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Monday, August 22, 2005

At Gus and Harley's wedding reception, Jeffrey insists that Cassie live up to her promise and sing with the band. Reva does her best to patch up the problems between her and Josh. When Cassie finally does get on stage and begins a truly awful performance, Reva jumps in to bail out her sister. Despite the humorous show and good attempts by both Reva and Josh, the couple still can't bridge the distance between them.

Meanwhile, Dinah comes to the party full of suspicion that Edmund may not be letting go of his obsession with Cassie. Edmund does his best to reassure her. He gives her a special drink, mixed with sleeping pills, which knocks her out. He leaves to meet with his lawyer and demands a newborn as soon as possible.

After sending Michelle an invitation to the wedding, Danny and Marina are waiting for her arrival. Danny has mixed feelings about Michelle and is afraid to see her, unsure about what will happen. Determined to move on, he and Marina escape the wedding and find their own private paradise in the tree house before heading back to face Michelle.

Unseen, Michelle does come to the party, but hangs back outside of Company. She is unsure about how to tell Danny, and the world, that she's pregnant. As she hesitates, Edmund comes upon her. After seeing her pregnant belly, he begins to hatch a new plan.

Beth is with Alan at the asylum where a minister pronounces them husband and wife in front of their witness, Lillian. Her wedding gift to him is to reveal that Rick opened Phillip's tomb and confirmed for everyone that Phillip is indeed dead. Alan is stunned at the news and summons Rick to give him some answers.

Embarrassed about not being able to buy Harley and Gus a wedding gift, Lizzie tries to steal money from the bridal cash box. Coop catches her and realizes how much she needs to prove herself. So he goes to Josh and gets her a job with WSPR. Lizzie is grateful and excited until Beth shows up with a ring on her finger.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Edmund comes to Michelle's rescue, preventing a just returned Danny and Marina from discovering her pregnancy. Michelle is grateful but wary of his kindness until Edmund points out their common bond - they're both alone and both waiting for a baby to arrive. He offers his suite to her as a hideout and encourages her to keep her baby a secret. Michelle, faced with limited options, takes him up on his offer, unaware of his ulterior motives.

Meanwhile, Marina and Danny finally get out from under Michelle's shadow and move forward with their relationship. They make love for the first time, and embrace a future free of obstacles, unaware of Michelle's pregnancy.

Lizzie is rocked when she learns Beth married Alan. She's even more stunned when Beth tries to use her new position against her. Beth writes Lizzie a blank check to bribe her into coming home. Lizzie refuses to take the bait. She turns to Coop for reassurance but later, begins plotting revenge against her family.

Meanwhile, Alan has summoned Rick to his room. Upon his arrival, Alan lashes out at Rick for keeping Phillip dead with the false exhumation report. But Rick plays dumb and angers Alan when he refuses to confirm what Alan already knows. Later, when Alan shows off his wedding ring, Rick is astounded to learn of Beth and Alan's marriage. He is certain Alan is using Beth as a way to smoke Phillip out. When Beth arrives, Rick tries to warn her but she ultimately sides with Alan.

Dinah and Mallet literally run into each other in the parking garage. Neither one of them want to take the blame for the accident. They begin to flirt but soon their fight escalates and Dinah walks out on him.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reva tries to reconnect with Josh by slipping into his hotel room and turning the clock back to the day when everything between them changed. When Reva tries to seduce him, Josh can't forget what's happened. Reva takes it as rejection. She admits to Josh she's afraid of becoming invisible. Josh tells her he thinks it's a good idea for him to stay at the hotel for now. Angry and hurt, Reva storms out of his room and calls the elevator, only to fall down the empty elevator shaft!

After a fight with Sandy over her feelings for Jonathan, Tammy goes to Outskirts bar. She finds Jonathan about to set fire to it. She tries to get through to him by kissing him but he pushes her away again. He explains his need to destroy anything connected to his father. Tammy suddenly understands and begins to help him. Just as they are about to drop the match, Tammy sees a piece of paper, declaring the bar belongs to Jonathan, not Nate. He decides to put his torching on hold for a while and weigh his options. Tammy turns to leave, but not before she asks Jonathan for her locket back. Later, Jonathan is alone in his new bar when a beautiful, battered girl shows up on his doorstep.

Olivia sees Bill with Dinah and mistakes her for Michelle. When she has a jealous reaction, a slightly peeved Bill tells Olivia once again she has nothing of which to be jealous. When Bill leaves, Dinah tries to offer her romantic advice. Though Olivia is initially unreceptive, she eventually has to admit Dinah's right about having faith. Later, Bill and Olivia make up and Olivia swears off jealousy.

In his hotel room, Edmund attends to Michelle who begins to question what his motives are. Edmund works hard to convince her that he just wants to help her; he has a soft spot for expectant mothers. He uses Michelle's insecurities about Danny to keep her hidden in the room. Feigning interest as an expectant father, he gets Michelle to give details about inducing labor.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Reva runs out on Joshua after he refuses to come home. As they argue, she falls into an elevator shaft. Rick cares for her at the hospital. Reva appears to be unharmed. But when Josh leaves, she tries to get up to go home. Rick and Joshua take her back to bed.

A young woman runs into Jonathan's arms and faints. When he tries to rouse her, she threatens him with a bottle. She says her name is Ava Peralta and that she's running from someone she owes money to. He gives her a glass of water and tells her to disappear. Dean, the man she's hiding from, pounds on the door of the bar. Jonathan attacks him and reveals that Ava is hiding behind the bar. Jonathan pays her debt and puts her to work.

