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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on GL
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Monday, February 2, 1998

Dinah makes some phone calls to try to find Cassie's ex-husband, Rob Layne. She tells her secretary that she will stop at nothing to find him.

Vanessa is about to leave the hospital, when she goes into labor again. Dr. Cedwick says that she is going to do an emergency C-section, even though it is against Vanessa's wishes. Matt tells Josh that he is feeling guilty about the law-suit he considered bringing against Vanessa, but Josh tells him that this is what he wanted anyway (for Vanessa to deliver the baby early).

Reva and Cassie are shopping at a lingerie shop, where Cassie admits that she hasn't slept with Hart yet, and doesn't plan to until she gets married. She says that she hasn't been with anyone since her ex-husband Rob, and is really afraid if getting involved again, especially since Tammy is asking about her father. Reva gets a call on her cellular that Vanessa is in labor, and they leave the store.

Vanessa is losing a lot of blood, and the hospital is out of O negative. With the encouragement of Roger, Holly agrees to donate blood to her. Baby Maureen is delivered with any difficulty, and Dr. Cedwick assures her that she is okay.

Dr. Cedwick tells Matt that the baby might have some kidney problems, but she doesn't want Vanessa to know. She also says that Vanessa's illness has returned more stronger than ever. just as all her physicians had thought.

Matt rushes past the baby, to see Vanessa. She asks how Maureen looks, and Matt says that he wants to wait to see the baby with her. Vanessa then lapses into unconsciousness.

Dinah is in the midst of a hug with Hart when Reva and Cassie walk into the hospital.

Beth gets hit by a car and Phillip comes running out of the house to her rescue. He brings her inside, where Harley berates her about what happened. Beth admits that she unsuccessfully tried to seduce Phillip. Phillip takes Beth to hospital, where she tells Lillian that she tried to kill herself.

Phillip tries to talk to Harley, but she brushes him off, saying that Beth's health is most important right now.

While Rick takes Beth for x-rays, Lillian tells Phillip that it was a failed suicide attempt (while Harley listens).

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Susan Hutcherson

Although Vanessa almost didn't make it after the birth of Maureen, she was given a major dose of the experimental drug, that helped her before, and she stabilized. They didn't know if she was going to awaken but while Matt was telling her she had to be ok, to be there for little Maureen, to watch her grow and have her own children, Vanessa woke up. She demanded that she be taken to see Maureen and after pleading with Rick, her wish was granted. She and Matt went to meet their daughter. Matt didn't want her to know about the possible problems with the baby so he told her all the tubes and machines were normal for premature babies.

While waiting to hear about her mother's condition, Dinah took full advantage of Hart being there. She asked him to have Cassie leave. She said was difficult enough without her there. Hart did as was requested but later ended up seeing through Dinah when she asked him to go for a drink. He told her he was there because he was concerned about Vanessa, not to rekindle an ole flame! After he left, Dinah went to Reva's house where Tammy was all alone. She started asking questions about Tammy father and ended up getting Rob Layne's address. Tammy asked her if she had a valentine and Dinah said she use to and soon would have one again! When Reva and Josh walked in, Dinah said she was there to thank them for supporting her mother. Reva said well she is a good person and Dinah smiled and said "Unlike me?" and hurried for the door.

Holly felt faint after donating blood to Vanessa and almost passed out. Fortunately Roger was there to catch her. The sat down in the hospital waiting room and getting quite cozy talking about Chrissy's birth and things in general.

Lillian told Phillip that Beth could've gotten out of the way of the car and pleaded with him to talk to her. Harley told them that was just fueling her fantasies and ended up leaving. Phillip went in to comfort Beth and she told him she was so ashamed. He told her that he only wanted her happy and she responded by saying she would only be happy if they were man and wife again. Then she went on to say that she knew Phillip loved Harley and she would just have to get use to being alone. She would stay out of their lives and get a job.

Harley and Cassie bumped into each other at Company. They had a drink together and soon were discussing ex's. They had fun trashing Dinah and Beth. Harley went on back to the hospital and Hart came in. Cassie and Hart spent time together planning their trip to the tropics - alone!

Harley got back to the hospital and watched Phillip and Beth together. Beth was crying and Phillip was standing over her obviously distressed and trying to help. Harley walked off with tears in her eyes.

