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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on GL
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Monday, August 23, 2004

Gus arrives at Company and approaches Beth, who is eating alone. She guesses he is there looking for Harley, but he denies it saying he is only there for the food. He tells Beth he realizes his relationship with Harley is over. He admits that Harley would take him back if he turned his back on his entire family - including his father. Beth agrees it wouldn't be fair but tells Gus he needs to be honest with himself about Harley. 'You need her,' she tells him. Gus says he doesn't and he can prove it. He asks Beth to go to a bar with him and have a drink - or ten. Beth says his proposition is proof he's not over Harley.

Frank and Buzz arrive at Harley's ready to move in with her as they prepare to take down the Spauldings. Phillip arrives to pick up Zack for his visit. Harley tells him to get out. Phillip ignores her and makes his way into the house anyway, saying his plans for Company have nothing to do with their custody arrangement. Zack races into the room, jumps into his father's arms and announces he wants to go to Company for dinner. Phillip leaves with Zack. Harley answers a knock at the door. It's Olivia who says she knows about Harley's plan to join with her and Bill to destroy the Spauldings. Olivia says she is not interested in a partnership with Harley because she's too good. Harley assures her any decency she had left has been destroyed by the number of times she has been hurt. Olivia insists Harley is not prepared to hurt innocent people and besides, she is busy with Harley's Angels. Harley says she will give up her agency. Olivia is skeptical, but at that moment Mel arrives. Olivia grins at Harley and tells now is her chance. Harley informs Mel she is taking a leave of absence from the agency. Mel agrees to cover for her and leaves. Harley and Olivia cement their partnership with a handshake.

Phillip arrives with Zack. Beth questions his judgment in showing up at Company considering his plans to ruin the business. Before he can respond he takes a call on his cell phone. Beth overhears Phillip telling the caller to do whatever must be done to evict the tenants 'Tonight!' Beth rolls her eyes. After hanging up, Phillip assures her it is only business!

Danny is shocked to discover Michelle wants them to go their separate ways. She says a separation does not mean they have to break up. She accuses Danny of being prepared to sell their dream home instead of letting her go forward with her plans to open a restaurant at the Lighthouse. Danny accuses her of wanting to do this so she can be closer to Tony. Michelle says that isn't the reason, but tells Danny at least Tony 'gets her' the way she is now. Michelle packs a bag and tells Danny she will be at the Lighthouse.

Edmund awakens after a dream about Cassie and Jeffrey to hear Cassie on the phone. Thinking she's on the phone with Jeffrey, he leaps from the bed and snatches the phone from her saying he can't tolerate her relationship with the DA any longer. Cassie is shocked by his behavior and tells him she was on the phone with her kids! Edmund, wild-eyed and breathing hard, doesn't believe her. The phone rings again and Edmund thrusts it at Cassie and tell her to answer it - it's probably Jeffrey again. Cassie answers but there is no one on the other end. Edmund tells her he needs time alone to think. Cassie agrees to leave and go to her sister's house. After telling Edmund she loves him, Cassie leaves and goes to the farmhouse where she finds Jeffrey. Jeffrey tells Cassie he has apprehended her impersonator and she is now in police custody.

After making love to him on the floor at the farmhouse, Dinah realizes Jeffrey has called the cops and set her up. Jeffrey, tucking in his shirt, says 'Well at least we had a little fun before it happened.' Dinah flies at him in a rage, but he stops her and says he warned her of what would happen if she showed up in Springfield. Dinah agrees there will definitely be trouble if the cops come in. She rips open her shirt and threatens to accuse Jeffrey of raping her. After considering this Jeffrey reminds Dinah she is a fugitive wanted for murder, while he is the District Attorney. Who does she think the cops will believe? Dinah grabs a fireplace poker and tells Jeffrey she'll crack his head open if he comes any closer. She dials Cassie's number with her free hand. Cassie is heard on the other end, 'Hello. Hello?' With the phone on mute, Dinah tells Jeffrey if he doesn't call off his people she will reveal herself to Cassie and tell her she has been impersonating her with Jeffrey at her side impersonating Richard.

Jeffrey walks outside and tells the cops it was a false alarm. Back inside, Dinah tells him he made the right choice and he will never see her again. Jeffrey points and fires a gun at Dinah. He deliberately misses but tells Dinah he will kill her in cold blood if lays eyes on her again. Dinah uses her cell phone to record the threats.

