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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on GL
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Monday, November 6, 2000

Immigration Station:

Reva's captors led her into a dark room where she is fighting they off. They shove her down and leave her alone. She tries to fight against her restraints but to no avail. She talks out loud to Diego telling him that she fulfilled her promise to him and Ramona knows of his fate and how much he loved her. She also wonders who will tell her children what happened to their mother. She yells out loud that her captors have scared her and if that is what they were looking for they were successful. She is shouting when the goons come back in and toss Noah in badly beaten with blood all over his face. Reva climbs over to him and begs Noah to talk to her so she knows he is all right. She climbs over him and tries to stir him and he finally talks. He tells her to get off his chest so he can breathe. He is angry with her. He tells her that she had a chance to escape and she didn't take it. They argue and he tells her that she is going to have to learn that in any battle there can be only one commander. He tells her that the commander should be the one with the most experience and in their case that would be him. Reva wants to shut him up and kisses him. He smiles and tells her she knows how to make a guy feel better. He tells her that he needs to tell her something and she can't stop him this time. He tells her that she is a hell of a woman and very feisty. At first he just thought she was fun but then he realized what a big heart she has and how well she handles herself. She outsmarted him and sings a mean Karaoke. He said she is a good mother, journalist and a passionate lover. Reva interrupts him and asks if this is her eulogy. Noah says he has never said this and means everything he said. He tells her he is in love with her. Reva tells him he is a great person and he thinks she is trying to brush him off easily. Noah says he can't even make a decent exit to save face. She says before he came along, men were either friends, colleagues or ex-husbands. Then Noah came along and bosses her around all the time but still manages to keep her safe. He saved her life and probably many others as well. She knows he has seen a lot of pain and sadness in his life and she thinks he is a wonderful man. She is very lucky to know him. He teases her that her speech is the equivalent of a brush off. The goons come back in. They sit Noah and Reva back to back in two chairs and threaten them while they question them about what they are doing them. Noah jokes around with Reva and Goon #1 hits Noah. Reva is upset and visibly shaken.

At the Santos Compound:

Maria is in the garden when Buzz comes by to talk to her. She asks him how he is and he asks her to offer him a seat before he passes out. Maria offers Buzz a seat and some strong coffee. Buzz accepts. He tells Maria that he wants to know about his safety and the safety of his family and friends. She tells him they have nothing to fear from her. Buzz finishes his coffee and asks her what Danny knows about all of this. She tells him Danny knows nothing and still believes his father was killed by rival families. Buzz is glad that his instincts about Danny was correct. She tells Buzz that his instincts are very good. Buzz understands that Maria wants revenge on her son's death and that Carmen is dead so she can't act on her so she turned on Selena. He tells her that Selena is gone now and wants to know who she plans to take on next. She tells him that he is safe. He asks about Ross and Blake Marler and Maria tells him that they are safe as well. Buzz asks Maria for her word and she tells him that she wouldn't be able to give him her word if Carmen was still alive but since she isn't, she can. She tells Buzz that she has some questions for him now. Maria tells Buzz Selena betrayed him and Miguel. She didn't either of them. She just wants information about how to find her grandson. She tells him that she is sick and wont be around for long and would like to see her grandson before she dies. Buzz tells her she is good but he doesn't know where Selena is and wouldn't tell her if he did. Maria believes him. Buzz asks again if his friends and family are safe. Maria wants to know how much he will tell about what he knows. Buzz tells her that he hasn't and won't tell anything. He will keep quiet. He tells her that his kids are smart and both cops and he stonewalled them. He tells her to stay away from Selena and he will not talk. Maria agrees to the deal and Buzz walks out. Maria looks back at the door and says, "Que Hombre".

Pilar comes into the garden and sees Abuela sleeping. Pilar is worried and is glad when Abuela stirs. She tells her she thinks she needs rest. Danny comes in and agrees with Pilar. He thinks she needs a nap and tells Pilar to take her to the house. Maria tells him he is good and reminds her of Miguel. She tells Danny she is glad he is home. Their family has a leader.

A man in black arrives looking for Maria. He tells Danny he can only report to Maria and Danny slaps his face. He tells the man he will report to him (Danny) or the employment office.