Ben Warren went to see Annie in jail. He was snickering at the way the guard was fawning over Annie. She assured him that she wouldn't do the seduction bit on him. He laughed and asked how his competition for the most hated person in Springfield was doing. She tried to convince him to trump up some charge so she wouldn't be extradited. She even lifted his wallet and said now he could charge her with petty theft. In the end, she gave him a mysterious envelope containing some information about Ross. He agreed to pay her when she got out of jail and help her as best he could. He asked her how she was planning to get out of the mess she was in. Her response? "It is probably better if you don't know!!"

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Annie came strutting into her extradition hearing today expecting for Ben to keep their deal. He informed her that he was unwilling to break the law and use trumped up charges to keep her from being extradited. She started to get really upset and then Ben said "before you go running to Ross about our agreement, you should know that I wired a large sum of cash to your account. If you should, by chance, become free it will be there. It also wouldn't hurt to have the DA on your side". Although Annie didn't take this well, she went and sat down. Ben told Judge Griffin Williams that the state would not fight extradition. Annie was sitting at the defense table muttering and her lawyer Ronnie told her to be quiet or else they would commit her. When Griffin started to rule she be remanded to Ohio's custody Annie stood up and started flipping out. She asked Josh why didn't he let her die at Cross Creek. She was crying and kept saying she just wanted to die. She reminded Josh how he said saving her was like saving a drowning dog. She then said she didn't do anything wrong. She just loved the wrong men. The judge told her to sit down, he was about to rule and Annie said, "well I rule I am out of here" and ran towards the doors. She was caught and Griffin told the bailiff to call County General. Reva looked at Josh and Cassie saying now I know what she is up to. She jumped up and began clapping her hands screaming, "bravo Annie". She told Judge Williams that he had seen this act before and not to buy it. Then Reva began a passionate speech to the court saying "I have been brought up to pity the sick, to try to understand them, even pray for them. I tried that with Annie, I really did, but as long as she is in Springfield, she will not leave us alone. She has tried to tear our family apart from the beginning and will never stop." Then she said, "As hard as it is for me to admit this, as long as she remains in Springfield, I am afraid". Annie looked at her and said, "you oughta be". Griffin ordered a recess before he decided on the ruling. During this recess, Josh went out into the lobby and tried to talk to Alan. He told him that they were both victim of Annie. Alan told Josh not to compare the situations because he really did love Annie! Upon returning to the court, Griffin ruled that Annie was to be reprimanded to Ohio's custody. Annie collapsed against Stanley after everyone left telling him "Thank God I still have you".

Rick went to visit Michelle. He tried to talk her into coming home to Springfield with him but she refused. He told her about Vanessa's baby and that it was named Maureen, after Michelle's mother. Michelle was thrilled but the later told Dan that she wished Rick would stop visiting. She said it just made her more homesick. Dan convinced Michelle that she should go to Springfield with him tomorrow. He told her to call her family and tell them to expect her bright and early. She said she would. After he walked out she grabbed a pillow and said she wished it were Jesse she could see but thinks its best if she doesn't.

Jesse told Abby of his thoughts to leave Springfield. He told her that he was convinced there was another man in Michelle's life. Abby assured him that Michelle loved him and would probably be home soon . Ross came in for his meeting with Abby and they figured out Shane might have the WSPR tape. Ross tried unsuccessfully to call home, as Blake was babysitting Tammy and Shane, but the phone was busy. He told Abby not to worry, that he was going home and talk to Shane right now. He left praying that Shane had the tape and he would be able to help Abby.

Before Ross left for his meeting with Abby, he and Blake were discussing the tape. Shane overheard Ross say that whoever had that tape would be obstructing justice if they didn't come forward. After Ross left, Ben showed up with roses for Blake. She threw them in his face, knocking over the phone, and told him to leave. The kids came in the room and Ben showed them some magic tricks and was introduced as the new DA. Blake sent the kids into the den to watch TV and Ben grabbed Blake and tried to kiss her. She jumped back and demanded that he leave her house. The twins started crying so she told him to be gone by the time she got back. As he was turning to leave, Shane came out and told him he had to talk to him. Since Ben was the new DA, he was like the police, said Shane and admitted he had done something bad. Shane told him about the tape and said that uncle Ross said he would be obstructing justice if he had it. Ben told him that was right but if he promised never to tell anyone about the tape, the state wouldn't bring charges. Shane was so relieved he immediately promised and started to walk off. Ben halted him asking for the tape. Shane told him it was at his house mixed in with other tapes. Ben reminded him that this was their secret. Blake came back in the room and ordered Ben out of her house. As he left the Marler residence, he got on his cell phone and told whomever that he had a job for them.