Dinah leaves the farmhouse and finds Edmund alone in his room. She rushes into his arms and tells Edmund Jeffrey just tried to kill her. Edmund doesn't believe her until she plays the recording for him. Edmund begins seething again. He tells Dinah to stay with him where she will be safe.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tony learns from Michelle that she's moved into the lighthouse and that Danny intends to sell the house.

Meanwhile, Danny tries to be a good soldier and let Blake show his home to prospective buyers. But, Danny's love for Michelle and the house makes it all but impossible for him to let it go. Just when it seems the right buyer will never appear, Tony arrives, prepared to pay cash. Danny refuses to consider selling the house to his cousin but Tony talks sense into him, saying that when Michelle and Danny get back together, Tony will sell it back to them. Danny has no choice but to accept the offer. Later, Tony settles into his new home, and Michelle is not far from his thoughts.

Phillip and Olivia continue to spar over the future of Spaulding and while Phillip has the upper hand in the boardroom, Olivia has the upper hand with their daughter. Meanwhile, Phillip's other daughter, Lizzie, has her own plans and they include a weekend in New York with Joey. She convinces him to come with her and gains her father's approval, but when she gets to NY, Joey calls to say he's not coming, Tammy needs him.

Tammy is very upset to learn that the imposter has been in her home, and Cassie discovers the bullet hole that resulted from Jeffrey's warning shot at Dinah. She believes it resulted from a desperate struggle with the imposter and realizes how close Jeffrey came to death.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Bill, Harley and Olivia gather to discuss bringing down Phillip and the rest of the Spauldings. Harley is furious when Olivia implies that saving Company is less important than attacking Spaulding's entire multi-million dollar corporation. Harley vows to search for the eminent domain documents. She learns Gus is now the head of Spaulding's legal counsel. He pleads with Harley to let him help save Company. She tells him he can help by getting the eminent domain documents pertaining to Company for her. Harley asks one of the Spaulding servants about Phillip's activities. She agrees to let Harley know if she sees or hears anything. Gus gives Harley the eminent domain papers.

Tony informs Michelle he has bought the house from Danny. As with everyone else, she is skeptical. When some strange guys show up at the light house, Michelle sends them away, assuming Danny sent them. Michelle and Tony discover someone does not want them to proceed with the light house project.

As the bull-dozing date gets closer, Buzz runs Company with a heightened passion against the Spauldings. When Reva and Sandy gather there to eat lunch, she expresses concern over Buzz's tense attitude. Reva tells him Phillip owns WSPR now, and he nixed her idea to do a show about Company. Sandy tells Reva he does not want to do the show about adopted children looking for their parents. She gives him the documents to release Jonathan's trust fund. When Reva tells him he must present ID to the bank to get the money, Sandy abruptly and firmly turns down the money. Reva announces she is throwing him a birthday bash tonight. Alone, Sandy inquires about the type of ID he will need to claim the trust fund.

Billy comes to Buzz with an offer to relocate Company. Buzz refuses to back down, and intends to fight Phillip. Billy warns Olivia to back off from Bill. Buzz is rude to Phillip when he comes in for lunch. Phillip announces Company will be torn down a bit earlier - as in next week! After a vicious argument with Phillip, Buzz collapses.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

After Buzz collapses, Harley rushes to his side while Gus calls 911. At Cedars Hospital, Harley tells Rick about how Phillip caused Buzz to collapse. She also puts the old Spaulding blame on Gus for Buzz's condition. Back at Company, Michelle takes over for the ailing Buzz - for practice when the light house restaurant opens. Mel tells Michelle she can tackle the light house project without Tony. Rick tells Harley, Marina and Frank it appears that Buzz had a heart attack. The ailing Buzz asks Gus and Harley to promise him they will take a second chance together. He begs them not to throw away their love. Harley and Gus assure no promises, but they will work on it. Tony overhears Mel talking to Michelle. A replica of the light house arrives for Michelle - along with the permit! Danny has made it happen. When Phillip arrives with flowers and sympathy for Buzz, Harley shouts blame at him and tears up the flower bouquet.

At the Spaulding mansion, Phillip gives Reva and Sandy the green light to do the adoption story. Reva tells Phillip to drop the other shoe. He asks for her endorsement - and wants her to interview him - and she will do it if she wants to remain with the station. Reva confides in Sandy that she will make a fool out of Phillip on the air. Reva catches Sandy tapping into the Spaulding computer. She receives a call from Marina about Buzz. As she takes off for Cedars, Reva asks Sandy to tell Phillip the interview will have to be rescheduled. Sandy taps into the computer some more. We discover he is making a phony passport.