At Cedar's:

Danny walks into Michelle's room and sees May with her. There is tension in the room. Danny gives her flowers for her birthday. Michelle tells Danny she almost forgot it was her birthday and proceeds to tell Danny about May's confession. Danny asks May what she is doing. She says she is trying to help him get his wife back and just wanted to tell the truth. Michelle asks Danny if he slept with May. May says she didn't tell Michelle anything she didn't already know and thinks they had a fight about it. Michelle says she thinks May was meaning to do the right thing, but this is the first she has heard about it. She would have preferred to hear it from Danny. Danny says he was waiting to tell her until after she got out of the hospital because she was supposed to avoid stress. May feels terrible and both Danny and Michelle tell her not to apologize. They ask her why she felt Michelle already knew about the affair. May doesn't say and tells them that she must have been mistaken. Danny tells May he needs to be alone with Michelle. May compares her and Danny's relationship with Belle and Rhett from Gone With the Wind while Michelle is like Scarlett, Rhett's true love. Michelle tells her it is okay and she understands. May tells them she will quit her job and leave town. Danny tells her to wait outside while he talks to Michelle. Danny tells Michelle about May's fixation with older movies. Michelle tells Danny that May was devastated and he should take care of May and she will call him later. Danny kisses her hand and leaves. May tells Danny she screwed up and he doesn't want to hear she is sorry. She tells Danny to shoot her now. Danny wants to know why she told Michelle. May says it keeps getting worse and worse. May says she will get a bus ticket out of town. Danny tells May they are friends and that doesn't have to change. May says it will change but he never led her on. May is glad Michelle is back and hopes everything works out for him. Danny hopes it works out for May too and will see her later at the club. Danny leaves.

Claire approaches May and asks if she has been crying. May says Claire gave her bad advice. She asks Claire if she wanted to purposely hurt Michelle. Claire tells her that sometimes you have to hurt people to help protect them. She tells May how Danny's family hurt people and how Michelle ended up killing Danny's brother to protect herself and Drew from his attack. Claire tells May she will do anything to protect her child and she would be wise to take heed and stay away from the Santoses as well.

Claire enters Michelle's room and wishes her a happy birthday. She says this is the first one they are celebrating together. Claire says she always celebrated it alone. Claire notices both sets of flowers and Michelle tells her they were from May and Danny. Claire acts stupid like she doesn't know May. Michelle tells Claire about Danny and May. Claire tells Michelle that she thinks it's terrible but Michelle tells Claire they weren't married anymore. Claire doesn't want Michelle to forgive him but Michelle wants to forgive Danny. She tells Claire to be quiet before her blood pressure goes up. Aunt Meta enters with a gift and Claire leaves.

Meta and Michelle are talking about Danny and May. Meta says that if Michelle's instincts tell her to forgive Danny then she should. She hands Michelle a gift and tells her that she thinks Danny will be faithful to her. She is just worried about Danny's loyalty to his family. Michelle tells Meta that Danny is ready to give that up. Meta says that Danny may not be able to walk away from the power. Michelle remembers what Ray said about people not being perfect and that they are capable of change. She says they both have to work at it. Danny has been loving and gentle to her. She thinks he will be the same to his children. She says Ray told her that love is an antidote for evil. She just wants to be sure she can stick with the marriage for good. Meta tells her to open the gift. It is a framed picture of hands reaching toward each other. Meta says that the journey itself is what counts. Meta tells Michelle "Happy Birthday". Michelle thanks her for the gift and the advice. Meta tells her to rest and she will tell Claire she is napping. Meta sees Buzz in the hallway and he faints at her feet. She calls for a nurse.

TUESDAY, November 7

At Cedar's:

Buzz is back in his hospital room pretending to be unconscious. Harley and Frank are harassing him asking him where he had gone. He doesn't tell them. They tell him that Rick is there to administer truth serum. He doesn't buy it. They ask him a million questions and he still says nothing. He tells them he doesn't want to talk to them about anything. They don't understand. He tells them the only person he has anything to say to is Susan. Harley and Frank look confused.

Later, Harley is still harassing Buzz. He tells her to leave him alone. She tells him if he doesn't talk she will investigate. He tells her if she does that he will file a harassment suit against her. Susan comes in and says hi to Buzz. He tells her to come in and tells everyone else to leave. Everyone reluctantly leaves. Sam comes in with Susan and asks Buzz not to upset Susan anymore than she is already. Buzz promises and Sam leaves the room. He tells Susan he likes Sam. Susan tells Buzz that she heard about his escape from the hospital. She asks where he went and he tells her he had to go get some answers for the questions she asked him. He tells her that she is stuck with him for a while. She seems to understand and smiles.

Outside, Sam introduces himself to Phillip. He talks about the plans Spaulding has drawn up for Lewis and how awesome they are. Harley is still complaining about how stubborn her dad is. She and Frank are annoyed but Phil is trying to tell them to go easy on Buzz. Rick tells Harley to stop obsessing or she will go nuts. She tells him that she will calm down, for him.

