward against some chairs and a table. The attendants rush to the commotion to find Reva on the floor complaining of head pain and Annie is hysterical, realizing that she was just set up. The hospital psychiatrist intervenes and Reva tells him that she doesn't know what happened; Annie just pushed her down. Annie screams that she will not get away with this, and as Reva leaves, she whispers to Annie that she just did! The psych tries to talk to Annie to find out what happened, but Annie is so belligerent, he tells her that she will probably have to be kept there for at least another 2 weeks to 1 month. Then, he comes at her with a syringe loaded with a sedative.

Reva goes home and tells Josh how she framed Annie. He tells her that nothing is more important to him than her and the children. Reva is sure that Annie has a lot of information on her missing sister. Josh then tells of having a late dinner with Cassie, and she ordered a milk shake exactly like Reva does; extra chocolate ice cream. Reva suggests setting Cassie up with her brother Rusty.

Rick finds Abby in bad shape at Jesse's home, and blames Jesse for attacking her. Jesse calls 911 and the ambulance takes her to Cedars Hospital. Michelle is waiting at the hospital since she heard Rick was with a victim from Point Lester. Rick tells Michelle that Abby is in dangerous condition and her boyfriend is to blame. Jesse shows up at the ER too and begs Michelle to believe him that he just found Abby at his place. The police come in to arrest Jesse and take him away, even though Michelle is yelling that she was with him the whole time, and he couldn't have been responsible for hurting Abby.

Even though his medical license has been revoked, Michael assists Rick in the ER with Abby. She comes through OK, but her condition is barely stable.

Lillian calls Reva to inform her about Abby, and she & Josh leave for Cedars.

Dinah is elated that she has been receiving so much mail response to her plea on television for her mother's return. It has been suggested that she start hosting public service promos that will help other people find their lost loved ones. She misses a lunch date with Hart, but he comes to the station to tell her that he just found out that the results of his property survey show that he has oil on his land. They start to get busy on her desk, but she stops him, since she forgot to take her birth control pill that morning. Hart tells her that he doesn't care since they are to be married soon, and he would love nothing more than for her to have his child. Dinah finally tells him of her fear that she will pass on the trait for her mother's devastating disease to a child, and can never become pregnant. Hart does not look pleased.

Vanessa and Matt meet with the doctor in Switzerland who is responsible for Vanessa's recovery. He tells her that the miracle drug she took was not FDA approved, but slips her a few months supply, only to be taken if she has reoccurring symptoms. Matt walks the doctor out to his car, and Vanessa appears to have another episode of her disease, and pops one of the pills.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

by Sarai and Cheryl

Rick is devoted to staying by Abby's side in hopes that she will soon wake up from her unconsciousness. There is a possibility that she was raped, and Rick is absolutely beside himself with disbelief. Nobody has told Michelle that rape is now a suspecting factor. Reva comes to the hospital and also talks to Abby, trying to get her to awake. Cassie is also there and helps comfort Michelle. Reva & Cassie talk a while and find some similarities (they both start to say the same thing at the same time; both find that they have no patience for waiting)

Abby finally awakes while Rick is holding her hand and telling her how he can't wait to marry her in the beautiful Bauer backyard garden (this scene is a real tear-jerker). She can't remember anything beyond entering Jesse's place. Michelle comes in to talk to Abby, and Rick pretty much kicks her out. Reva breaks the news to Abby that she might be raped, and Abby looks absolutely terror-stricken.

Harley gets an unexpected visit from Phillip while she is trying to do some work at Jenna & Buzz's apartment. She is, as always, very irritable and hateful to Phillip, especially when he asks her how she can stand to work in the very apartment that she & Mallet shared. Phillip leaves, and Buzz tries to encourage her by saying that she & Mallet may get back together. He is surprised to hear that Mallet had called to inform her that he wants a divorce so he may move in with his new girlfriend. Phillip returns, only to give Harley a lovable dog he got from the pound, that like Harley, was discarded for someone else.

Marcus leaves a practice with Dahlia and Sugar Hill to visit Jesse (not a move that pleased Sugar). Jesse is adamant that he will not disclose his alibi, which is that he was with Michelle at the time of Abby's assault. Marcus suggests that his two friends may be responsible, since they had threatened Jesse. Jesse agrees with this assumption, but won't pursue it as it might put Michelle in danger. Marcus says that he will try to contact his dad so he can represent Jesse.

Dahlia continues with her practice with Sugar. Sugar tells Dahlia that she has to put more feeling in her music, and Dahlia ends up dancing around the stage, getting pretty suggestive with Sugar. Steaming mad, Sugar's assistant (I can't think of her name?!?) secretly takes a few pictures of Sugar and Dahlia together. One can tell that Sugar is most definitely interested on Dahlia, and not just for her musical talent.

A Second Look....