Dinah dyes her hair brown to disguise herself from Jeffrey. Changing her voice, she calls Cassie pretending to be from Jeffrey's office. Dinah tells her Jeffrey requests her presence at the Springfield Inn regarding the identity theft case. Dinah asks Edmund how things are going with Cassie. He replies they are fine. Dinah tells Edmund Cassie is meeting Jeffrey at the Springfield Inn - and that Cassie and Jeffrey are just beginning. Cassie arrives at the Inn and finds out Jeffrey is not there. Edmund questions what Dinah is up to. She tells him to go to the Inn and see for himself. When Edmund leaves for the Inn, Dinah calls Jeffrey and asks for a meeting. At the meeting, she tells him she has gone back to her old look. She tells Jeffrey she is leaving town. Dinah promises she knows how to make Cassie fall in love with him. Asleep at the Inn, Cassie dreams of being attacked by the imposter. She calls out for Jeffrey in her sleep. Edmund arrives and hears her calls for Jeffrey. She wakes up and tells Edmund about the dream and how frightened she is. Edmund tells Cassie he is at his breaking point. He accuses her of wanting to sleep with Jeffrey, and advises her to call out the right name -- Jeffrey, not Richard. Cassie slaps Edmund hard. Jeffrey and Dinah share a kiss. She tells him he is just as obsessed as she is. Dinah claims she has nothing compared to Cassie. Dinah confesses she drugged his drink and drinks the tainted drink herself, and collapses. Cassie informs Edmund if he cannot get over his obsession about her and Jeffrey, then he must walk out the door and never look back. Dinah tells Jeffrey she faked the poisoned drink. Edmund says he will fight for Cassie and they share a romantic moment. They end up in bed.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Sandy's at home looking at his passport. He hurriedly hides it when Reva comes in the room and suggests that they go to the bank to get his trust fund. Sandy adamantly refuses to go. Confused by his reaction, Reva assures him that Richard would have wanted him to have it. As she's trying to convince him, the phone suddenly rings, to Sandy's relief. While Reva's on the phone with Shayne (a call that Sandy set up), Sandy retrieves the passport and pockets it. After Reva's done with the call, she thanks Sandy for arranging it, she figures out that's why he didn't want to go to the bank. He confirms it and says they can go any other day. Reva assures him that he will get that money. Just then Remy, Marina, Tammy, and Joey arrive for Sandy's birthday party. Reva notices how happy Joey and Tammy look and asks Tammy if they're back together? Tammy says no, but she's been wondering why they shouldn't be? Later, Tammy and Joey seem to be having a good time and seem to be very comfortable with each other. However, when Joey notes that he's there to keep his eye on Tammy, she's offended and when he states that he's been worried about her because of her mother's identity thief, Tammy asks if that's the only reason he's with her. Uncomfortable, Joey doesn't answer the question, Instead he asks Tammy if she's had fun with her? He wishes she wouldn't get so worked up and make everything complicated. Just then, Lizzie calls. She says she's been talking up his CD's in New York and wants to know what he's doing. Joey doesn't seem too anxious to talk to Lizzie. He mentions that he's at Sandy's party but makes no mention at all of Tammy. After rushing through his call with Lizzie, he tells Tammy that he had a really good time with her today.

Sandy thanks Reva for arranging the party for him and for everything she's done for him. She won't accept his thanks, stating that he came into her life at the right time for both of them. Later, when the party's over, the phone rings. Sandy answers it. It's someone from the bank who mistakenly thinks he's talking to Josh. He informs him that there is a problem. They believe the boy who is claiming to be Reva's son is an imposter.

A furious Harley orders Phillip to get out of the hospital. Gus is holding her back, but she breaks away and lays into Phillip , calling him sick and saying it's only a matter of time before he's locked away again. Phillip then states that he was ready to put an end to all of this by relinquishing Company back to Buzz. But he's changed his mind now. With that, he takes a contract and rips it up. Harley and Gus are both shocked but Phillip is unapologetic. He's let Harley spit in his face and then offer her a gift? As Harley is getting angry, Phillip refuses to take any responsibility for Buzz's heart attack, in fact saying that it's how Buzz took care of himself. With that, Harley loses it and attacks Phillip as Blake and Rick walk by. While Blake gets Harley away, Rick tries to talk to Phillip about what he's doing. But Phillip insists it's just business. Phillip tells Rick to trust him and not believe what everyone says about it. Phillip leaves and Rick is at a loss to explain Phillip's actions. Gus follows Phillip to the hospital parking lot to berate him for what he's doing. He accuses him of torturing Harley. Phillip states that he doesn't wish any harm to come to Buzz, as long as he doesn't try to harm Phillip. Gus can't understand Phillip's attitude (since what did the Coopers ever do to him?), but Phillip points out that Gus was just as ruthless and vindictive when he first came to Springfield. Gus notes that he's nothing like Phillip, Phillip states that according to Harley he is, and he should embrace that. Again, Gus urges Phillip to stop punishing the Coopers. Phillip says it's not about punishment; it's about knowing who you are. Gus asks Phillip who he is? Phillip says, pointedly, "I'm Phillip Spaulding. Who are you?" As Gus walks off, Phillip makes a call telling the person on the other end that they'll have to go with the alternate plan. Move the schedule up.