Buzz is asleep, so Susan leaves his bedside. Harley asks her what Buzz said. Susan tells her Buzz said he loved her (Susan) and fell asleep. Susan then asks Phil if she can use the office computer to do some internet research and Sam will go with her. Phil gives her a password and will tell security to expect them. Harley wonders and asks if he is sure about this, but he says he is not sure about anything anymore.

In Michelle's room, Danny asks her if he can come in. She lets him. She says she is overwhelmed but thinks the baby is fine and she hasn't had anymore back spasms. Danny was worried because she didn't call but she says it has only been a few hours. He wants to explain about May. He never would have touched May if he had any hope that they would get back together. May is sweet but can't compare to Michelle. Michelle wants him to listen to her. She hates that he was with another woman, especially someone sweet and beautiful like May. It makes her jealous and scared. She can't tell him how mad it makes her but she can see how it happened. She told him to leave her alone and started divorce proceedings. Danny asks if she can ever forgive him.

Noah and Reva are dropped off outside the emergency room and Noah is still unconscious. Reva shouts for someone to get a doctor. They go inside and Reva makes a call. Later, she asks a Nurse about Noah's condition. The nurse tells her she will have to wait for a doctor.

At the Lewis':

Susan is telling Shayne, Sam, Marah and Max about Buzz's beating and how bad he looked. She tells them that she can tell he was scared but he assured her that the thugs that did that to him wouldn't come back again. Max and Shayne are talking about the CD's. Max and Shayne think it is a bad idea. They talk about going to Company but Marah is grounded for sneaking off to Infierno instead of the library like she said. Marah doesn't understand why she is grounded anyway and thinks that if it is meant to keep her out of trouble someone should have grounded her mom long ago.

They start talking about their "business." They have sold 163 CD's and need to sell 37 more to make their cost. Shayne tells them getting the money is the least of their worries. They still have to figure out how to get out of the house and to Chicago over night. Sam says that Marah has to visit some colleges and there are a lot in Chicago so she can use that and Max and Susan have to go to see whatever dance performance is scheduled for the same night as the NuGround concert. Susan, Marah and Sam think it is all going to work. Shayne says he doesn't need an excuse because he thinks the whole idea is going to blow up in their faces.

Tony knocks at the door. Marah tells him he can't stay because she is in too much trouble. Tony tells her that Josh and Olivia are at Infierno and he spoke to their waiter and they will have very slow service tonight. Marah is arguing with Tony and tells him he acted like a jerk at Infierno last night. He didn't try to cover for Marah and fell apart in front of Josh. He says he is a realist, not a chicken. When you are a few cards short, play what you are dealt. Since he was caught, he had to show Josh the proper respect so he could live to pull a battle on another day. Marah doesn't want to hear it and tells him that they are busy. Tony asks if it she is talking about the CD scam. He asks how many they have left to sell. They tell him 37. He asks what would happen if they sold 500. They said they would be able to get a limo and a 1st class suite for their stay in the Windy City as well as a great dinner. Tony says he can sell 500 and makes a phone call. He tells the guy on the phone that he found 500 NuGround CD's that fell off a truck and asks if he wants them. The guy says he does and Tony hangs up. He tells the group that if they want to sell them he can hook them up. Max wants to know what is in it for him and he tells them he wants money just like they do. He offered them to the guy for $6 instead of $5 and tells them that the extra buck is for him. Tony gets $500 and they get $2500. They are excited. Tony tells them that when he wants something he usually gets it; he looks over at Marah. Sam wonders how they will burn that many CD's that fast, he says his laptop won't do it. Marah tells them that her dad has tons of computers as work and they can use them. Susan chimes in and says that she can borrow the key to the Spaulding computer lab from Beth as well. Sam asks how fast her dad's computers are. She says she isn't sure but it has to be fairly fast since Josh runs his micro-drafting programs on it. Shayne comes back in from calling Josh and tells Susan that Harley called and wants her to get to Cedars. He tells her that Buzz is asking for her. She is concerned.

Marah tells Tony she doesn't know where Shayne got to and he says he doesn't care as long as he has her to himself. She tells him he can turn on the charm but she is still angry because he turned coat with her dad the other night and now she is grounded. He tells her there is a bright side and that at least he knows where she is now when he wants her. He looks like he is about to kiss her when Josh and Olivia show up. Tony hides before they see him. Josh comes in and asks Marah to tell him what is going on. Marah lies and says she and Shayne were studying and asks how their dinner was. Josh says that he didn't have dinner because he had the feeling he needed to come home. She tells him that Sam, Max, and Susan came over. Marah realizes that Shayne called Josh and then she admits that Tony was there but left when she asked him to and there was no need for him to come home. Josh tells the kids to do their homework and she asks if she can use his work computer because she has to download a lot of info. Josh thinks that would be fine. The kids leave and Josh tells Olivia he wants to discuss their future. Josh tells Olivia they are both in the construction business, and their life is almost like building a house. First you have a plan, then a blueprint and then a foundation and you begin to build. Olivia wants to know what you build. Josh says you build something that will last a very long time. Olivia asks Josh how long is a long time but they are cut off when the phone rings. It is Reva and Josh asks her where she is. She says she is at Cedars and she needs his help. She wants him to come there. Josh says he is on his way. Marah and Shayne overhear but Josh tells them to stay home. He asks Olivia to come with him.