Harley is at the firehouse annoyed because of Buzz's loud electric shaver, Coop's drum set and Jenna. Phillip shows up "because he was in the neighborhood" and can tell that something is bothering her. She complains about the many things around the house that is bothering her and Phillip offers her office space at Spaulding, which Harley refuses. The subject quickly turns to Mallet and Phillip realizes that Harley may be upset because of the fact that Harley and Mallet lived together in the firehouse. Harley denies loudly that this is what is bothering her and Buzz and Jenna come downstairs to find out what is going on. Jenna tells Harley that she has found an efficency apartment that is furnished and it would be perfect for an office during the day and Harley could live there at night. Harley declines the offer to go look at the apartment and tells Jenna and Buzz that it is to "homey" right there in the firehouse. Jenna and Buzz leave the room. Phillip is trying to talk Harley into seeing the apartment. Harley complains that at this stage in her life, she should not be living in an efficency apartment. She should be living in her OWN HOUSE, BE MARRIED, MAYBE PREGNANT. She does agree to go look at the apartment. Harley is real cranky and she asks Phillip if there was something else he should be doing. Phillip gets the hint and leaves. Buzz comes back downstairs and tries to talk to Harley. Harley confides in her dad about Mallet asking for a divorce and about Mallet moving in with his girlfriend. She cries on his shoulder. Phillip returns and asks Harley to step outside. There he introduces her to her new companion-a dog of her very own that he picked up from the pound after his owners traded him in on a younger puppy. Harley is thrilled. (I love Phillip).

Buzz and Jenna are inside opening mail and Jenna smells perfume. She suspects that the letter to Buzz is from the same person that sent him the flowers. It was a card that was unsigned. Jenna is more than annoyed with this now!

Jesse is in jail. Frank interviews Jesse. Jesse tells Frank that "he was out" and that he came home to find a mess and then he found Abigail on the floor beat up. Jesse also says that he just couldn't imagine who did this to Abigail either. Frank warns him that he better figure out where he was and if he didn't do it, who did.

Michelle calls Marcus from the hospital and gets him to go see Jesse in jail. Marcus blows off rehearsal with Dahlia and Sugar and heads to the jail. Marcus tells Jesse that he should tell the police about the two thugs that threatened them both early. Jesse tells Marcus that those two are "real bad dudes" and he is afraid that they may hurt Michelle. Jesse asks Marcus to watch after Michelle. Marcus is also trying to find his dad, who is out of town, to help Jesse. Dahlia and Sugar are rehearsing and Sugar tells Drew that he is going to have to cancel their plans for dinner. Drew is mad and accuses Sugar of having a thing for Dahlia. Sugar denies it. Sugar then starts helping Dahlia with some dance moves. Drew takes out a camera and starts taking pictures of very seductive dancing Dahlia with Sugar.

Rick is praying to God to help Abby. She is still unconscious from the surgery and there has been no change. Rick is telling her that she needs to fight harder and that he loves her and he wants to marry her as soon as she wakes up. He wants to marry her in his backyard. He tells her about the wildflowers they will have at the wedding. Reva walks in and talks to the unconscious Abby. Begging her to just wake up. Reva and Rick then walk outside the room and discuss Abby's condition. Rick tells Reva that Abby may have been raped. They have to run more tests on her but they are waiting until she is better. Reva is shocked and in denial. Rick swears that he will KILL JESSE if he did this to her.

Cassie showed up at the hospital with a change of clothes from Joshua for Reva. Michelle tells Cassie that Jesse couldn't have done this to Abigail because he was with her. Rick overhears this and confronts Michelle. He accuses her of saying anything to save Jesse's neck. Reva and Cassie both try and explain to Michelle about Rick's anger toward her. Later, Reva and Cassie are talking to each other in the waiting room about Shane's near-fatal accident. Cassie shows Reva a picture of her daughter Tammy but says that she belongs to her friend.

A nurse runs out to get Rick, Abby has called his name. Rick goes to Abby and she wakes up to see Rick. They cry and hug each other. Abby is asking Rick if she could just go home. Rick tells her that they have to do some more tests on her. Rick asks Abby if she remembers anything about the attack. She only remembers going to the Jesse's door. Rick tells Michelle and Reva that Abby woke up. Reva and Michelle run to her room. Michelle tells Abby how sorry she is. She feels that this would not have happened if she had not lied to Rick about seeing Jesse and then Abby wouldn't have gone to Point Lester. Rick tells Michelle and Reva that Abby doesn't remember anything and doesn't want anyone to say anything. Abby realizes that Rick is hiding something from her and wants to know what he believes happened to her. She knows he is not telling her something.

Reva goes to Abby's bed and tells her that she may have been RAPED!

Thursday, August 28, 1997

by Angela Vogel

Harley and Phillip look at an apartment/business office for Harley. Harley is worried about not being allowed to bring her new dog, Scout. When the landlady readily agrees to break the pet clause and then winks at Phillip, Harley realizes that Phillip paid the landlady to allow Harley to keep the dog. She yells at him for this, saying that "that's not what friends do." Phillip laughs, telling her that's she's just reacting this way out of fear that they'll cross the line and sleep with each other again. Sure enough, the conversation ends in the two of them making love, promising each other that "this is the last time."