Gus returns to the OR. Harley asks if he and Phillip had a nice chat. Gus states that he just wanted to make things right. He mentions to her that they seemed to have a moment earlier. He was hoping they were on the verge of remembering what they meant to each other. He tells her he wants to work on making the gap between them smaller. He knows she still loves him; he can see it in her eyes and he won't stop trying. As Harley walks off to greet Frank, Gus's cellphone rings. He's shocked to learn the demolition has been moved up to today and rushes off without telling anyone. When Harley returns, she's disgusted to hear that Gus left, saying something about Spaulding business. A little later, Buzz is wheeled in for surgery. He inquires about Gus, and Harley says he just stepped out to take a call. Buzz tells Harley to remember what he said, forget the small stuff. He's wheeled away and Harley is mad because Gus wasn't there for her father. She says she doesn't know who he his any more and after today, she doesn't care. At the same time, Gus arrives at Company and tries to explain to the foreman that Company can't be torn down today, but the man insists he's under orders from Phillip. As Gus tries to stop the demolition, angry protesters overhear him introduce himself as a Spaulding and start to converge on him. Though he tries to explain that he's on their side, they don't seem to believe him.

Jeffrey forces Dinah onto a private plan and announces that she's going back to Europe and will forget all about Springfield. As he starts to leave, he informs her that he's not interested in Cassie. He urges her to get over her obsession with Cassie and get a new life. Dinah says "likewise." Jeffrey warns Dinah not to leave the plane--he has agents surrounding it. Suddenly, Dinah asks Jeffrey for one more kiss. He complies and a piece of paper falls out of the purse she's holding. Jeffrey looks at it and notes that it's a phone number-- Cassie's. Dinah tells him that she called Cassie and told her that Jeffrey wanted to meet hear at the Springfield Inn to discuss his investigation. Jeffrey can't believe she did that and asks Dinah why she did it. She says to see how fast Jeffrey would run to Cassie. She asks Jeffrey what he wants. He states that he wants his life back, but Dinah thinks he needs to be close to Cassie to protect her. After telling the stewardess to make sure Dinah doesn't get off the plane, Jeffrey leaves. Just then a delivery girl boards the plane. The girl, who looks a lot like Dinah, approaches Dinah who asks the girl where has been? She almost didn't think she'd be able to board. Soon after, Dinah and the delivery girl switch places, and Dinah leaves the plane. She then finds R.J. and tells him that she's not leaving without him and she whisks him away.

Cassie wakes up in Edmund's bed and is surprised to see Edmund already dressed. He tries to apologize for last night, but she assures him that he has nothing to worry about, that she chose him. He leaves the room satisfied, yet remembers her calling out Jeffrey's name in her sleep. While Edmund is gone, Jeffrey bursts in. Cassie, having gotten out of the shower, comes out wearing only a towel since she thinks he's Edmund. Just then Edmund does walk in and Jeffrey explains that he's there to discuss the investigation. Cassie has just learned about Buzz though and has to leave for the hospital. With her gone, Edmund asks Jeffrey why he set up the meeting. Jeffrey explains that they have a suspect whom he's going to meet with in D.C.. Edmund offers to do it, but Jeffrey declines but says he understands Edmund's wish, everyone ones to protect what's precious to them. Edmund agrees, and adds "at any cost" Jeffrey urges Edmund to get over his jealousy, Jeffrey just wants the case wrapped up, that's why he's been hanging around. Edmund finds that intriguing since how can a man who's on leave from the Federal Government wrap up a federal case? Edmund assumes that Jeffrey's been sticking around because he wants to be near Cassie. Edmund then offers to have his people take over the investigation and asks Jeffrey for the name of the suspect. Jeffrey suddenly seems resigned and states that he did blow the whole identity theft out of proportion. He admits to purposely making Cassie afraid so he'd be close to her. He tells Edmund that he desires Cassie and so where Cassie is concerned, he's going to do whatever desire tells him.

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