Immigration Station:

The thugs are questioning Reva and Noah about who they are and what they know. Noah gives them his name rank and serial number and leaves it at that. He doesn't say anything and then seems to pass out. The guy starts asking Reva questions and threatening her. She doesn't want to talk either. There is a knock at the door. It's Danny. He yells out, "What the hell is going on here?" They go to the door and Reva looks back at Noah. She shoves him until he stirs a little. She just wanted to make sure he was alive. The goons tell Reva to be quiet or they will kill them both.

Outside, Danny asks what is going on. They ask him who he thinks he is and he tells them if they cross him he will be their worst nightmare. He introduces himself as Danny Santos. The guy tells Danny that he doesn't want to be there. Danny wonders why that is. Danny asks if the guy thinks that because he is in the slave trade market. The guy asked how he found out and Danny told him that he intercepted a messenger they had sent to his home. He tells them that effective immediately, the Santos family is out of the slave trade business. He tells them that he knows about Reva and Noah and wants them out. Inside, Reva hears Danny's voice and recognizes it. The guy tells them that he doesn't answer to him and he should leave. Danny tells them to let Reva and Noah go and to close up shop. The goon tells Danny he doesn't take orders from him and Danny smiles. He asks the goon if he just threatened him and shows him his ring. He says he is the only one anyone answers to. He wants the operation shut down within the hour, all the immigrants are to be set free with $1000 each and Reva and Dr. Chase are to be dropped off at the hospital.

At Infierno:

Josh is having a hard time with the waiter. He keeps ignoring him. Olivia gets his attention and orders a drink. Olivia gives Josh and envelope from Ross. The divorce is final and Josh says he is single. Olivia apologizes and tells Josh that she knows it hurts. He tells her that it really doesn't. It is more of a relief to him. He tells her Reva is someone else's problem now and he isn't the same guy he was. He tells her he is the new Josh Lewis who is grateful to be with her and for her patience with him. He takes her hand and kisses it. Josh toasts Olivia right as his phone rings. It is Shayne. He asks him to come home. He tells his dad that he isn't trying to be a rat but believes he should get home ASAP. Josh looks funny at Olivia and says, "Check." They leave.

At Casa Santos:

Abuela is sitting in the garden. Danny arrives and she says she heard he had been busy. He says she has to. He asks if she wants to make it a contest and tells her that she loses. Danny confronts his grandmother about the slave ring. He asks what she was thinking. He tells her that he is out and that she never needed him anyway. He tells her that Michelle is pregnant with his baby and that is all he cares about. He doesn't want the other garbage. He tells her that there is nothing she can do to change his mind. He storms out and she grabs the phone. She calls someone and tells them that they have a problem.

WEDNESDAY, November 8

At Cedar's:

Michelle tells Danny that he doesn't have to apologize to her since she should be apologizing to him. She tells him that she was the one that pushed him away and she is sorry. He kisses her on the cheek. Michelle tells Danny that Meta came by and she told her what had happened with May. Danny thought that was a bad thing until Michelle told him that she was on their side as well. Danny was surprised. Michelle told him that her fears when she was talking to May was that she had lost him for good and he had already moved on. She said she was worried that he had only came back to her because of the baby. Danny tells her that he loves her and always has. Michelle tells him she loves him as well.

Danny tells Michelle that he had been thinking about what Ray had told them awhile back. He said that he reminded them that they made vows and that they have to stick together. They will have to say good-bye to a lot, but it is better that they are on their own and it couldn't have happened at a better time. He tells her that Abuela made it easy by crossing a line that he would never have crossed. Michelle asks him if that means nothing is standing in their way. She is excited and ready to go away with him. They both realize they owe it to their baby and it is the only way. Danny tells her that he wants to get away the next morning and tells Michelle he will gather together their passports and some cash. He kisses her and leaves her room. He meets up with Rick in the lobby and asks him to help him get Michelle released ASAP. He tells him he wants to get Michelle out of town as soon as he can so they can make a clean start. Rick wants to know where they will go but Danny tells him it will be safer for him not to know. He tells him he knows Michelle will miss him and Meta but it is the safest way. Rick goes to talk to Michelle.