Edmund gives Dinah another "energy drink." Cassie throws it in the trash. Cassie finds a risqué note from Jeffrey under her door. He wants her to dump Edmund and Dinah and meet him behind Company. Behind Company, Cassie finds Jeffrey and a beautiful table of wine and food. Dinah beeps her to ask where the Pringles are. Cassie is disappointed that Dinah isn't calling about the baby. Dinah takes off the pregnancy pad and kicks back with a beer and Pringles in front of the "Light of Love" soap opera. She knocks her cell phone onto the floor and it dials Cassie's number. Cassie thinks the baby is coming and heads for the farm. Dinah covers her stomach. She puts the pad back on when Cassie gets a phone call from Jeffrey. Dinah decides that today is the day she will give birth.

Edmund brings Michelle gifts for the baby. He asks her about inducing labor and locks her in his suite. She looks longingly at a picture of Danny and Robbie and calls Robbie to tell him that she has a big surprise for him. She sets up an appointment for a paternity test. Edmund sneaks into a closet at the hospital to find the drug that will induce Michelle's labor. Rick discovers him with his hands on the medicine.

Friday, August 26, 2005

After telling Coop that she plans to get even with her mother for marrying Alan, Lizzie goes off to the hospital to see Beth (who's there for a board meeting) Lizzie turns on the tears, telling Beth how hard she has it without money and how she wants to come home. Beth states that it may be too late to come back. She doesn't want Lizzie to come back just for a credit card, her attitude needs to change as well. Lizzie seems to understand and starts on about how upset she was about Beth marrying Alan, which leads her to talk about missing her father and missing the entire family. Beth is sympathetic, hugs Lizzie and allows her to come back home. Just then a man approaches looking for Lizzie. Lizzie tells her mother it's someone from WSPR about her new job and she starts talking about how she has no money for new clothes and asks for some pocket money. Beth supplies her with a blank check and then goes off to her meeting. Meanwhile, Lizzie goes to the man, who's not from WSPR--he's a jeweler. Lizzie tells the man that money is no object and begins looking at engagement rings.

Meanwhile, back at Company, Coop has just gotten an acceptance letter from Oxford University to attend a semester long creative writing seminar. This comes as a shock to him since he never applied. Buzz admits that he sent in a few of Coop's short stories. While Coo[p is still wrapping his mind around this news, Buzz points out that while Coop was needed before, the family's on track now and he can pursue his own dreams. Though he's definitely excited about the offer, Coop's a little leery about accepting it since it means he'll be gone for 4 months. While he and Buzz are discussing it, Beth walks in. When she hears the news, she's very happy for Coop and reassures him that he and Lizzie can be apart for four months; it'll just fly by. Soon, Lizzie walks in. She and Coop go outside to talk and she tells him that she's found the solution to all their problems. She then proposes to him.

Danny and Marina are basking in their love making when the phone rings. It's for Marina--she has an assignment. Marina reports to Mallet After some small talk, he gives her her assignment. She's to procure a fake ID from a college student named Roth who's been selling them to other students and criminals. Mallet tells her that she'll have back up at the bar and tells her not to get out of her back up's sight. Marina goes to the bar and asks Roth to buy her a drink since she's underage. After he does so, she tells him this story about how her mother is too strict and so she just left. When she mentions about always getting carded, Roth offers to make her a fake ID. Marina acts excited by the prospect and Roth offers to show her his ID machine that's in his car. As Marina gets up, she notices that her back up is distracted by another customer. Although Marina tries to beg off going to Roth's car, he convinces her that they'll only be gone a minute Knowing her back up is preoccupied, Marina goes off with Roth. Suddenly, in the hallway, Roth starts forcing himself on her.

Danny, meanwhile, has gotten a call himself. Robbie wants to be picked up from camp because he's homesick ever since his mother called him. After picking up Robbie, Danny goes to the hospital to see if Rick knows where Michelle is staying. Rick has no idea. Danny's not happy that Michelle can't be located. He thinks Michelle is trying to avoid that fact that Danny's moved on by avoiding him. Danny tells Rick that for Robbie's sake, Michelle's going to have to deal with it. Wanting to talk to Michelle, Danny finds out where she called from by asking the camp to check their caller ID. When he learns she called from Towers, he leaves Robbie with Rick and heads out there.

Edmund's also at Cedars, getting medicine from an open medicine cabinet. he's caught by Rick and tries to cover by saying he has a terrible headache and the cabinet was already open anyway. Rick's not buying it and assumed that Edmund is after the pain medicine that's in his hand. The medicine is highly addictive, leading Rick to think Edmund has a problem. After giving Edmund the number for a rehab clinic (and telling him he will call to see if Edmund called), Rick locks up the cabinet and gets Edmund to leave. However, unbeknownst to Rick, Edmund has pocket a different drug--one that induces labor.

Michelle's at Edmund's apartment scheduling an amnio and a DNA test. However, when she goes to leave the apartment, she's shocked when she can't get out. Unbeknownst to her, Edmund has bolted the door shut on the outside. While Michelle is trying to call maintenance to tell them about the stuck door, Edmund arrives. Michelle tells him that she's going to the hospital for the tests but he quickly stops her. He then begins warning her about amnios, about how risky they are. Although Michelle's not worried at first, she does get scared when he tells her Dinah almost had a miscarriage after hers. Michelle tries to reason that she's almost full term and she hasn't had any problems, but Edmund still puts doubts in her mind and he encourages her to lay down and take a nap. While she's fast asleep, he prepares the syringe with the labor-inducing drug and injects her with it. The action jolts Michelle awake but Edmund tries to ease her mind by saying he was just swatting a fly that was on her. She seems to buy his explanation and starts to go back asleep. Just then, Danny arrives ready to knock on the door.

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