Thursday, February 5

Complaining to her father that she hasn't heard from Phillip all night, Harley is disturbed as she finally finds him comforting Beth. When Phillip senses that she resents his concern for his ex-wife, he reminds her that he will always be tied to her. Beth also notices the tension and is secretly pleased. When Josh shows up at her jail cell with a letter of goodbye from Marah and Shayne, Annie jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes that he is there to help her. Instead, he wishes that she's finally reached rock bottom so that she can start to get her life back together. After he sets her straight, Annie decides it is time to put her plan into action. Reva boasts to Blake that Annie is finally getting what she deserves. Blake quickly covers when Reva spots Ben's roses in the garbage can. Ben is pleased when his henchman hands him the video tape he stole from Shayne's room. Paying the guy off, Ben suggests he skip town for a while. Meanwhile, Ross is frustrated when he confronts Shayne and Tammy forces the boy to admit that he told "his lawyer" Ben about the missing video tape. When they cannot find the video tape at the Lewis house, Ross realizes that Ben somehow got his hands on the tape first and worries that Abby's fate may now be sealed. Matt and Vanessa talk about their future as Matt continues to hide from her the fact that their daughter is very ill.

Friday, February 6, 1998

Josh comes home with news that Annie is on the loose. They call Frank to request police protection.

Annie goes to visit Ben dressed in a police uniform. She demands more money from Ben and he threatens to have her arrested.

Ross comes home and tells her the tape cannot be found and he knows Ben beat him to it. He tries to call Judge Williams to get him to issue a search warrant at Ben's office for the tape but he isn't in.

Vanessa's heart stops.

Harley is crying in the hallway of the hospital when Lizzie comes up to her. Lizzie asks her if she is upset and Harley tells her she is sick and not upset. Harley winds up keeping Lizzie while Lillian is called in to work on an emergency. She tells her a story, which reminds her that she isn't handling the situation with Phillip very well and she shouldn't be afraid of losing him.

Griffin calls Ross back and he will not issue him a search warrant because all he has is speculation that Ben has the tape. Ross tells Blake that he is going over the see Griffin.

Bill arrives at the hospital ecstatic. After several tries Vanessa is revived but she is in a coma. She has an out of body experience and tries to talk to everyone, but they can't hear her. The doctor's tell Matt that Vanessa may have brain or nervous system damage, and she may not come out of the coma.

Reva thinks back to when Annie told her that she hasn't seen the last of her and she would be back.

Ben gave Annie the name of someone to get her out of the country and gave her more money. Annie kissed Ben and left. He picks up the phone and calls Ross. All he gets is the answering machine. He leaves a message the he has heard from someone that the tape has been found and he wants to see it as soon as he gets it. Blake hears Ben on the phone and picks it up. She tells him everyone knows that he has the tape but he denies it. Ross walks in as he is talking to her. Ben taunts Blake and tells her if she doesn't believe him to come look for herself. Ross tries to get Ben to admit to having the tape but her once again denies it.

Annie walks up to the police guarding Reva's house and tells him to go get some coffee, she will guard the door. They leave right before Reva opens the door TO Annie. Anne grabs her around the neck and slams her against the wall.

Ben offers Ross a plea bargain. Ross gets angry and slings files from Ben's desk almost uncovering the tape that Ben had hidden.

Annie drags Reva from the house with an arm around her neck and a knife to her throat. Mara and Josh come running up behind them and Annie tells Reva she will be back when she's not expecting it and then runs.

Blake does not know that Ross is in Ben's office as she walks in and says "Ben you've gone too far this time, this isn't going to be as easy as getting me into bed". Ross walks around the corner and Blake's mouth drops.

Vanessa notices things are getting dark and realizes she is dying. Things then get real bright and white and she hears someone calling her name. Maureen Bauer then walks into her sight and says, "It's so good to see you old friend".

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