Abby is in the hospital recovering from her attack. She can't remember clearly what happened, but does give a description of her attacker. She indicates that it was not Jesse. She is tested to determine whether she was raped, and learns that fortunately she was not. Rick says "God help the person who did this to you" and looks at Michelle. He implores her to stay away from Jesse, the person who has brought all this trouble into their lives. Instead, Michelle goes to see Jesse in jail to tell him that Abby has cleared him of any wrongdoing. She tells him that the attack has nothing to do with them, but Jesse disagrees, realizing that it was Roy and Skeet that were responsible. They tearfully come to the conclusion that their relationship is causing everyone around them pain, and that it must end. Michelle and Jesse say goodbye.

Alan goes to see Annie and is told Annie pushed Reva and will now spend an additional two weeks in lockup. He is outraged and demands her release but to no avail. He then calls Reva (who was at the hospital comforting Abby) to the park under the pretense that there's been an emergency with her children. He tells her that she must get Annie out of the psycho ward "or else." Reva replies, "Not if my life depended on it." Alan resorts to threatening her family if she won't cooperate. He lets her know exactly how far he'll go for Annie and how much he wants her in his life. Reva realizes that Alan has gone as nutty as Annie, but doesn't let that intimidate her. She tells him not to dare threaten her or her family again and walks away, leaving Alan saying, "That was a mistake!"

Friday, August 29, 1997

by Cheryl

Annie is still in the mental hospital and the orderly tells her that she is due for her next "treatment." Alan sees this and grabs the orderly and tells him to leave Annie alone. Alan tells Annie that he did have it all arranged for her to get out. That is until the "Reva thing." Annie tells Alan that Reva was looking for her sister. She was so close to just telling Reva so where her sister was so that she could get out of the nuthouse. Annie doesn't know why everyone believes Reva and not her. Alan reassures Annie that he is on her side and that he doesn't believe Reva. He is telling her that they will get through this. Annie is starting to question her own mental health. She tells Alan about the patient's nightly wailing, the screams, the smell, and the crazy people are about to really drive her crazy. Annie tells Alan that she just wants out of there, even if that means forgetting about Reva, Josh and Cassie. She tells Alan to call Cassie and tell her to go home. She says that it just isn't worth it. Alan tells Annie if they quit right now, then Reva wins. Alan reassures Annie that he will try and get her out again and he leaves to make a phone call. While he is in the hall, he stops the orderly and bribes him with cash. Alan wants him to treat Annie like a QUEEN. Alan then makes a phone call and arranges for Annie to get out. While Alan is on the phone, Annie is talking to the orderly again. Alan gets off the phone and rushes in the the room to tell Annie the good news and she is not there. Alan questions the orderly about Annie's whereabouts and learns that the orderly gave Annie his lab coat so that she could escape. Annie is on her way out the door. Alan starts looking for her.

Cassie and Reva are at the hospital. Reva tells Cassie about Alan's threats to her family. They both go in to see Abby. Rick wants Abby to pack up her stuff and head to his house with him. Abby wants to go home with Reva and Rick is hurt. Abby tries to explain but Rick starts to beg her. She tells him that she loves him but she needs to be in her own place right now. Rick leaves the room and Reva and Cassie go back in with Abby. Abby tells Reva that everyone is telling her how good it was that she was not raped, but she still feels violated. She keeps remembering how he hit her, how he grabbed her, how he threw her down and ripped her dress. He saw her breasts and even touched them. She feels very ashamed and can't understand why someone would do this to her. Cassie tells Abby that the same thing happened to her. She remembers the attack but she wasn't raped either. She tells Abby how lucky she is that she has the loving support of a family and she didn't have anyone. Abby wants to know when it will be over. Cassie tells Abby that it is over when it is over. Cassie then goes to a payphone and calls Tammy. Reva is right behind her and hears her calling herself "mommy" . Reva confronts Cassie about her lies.

Matt goes to see Dinah at the studio. He feels that Dinah is trying to get rid of him because they have not made love in two weeks. Dinah assures him that it is just because she didn't take her birth control pills. She also tells him that she got all her information from Michael about the disease. Hart is very upset and heads to the hospital to confront Michael. Michael tells Hart that Dinah is overreacting about the chance of her getting the disease. Dinah heads to the hospital to interview Abby about the attack. She sees Hart there and he tells her that she misunderstood Michael.

Jesse shows up at the hospital where Michelle is. Rick sees him and confronts the both of them. Michelle defends Jesse. Rick asks Michelle if knowing what her lies have done, was it worth it. Jesse and Michelle tell Rick that it is over between them but as far as Rick is concerned, neither of them even exist. Jesse tells Michelle about the cops going to his house because of screams. Roy was there and interviewed by the cop that obviously didn't see Abby laying there. Roy has now skipped town. Michelle and Jesse say good by to each other.

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