Rick asks Michelle if she is scared. She says she is but it is the only way to make a clean break from the Santos family. Rick says it was hard enough when she moved to NYC, but now she will have to disappear from the face of the earth. Michelle says he is right but the only way she would stay is if it would endanger the baby to travel. Rick tells her that the baby will be fine and kisses her. He tells her that was just in case he doesn't get a chance to say goodbye.

Claire comes in and Michelle tells her that she and Danny are leaving. Claire is upset and adamantly against it and tries to talk her daughter out of it. She tells Michelle that they won't be able to call or fax, use their credit cards or bank accounts. Claire tells her to be tough, smart and alert and to think of herself and the baby first. She leaves.

Claire goes out and asks Rick if he knew Michelle was leaving with Danny. He tells her that he did and she wonders why he didn't tell her or at least try to stop them. Rick tells her that Michelle will be fine. Claire calls him an idiot and is very upset. Rick wants to know what she isn't telling him. He tells her that she is scaring him and he needs to know what is going on.

Noah is in a bed; Reva is asking him how many fingers she is holding up. He is conscious but can't really focus enough to tell. Rick comes into the room. He wants to run some tests and asks Reva to leave. She goes out to use the phone.

Outside, Danny is continuing through the lobby and runs into Reva who smiles at him. She asks him to stop in and see Noah. He goes in and tells her that he isn't good at hospital visits like his cousin Father Ray is. Noah thanks Danny for stopping by. Reva tells him she wants to thank him as well and Danny acts like he doesn't know what she is talking about. She tells him that she overheard every word he said when he came to the warehouse last night. Danny tells her she must be mistaken. She tells him that he saved their lives. Danny says even if it were him there is no need to thank him. She says she also overheard 'someone' at the warehouse say that the Santos part of the operation was over. Danny tells her that if she has a story, she should go with it. Reva thinks it may hurt him if she does the story and he assures her that it won't matter because he won't be there. He tells her that he and Michelle have reconciled and they are leaving town together. He also tells her about the baby. Reva is happy for them and Noah congratulates them as well. Reva tells Danny she would also like to know what happened to the others. He tells her that he heard they were on their way to Chicago with their identification and passports as well as enough money to get them settled. Reva is glad. Danny tells them he has to get going and leaves after they thank him once more. Noah tells Reva that whatever Danny may have said doesn't matter; she should not pursue the story for her own safety. Reva tells him not to boss her around.

Josh and Olivia come into the lobby. Reva comes out and Josh tells Reva the kids were anxious while she was gone. Reva tells him even though they were anxious; they were all safe and had three meals and all the necessities. She is sorry that they had stress but they were not in need of warmth and food and did not have their lives threatened. She suggests they count their blessings and Olivia blows up. She tells Reva it is no wonder Marah is dating a junior mobster, Shayne is fixated with his Lacrosse stick and Josh divorced her. Reva tells Olivia that she is a good mother and made sure that she left Marah and Shayne with some continuity. Olivia doesn't agree. Josh tells them to have it out but he isn't going to listen so he leaves them. Olivia tells Reva she lost her audience and Reva says she was talking to her. They continue to argue. Reva stands up to Olivia and tells her she refuses to feel guilty. Josh comes back to break up the argument. Reva tells Olivia if she had her own life instead of piggy backing on hers, she might not be so judgmental. Reva tells them both she will call the kids and tell them she will be home in half an hour. Josh tells Olivia not to worry about it and that Reva is Noah's problem now.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is trying to cheer up Richard when the phone rings. It's Reva. She asks her for help and tells her Noah is hurt. She wants her to come to SF and bring Richard with her. She tells her that there are some things going on in SC that they need to be aware of. Cassie says they will both be there in the morning. They hang up. Richard asks if Reva is in trouble. Cassie tells him that she is and that there is something having to do with San Cristobel .

Richard and Dax are talking to Edmund about what Edmund should do in Richard's absence. Ed's phone rings and it is Susan. She tells him she loved Cousin Bette and wants another book suggestion. He suggests Dante's "Inferno". Ed asks for Beth and Susan mentions that she wants to have a baby. Susan says real kids count and they forget about the adopted ones. He tells her she is worthwhile and he would never forget about her. He gets off the phone and Cassie and Richard ask if Ed has a special friend. Edmund mentions that Susan is having a problem and asks to go on the trip to SF with them. He says if he goes on the trip with them, he won't be able to formulate a rebellion in San Cristobel .

Cassie is talking to Rourke when she turns and starts to faint. Rourke catches her. Richard is worried and Cassie says she hasn't felt like this since she was pregnant. She puts her head down and looks sick. She holds her stomach and mouth while running from the room. Ed follows Rourke into the hallway and says they can't hide Cassie's pregnancy from her any longer. He tells him they have to hurry their plan along. He tells Rourke to take the diamond garter with them to SF and to lose some of the diamonds at the new casino. He tells him after that to make sure Dax finds out about it.

At the LeMay's:

Jim tells Beth she never had to clip coupons before she married him but she reassures him she grew up doing that and it is will be worth it to afford another baby. They kiss and Susan observes them. She is upset that they are talking about having another kid. Jim tells Susan he is sorry and that he wasn't trying to keep it from her but talking about trying to have another baby is private. They are not trying to hurt her. Beth tries to reassure her that they love her. Susan wants to call Edmund in San Cristobel . She wants another book suggestion and Jim agrees to let her call.

At Infierno:

May is asking Tony for her final paycheck. She wants to leave since Danny is back with Michelle. Tony tells her to hang around since the reconciliation may not take. He says she can kill time with him and share a few laughs. Danny comes in and tells Tony and May that he is leaving and taking Michelle with him. He lets them know that they have worked through everything and are back together. Danny tells Tony if he plays his cards right with Abuela, Infierno could be his. Tony asks Danny if he thinks Abuela would let him run the joint, when Danny didn't want him to work there at all. Danny says there really isn't anyone else to run the place. He tells Tony to take care of his brother as well. He tells Tony not to get greedy and always help out the church. Tony suddenly is supportive in Danny's decision. Danny says goodbye to May and tells her not to quit and to stay at the club, unless Tony gets too forward to her. May is glad that things worked out for Danny and Michelle. She mentioned that she told Michelle about her and Danny. Tony is surprised and thinks that May did it to make Michelle leave Danny but she tells him that wasn't why she told. She tells Tony how Claire tricked her into telling Michelle. Danny overhears and tells her he should have realized that Claire was behind it. He said it is just another reason they have to leave town. Danny tells her to take care and he grabs the cash and leaves. Tony struts around the club announcing that they are in "Tony's Infierno". He hits the stereo and starts dancing around the club. May stands to the side and cries.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

At Cedars: In Michelle's Room:

Michelle is sitting on her bed dressed when Danny comes in and asks her if she is ready to go. She tells him she is and he tells her that the car is out front of the hospital and after he signs her out they will be on their way. She tells him how happy she is and kisses him. Rick arrives and says it looks like he made it just in time. Rick hugs Michelle and tells her that he just wants her to be happy. He tells Danny that he is going to try to be happy for them and not worry. He tells Danny to take care of his sister. Rick says that Claire is in a state of panic and Danny says he is sure she is. Rick asks them how long they will be gone and if it will be forever. Michelle says they will be gone long enough to start their family. Danny goes to do the paperwork and gives Rick and Michelle a few moments alone. Rick tells Michelle to call if she needs anything. She promises to stay in touch and Rick leaves to go on round. Michelle sits back on the bed to wait on Danny and an orderly comes in with a vitamin shot for Michelle that he says Claire had prescribed for her and the baby. Michelle rolled up her sleeve and took the shot. She thanked the orderly and then noticed she felt woozy. She tells him that something is wrong and she doesn't feel well. Michelle sits down and passes out. Another orderly comes in and helps get Michelle in a wheelchair and disguise her as they push her out into the elevator.

Danny comes back into Michelle's room and can't locate her. He gets concerned and goes out to find Rick. He asks Rick where she is and he also doesn't know. Danny is worried that something may have happened with the baby and they took her back in for more tests. Rick pages Claire. She gets there and they ask her where Michelle is. She tells them that she had been in the delivery room all morning and has no idea where she is. Now they all are worried.

In Noah's room:

Marah, Shayne and Reva come in to visit. Marah says that they had to promise not to ask any questions so they aren't sure why or how he is there. Noah tells Reva that he believes he can trust the kids and he starts telling them about how he worked as a spy. Marah blew him off and said that they don't want to hear the James Bond crap. She thought he would respect them more then that. The kids start guessing where they had been and what happened with them. They decided that they went on a romantic getaway, Reva did something stupid and Noah ended up defending her.

Richard and Cassie come in and are asking what happened with Noah. Richard tells him he looks terrible. Marah tells Richard that Noah is telling spy stories. Richard asks her and the kids if he could talk to Noah and Reva alone for a moment. They left the room. Noah tells Richard that Reva knows everything. Richard is not happy. Noah finally tells Cassie that he is an operative for an international intelligence agency. Cassie asks Richard if he knew and why he didn't tell her. Richard tells her that he was sworn to secrecy. Noah says he met Richard when he was working in SC on a job. Cassie asks if this had anything to do with what they saw the other night at Tower's garage. Noah explains everything about Woody and how he was dead when they spotted Reva on top of him that night. He tells them about the search for Diego. Reva tells them they were on the hull of a ship in SC and made their way back to SF. They start to tell Richard what they found and Richard says he knew there were illegal immigrants being run through his port. Reva asks why he let it continue. Richard says that he was contacted by Noah's agency who knew all about it and had mapped out a plan that required no interference until its completion. It was a difficult decision but he allowed them to handle it in hopes for a permanent solution. He says that they have to be pragmatic about it. Noah says the SF part of the operation is shut down. Richard wants to know about Noah's agency, but he says he will convince them that Reva won't talk to insure their safety. Richard says he will check in at Towers with Cassie and come back to see Noah later. Reva asks Noah what is going on after they leave. She wants to know if they are in trouble for all the problems they found. Noah says they are okay but he will go to Washington to straighten things out and make sure. He tells her that he just wants to be free from the agency so they can be together so if they don't tell what they know everything will be okay and the agency can still go on with their plan. She tells him not to worry about them and he needs to recover first. He says he knows what he wants from her and asks if she knows what she wants from him.

At Company:

Buzz is using the blender, trying to drown out the sound of Frank's questions. Frank says if he doesn't want to talk, he should have stay in the hospital. Susan asks Frank to leave Buzz alone. Harley arrives and Frank tells her Buzz still isn't talking. Buzz takes the 5th. Phil tells him he was trying to take Buzz's side but Harley is pacing the floor at night, not eating and is making herself sick. He thinks he should stop being selfish and tell her what happened. Susan tells Phil he is the last person to be criticizing Buzz. Harley tells Phil she hasn't met anyone as stubborn as Buzz, but Phil says he has. Harley asks Susan to join them for breakfast and she finally agrees. Harley wants to know if Buzz is complaining of headaches and she says that she hasn't heard anything. She does add that they should stop bugging Buzz. Phil asks how Susan is doing and she tells them that Beth is planning to have another baby with her dad. She said she wished one person would demonstrate common sense. Harley and Phil are stunned.

Beth arrives at Company with the baby and Susan's ant farm for school. Phil sees her and wants to ask her something. He approaches her about the plan to have another baby. He tells her she is overextended. Beth says it is none of his business. Phil thinks the timing is wrong and Beth tells him to stay away from her. She storms out and Phil is surprised. Harley wants to know what happened. Phil says he wants her to reconsider having a baby, and Harley says, "You didn't". She is very upset and tells Phil that Beth having another baby is none of his business. He tells her that Beth isn't financially able to handle another baby. They start to argue. Harley tells him he is overbearing and arrogant. She rushes out of Company. Frank and Buzz are smiling and waving at Phillip.

Ross comes in and talks to Buzz. Buzz tells Ross that he and Blake are safe and goes on to talk about his visit with Maria Santos. He tells him that she is a straight shooter and he believed her. Ross says Blake will be relieved. Buzz says that if Blake is going to write a book, she better disguise her facts very well. Maria doesn't have a sense of humor.

At the LeMays':

Ed is waiting on the porch when Beth arrives home. Ed says he is there to respond to Susan's plea for help. Beth is annoyed and says maybe everyone should take a vote about whether she should have a baby with Jim. She tells him to put his royal butt on a plane back to San Cristobel .

Inside, Edmund is playing with the baby and asks Beth if she is having a bad day. He apologizes for upsetting her earlier. Beth doesn't want another man condescending to her. Ed says she must be talking about Phil. He isn't used to seeing this side of her. He says maybe people are interfering because they care about her. She doesn't want that. He tells her that he doesn't believe she wants him to stop caring about her. She admits that she doesn't. He says that having another baby so soon can't be good for her health. She already has a beautiful son and he wonders why she can't just enjoy him. Beth thinks he actually likes baby James, and he says they bonded when James spit up on him. He tells her that the baby needs her attention. Edmund tells her that when he pictures her with child, he thinks of her surrounded by sea air, smiling at him. Beth tells him to stop talking like that.

Friday, November 10, 2000

At Cedar's:

David and Harley are interviewing Rick about Michelle's disappearance. He is upset. Harley tells him they will do as much as they can unofficially but they have to wait 24 hours to bring in anyone else on an official search. Harley tells Rick that she will do her best.

At the Lewises':

Reva received her final decree of divorce and is reading it when Cassie shows up. She is upset and tells Cassie that she was expecting it but seeing it in black and white really upsets her. Reva says it was all her fault, she wore the marriage away, but she can't believe that Josh had stopped loving her. Cassie says that she and Josh will never lose each other even if they can't live together and they will never stop loving each other. Reva cries and Cassie tries to comfort her. She tells Reva to let herself fall apart and cry on her shoulder. Cassie goes over everything that has happened with her in the last few days and tells her that she needs a good cry. Cassie suggests that Reva take a hot bath and get a nap. She says she will take care of everything else. Reva thanks her and goes upstairs. Marah and Shayne come in and see Cassie doing laundry. She tells them that Reva is taking a much needed rest. They all go in the kitchen to start fixing dinner.

Later, Reva is on the couch in her robe with Marah giving her a pedicure. Marah says she wants to go look at a few colleges with Sam next week. Reva tells her to wait a week and she will go with her. Marah says Sam has already made appointments. Reva says she will discuss it with Josh. There is a knock at the door and Marah goes to answer it. It is Catalina. Reva sees her at the door and goes over and hugs her. Shayne looks very pleasantly surprised. Reva is glad to see her and introduces her to the kids. Reva tells the kids she met Catalina during her trip that they aren't talking about. Reva tells Catalina she tried to find her after they were released. Catalina says she went to Cincinnati with the bus ticket and cash she was given. She said the place was too large and she came back to the town Reva had told her about. Catalina said she has no idea what to do next.

At Company:

Josh tells Olivia that he loves her and wonders why she isn't more excited. She tells him she wants to believe him but wonders how he can really mean it. She thinks he may be on the rebound from the divorce. He tells her again that he loves her and she smiles. She says the next logical step is usually marriage, but she knows it isn't their next step. Josh wonders why she doesn't think that is their next step. She says she realizes he doesn't want to marry her. Josh looks at her and smiles. He says, "Marry me." She says "What?" and he repeats the question. Olivia tells him he is torturing her by saying the words she has dreamed of hearing. She tells him it is too soon and Josh should have some room to himself. Josh tells her to trust him. He knows how important marriage is and he doesn't make commitments lightly but he wants to make this one with her. He tells her she has been patient with him and he has wanted to move forward for a long time. He promises he is not reacting to anything else, he sincerely wants to marry her. Josh reaches across the table for Olivia's hands and proposes again. She smiles and says yes and they kiss.

At the Santos Compound:

Ray, Tony and Danny are waiting for Abuela. Danny tells Tony that Infierno is his. Ray is worried but Tony says it is only the club. Ray is worried and wants Tony to get a straight job. Tony says he worked hard at the club and even pays taxes. He tells him that he ignores him until he (Ray) thought he (Tony) was in trouble. Tony says he is not in trouble and is going to the club. Danny tells Ray not to listen to Tony. Ray is upset and says he has to go back to church. He mentions that Abuela won't say anything in front of him anyway. Ray says he will pray for them all. Danny sees Abuela and tells her he needs her help to find Michelle. Abuela says she is sorry to see Danny so distressed but she can't help him with finding Michelle. Danny knows she can and asks her why Claire would think she could help him. He yells at her and starts beating his fist against the table. She is shaken and tells him that Michelle is at the ferry docks. He asks her what she is doing there and she says that she is praying he gets there in time. Danny turns and runs out.

At Infierno:

Jim lost all his cash at the casino and starts to leave. He goes to see Tony and gets a loan marker for $35,000. Tony tells him the interest will be compounded weekly. Jim thanks him and goes out to the cashier. Ed is watching as Jim gambles more and more and loses.

Ed meets Rourke and asks him how his luck is going. Ed tells Rourke it is time to begin their plan. Rourke goes in to see Tony and tells him he would like to see some bigger action. He wants $10,000 in chips and offers the diamonds as collateral. Tony is not impressed and thinks they may not be real. Rourke says he works for the Princess of SC and the diamonds are straight from the royal garter. Tony thinks he is a thief, but Rourke says they were a gift for personal services rendered to the princess. Tony looks at the flawless diamonds and agrees. Rourke goes out to gamble a little.

Dax comes in and is greeted by Tony. Tony asks him if he is there with the prince. Dax said he was just browsing. Tony asks if Rourke really attends the Princess. Dax says he is her bodyguard and is above reproach. Tony tells Dax that Rourke helped himself to some of the royal jewels and tells him Rourke's story. Dax is not happy.

At the blackjack table, Rourke and Jim are gambling. Jim is losing and Ed tries to stop him. He tells Jim Beth deserves better.

At the docks:

Two goons lay an unconscious Michelle on the ground. They say nothing is supposed to happen to her until it is time. After awhile she stirs in time to see a hooded figure all in black approach her. Michelle looks up and watches as the woman takes her scarf off. It is Carmen. Carmen tells Michelle that Danny can't help her now. Michelle screams.

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